Alternative Energy and World Peace

There’s not a whole lot to discuss in the world of LENR right now with most followers just watching and waiting for developments on the E-Cat front. However I found an article in the Huffington Post, which while not about LENR I think has relevance to the field.

The article is by Michael Shammas and is titled “One Solution to the World’s Wars: Alternative Energy”. Shammas contends that widespread adoption of alternative energy could take away power from nations who are large producers of fossil fuels, noting that:

“A transition to renewable energy — even if this shift is spearheaded only by developed nations — could reduce the appalling number of ongoing civil and regional wars and transform governments around the world. It could do so in many ways, but most notably: It could deprive rag-tag militants of a main source of income; it could reduce the capability of states that rent out their natural resources, in Sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere, to fund armed conflicts; and, it could keep money out of the hands of political and military leaders who are ill-prepared to receive it.”

Shammas notes that there seems to be a ‘curse’ that comes upon countries with large reserves of petroleum, as they tend rely on oil and gas for revenues, rather than on taxation of citizens. When revenues are high, oil wealth allows petrostates to fund social programs to keep the people happy, and are not responsive to the will of the people.

While I do see the potential for enormous benefits coming from the adoption of an energy production technology such as LENR, I am not convinced that the widespread availability of low cost an abundant energy source would act as a panacea that could eliminate wars and conflict. I do hope that it could play a part in reducing suffering on various fronts, but I recognize that human nature is such that there will always be those who seek to dominate and subjugate others for a variety of reasons (e.g. for religious, political, economic, nationalistic reasons).

I have high hopes for LENR and think it could go a long way to solving a wide range of problems, but just as with any new and revolutionary technology I expect it will bring another set of unforseen issues to deal with.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Energy is power, the democratization of it’s distribution goes a long way to restoring some of the value back to the individual, which has been overshadowed by collective entities.

    If we allow it to become metered and distributed and sold to us retail then we render the individual powerless, as energy belongs to the highest bidder.

    • Gerard McEk

      That may only be so if the technology is very complex. I believe CF is relatively simple if we once understand how it works. The interesting thing is that you do not need much material to generate sufficient amounts of heat and that both nickel and hydrogen are abundantly available. If you once know how it works you fiddle your own heating device. Energy and power maybe less tight together in the future with Cold Fusion, that is probably also why it was banned 25 years ago.

    • mcloki

      That’s why the fight against solar is so rampant. Part is financial loss by the incumbents but he next part is once a household goes solar there’s no coming back. Oil equals influence. Once it’s relegated to a diminishing status expect Big Oil and Big Oil governments to not give up without a fight. A messy, billions of dollars fight.

      • Broncobet

        This is a common misconception if you refer to US energy market. First, solar does not produce one of the 544 exojoueles needed to run the planet. Second if solar produced 100% of US electricity(which would never happen) How does that in any way affect oil prices? We do not burn oil for heat or power. For electricity we use coal,natural gas ,nuclear,wind,and hydro, with the miniscule amount of interminet solar. If LENR becomes an energy source ,dictators can control that too. If it were a question of money,sub Saharan Africa would be the most peaceful place on Earth. You cannot walk without crunching the diamonds ,gold, platinuim and oil beneath your feet.

        • Fortyniner

          Just for once Bronco I agree with every word of your post, if ‘Dictators’ includes the US corporate-industrial government, rabid multinational corporations like Monsanto and GSK, top banksters, the bilderbergers and the rest of the parasitic, psychopathic puppet masters who control the planet from the shadows.

          • GreenWin

            Here’s a link to Russian Rosatom decision to use “nuclear reactors” to make thermal desalination plants. This is a transition from an outdated nuclear agency to manufacturing a commercially viable product. Thermal desal is an excellent application of LENR heat.

          • GreenWin
          • Fortyniner

            That is rather silly paranoia. Jim is expressing what is probably the majority opinion in Europe and in many other parts of the world. No payments by Russian secret services required.

