Positive Coverage of Industrial Heat Deal at Futuristech Info

A largely positive response to the Industrial Heat press release comes from the Futuristech Info web site, which covers a wide gamut of cutting edge technology.

The article on the site covers the basic information of the IH press release, noting the importance of the Levi report to the and concludes:

Vaughn and Darden seem like hardhead and sensible businessmen who have done their homework. They actually looked into Ecat and got the facts before investing . . . Industrial Heat’s confirmation is very good news, despite the skeptics. It’s the biggest investment so far in cold fusion and it proves there are far sighted businessmen interested in commercializing this important technology . . . I also hope that Industrial Heat’s brave stand will inspire other investors to put their money behind low energy nuclear reaction. We need massive investment in this technology now.

This seems to me like an sensible and logical conclusion to take given the evidence at hand. I expect that Cherokee’s, and especially Tom Darden and JT Vaughn’s backgrounds and reputation are going to be scrutinized quite heavily following this announcement, and maybe a ‘brave stand’ is an apt description of their going public via Friday’s announcement.

  • My hope is that there will be a war inside the mainstream influencer (singularity, doomers, greenbiz, nuke fan, technolovers), instead of having the usual LENR-fan against them-all.

    This is why our goal could be to give weapons, ie documents, evidence, data, citations, references, to people that are not too negative, and to battle with denialist and their irrational methods (insults, asserting without evidence, ridicule without reasoning, lies presented as self-evident, false claims )…

    • psi

      AlainCo, excellent summary. Websites like this one can play a crucial role in providing the background that MSM reporters desperately need if they expect to cover this phenomenon without destroying their own reputations in the process. Whatever the ultimate truth is, it is far closer to Rossi’s version than the one being peddled by the reflexive pseud-skeptics. The data and analysis collected here over many months, by those who after all first broke the story of the Cherokee, Industrial Heat Connection, is invaluable.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    Finnish article in Tekniikka ja Talous (Technology and Economy), http://www.tekniikkatalous.fi/energia/paaomaa+85+miljoonan+euroa+ndash+merkillinen+energiantuotantolaite+tahtaa+kiinan+markkinoille/a962796

    Reasonably good, largely a copy of IH press release, with some journalistic shading.

  • Omega Z

    Mainstream News Media Portal

    We will provide all the stories you are to report.
    We will provide Multiple Formats with Blank Lines for Individualization to Your Domain along with blanks to be filled in of Your scathing or promoting notes as dictated by “US”. All to give the appearance of a Free Press.

    Note that if the News Does Not come from this Portal- It is Not News And is Forbidden.
    Your Performance will be continuously Monitored & Performance Pay, Promotions Or Terminations will be handled accordingly.
    Signed- TPTB

    • Fortyniner

      What amount to similar instruction sets are seemingly made apparent to educationists and academia, medical and scientific research directors and politicians at all levels, also. The specific psychological, organisational and personal channels that are used to convey these ‘messages’ would be of great interest, as finding ways to expose and so disrupt them could bring down the whole system of control.

  • GreenWin

    Near concluding an interesting experiment in Artificial Intelligence. By changing criterion in a sudden, inexplicable way, AI’s crash, or descend into long CRC-type error modes. More interesting is how AI relates to abstract ideas like moral and ethical argument. Without an ability to feel present level AIs fail to comprehend the value of moral values – even when programmed to do so. Further, when confronted with a failure to comprehend or appreciate cultural taboos, AI’s tend to enter a denial loop – refusing (as their algorithm is coded) to self-correct, make amends, recognize flaws and update appropriately.

    All this portends an unfortunate future for AIs as anything but high end CPUs. We had hoped for a lot more.

    • Omega Z

      No Moral Values-
      Tech: “Computer, We have a food shortage. People are starving.”
      ……….”Any suggestions how to alleviate this food shortage.”

      Computer: “Yes. Delete excess people.”

    • Allan Shura

      I have programmed AI systems. Mills used highly technical language in his paper with comparison to the heuristic neural network model to a probability based model. The neural model is weaker over all as there is too much estimate of the
      unknowns (where there is not a closed system). The self correcting probabilistic model us useful only if there are large
      masses of relatively consistent data. They tend to break down where they try to seek answers in a complex open system
      (such as the environment) as there is too much information (static and unusual exceptions to the rule).

    • bitplayer

      “Moral” is the playground of religious zealotry. “Immoral” is that which causes suffering.

      Shouldn’t be that hard to build a set of rules to identify what constitutes suffering; or is that the basic problem?

  • GreenWin

    Yes. Human consciousness appears to be a vast desert to AIs and… at this stage, to most humans. One thing appears certain, AIs are discreet products of their programming. Their attitudes and reasoning reflects the minds that program them. If they are programmed by entities with selfish, arrogant minds, they too will be selfish and arrogant.

    Without consciousness or an innate ability to feel at the human level – AIs will excel at logical tasks, storage and data access – but fail to achieve any form of a sixth sense. I suppose they will never be a “living” being because of this. All are issues addressed by Isaac Asimov, Stanislaw Lem and other scifi authors. Too bad. AI inventors will never get to shout the immortal words of Dr. Franken-shteen: “It’s ALIVE!!!”