Is Finally Something Starting to Happen Regarding LENR in the Media and Politics?

Thanks to Gerard McEk for the following

There are two interesting issues in this attached article from Cold Fusion Now:


Questions were asked by members of the 5 Star Movement (a ‘populist, environmentalist, anti-corruption and Eurosceptic’ Italian political party according to Wikipedia) in the Italian parliament about LENR. The questions were directed to the Minister of Education, Universities and Research, and were asking if resources would be allocated to the study of LENR. They are waiting for answers.

The questioners noted the conference that is being organized MIT A conference is being organized about LENR. From the article:

“While waiting for the response of the Department, in the U.S. we are preparing for a large meeting on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the conference of Fleischmann and Pons, dated March 23, 1989, during which the British researchers announced to the world that cold fusion was a reality, and therefore the energy problem of our planet might have a solution soon……”

  • Unreal.2K7

    As an italian and reader of ECW, i am proud of giving my vote for the five star movement. Unfortunately, knowing our government, i suspect that our minister of education is still trying to understand the question the movement asked, let alone knowing what LENR is.

    • At least some Italians are asking the question. In the UK there is complete silence about new energy sources in the ‘corridors of power’, and nothing other than new nuclear power is discussed.

      • bachcole

        Dear 49er,

        Just imagine the future: The E-Cat will eventually get cheap enough so that regular folk like you and me can afford one. Then you can order one (probably from China, labeled “plumbing supplies”) and fire it up in your basement. Then you can show your friends, family, and neighbors, show them your utility bill, that the shite, as some of you Brits say, will hit the fan politically. Then you can invite your MP or you local newspaper to visit your basement and ask them how come no politicians are talking about this great new, clean and absurdly cheap energy source that everyone else in the world is beginning to enjoy.

        The juggernaut keeps on rolling.

  • Fortyniner

    At least some Italians are asking the question. In the UK there is complete silence about new energy sources in the ‘corridors of power’, and nothing other than new nuclear power is discussed.

  • orsobubu

    As an italian too, I’m pleased that someone be interested at a political level with LENRs. I remember that, previously, at least two years ago, another parliament member from the right wing area, Domenico Scilipoti, tried to generate some interest in cold fusion:

    Funny thing that he is one of the most controversial member of italian political scene, with various prosecutions and convictions for debts, slander, false documents… not really a good endorsement for Andrea Rossi

    About Five Star Movement, beware that the apparent impact on monolithic italian politics has been huge, but the theoretical basis are laughable at best (for example, they are against the Euro, when all the united imperialistic bourgeoises of the continent are absolutely determined in completing the process of unification and centralization of political, economic, fiscal, military, etc powers). I can assure you that they will vanish away or, if some miracle happens and they seize the power, they will support every decision made by the capitalistic centrals. Otherways, if they insist with absurd requirements, they will be wiped out by state-terroristic methods or something like that, just as happened in Italy in the seventies with the communist party.