          • LukeK

            Stop spreading propaganda, I assume a UKIP follower and anti EU folk? Majority of Europe? Please tell me what majority of Europe, give proof and sources. EU clearly sanctioned Russia due to aggression in Ukraine, hence majority of Europe can be described as anti Russian and for a good reason. This even applies to your PM which is one of the most anti Putler campaigners in Europe and he is still on track to win next elections whatever you may think of him now. Russia is the only aggressive country in Europe wanting war and willing to change borders whenever they feel like it. They officially announced that CCCP breakup was the biggest disaster in their recent history and they want to rebuild it. More to East, more anti russian with Baltic states leading anti russian campaign and they clearly have a good reason for it.

            Do you really think if Russia wasn’t involved in Ukraine there would be war there? Have you got any idea what is happening there at all? It took my home city 20 years to rebuild after almost 50 years of their rule, still there are bodies being found where their political prisons used to be. Many people in Europe have no idea how it is having russians looking at everything they do 24/7. They tend criticize Americans for spying when russians did exactly the same thing for over 50 years before them and on much bigger scale. Your neighbor could inform on you just because he heard you reading western newspaper through the wall and you could be imprisoned for a year. That used to be a daily life, not paranoia. West Europe didn’t hear about it, didn’t have to, there were thousands of American soldiers(and they are still here) just to be sure that Russia didn’t want to border with Spain.

            And please tell me what paranoia you’re talking about? Newspapers like english Guardian and Telegraph, french Le Figaro, German Bild, Spiegel and Frankfurter Allgemeine and polish Newsweek or Onet is sifting thousands of pro russian propaganda comments a day since ONLY last year Ukraine events in Kiev. Majority of these cant be tracked to home countries at all.

            Kremlin sponsored RT News is showing Chechnya and Serbian warcrime pictures as current daily news @ Ukraine, 4 hours a day for the past year. Look at websites like to see it. There are even pictures and videos from New Orleans of policemen showed as criminals looting shops or Boston Marathon bombings linked to a U.S. government conspiracy. There are people in Russia disappearing or beaten daily just because they ask where are missing young russian soldiers. Officially they are of course not in Ukraine and still in training camps. RT budget is close to half a billion dollars next year, mostly sponsored by Kremlin.

            Kremlin also have bureaus employing 600+ staff, one of them in Olgino where people simply speaking troll every major forum and blog with pro russian and anti west, anti EU and US comments so please don’t tell me its a ‘rather silly paranoia’ where you have no idea what you’re talking about. Not only I lived through all this to see it myself but I can see a lot of the past coming back to Europe again.

            And just to be clear. I have many russian friends, they are great people, just being ruled by wrong people for many years now.

          • Fortyniner

            You stand by your accusation that Jim Anderson is a troll working out of a Russian troll nest then? And that other contributors on this blog (I assume any who make it clear that distrust Western governments, especially the US one) are similarly motivated?

            If so, I stand by my assertion that that is paranoid thinking. I suppose that this may be understandable if you have spent time living under a totalitarian regime (E Germany?) but that doesn’t make such comments much more palatable.

            As you say, there are many descent Russians, even if their government stinks. By the same tokem you cannot assume anything about the thoughts of the citizens of Europe from the actions of their politicians. Very little is what it seems. Governments of all persuasions follow their own agendas, whether or not there is any pretense of democracy, and all of them hide behind smokescreens of misinformation and propaganda.

          • Putin is not a nice guy but he is mostly hatred because he try to defend his nation asset from US tactics, unlike previous lords.

            Ukraine story is a very sad theater, where US funded NGO have supported neonazi (not so neo since they are supporting older WW2 units as heroic) and pro EU… no party is cleaner than the other and half of teh country want to be russian, and half to be european… Ukraine don’t exist.

