Elforsk CEO: Swedish Energy Institute to Build LENR Research Initiative

Elforsk is a cooperative research and development institute that is made up of utilities and other energy companies in operating in Sweden. Today  on Elforsk’s web site and in the Swedish science and technology magazine Nyteknik, Elforsk’s CEO Magnus Oloffsson has written an article responding to the  E-Cat testing report published yesterday by the independent European research team,

Here are some of the key points Oloffson makes:

Clear isotope changes in the analyzed fuel indicates instead that in the case of nuclear reactions at low temperatures. It suggests that we may be facing a new way to extract nuclear energy.Probably without ionizing radiation and radioactive waste. The discovery could eventually become very important for the world’s energy supply . . .

If it is possible to safely achieve and control the now indicated nuclear reactions waiting probably eventually a fundamental transformation of our energy system. It can open for decentralized energy supply. Electricity and heat can then be produced with relatively simple components. Climate Efficient energy would be very cheap. . .

Elforsk takes now the initiative to build a comprehensive Swedish research initiative. More knowledge is needed to understand and explain. Let us engage more researchers in searching coat phenomenon and then explain how it works.

This is a rapid response from a serious and influential energy organization to yesterday’s report. Elforsk is now taking LENR very seriously, and it looks like Sweden could be the first country to really get behind an effort to understand and develop this new form of energy. We don’t know what the future plans of Industrial Heat are to make available the E-Cat for further research and development, but in yesterday’s report, the testing team mentioned that they want to continue their work to understand exactly what is going on inside the E-Cat.

This is a very interesting development from Elforsk. They obviously are taking the report very seriously and are set to put significant resources behind this new LENR research initiative. It will be interesting to see if this sets a precedent that other organizations will follow.


  • GreenWin

    This is exactly the kind of response we want to see. Congratulations to ELFORSK and all its representative power companies. This now fulfills the industrial application of LENR – a second tier use of this extraordinary new source of abundant, clean power. With the confirmation in TIP2 of 1400 C temperature E-Cats, we can assume work on superheated steam turbine – top tier application – is also underway, or will be soon.
    Elforsk has significant resources at their disposal – their largest member being Vattenfall AB, a $6B net revenue energy company producing 40TWh of electricity. Vattenfall has assets in Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and the United Kingdom.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      A member of the Programme Board of the section which has been responsible for the conducted tests comes from E.ON Nordic, part of German E.ON AG, an energy giant with a turnover of 122 billion EUR (in 2013).


      Johannes Teyssen, CEO of E.ON, said about one year ago in an interview that the best energy sources were possibly “not yet known”. Unusual for the top manager of an energy company, at least.

      • GreenWin

        There is little doubt at this stage that any responsible energy company with a sentient R&D division is contemplating how to respond to this move by Elforsk. How will it look to Wall Street if Elforsk and its constituent energy companies, takes a two to three year lead in non-radiative LENR energy?? IMO, once Wall Street groks the global impact of the Elforsk LENR initiative – stockholders have every right to put CEO’s feet to a VERY HOT FIRE.

  • This is great news. If Elforsk is all in then the dam is about to burst.

    You know the scientists haven’t been sitting around doing nothing since March too. They may be farther along than they are letting on. Elforsk will start their research with the advantage if not worrying about “if” and instead attacking the “how.”

    • ecatworld

      I agree, LG. I don’t think they just read the report and the next day decide, “ok let’s start an LENR research initiative now”. It’s probably been in the works for a while.

      • Omega Z

        This has Likely been a consideration since the previous test. They have probably had the results from this one for a while as well. If I paid for something I’d be on top of everything going on.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Holy Surprise Party! Is that the Bat Signal shining over Gotham City Batman? That is newsworthy.


    • Sanjeev

      On page 5 you can see the power measurement setup. They used two instruments (PCE 830), one upstream and one downstream (before and after the controller circuit). Both meters agreed on current readings.
      Note that the control setup is nothing but a triac, which cuts the circuit at regular intervals. There is no “secret waveform”, as Rossi used to say. He probably joked.
      The fast switching will of course produce HF components, but very tiny, not in KW range. The best way to find out if KWs of power is being delivered at HF is to bring your lunch in the room, if it cooks all by itself, you will know.

