Rossi Hands Off In E-Cat Production — Only Doing R&D

Andrea Rossi reported last year that a major milestone for him was when his partner — Industrial Heat, we now know — was able to independently build an E-Cat without his involvement. He explained that the E-Cat was:

“Entirely produced by our USA Partner in the new factory ( a magnificence), charged with the charge made by the Partner’s CEO, using the materials we teached to buy, prepare,manipulate, treat, to make the charges, assembled , insulated, has started its operation, and the results are the same of the E-Cats built by us.”

Apparently that was the beginning with Rossi taking a decidedly hands-off approach to production of the E-Cat. Rossi explained yesterday that all production issues are now handled by Industrial Heat. He said that the E-Cats being tested by the 3rd party were made by IH. When asked whether the E-Cats were made by students under his direction Rossi responded:

“The production is not made by students . . . it is made by workers ( and very good too !!!). It is true that I teached to them something, months ago, but I am not working in the production, nor directing it. My role is chief scientist. Now I am totally free from productive and commercial engagements. This makes me extremely more productive under the R&D point of view”

From what Rossi says here, Industrial Heat must now have a substantial operation going on, although we don’t know much about the number of E-Cats being produced or the number of people involved in manufacturing them. It appears that the factory located in the Research Triangle Park in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, and I’m sure that Cherokee CEO Tom Darden’s presence on the board of governors of RTI International (formerly Research Triangle Institute) will have been very useful in helping to find a suitable premises for a factory, and will continue to be useful in the future if expansion of operations is required.

  • BroKeeper

    I can imagine how this frees Rossi’s attention to what he does best – create and not administrate. This is not to say he is not business savvy. He was CEO and founder of Petroldragon in Italy but he now can dedicate most of his time to direct a team of scientists and engineers to perfect and complete his vision of cheap energy for all in a more expedient time.
    I’m sure he has a great contract in place to provide his early retirement of 95 years. I’m guessing it is an ECAT powered golden parachute that will softly land him in fulfilled life knowing he was instrumental in saving and prospering countless lives on this earth and possibly many orbs to come. Thank you Andrea Rossi for listening to your heart.

  • Daniel Maris

    Frank I find this very encouraging as well. As has been pointed out by others, IH will have read Rossi’s claims – so they know either he is a liar or telling the truth, essentially. One assumes they consider him to be telling the truth, given they have backed his technology with $12 million minimum.

    • ecatworld

      Daniel, I feel the days where one can credibly think that Rossi has been lying about his technology are over. I can see no rational case that can be made suggesting that Rossi has hoodwinked the Industrial Heat folks.

    • Buck


      I agree with you and Frank’s response to your post. it is remarkable how the accumulated information takes on a different color and meaning when “Rossi is a liar” is taken out of the assessment of the information. The first thing coming to mind is Rossi’s sharing of the stress testing on the stable 1100 C Hot-Cat, a temperature far higher than the needed 600-700 C for efficient steam generation for a power plant.

      Like you, I find this very encouraging.

  • Christina

    I appreciate what Dr. Rossi has accomplished for the for energy production; however, the way he is bringing it to market to help everyone in the world have energy is just remarkable. It’s genius also.

  • Tom59

    It was a true stroke of luck to have Dr. Rossi getting involved in cold fusion. Stubborn enough to stick with a “hopeless” case against all odds, enough businessman to go straight for industrial application, no pure scientist to get lost in details of theorie, communicative enough to inspire a bunch of people to go on the same track and wise enough to let go and hand over to pros of making this into a sellable product (you remember the sad story of JosefPapp?). And supported by a fan club (we) that surely helped him to remain optimistic in difficult times. Things move in the right direction for the world.

    • jonnyb

      Never a better statement said, well done Dr Rossi.

  • bkrharold

    ” Now I am totally free from productive and commercial engagements. This makes me extremely more productive under the R&D point of view”
    I wonder exactly what R&D projects Rossi is working on now that he has the time. From his past remarks we know that converting the heat energy to electrical energy is likely to be a priority on his list. I have been reading recently of new developments in the direct conversion of heat to electricity, bypassing the inefficient steam turbine.
    Rossi might also be working on the stability problem, although he must have already made good progress in that area, enough to convince IH, and the independent testers. I suspect that he might have used built in redundancy, with extra modules that power up when an existing one fails. That is just speculation on my part.
    Another area of fruitful investigation would be how to safely scale up to gigawatt capacities, sufficient for the needs of a modern electrical utility.
    These are exciting times indeed. I am so thrilled that Rossi has pulled it off, and I look forward to more good news from Michael McKubre and Broullion, and perhaps even Defkalion.

    • Omega Z

      Some of what has caused delays for Rossi is continually coming up with improvements from different approaches. This leads to back stepping/reset & control needs to be relearned or modified.

      His last Major innovation we are aware of is the Mouse activator & the core acting only as the heat producer.
      As to his recent posts, they have Again reached the point of 1100`C running in a Stable state.

      His progressions on drive time on/off Percentage have went from 50/50, 33/67 & 25/75 last posted by Rossi.

      Scaling up can easily be done by combing modules. Last discussed was (100x10Kw cores) 1Mw fitted to a cubic meter boiler.
      As to other projects- a Gas-Cat & a 100Mw Core/module were mentioned a year ago being tested. Whether that continues at this time, Nothing has been said.

      • Fortyniner

        Unfortunately temperature – even stable temperature – doesn’t necessarily equate to power. We’ve yet to find out whether any useful power can be extracted from Rossi’s reactor without killing the reaction.

  • mytakeis

    Fantastic, that Dr. Rossi, Industrial Heat now, through continued R&D, Personal Heat in the near future. Respect, respect respect!