Cold Fusion Lecture in Melfa, Virginia

The following announcement has been posted on the Cape Charles Wave online newspaper published in Cape Charles, Virginia.

“Cold Fusion: Oddity or Odyssey?” is the subject of a free 90-minute seminar 12:30 p.m. Friday, May 2, in the Eastern Shore Community College Lecture Hall, 29300 Lankford Hwy., Melfa, sponsored by Science and Philosophy Seminar of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

“Josh Hall will discuss history and developments since the startling announcement by Fleischmann and Pons 25 years ago that they had achieved fusion in a test tube.

“Hall studied and worked in computer science and nanotechnology. In 1989, as a graduate student, he was one of the propagators of the preprint in the Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry of the famous Fleischmann/Pons paper.”

I can’t find much information about Josh Hall, but the fact that he was involved in the preprint of the Fleischmann and Pons paper indicates that he could provide an interesting perspective on the subject. Here’s a  description about the Science and Philosophy Seminar of the Eastern Shore of Virginia: “The Science and Philosophy Seminar is an informally organized group of adults that meets more or less regularly to explore and discuss a wide array of topics, ranging from philosophical speculation to scientific research.”

UPDATE: Thanks to Josh Hall for commenting below and providing a link to his web site: There’s a lot of interesting information regarding his interests and multiple publications here.

Do we have any ECW readers in the area who might attend and report?

  • bachcole

    The quiet before the storm.

  • bachcole

    The Juggernaut rolls on.

  • J Storrs Hall … note, I am no longer the president of the Foresight Institute, retired a couple of years ago to the Eastern Shore to write books about future technology.

    • Frank Acland

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your web site, Josh. You have an impressive catalog of publications! What is your general take on the current status of cold fusion?

  • Broncobet

    I see a lot of quiet,not much storm.

  • John Page

    My parents are regular attendees of this group, and will be attending. They sent me the notification, because like most here, we talk our families ears off about LENR. I think they were a bit surprised when Josh made Cold Fusion an upcoming topic. I am sure there are others here that understand the frustration when trying to explain just how important this is, and have their friends and family just not get it, or worse, think you are a nut. It’s about a 4 hour drive for me to visit my Dad, but I am seriously considering taking Friday off and driving down to attend

    • Frank Acland

      Thanks, John — if you do go, we’d all like to hear from you about it!

    • J Storrs Hall

      Hi, John — if you do come down, plan to stop by my house afterwards!

  • J Storrs Hall

    The talk seems to have gone over quite well. There was one unexpected bonus: after I described the Fleischmann/Pons “meltdown” (foot-sized hole in lab bench, 4-inch hole in concrete floor), it turns out that there was a retired professor in the audience who had been at UU at the time and had actually seen it.