  • Sanjeev

    I’m happy to see the first official response on the report.
    Although it appears that he chose his words very carefully and gives an impression that all is not entirely clear. But I guess this is the diplomatic language one uses just in case…..

    I hope an announcement for more funding and setting up of a core group for lenr research in Sweden will follow soon. When they say “initiative”, that is what it means usually. It will be nice if one of the bloggers (Frank or Mats) grabs hold of Elforsk and gets more details of this “initiative”.

    Now lets see if IH wants to come out of hiding and release a few words about their plans.

    • jousterusa

      Thanks to Mats Lewan, who is now quoted in the article, and a reader who commented here, I have corrected errors in my original story and re-posted it on american-reporter.com.

      • pg

        The ecat is 8 inches long, not 20 (it’s 20 cm)

  • what is fascinating is the comment of NyTeknik about Magnus Olofsson…
    majority cannot even imagine it is true… they clearly cannot read the report without ignoring the important facts, shutting down their brain.

  • Billy Jackson

    I would love to hear something official from IH at this point about their plans.

    • that is official.
      The boss is official. this is why he is so cautious with his words.
      A CEO who gives his personal opinion, who chat-chat, is quickly fired.
      even when the chat-chat off the record, it is official, official off-the-record. an official rumor.

      • Gerrit

        Alain, did you mix up Elforsk and Industrial Heat ?

        • psi2u2

          Your posts tend to be rather vague. What is *certain* to all those who have followed this story is that LENR is real. What is, for all practical purposes, now beyond reasonable doubt (with the issuing of the 3rd report), is that Rossi’s quantum leap in controlling the already-known phenomenon is real.

          The rest is open to doubt, but I personally doubt your belief that all Elforsk are doing is to “follow up on” LENR. On the contrary, the company has made a firm commitment to further R&D in the field. This is highly significant.

        • yes I mixed up… Elforsk boss made a careful but positive press release.

          • Billy Jackson

            Its okay we still love you 🙂

  • Gerrit

    There is no english wikipedia article about Elforsk. I guess a lot of people would want to look up Elforsk when they hear about this initiative.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      The best companies are those who work effectively without making a lot of noise. So far it looks as if IH prefers to adopt a similar strategy.

    • Sanjeev

      Its a good thing actually that they are not on wikipedia.
      People would only find disinfo there.

  • GreenWin

    Yes. This is an invention the IP of which is held by a VC funded startup, Industrial Heat. They have wisely NOT put the proprietary catalyst or reactor design in the public domain, since the plan is to sell the product commercially. Rather than indulge in exotic conspiracy theory. those familiar with accepted business practice, patent and trade secret protection, see this as a pragmatic approach to creating a highly successful business.

  • jousterusa

    There has not been an awful lot of comment on the greatly reduced size of the E-Cat. It is now no bigger than a plumber’s pipe wrench, as I wrote in our lead story this morning in The American Reporter. I wonder how long, at this rate, it will be before it’s the size of a ballpoint pen? Imaginr ther implications of that for, say, the giant plants and buildings of the Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power. I can’t imagine that they will ever become ubiquitous, but they might eventually be as common as cell phones and laptops. Yoiu stick an E-Cat tube in the keyhole of an electric car, for instance, and be fueled until the year 3000!

    • Sanjeev

      I guess you wrote this also :



    • GreenWin

      At this current size and performance e.g. 1400C, this reactor would make an excellent heat source for dozens of Stirling engine designs. The most interesting would be Dean Kamen’s DEKA engine inside the NRG Beacon 10 – presently in field test. Scaled up, this would make a viable micro-CHP product for small business and industry.

      • Omega Z

        No Offense, But No, It wouldn’t.
        You would need 3 Hot-cats to run the Beacon 10.
        The Beacon 10 though a good start still has many issue’s.
        I would put it in the class of a backup genny at this time.

        If I recall, the generating portion of the system has a life cycle of about 10K hours. There are 8760 hours in a year.
        We need some serious gains in material science to overcome it’s short comings. It also has a hefty price tag.
        However, As I said, It’s a good start. You have to start somewhere.
        Possibly, It will mature along side the E-cat at an equal pace.
        Side Note: 3 10Kwh E-cats isn’t an issue. That will be a requirement for an average 2K square foot homes Energy needs all considered. E/H/C

    • pedro

      The shipping container was a bunch of 50-100 eCats working in parallel to generate 1 Mw of energy. Each individual eCat in those days was in a box the size of a large microwave.

