Congratulations to Rossi and IH: They Have Changed the World (Zeddicus Zul Zorander)

I was a little disappointed with the COP at first, but that was before reading the report. Now I’m starting to get enthusiastic because the report did a couple of things for me:

1) I now understand that an optimized COP was not the target of the test. The mouse wasn’t even used (that would be a big COP improvement I think), but also self sustaining mode was not used. If one considers that the measurements were of course very conservative, it’s probable
that the real COP of the test would be more in the region of 4 to 4.5 (I’m guessing here). With mouse and SS m ode that would probably climb into the 6.0 to 10 range (again guessing).

2) I had no idea the e-Cat could be run at 1400C stable and according to the report is capable of reaching even higher temperatures. I don’t know how that’s possible in regards to the melting point of Nickel, but the fact it can run these and higher temperatures bodes very well for electricity production. It bodes well for all kinds of things really.

3) We have confirmation of a new, not understood, coulomb barrier overcoming phenomenon at low temperature that is of an unknown origin . The an alysis of the ashes are proof some kind of nuclear reactions are involved. Wow! That is very exiting πŸ™‚

4) The report states that previous iterations of the e-cat were not very stable, but this version was totally stable. Obviously Rossi an IH have made huge progress. I was very impressed how easily the reactor went from 1260C to 1400 C in just 6 minutes. That’s fast! I even remember Michael McKubre saying he believed Rossi’s biggest problem was control. That issue may well have been solved.

5) The design of the e-cat was also a big surprise to me. Obviou sly ther e is a lot of development still going on. The fact that the reactor works with just one gram is also quite astonishing.

6) We still don’t know what the catalyst is, but at least we now know Li is an important aspect of the fuel.

All in all this report *should* be enough to really shake up the scientific world. It really ought to be more than enough to convince real scientists to overcome the idea that the “impossible” isn’t really impossible in this case. The experimental results simply undeniable even though it means the standard model for physics has ho les in i t. I personally think that’s great, as we seem to have overlooked something fundamental in physics. Who knows what other new science awaits us when we understand what’s been missing.

As others have said, I would like to see MFMP be the ones to replicate the test. Hopefully they have enough leads now to do a successful replication.I do not believe this report will appear in Nature or Science. Since the report does not give a valid theory, those editors will stick to their impossible mantra.

Lastly, I congratulate Rossi and IH for their achievements. They have changed the world.

  • what is funny is that all cold fusion story is played the sae again…

    there is heat, and people moan on nuclear ashes, ignoring that heat is an incontrovertible evidence of a nuclear phenomenon above few eV per atom.

    they assume that it cannot work and thus conclude it is a fraud that levi&al are fraudsters because otherwise it would mean it works, which is false … logic man?
    they have no evidence but they are sure… Huizenga doctrine… if it seems to work that is an error… if error is impossible… a fraud… if fraud is impossible… a smarter fraud.

    those guys learned logic with conspiracy theorist.

    • pelgrim108

      What are you saying? All people who theorize about conspiracies are stupid?

      • Ophelia Rump

        No, you missed the target by 180 degrees rotation.
        Or this is an ambush πŸ˜‰

        • Billy Jackson

          once i put the bag on you hit him over the head. πŸ™‚

        • pelgrim108

          Yes its an ambush. I should not do that. Your comment was way better. Much more polite. I see conspiracy theorizing as an vital part of a nations pursuit of happiness, so I take it personally.

          • as a corporate executive I don’t consider that organization above 5 people can organize something efficient and secret.

            Stupidity rules the planet, mostly pushed by self interest, and sometime by good intents. good intents are the worst cause of crime and stupidity because at least selfishness try to adapt to reality, and avoid risk.

            this is why people who want to save the people, the planet, the future, the morality, god, are IMO more dangerous than bandits…

            just see the story of Milgram experiment. there are things that priest can do that bandit refuse to do.

            anyway off topic…

          • pelgrim108

            Thank you for showing your reasoning. I can see the point your making. I think your reasoning is sound. I disagree with your stance. I will leave it at that because as you say we are off topic.