            MH17 have been shot down by Ukrainian units, probably gunned by a plane then after 30min on auto pilot, by an air-air missile… because even one of the only 10 ukrainian ground-air complex that locked that plane were not stupid enough to ignore the IFF tag of that plane on the control screen… it was shot down by a pilot probably above normal altitude and under hypoxic syndrome. the way CIA manipulated CNN & clone is pathetic…

            Putin is maybe all but a democrat, but the CIA is not better… it is a war of influence and putin is not the kind you fool easily.

            meanwhile Dombas population is bombed under total silence.

            the rebels are simply people like us all who , maybe fooled by propaganda, maybe simply furious because of exaction by right sector neonazi, decided that they did not want to obey a dictator from the west.

            it is funny that people who talk of self-determination are so furious when a population decide of it’s own destiny.

            about russian soldiers, it is a myth because

            – the claim of tank convoy have once again been supported by no evidence, even of destroyed tanks… except some spotted manipulations.

            – as for MH17 no evidence from satellite are credible.

            – if russian army was there, given the incompetence and bad management in Ukrainian army which is exhausted of bombing their population, it will not be an even game but a total victory of Russia…

            there are just few civilian, ex-soldiers who get with their experience to help what they feel as brothers..

            I don’t like Putin, but this time he is on the good side. for a bad reason i agree. like for cold fusion, the fact that we hate one of the party for a reason out of the question of evidence, make us ignore that there is no evidences, and clear evidence against our desire…

            the bias of information, like on cold fusion make me vomit.


   (too bad in french but some source are US/RU)

            I follow those guys because they are invited regularly on BFM Business Les Experts (dicussing about global economic policies) as dissidents… I mostly disagree with them, but i cannot ignore facts.

            add to that that US funded ISIs with saudi, to fight against Assad and Iran, then just realized that it was a bad idea.

            in fact this is not really because of that funding but because eastern Syria was impoverished by Iraq refugees from Iraq civil wars caused by US invasion, triggered after 9/11 caused by Bin Laden, funded by Pakistanese ISI and US to fight against Russia…

            loop is closed.

      • pelgrim108

        How about Siberia? Its a treasure trove of resources now for the grabs with LENR+
        If you have lots of land and resources and cheap green energy you never will be poor.

        I like the Russians, I like their culture, their standing strong, their handling of conflicts.
        They have the right to present their own point of view to the world.

        • John Littlemist

          ” I like their handling of conflicts”
          You’re being sarcastic, right? Obviously you didn’t have any friends on board MH17.

          • pelgrim108

            Holland, my country, lost 195 citizens. So I was very interested who was to blame for that. It was Russia who demanded all the data on the table and it was the Ukraine who withheld the data. As I see it there is no evidence that suggests that Russia is to blame. The Ukrainian Rebels might have done it or Ukrainian military have done it. Either way, if youre flying above a warzone where other planes have been shot down then youre taking a risk that is to great. I blame the Airline for taking to much risk and I blame Ukraine for not playing open card. You have to remember that in these situations you have to search a little further to find the truth because news tends to choose sides in matters of war.

    • GreenWin

      Well put. The advent of fossil/fission energy has advanced standards of living enormously. The advent of metered energy has altered that standard to include a need “to pay our bills.” Utility, entertainment, communications, rent, food bills control Western lifestyle.

      We forget that only a century ago, our agrarian culture survived well on zero metered energy. Introduction of low cost, abundant energy will also drive down costs of cell phones, TV, transportation, and agriculture (if savings are shared.) Will this allow a return to appreciate the “gift of nature?” One hopes so.

    • Alan DeAngelis
  • pelgrim108

    When the free world is opposing bank owning familys/clans then there is war.
    My country The Netherlands already lost this war long ago. My country does not belong to the free world.
    This is just my gut feeling about it and will not go into discussion about it.

    • Broncobet

      Dear Bachcole, you are right again.

      • GreenWin

        Bronc, his head is big enough already… 🙂 But you both are right.

    • Broncobet

      What are you talking about? I think very highly of Holland. You would be most at risk from rising waters, but my money is on you as you have tamed the rising water over and over. Long ago many religious minorities came to the Netherlands because you were (and still are) tolerant .Millions of people especially in a country of immigrants like the US, Canada , and Australia including myself shall always remember your kindness. You punch way above your weight.(In the 16th century Holland admitted Huegonots Christians who fled religious prosecution by the French) The most powerful on Earth owe you.