      • Andre Blum

        …which had a reactor core the size of a baseball.

      • GreenWin

        Seriously? The tautological bile gushing from these simulated skeptics would drown Goliath – were it no already slain by overly tolerant human beings.

      • Chris I

        Now THIS IS what I call great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Omega Z

      It is rated at 10Kwh. You would need 100 of these to be 1Mwh.
      The test device was producing approximately 3Kwh average. You would need 300 of those if that were it’s limit.
      I stand by the 10Kwh until told otherwise by Rossi.

  • Bernie777

    This should wake the DOE up!!!!

    • Donk970

      I’m sure the DOE has been well aware of this for quite some time. But, since the DOE is there to protect the interests of Coal, Oil and the existing fission nuclear industries the DOE “waking up” is probably not going to be a good thing.

      • US_Citizen71

        I think they are awake, which is part of the reason the USPTO won’t issue patents on LENR/Cold Fusion, better that they go to sleep.

    • gdaigle

      During the conference I attended over the past two days, cleaner energy was mentioned several times, along with renewables, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen as a storage method, batteries, fuel cells, etc. etc. Never once was LENR mentioned.

  • GordonDocherty

    The UK have been given the go-ahead to build a £14,000,000,000 (read it and weep) uranium fission reactor – one of eight to come – that is not expected to deliver a single Watt of power for another 10 years. Further, £2,000,000,000 has already been spent on securing the site. It gets better. Once the reactor is up and running, there will be running costs and costs of disposing of the spent uranium fuel rods. Finally, there are the post-operation clean-up costs. So, let’s say with scale, cost per reactor can be brought down to £10,000,000,000 with £1,000,000,000 during operation. As to clean-up costs, so far, at Sellafield (the UK’s spent nuclear fuel “reprocessing” facility), the clean up costs have been £70,000,000,000, and climbing:


    So, time to squirrel away £200,000,000,000 for these nuclear white elephants (and that’s just for the UK). Maybe it is about time the UK government thought about taking a leaf out of Elforsk’s book – or even better, working together with them. Surely this is better than the UK government spending £200,000,000,000 they haven’t got for power stations that will be too expensive to use.

    Not only that, but, from a societal perspective, LENR technology also reduces the risks posed by:

    accidents – power generation, vehicles (especially aircraft – no more nasty kerosine),
    fuel shortages
    remaining wedded to “dirty” fuels like coal, oil
    running short of feedstock for the chemical industry (no need to close down oil production, just stop burning the stuff or polluting so much to get it in a hurry)
    recession – energy is at the heart of everything we do, and not only does the e-Cat use abundant elements, it also opens up entirely new vistas for “hi-tech” product development, travel off-world, and, a million and one other possibilities

    • Daniel Maris

      It’s horrendous how our politicians have tied us to this defunct technology. How many lunches and dinners, and promises of jobs to come did it take one wonders?

    • Gerard McEk

      It’s good that money is available. I think the British government is not that stupid to continue this if they are made aware of this new development. So if you and many other UK CF believers inform your premier, science minister and the others, I am sure they divert the money to develop Cold Fusion!

      • GordonDocherty

        Many have written to the UK government… so far, it has fallen on deaf ears. Let us pray they change the habit of a lifetime and end up being not so stupid…

        • Dods

          Gordon was it not you that open’d an e-petition around 2011 to get the government to buy a 1MW plant? if so I remember signing that and I think it only got around 50 votes. Maybe a retry now would obtain better results.

    • Omega Z

      Feedstock is one concern people don’t or seldom consider.

      The World will be hard pressed to find substitutes in the future. Not that substitutes can’t be found, but the quantity will be at issue.

      • US_Citizen71

        Not really, Petro Dragon worked. A similar setup could be used to process waste, be it trash, agricultural waste, food processing waste or sewage. Changing bio-matter to other forms is a known technology now. Then there is the enormous amount of oil shale sitting under the western part of Colorado that holds more oil than Saudi Arabia and Iraq combined. Or if you are a Capt. Nemo fan the methane hydrates found in the deep waters of the oceans offer plenty of methane to reshape into other chemicals.

