John Maguire Interviews Dr. Melvin Miles about Cold Fusion

I think many E-Cat World readers would enjoy listening to the following interview by John Maguire of the Q-Niverse web site with retired Naval Research electrochemist Dr. Melvin Miles, an early researcher in the field of cold fusion and did substantial research with palladium-deuterium cold fusion systems following the Feischmann-Pons announcement in 1989.

In this interview, Dr. Miles discusses some of his experimental work, recounting the successes he obtained in finding excess heat in his experimentation, and detecting the presence of helium in these systems. He also addresses his association with Pons and Fleischmann and discusses some of the human/political issues surrounding the field of cold fusion in the tumultuous early days of the field.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Melvin Miles is one of the original LENR heroes who went up against the science establishment “ant hill”.

    Here’s another one from Stanley Kubrick

    • Foks0904 .

      He’s most definitely one of the hearty and little-known people who chose integrity over loyalty to the “chain of command”. Much thanks and respect to Dr. Miles.

    • Gerrit

      There is a great article by Bennett Daviss titled “Reasonable Doubt” published in New Scientist in 2003.