      • pelgrim108

        Thank you for your kind history lesson and I do feel proud of alot of my nations history.

        If a nation is not printing its own money then it is not free. The bank that printed our money was owned by our Royal Family and some rich Dutch merchant families, not by the nation. Right after WWII our Queen of that time turned the bank over to the State at the cost of eternal payements to the families. Then, in order to join the Euro club the nation had to privatise our National Bank once again, and so lost our freedom again to go live under a Sowjet style federation. We cannot make our own economic policies and most of our laws are dictated to us.
        My point is: If your nation is not printing its own money then you are being exploited and your government is corrupt in that it allows this exploitation.

        • it is linked to economic problems.
          in western countries, especially EU and worst of all France because of poverty traps where young are locked because of absurd social and economic policy which prevent the insiders (those having a job, economic rent owners, civil servant, retired, permanent working contract) to pay for the crisis, at the expense of the outsiders (unemployed, young, without diploma, entrepreneurs, workers)…

          another point is that many young people, some even quite successful but seeing the general horrific system, feel a desire to commit in a battle. this is nealy genetic for 20yo single men to look for a cause.

          in the 1930s, which looks like today, many french were fighting in spain agains the evil fascists… a communist Jihad.

          some bourgeois prefer to fight for green religion… some get christa

          We have to find perspective for young people to use their energy. this mean letting people do risky things, and get the benefit of it. It is probably genetic… like young male becoming psychopath when caught in a war.

          for me, going to mars, greening the Sahara, developing MOOC for free education, could be the Jihad of all young people on the planet.

      • malkom700

        Yes, but maybe that Russia will most benefit from LENR because is owned the primary sources and their government can make decisions faster thanks the dictatorship.

        • John Littlemist

          Basically, most of Russia’s exports (=state funding) consist of only 3 industries: arms, fossil fuels and nuclear plants which all are threatened by LENR. IMO there is no way that Putin and Co. will welcome or embrace LENR to Russia at all. Most likely Putin will consider LENR as a west’s plan to undermine Russia, he will forbid LENR in Russia.
          I certainly share LukeK’s worries about Russia.

          • malkom700

            Yes, but the Russians are extremely proficient nation and I do not think that any technical progress would be for him unhappy and not used them faster than others.

          • Omega Z

            LENR would greatly reduce Putin’s leverage, However, that will take time. A smart person or Government including the M.E. would use that lag time to build an economy that doesn’t depend on fossil fuel exports.
            They will have time to do this. But Will they.

          • oaklandthinktank

            You may be surprised. 🙂 Russia is wickedly cold, and cheap heating and decentralized power generation will make those vast Siberian resources profitable. Russia may lose its oil and gas business, but it will gain immensely from farm and mining… Watch out! They have an enormous land mass, and low population density – that’s a recipy for heavily industrialized extraction.

          • Omega Z

            I’ve often thought that Russia & it’s people have Great Potential as a Country & Citizenry of the World.
            Sadly, They have been lacking in Quality & Visionary Leadership.
            This lacking seems to have become a World Wide Issue to day.

    • Bernie777

      LENR will decrease world war tension and help mitigate climate change. The question our grand-kids will ask, why did it take us 50 years to implement.

  • malkom700

    The truth is that the Western liberal world is based on the relative wealth of these nations. As we have in recent years to convince poor nations can not live in a democracy. Such an case can not even be mentioned. Poverty can also bring minorities to the requirement of joining to the richer oil states as happened in Ukraine.

  • Christopher Calder

    Renewable energy = poverty and starvation. Wind, solar, and biofuels are all anti-human fads. It is like trying to replace a three course meal with a single potato chip. If you hate the human race, then renewable energy is the religion for you. If you can understand mathematics, then you know we need HIGH ENERGY DENSITY energy sources to replace fossil fuels gradually over time. Fossil fuels are not our enemy. They are keeping us all alive and they created our civilization. Only nuclear energy (LENR, hot fusion, etc.) can replace fossil fuels.

