Two Oil Charts — Any Connections?

Here are a couple of financial charts that have been featured on the Sifferkol web site. Normally I don’t pay much attention to the possible connection between news about the E-Cat and the financial market — I guess because I assume that it is (for now) a tiny minnow swimming in a vast pond which is the energy markets. But these charts have made me wonder a little.

The first is a chart for light sweet crude oil futures for yesterday, October 8th, during the time that the report was released.

The second is the chart for light sweet crude oil from today, when Elforsk CEO Magnus Olofsson’s statement about Elforsk’s plans for a research program into LENR were made.

Personally I don’t have a good feel for what drives the oil markets. I think there are a lot of things at play. These days with the US boosting oil production to match Saudi Arabia boosting oil supplies, and economic troubles being reported around the globe, there are plenty of reasons for oil prices to be soft. Oil dropped again today, taking it to the lowest point in two years.

I do think that in time when LENR does come on board commercially that all energy prices could be affected. But now, when there is not a single LENR reactor doing commercial work on the planet — I do wonder.

Still, those charts are interesting. And many thanks to Sifferkol for the analysis.

  • lifeswhatyoumakeit

    This is my first ever post here. Frank, thank-you so much for all the work you put in running this absolutely amazing website. What we are witnessing is truly history in the making. As AR says “warm regards” – Brandon. Cape Town, South Africa.

  • lifeswhatyoumakeit

    I just tweeted this link together with the Extremetech article, to separate journalists at: CNN, Bloomberg, Fox Business, WSJ & Marketwatch

  • Andrea

    Blackrock manages $5 trillion in assets. Them downloading the report is news in itself.

  • BroKeeper

    Here is a definition of a News-Driven Market:
    The supply and demand for a commodity, stock, or anything else that is highly volatile depending on the information available in the media. Suppose, for example, there is a revolution in a major oil exporting country. This may drive the price of oil higher without any change to the fundamentals of the market. In this sense, oil may be said to be traded in a news-driven market.
    All of the Oil Companies, their speculators and banks have known LENR and other developing energy news sources for some time that drive its speculations.

  • BroKeeper

    The whole world does not need to move futures. Only those in-the-know can change the price quickly. Two E-Cat news releases within two consecutive days following sharp oil future drops are not a coincidence.

    I know because I was heavily into automated computer OEX stock indices options for a
    year in 1992. I got out of it because the heart couldn’t take it any longer — never recommended.

  • Gerrit

    great comment !
    I think your analysis is more likely to be correct than the LENR-oil price connection.

  • Steve H

    I work in Oil & Gas and have been testing the waters of knowledge about the E-cat for a few years now. No-one, from senior Managers to Engineers to Techs, have even heard of Andrea Rossi or the LENR phenomenon.
    I do believe it will have a temporary impact on fossil fuel prices, once it is broadcast mainstream. This will settle down, once the world realizes it is going to take some time for this technology to replace established, out-of-date systems.

    • BroKeeper

      This is why it’s called futures – not currents.

  • timycelyn

    I must admit that my initial reaction is to agree with the main point made below – that this is a coincidence. The oil price is very unstable at the moment, I assume it wags up and down all the time anyeway, so linking the two seems very tenuous….

    And yet, and yet……

    Take a look again at the second report from Avatar, about the Elforsk announcement: :

    Sifferkoll® • 14 hours ago
    Oil futures plunged again the same minute as the Elforsk CEO article in Ny Teknik was published,

    ‘The same minute……’ That puts a big question mark in my mind. The odds change tremendously when you get very close associations of events like that, of there being some linkage. When taken together with the earlier reaction as well, I am forced to conclude that I just don’t know, but I am certainly no longer able to dismiss the possibility.


    • psi2u2


  • Jonnyb

    We don’t know for sure if there is not a LENR doing commercial work. Rossi may have already cracked that one, who knows? I suspect he is well on his way and there may be others.

    • bachcole

      I agree that it is a good possibility. Although the current form of the E-Cat and being both a cat and mouse combined and getting up to at least 1400 C is quite a lot of progress to expect in 17 months, I think that they (not just he) still had plenty of time to work with some factory owners.

  • Omega Z

    Hey Frank
    There was a substantial drop after the report headlined here at ECW.
    You may become known as the cause of a World Financial collapse.
    Kidding. 🙂

  • Omega Z

    If there was any real impact from this report, it would only be caused by those few who don’t have the facts. It would quickly rebound. Presently you have continued increases in supply while at the same time a drop in demand. This is what is driving prices today. Will the e-cat fill your tank? Will it power your car? No. Not for many years yet.

    Kept in perspective
    There is a food shortage & prices are very high.
    All expect a bumper crop next year with plenty for all.
    Will the prices drop. NO. Not till next year when the crops begin to be harvested.

    Most Oil fields being developed “Today” were bought/leased 15 to 20 years ago. Some longer. What leases are being bought/pursued “Today” for future production. This tells a better picture. Are they in decline? Selling lower? No one wants to lock in on $100 dollar oil that will sell for half that. This is more in line of when real effects will be felt by big oil. Those numbers will tell you much more.

  • Omega Z

    That was a cover story to hide the large transfer of funds to North America..
    They actually bought Industrial Heat.