Timing of the Patent (Ian Walker)

I said some time ago on Vortex that Rossi’s Patent was timed to get maximum a period of precedence on competing products and that other patents in their hundreds will be lined up on every minuscule bit of e-Cat functionality to provide ammunition for future legal battles. Probably the chief thing IH are providing is deep pockets for those legal battles. That particular law firm is very expensive they are ranked in the top 1% of New York legal and in the top 2% of US law firms overall. Within their specialist area of intellectual property law they are ranked e ven higher they employ a team of around 10 to 15 and have disclosed revenues of around 2 million a year.

Timing patents to come out at the point of product announcement and in successive waves after production is standard practice for any firm.

It looks like they expected a September release of the Third Party Independent Report (TPIR) and are asking for an extension, not the first occasion that has happened, that is why the provision is there. As to whether they are gaming the system to extend precedence, that is a different matter; I doubt it, I think this is ju st the product is so revolutionary that those conducting the TPIR and those who are peer reviewing the TPIR as well as the journal are all getting their ducks in a row.

Have a look at Edison and how he had to managed his IP or the Wright brothers. This is all about coming patent wars people.

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Ian Walker

  • @Frank: As you are the most famous LENR blogger on the net, can you make a new post regarding the warning from Rossi about the recent investment scammers?

  • wpj

    Don’t forget that patents are 20 years from application or 17 years from granting. It is in IH/Rossi’s best interests to take as long as possible to get the patent granted so that they will get the 17 years from that date. We always used to put in spurious claims so that there would be a to-ing and fro-ing on the claims which would last as long as possible. Obviously it takes money to do this but, with a successful product, this will easily pay for itself.

    • Correct!

      The whole idea with patents is to make it incredibly expensive for competitors to compete and for new market entrants to get off the ground. You also look for each subsequent patent to back up the preceding ones in areas where the earliest patent is weak and for improvements and innovations in the product design to provide continuing protection out beyond the initial 17 years. This patent protection strategy is one of the key things IH provide.

      • Omega Z

        Rossi has said that He & IH are filing additional patents.
        Standard Op. Build patents around your original patent. Each 1 strengthening the original. A Firewall for you Firewall so to speak.