Thoughts on Neutron Production in LENR (Guest post)

The following post was submitted by ECW reader Ian Walker who also posted these same thoughts on the Vortex-L list.

The Reference to Neutron production in ‘Paul’s’ posting yesterday is telling. This gives an area to research for others and a clue as to the process, eg one that is capable of producing Neutrons of an energy n.

Neutron decay is: n0 → p+ + e− + νe.

p and e could be the more important energy producers in LENR as opposed to the higher energy decay path of Neutrons for HOT fusion and normal fission!

What energy such Neutrons have and where they decay would be a significant proportion of the energy in the reaction; depending on the process that creates such supposed Neutrons.

MFMP had gamma bursts in their experiments and that has been reliably repeated both by themselves and other labs. For some time I have thought they were the equivalent of a car backfiring that poisons the LENR, and that for the reaction to be stable that it had to be prevented as well as for possible health reasons.

If the Neutrons are literally Low Energy Neutrons then if the decay with the reaction chamber, and I am talking nanometres here, then they sustain the reaction. If they are higher energy they spit out beyond the reaction. Then we see the classic gamma burst from Neutron decay outside the reactor and such Neutrons don’t feed the reaction.

Now bear in mind that in such a reaction, Neutrons would probably be a bell curve of energies, some supporting the reaction. other Neutrons exiting the reactor proper, and yet others decaying destructively to the LENR within reaction chamber THEN obtaining fine control of that Neutron energy is a goldilocks reaction! The porridge can be too HOT or too COLD but if it is just right the reaction maintains itself.

Such a process of where the Neutrons decay would explain why LENR has been so hard to replicate reliably and Rossi’s secret catalyst is an addition that catalyses and decays the neutron at the correct — JUST RIGHT –goldilocks level.

This leads us to thoughts on possible catalysts such as Boron or Lithium as absorbers to ionised particle transmitter at a lower than hot fusion or normal fission energy level; moderation may be the key. Graphite and Beryllium or maybe a Hydrocarbon. Moderation may well be the key and granular size and percentage in the mix.

As water acts as a Neutron an absorber/moderator it may also explain why the F/P water based reaction was not as successful.

Kind Regards, Ian Walker


  • LCD

    Mean lifetime of a free neutron is like 14 minutes so at the temperatures we are talking about most neutrons should be thermalized specially with Ni. It’s doubtful they would be absorbed in any way we know of after being produced and so likely would be emitted and not become part of the reaction.

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  • Andreas Moraitis

    I agree that engineers are a widely undervalued group, in comparison to average scientists or artists. Although modern engineering seems to be impossible without considering the findings of science, engineers are as well researchers. The difference is that they operate on a much less abstract level than scientists typically do.

    • engineers are middlemen.
      they connect scientists, with technicians, with businessmen…
      most don’t do it totally, and are often simply technicians, or businessmen/executives, but the trainnig is to connect many interest, many vision…

      engineers also often know how the developement of real science they use was difficult, and how industrialization from lab to plant is difficult…

      I took the argument of physicist that something that is not totally predictable does not deserve any interest as one of the stupidest for someone trained in semiconductors…

      this is engineering illiteracy of many top scientists (not all, but the outspoken one) which makes those fallacies popular among academics and the mass of people…

      most of arguments against cold fusion as simply laughable for engineers…

      perceived science laws, replication, peer review, we all know what it mean in real world… better than the academics.

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  • Alan DeAngelis

    Thanks.Yeah, is lithium the special sauce? We’ll soon find out.