India Aims to Invest in Nuclear Power, Decrease Coal Use

An Indian Supreme Court decision which cancels over 200 coal mining permits because they were awarded illegally has pushed the country towards a more nuclear friendly energy policy, according to an article published today by the AFP (via Yahoo News) The Indian government wants to increase nuclear-powered electricity to 25 per cent of the nation’s total energy production by 2050; currently it is only providing 2 per cent.

From the article: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made nuclear a priority as he seeks to fulfil his campaign pledge to kickstart the country’s flagging economy.

“But to succeed, he will need to convince a sceptical public that nuclear is safe, and dispel foreign proliferation concerns to secure the imports of uranium and technology that India needs to produce atomic energy.”

Around 1/3 of India’s population of over 1.2 billion people do not have access to electricity.

  • Nuclear (fission) is completely uneconomic compared to renewables. Modi needs to grab a clue.

    They could scale out to 25% renewable in 10 years, 20 tops… way ahead of the 35 year goal he set for nuclear.

    He must be getting really bad advise or he just got bought.

    • dual cognition states

      If you read from some source renewable are a success… from others it is a proved failure.

      Nuke, Germany, Fukushima, I observe dual cognition states as Benabou describe in his article.

      “When interdependence among participants is high enough, this Mutually Assured Delusion (MAD) principle can give rise to multiple equilibria with different “social cognitions” of the same reality.”

      anyway both energy sources are dead. we should agree on that.

      • No i don’t agree that solar is dead. Coal is yes but solar is current ramping up faster than cell phone adoption and it dominates NEW energy production globally. Compared to the massive juggernaut that is solar, LENR is (SO FAR) just a pipe dream some geeks on the internet have…. but I hope that changes in a hurry.