    • spunky

      Cheap energy means refrigeration, cooking without smoke, freedom from hard labor so the children can get an education. There is no renewable energy that is cheap.

      • Omega Z

        “cooking without smoke”
        OMG, That means the smoke alarm wont go off.
        How am I to know when Dinner is ready????

        • Fortyniner

          A ‘chef’ after my own style, obviously.

  • MikeP

    EEStorFanFibb … here is a starter article for you to work on …

    • GreenWin

      Mike, the nuke EROEI estimate is greatly exaggerated as it excludes hidden subsidies (e.g. government insurance) cost of decommissioning, meltdowns, cost overruns, and the catastrophic cost of nuke waste – a form of pollution far more dangerous than CO2. However it does a good job of demonstrating poor return on solar and wind.

      • MikeP

        Solar and wind was my point with the article … I believe / hope that LENR will fill the “nuclear” niche 🙂

  • Chris I

    The E-Cat will allow the lower class Muslim man to feed his family…. providing he can have a reasonably sufficient income on which to afford the living quarters that the ecat can keep warm, the food that it can cook and garments for them to wear. Yes, much of the cost of these things is energy, but also raw materials and land.

    The effect of a cheap, clean, unlimited energy source would no doubt be to revolutionize the world economy, but it won’t change human nature. Even if said energy source can be made by any Tom, Dick or Harry, the other resources will still be up for speculators to grab on the market.

  • Daniel Maris

    Alternative energy is a necessary condition of world peace I would say, but not a sufficient one. It will certainly remove one of the motivators to international and civil war.

    However, a game changer like LENR may well create more instability in the short term. Don’t expect peace any time soon!

    Longer term, though I am optimistic. If cheap alternative energy is followed by things like water extraction direct from the atmosphere, cheap 3D printing, home grown food, and the ability to deliver a first class education over the internet, then economic security and high levels of education will certainly provide a firm basis for world peace.

    • bachcole

      As some wise person here pointed out, home grown food is not quite as easy as our wishful thinking would envision. I will hope for neighborhood gardens.

      • Omega Z

        I’m not that wise person, but I’ve witnessed many a would be home grown food enthusiasts revert back to going shopping after 1 year of growing their own garden. Actually a few give it long before harvest. It’s labor intensive. Not for the Lazy.
        Reality can be a Beech…

        As a kid, I helped my parents with about 3 acres.(5 kids) My dad farmed back then & a 3 acre garden even with access to farm equipment was quite a task. When I was older on my own, I dealt with about a half acre. As I’ve gotten older, it has dwindled down to about 10’x20′. Only because of taste. Store bought is very much cheaper when all is accounted for.

  • LilyLover

    The parasite-class and the closer-to-death-class is too entrenched in their ways to allow creativity of the good young minds to transform the world. When lazy and incompetent people ruin the future of the young generations held hostage in the debts; engulfed in misguidance; shackled to the tracks they followed – only willful courage of the young generations about recognizing their own humanity may set them free. Like air, water and food, debt-free education, new free housing for each young adult, and freedom from punishment of needless work is human right. The old vultures rejoice in keeping the young in the hamster-wheel instead of going out to build their own nest. Every nation, the elderly of which seek home-rent from the young generation, is guilty of this tyranny of enslaving humanity. If everyone were to build their own fresh new house to be destroyed at the end of their own life, there would be more room from the upcoming young ones to build theirs to their own liking. Home-renting or generic usury ought to be forbidden as much as lying and murdering. Creation of pseudo-professions like war machine, bureaucratic machine, ivory towers of consensus science ought to be shown in it’s true colors – shackles of immorality to engage the young for the comfort of the closer-to-death-jaded. Shallow glory turns sensible men into immoral mercenaries that ‘follow orders’. The unabridged version of ‘Ignorance is bliss.’ is ‘Your ignorance is our bliss.’ As you sow, so shall you reap – the time has come to abandon perpetuating mistakes of the old ways. Love the young generations – unlimited free education for all; as opposed to die-in-war-for-us-for-free-education-so-that-our-investment-is-handsomely-repaid. Unless, free education, free housing, free food and free healthcare is global norm, the Earth is still a savage place. & Yes, technologically we are already there. Resources-wise we are already there. Simply, the old vultures are too reluctant to let go of the control and the young entrapped are too distracted to dishonor the immoral shackles. Irony it is that even with the right to vote @ 18, the youngs have been too ignorant to envision what’s good for them. Refuse the old ways, you are stronger than they want you to think.