        • mytakeis

          On behalf of the world, that “They have changed the world.” I am delighted, and the world loves you all! Gaia that is. God too!

          • GreenWin

            Really? So far a handful of nice people have done so. Little else. IF “God” loves this evolution, she is being markedly stingy in her embrace. Not the behavior of the divine. IMO.

      • many conspiracy are not conspiracy but convergence of stupidity and selfishness…
        one typical structure is groupthink.

    • Ophelia Rump

      You do a disservice to conspiracy theorists. They require a plausible scenario.

  • Ophelia Rump

    For some reason heating a nickle with a lithium battery on top in the barbecue results in an explosion which invalidates the results, but the backyard youtubers remain confident that there must be excess energy. They report a smell like quantum ether entering a plasma state, or acid eating through aluminum, one of those.

    • psi2u2

      This is clear proof that Rossi is a fraud. πŸ˜‰

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    Some more thoughts on the report:

    1) “The absence of any nuclear radiation from the burning process is presently an open question, and has to be understood.”
    I used to think that there is a low form of radiation but the half live was under 15 minutes. However they seem to think no radiation is formed at all. I would think that during run-time the reactor produces radiation as presumably something is happening with the weak force, but do they mean that there is no radiation even during the burning process?

    2) Rossi clearly stated that they had 3 hot-cats, 2 for backup in case something went wrong. However the report states: ” As we had no way of substituting the device in case of breakage or melting of internal parts, we decided to exercise caution and continue operating the reactor at ca. 900 W.”
    Care to speculate what is going on here? Were the other 2 hot-cats being used for some other test or did Rossi give us false information? If other tests were done, for who were they and why are they a secret?

    3) It is also interesting to note that a mere 100W extra input results in a 700C increased output. This suggests to me that there is a point where the reactor is running in optimum mode, but the 800W input was not optimal. I also wonder what would happen if they added another 100W. The report stated that they were afraid of damaging the reactor with more input, so the 900W input seems near maximum. This does support the idea that higher output results in a higher COP.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      4) Since Rossi was able to calculate the precise amount of fuel needed for 35 day’s and knowing that the fuel is composed of certain percentages of isotopes, it follows that he knows exactly what is going on inside the reactor. That indicates that he may well have a good idea about the theoretical side too.

  • GreenWin

    Zed, while I deeply appreciate and share your sentiment, the facts dispute us. Or rather, the facts as rendered by this now affirmed simulation, dispute us. Were this sim even marginally reflective of real human behavior – there would be a triumphant viral evolution of Good News across the internet. The fact that no such thing has occurred, confirms the presence of a self-involved, exploitive presence running a simulation demonstrative of misanthropic, prejudiced story tellers. Sorry to be blunt, but it’s about time to get honest here.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      In a way you are right, but I think yours is a short term view. Indeed we humans are short term gain creatures. It is hard for us to look at the long term. However, the e-Cat is now proven to work and the information in the report should be enough to replicate it’s working throughout the world. The cat is out of the bag, so to speak.

      Whatever oil or gas there is in the world, there will be a moment that those stocks are gone. Also there will be a point where our environment will be so badly poisoned that we have to accept a clean alternative. I think and hope that in the coming decennium this change is implemented. We have all the reason to do so:
      – No more oil / energy wars
      – Economic growth through abundant energy
      – Climate change halted

      All we need is an acceptance of this new energy source by the scientific world so that they can replicate the effect and bring it in to the open. As I said somewhere else, going the China route is very smart, because:
      – Government support
      – You solve an immense problem for the Chinese
      – No opposition from energy lobby’s
      – No patent office problems
      – The Chinese are great at manufacturing cheap and fast
      – The West cannot ignore or delay their own acceptance of the e-cat because that would give the Chinese a big economic advantage, so bye bye Military Industrial Complex, Energy Lobbies, Political influence, whatever. They need to introduce the e-cat as soon as possible once the Chinese accept the e-cat.

      I think the report may enable us to do all this, thus “They have changed the world” (but in the long term view – amended for Greenwin πŸ˜‰