Chu, Gore and LENR (Philip James)

The following post was originally made by ECW reader Philip James on this thread.

Steven Chu and I were at a meeting together (on Biology) in DC when he was still Secretary of Energy. At the coffee break we were talking about other things and I mentioned Rossi and LENR to him (his security agents were looming nearby). He scoffed and said “Not possible”. He knows I am a “credible” scientist in my field and asked me why I thought it might be true. I told him “First, because the data is starting to look interesting. Second, for the same reason I am right in my own field against all odds… because it just feels right”. Not very scientific of me, I know, but in the absence of formal data, all you have to go on is your intuition. I was surprised to be honest though that he had not heard of it.

I was at the Kleiner Perkins Christmas Party in Atherton a couple years ago (KP invested in a company of mine). I brought it up to Al Gore in front of a group of people. He asked, “What’s LENR?”. I explained. He said “Hmmm… have not heard of it”. A few months later he actually did mention LENR publicly in some forum as an area of research people are looking at — he gave no opinion per se. I am sure he asked questions, or someone else has brought him up to speed — whether driven by my question or not.

Point is… repeated mentions “stick”.

I never expected to change their mind on anything. But being a “credible ” scientist in their eyes and even mentioning it takes it out of the comic pages and puts it on the radar.

My point? The more CREDIBLE people or scientists (such as yourself) who dare to bring it up to opinion leaders on the subject– the better. Bring it up to Dyson. He’s certainly not afraid of big ideas.

Both Gore and Chu are smart people (if political). If the report is positive, they will pay attention. They also both, to the extent I know them in limited ways, do care about “truth” and betterment for humanity. They are political in that they know they must work with the system. In addition, the THREAT that China or another country is going to take advantage of it will certainly change their point of view.

So… keep pushing. I’d be interested in knowing if Steve’s stance has changed in the last year.

  • problem is not intelligence, it is groupthink and independence.

    people whose success depend on respecting others group opinion, cannot change their opinion.
    worst than that the integrate that groupthink as an identity.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Brian Josephson’s immunity to groupthink sets him apart from the other Nobel laureates. (Or it’s just that he’s a lot smarter than the rest of them that makes him the outlier.)

    • Gerard McEk

      Yes, so what Philip is saying: Try to change the groupthink by influencing/convincing scientists and ask then to be a scientist again. Tell them: THINK FOR YOURSELF AS YOU LEARNED TO DO ON THE UNIVERSITY, BE CRITICAL!

      • It remind me the film “V like Vendetta”… (did not see it full)
        at one moment the girl is no more afraid to die and push her values above her life.

        Academic are like people in a totalitarism (dictature or not), they are afraid to be eliminated, fired, to destroy their career be blacklisted, demoted…

        at one moment, older people, people already demoted, or people who feel protected (often wrongly, nobody is protected from groupthink even the boss, as you see in V like Vendetta)…

        In V like vendetta I don’t see why the parliament explode… it is useless because when the people are no more afraid, when they have lost the fear, game is over.

        what build groupthink is not individual qualities, but incentive structure.

  • GreenWin

    Terrific ideas Philip. I have spent time with Freeman, and believe he will be open to at least look at the data. Chu is indoctrinated by MIT, which is unfortunate since it is about to take a great fall in prestige. Entirely due to the inflated egos of certain MIT alums and its plasma hot fusion unit – which is being defunded (Alcator C-Mod.) I suggest you ask Freeman to look at Robert Duncan’s ICCF leadership, and public statements from NASA Chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell.
    The question that Chu will need to answer – that will be raised at Congressional hearings into the stonewalling of LENR research – is why DOE is financially and politically in bed with DOD?? In my view this is a license to collude. These two agencies must be isolated from one another; keeping in mind that the underlying mandate of both is to “Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
    Further, in the future, we need a way to prevent useful technology from being sequestered by broad stroke national security claims. It is likely this is at least one culprit in the LENR stonewall saga. DOD and its partners in big industry, e.g. Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, cannot monopolize a technology critical to humanitarian purpose. This underscores the absolute necessity of a strong First Amendment functioning as the critical Fourth Branch of government.

    • Alain Samoun

      Reading Philip James’ post,I think that what he advises to do with scientists VIP can be applied to everyone. You will be surprise that when you talk to anybody about LENR/CF how fast they get the idea and consequences.