    • pelgrim108

      I would say that free independent media that persists with the important news and goes deeper than the first camouflage layer ( like ) is a key factor in this.

    • LilyLover

      Yes, I’m being serious. I believe in increased supply to lower demand. Olds being unproductive prefer increased competition to avail what they have accumulated to inflate demand. They thrive upon artificial scarcity while youngs will benefit upon real abundance. This is the battle between status quo and progress. Thank you for asking – my parents are both exceptional in that they spend more than 70% of their income in meaningful, food related charity. They instilled in me a simple principle – family, not stock market is the most reliable investment. Although, they are well off and don’t have any retirement savings, they went all out for me, and if needed I’ll do the same for them – not as a repayment but out of love.

    • Ophelia Rump

      In the spring there will be no third world left.
      It would be petty to hold a grudge against people who are about to be Ebola victims; and avoid pilgrimage to Mecca this hajj season.

      • Obvious

        There’s always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet, and the only way these people can get on with their happy lives is that they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT!

        • Ophelia Rump

          We don’t need any aliens coming to our planet trying to wipe us out, we can handle this job ourselves. 8>}

  • Christopher Calder

    As an example, coal alone currently supplies humanity 128 times more energy than solar power despite all the subsidies and mandates. Wind and solar don’t work, and that is why government has to force them on us. The free market is smarter than government. Google *The Renewable Energy Disaster* for details.

  • John Littlemist

    For those who are interested to follow what is going on in Russia I recommend
    Moscow Times is a journal that has not (yet) been interfered by Putin and Co.

  • Leonard Weinstein

    Wind is a loser (bearing problems, birds/bats, noise, as well as storage). Solar as a limited partner and nitch use is helpful, but large scale ground based solar will be limited unless very cheap battery storage is developed. Space solar power satellites would be practical if they were made using
    mostly in-situ materials, but high up-front cost and long implementation
    make this not likely to be used. LENR or some of the newer nuclear concepts (including small distributed fission plants) are likely the future, along with a long slow reduction of fossil fuel. Battery powered electric ground vehicles are already slowly taking over this market, but planes will still use liquid fuels for a long time.

  • morse

    You should stop reading/watching western propaganda press. Here in Europe we hear it every day ! All negative about Russia. The winners are US and NATO. Putin is right that he is fighting the NATO aggression towards the east. It was said in a treaty in 1989 that NATO should not spread out to the east. We all heard about the russian planes over Canada and Scandinavia a couple of days ago. But did we here anything about a US submarine in russians waters a couple of months ago on Western television?
    If anybody is expanding than it is US. What misery have they caused in the world by destabilizing countries?!
    LENR is still decades away and by that time other energy resources will become available.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Population will be a few billion lighter by next summer. No one will be thinking it is a good thing by then, especially if it approaches 7 billion lighter.

    • Fortyniner

      I assume you refer to the ’20 14′ amendment to the Georgia Guidestones and the possible association with weaponised ebola etc.?

  • Omega Z

    Medical advances have been the greatest perpetrator of population increases. Having a major impact from cradle to grave such as reducing premature death to doubling+ of life expectancy. Medical advances covers a large expanse that covers sanitation among many other life savings knowledge. Many other advances in society have reduced population growth. Not increased it.

  • pelgrim108

    Over the years I learned to trust people like Bill Still, Alex Jones, James Corbett. That my main source of international news. And I also follow the Dutch truth media. I’m not into sides. I’m very eclectic.
    Apart from the downing of that plane I’m not very interested in the specifics of the rebels being supported by Russia. I just assume thats whats happening. Russia denying that would be no suprise to me.