    • Omega Z

      I agree with the Nuclear travesty.
      However, If I’m completely open & honest with myself, I can’t condemn them for moving forward on this. Except I would go with one of the newer processes that are less risky.

      You have to look at it from their position. People need energy, And to date, E-cats do not produce electricity. Further, we don’t know if they can & if so is it efficient enough to actually deploy.

      You said it yourself, It’ll be 10 years plus delays before these nuclear plants produce power. They have to plan ahead. I’m quite sure they have at least some awareness of what’s going on even if the don’t voice it.

      In Fact, the reality is they can’t voice it. People would demand they stop their planning. That would actually be negligence on their part of doing their job.

      However, as soon as they get, say a 10Mwh E-cat producing electricity beyond 25% efficient, It’s time for them to put a full stop to all nuke plant building. It’s never to late until the fuel loading starts.

  • Daniel Maris

    Well this is very impressive.

    No doubt, just as the Danes stole a lead on the billion dollar wind turbine industry, the Swedes are going to be leaders in LENR industry.

  • Daniel Maris

    As Independent E Cat News is down, I thought I’d record here that the skeps have been assiduous in denying there was any real evidence of support from Elforsk for LENR/Rossi.

    Well this is a fantastic endorsement from Elforsk. Makes me think they must have done some other studies or had access to some other studies.

  • Sanjeev

    Mats Lewan to appear in two interviews.

    • GreenWin

      Premiere Networks Coast to Coast radio show is broadcast on 600 stations throughout North America. The average audience is around 5 million listeners.

  • The world needs to see the 1MW plant operating and producing energy before it will finally dawn on people “in the street” that the technology is real and has arrived. I hope this can be provided soon.

  • Jonnyb
  • GreenWin

    In a story from “Science and Technology” at hobbyspace.com, reporter Clark Lindsey claims the new E-Cat Report WAS published on arXiv, but then removed apparently by editors. If this is true, it is further evidence of tampering by the FUD clan intent on burying a new form of energy greatly beneficial to all mankind.

    The article contains quotes from Report scientist Bo Höistad of Uppsala University being interviewed by Mats Lewan: http://hobbyspace.com/Blog/

    • Gerard McEk

      This is marvellous, I am sure many countries will follow!

  • Oil futures plunged again the same minute as the Elforsk CEO article in Ny Teknik was published, http://sifferkoll.se

  • Teemu Soilamo

    I think that this important Rossi comment has been somewhat overlooked. It basically confirms that there WILL be a publication in a magazine:

    “I do not know why the Professors of the ITP decided that way to publish. They, as I always said, are totally independent from us. If they did so, means they had a reason for it. The report has been written by them, obviously; today I have contacted their spokesman, who confirmed that the report published is the original version, uncut; the version that will be published in a scientific magazine will have to be reduced within 15 pages. They told me it was necessary a publication with all the 54 pages, because every page has a specific importance.”

    • Daniel Maris

      What date was that Rossi comment?

      • pedro

        This comment was on JoNP: October 8th, 2014 at 11:57 PM

    • jousterusa

      I saw at least three typos. The most garing was the misspelling of “whether,” as “wheter.” The others were the use of “in” where “on” was intended, and the singular rather than the plural version of a single word that occurred at the end of a line. They do not affect the overall quality of the report, of course..

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Companies who run excessive advertising campaigns have usually something to hide. If you don’t believe me, buy their shares, wait and see what happens.

  • artefact

    The big size of the old e-cat was due to 30 Litres of water which could cool down the e-cat in case the power gets lost. The newer cats do not seem to have that necessity

  • Bob Greenyer

    We are in contact with Mats Lewan, it would certainly make sense to coordinate our efforts

  • C. Kirk

    some interesting comments by Broncobet on another website…..

    For those following along (isn’t this fun?) the word “pathoskeptic”
    means a person of high intelligence who is a good judge of situations
    such as this. I play poker and make quick decisions all day based on
    incomplete information from people whose self interest is me making the
    wrong decision. Let’s get some homicide detectives on here ,they are
    also good at this as well as the “bunco” and white collar crime unit.
    Rossi and all involved are an organized criminal enterprise that has so
    far out witted the FBI. But for how long? Rossi and IH are making them
    look incompetent as well as the SEC.
    You can’t buy stock in it the US government is aware of the fraud and
    corruption these people pull so only the very ignorant rich can be
    duped which is a good system.

    • GreenWin

      This takes on the aura of a disturbed sycophant of orthodoxy. However, an imaginative conspiracy theory – Rossi, Swedish Academy of Sciences, Elforsk, University of Bologna, University of Uppsala, The Royal Institute of Technology, NASA, DARPA, University of Missouri SKINR, SRI, United States Navy Research Lab, Purdue University, Italian ENEA, Mitsubishi Heavy, Toyota Corp., DIA, University Illinois… etc. ALL have conspired to outwit the FBI??
      I think we can retire Bronco to the DL, for good.

      • Alain Samoun

        Right but what’s the DL?

        • US_Citizen71

          I assume the L is list and I can think of many impolite words in english and pop culture for the the D. ; )

    • jousterusa

      A pathoskeptic is a person who is pathologically skeptical, i.e., unwilling to reason or to weigh overwhelming evidence against their point of view..

      • a true believer in status quo

    • Barry8

      I think Hank Mills said it best, “Without his (Rossi’s) persistence, despite the opposition of skeptics, internet trolls, parties falsely claiming to be competitors who had little or nothing to compete with, and obsessive individuals seeking to push their own agendas, the E-Cat would not exist.”

  • Barry8


  • Daniel Maris

    My latest thoughts – this test report hasn’t made a splash but what it has done is make some strong purposive strokes taking us forward at a rate of knots.

  • winebuff67

    I wonder what mckubre thinks of the report?

  • Ecat

    Andrea Rossi
    October 9th, 2014 at 9:55 PM
    Dear Readers:
    It appears the mainstream Media are looking at LENR: I have been informed right now that this has been running on CNN today:
    Warm regards,

    • jousterusa

      A megawatt hour (Mwh) is equal to 1,000 Kilowatt hours (Kwh). It is equal to 1,000 kilowatts of electricity used continuously for one hour. It is about equivalent to the amount of electricity used by about 330 homes during one hour.

      • Andre Blum

        True. But there are different forms of energy and the conversion between them comes at a price. A megawatt hour of thermal energy cannot be seem as ‘equal’ to electric energy.

        • Andreas Moraitis

          Right, a COP of 3.5 would not be competitive as long as 1 kWh from electricity is 4.5 times more expensive than 1 kWh from natural gas, as is the case in the area where I live. Even a COP of 6 would not be attractive if you consider the additional cost for the hardware. That’s why we need a much higher COP, self-looped systems, or gas powered reactors. The second option would be my favourite.

          • Jonnyb

            Gas powered would go down better with the establishment at the moment as well.

          • Andreas Moraitis

            Agreed. Good point.

          • Ophelia Rump

            Bull Dinky on the COP 6 not attractive. I could do COP 6 with an old steam piston and double my investment every year from the profits. I ran the numbers. You should sit down and piece together the technology from spec sheets and see for yourself.

        • Even if it can’t generate electricity, its still the greatest invention of all time. It has accomplished what hot fusion proponents and tens of billions of dollars couldn’t. We still need steam to heat and cool our commercial buildings and homes, so if we had to wait a few years for electricity it is still a magnificant success.

      • Ophelia Rump

        Great work jouserusa!

        Make them look! Its the oldest trick in the book.

    • pg

      Does anyone have the right address? This does not work for me.

    • Andre Blum

      @jousterusa:disqus great writing. Thanks, Joe!

    • Alain Samoun

      Actually the link should be:


  • Omega Z

    Hydro Fusion Ltd
    Andrea Rossi’s North European Licensee Group

  • Andreas Moraitis

    These companies are global players who have enough resources to make as much PR as they want. It is indeed not suspicious if they do that. But you cannot compare them with mid-cap companies or startups. I have often seen that those who made the most noise had later problems with their stock, or went even bankrupt. I recommend you to observe the markets for some years with respect to this.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Being market-oriented is not the same as spreading announcements which stir exaggerated expectations. Ever heard of the pump-and-dump scheme? Similar (but “legal”) behaviour can be observed even in ‘serious’ companies when they run into difficulties. For me, this is definitely a red flag, and I have almost always been right with my assessments. I can speak only about my personal experience, though – maybe yours is different. In case you are referring to statistical studies: forget them, when it comes to the individual case.

  • Omega Z

    Highly improbable. That would require certain disclosures.
    Rossi/IH are headed for the market.

  • US_Citizen71

    If nothing else it would make a great movie set. One week its an alien fortress then next a futuristic prison. : )

  • Omega Z

    Yes, by a factor of 1 million…

  • Job001

    Modern high efficiency gas turbines operate at 1600C and 60% efficiency. This means at 3.5COP NG usage can be reduced.

    Assume the last 300C of temperature rise is provided by NG, the rest from LENR and compression heat. Thus NG provides roughly 300×100/(1600-300-100) = 25% of the heat. Electrical power is generated, 60% of 1.25×3.5 = 2.625. Electrical power is 1 unit is recycled, so net generation would be 1.625/2.625 or 62% net electrical power from 25% of normal amount of NG. It would take 1/62% = 1.61 times as much gas turbines or roughly say twice the capital with LENR.

    Thus, roughly the process would generate 62/25 = 247% more power per unit of NG, and pollution would be reduced by about 100-25/62 = 60%.
    Now, that assumes all the LENR heating is done electrically, while apparently some part of that can be done with NG heat, data yet not released or known.

    Overall, very cool, or hot or financially or environmentally desirable depending on the view. Congrats E-Cat, Rossi, IH, cold fusion followers, Gas turbine manufactures, climate guys, and mankind!

  • Guru

    What these Swedish guys intentionally omissed:
    Famous electromagnetic force/field around reactor which mentioned Rossi sometimes and DGT once.

  • Axil Axil

    Page 28:

    The ash has a different texture than the powder-like fuel by having grains of different sizes, probably developed from the heat. The grains differ in element composition, and we would certainly have liked to analyze several more grains with SIMS, but the limited amount of ash being available to us didn’t make that possible. The main result from our sample is nevertheless clear, that the isotopic composition deviates dramatically from the natural composition for both Li and Ni.

    It is hard to accept the necessity that just a handful of particles were provided for isotopic analysis.

    Just two or three of these grains were nickel particles. It is unwise to draw any type of pattern from such a small sample.

    The testers got everything that they could from industrial heat and that wasn’t near enough for a decent scientific report.

    The audience that the testers were aiming their spin at was Elforsk and their CEO. Why, they want to get up to their ears in well funded LENR research. Their presentation of data was not for Rossi’s benefit or that of industrial heat; it was for their own benefit and the good of LENR as they view it through their own interests. For this game of the century, everybody wants their seat at the table.

  • Wolfgang

    The translation by Google used in this article is flawed. The following is the original English translation by Elforsk itself (http://www.elforsk.se/LENR-Matrapport-publicerad/):

    Measurements on LENR reactor reported – energy release and isotopes

    Yesterday, astounding results from month-long measurements on a so-called “energy catalyser” were reported. The report,
    written by researchers from Uppsala University, KTH and the University
    of Bologna, describes a release of heat that cannot be explained by
    chemical reactions alone. Isotope changes in the analysed fuel instead
    indicate that nuclear reactions might have occurred at low temperatures.
    It implies that we may be facing a new way to extract nuclear energy
    possibly without ionizing radiation and radioactive waste. The discovery
    could potentially become very important for the world’s energy supply.

    The central part of the reactor is a narrow cylinder that is two
    decimetre long. In the experiments, the reactor operated at temperatures
    up to about 1 400 degrees Celsius. A net energy release of 1 500 kWh
    was observed. The thermal energy output was three to four times the
    electrical energy input. The reactor was filled with 1 gram
    hydrogen-loaded nickel powder and some additives.

    In recent years, Elforsk has followed the development of what has
    come to be called LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. Elforsk has
    published an overview summary of LENR. Elforsk has co-funded the work
    described in the report in addition to earlier measurements that showed
    an anomalous excess of energy.

    If it is possible to safely operate and control these reactions that
    are now believed to be nuclear reactions, we may see a fundamental
    transformation of our energy system. Electricity and heat could then be
    produced with relatively simple components, facilitating a
    decentralization of energy supply that could be both inexpensive and
    part of a solution for global climate change.

    More research is needed to understand and explain. Let us engage
    researchers in trying to validate and then explaining how it works.

    Magnus Olofsson, CEO Elforsk – Swedish Electrical Utilities’ R & D Company