New Energy Foundation Issues Press Release on E-Cat (Endorsement from NASA’s Michael Nelson)

Here’s a press release that was issued yesterday by the New Energy Foundation

New, Safe Nuclear-Like Process Exhibits Excess Energy Release, Isotope Change

A comprehensive report by reputable scientists on a potentially very important technology was released yesterday that could herald the beginning of a new era of energy production, according to the New Energy Foundation.

Concord, NH (PRWEB) October 09, 2014

A comprehensive report by reputable scientists on a potentially very important technology was released yesterday. The New Energy Foundation, a non-profit new energy advocacy group in Concord, NH, expects that the implications of this report can greatly impact science and the production of energy, and could herald the beginning of a new era of energy production.

The report ( by scientists from Bologna University (Italy) and Uppsala University (Sweden) highlights the 32-day test done on the energy device known as the E-Cat. The test confirms that a new process involving nuclear interactions at relatively low temperatures can produce continuous thermal energy in the form of high temperature heat (1400°C) that is far beyond what can be explained by any known chemical reactions, over a significant period of time. This process uses simple, low-cost elements like nickel, lithium and hydrogen reacting at kilowatt energy levels, that are high enough to be easily measured and applied in the commercial world. Data from the test implies transmutation of one isotope to another of two separated elements, which is radical and cannot be explained by conventional science.

Michael Nelson, Alternate Discipline Leader for SLS Propulsion at NASA’s Propulsion Research and Development Laboratory, notes, “I was impressed with the work that was done to insure the measurements claiming a 3.2 to 3.6 COP were accurate. Aside from the fact that this could not have been produced from any known chemical reaction, the most significant finding to me is the evidence of isotopic shifts in lithium and nickel. Understanding this could possibly be the beginning of a whole new era in both material transmutations and energy for the planet and for space exploration. This is an exciting time to live in and this is an exciting technology to witness come about.”

Possible applications of this breakthrough technology include low-cost desalination of salt water, power production with no emissions, and ultimately applications in home and industry to provide power, heat, and hot water.

William Zebuhr, Chairman of the New Energy Foundation, states, “This report demands worldwide attention, so that our current understanding of nuclear science can be expanded. It is a challenge to science that these results so far have no convincing theoretical explanation, but the experimental results cannot be dismissed or ignored just because of lack of theoretical understanding.”

The non-profit New Energy Foundation provides grants to new energy researchers and publishes the bimonthly magazine Infinite Energy. For more information about the foundation and reporting on the E-Cat possibilities, visit, or contact New Energy Foundation Chairman William Zebuhr at staff(at)infinite-energy(dot)com or 603-485-4700.

  • MB

    Is there any publishable plan for obtaining Venture Capital? Is there any publishable plan for scientifically proving this new technology (whether or not there is understanding of the scientific theoretical physics)? I assume that more independent proof to the scientific community will be required in order to obtain venture capital, and that venture capital will be required to finance expansion of the technology.

    • Omega Z

      The Venture Capital is already at work.
      Industrial Heat/Cherokee Fund bought Rossi’s technology a year ago.
      Rossi is now just the Chief scientist. An employee.

  • Gerard McEk

    Excellent article. I’ll use it to underpin my Emails promoting the Ecat and LENR research. I have suggested to use the Hot fusion development money for that purpose.
    Hot Fusion scientists do not worry you can keep your job, just the job content will change!

  • blanco69

    I think there a possible market gap for pop up Ragone charts. Hank’s chart over at PESN gives a fantastic visual idication of just how power dense LENR is. A 3D pop up version is only days away surely.

  • Stanny Demesmaker
    • This is cool. The first time darden officially says he is in it!

    • Gerrit

      “And he’s had several high level conversations about the technology, such as one with Chinese officials on a recent trip to China.”

      • So the speculations about what this china-relation is all about, is now also stopped. It’s just about LENR and E-Cat 😉

    • Andreas Moraitis

      It’s impudent what they write about Rossi in the last paragraph (“a convicted fraudster”). Tom Darden should immediately complain about that.

      • Christopher Calder

        The report has been instantly read by scientists in Japan, China, South Korea, and North Korea. Don’t forget, even little North Korea has a LENR (cold fusion) research project. All the big corporations that are working on LENR, from Toyota, to Honda, to Volvo, to Mitsubishi, have read it. What have those companies discovered with their larger amounts of money and equipment to work with? Have they made a commercially useful LENR reactor? The bigger the company, the more secretive they are. If they had a breakthrough, I do not think they would say anything about it until just before introduction to the marketplace.

    • Fortyniner

      Darden seems deliberately low key, as if he is trying to deflect attention, rather than attract it. It’s possible that the release of the paper by may have genuinely been a ‘leak’, and he is busily firefighting by downplaying the significance of the report findings.

      The heavy presence of ‘Mary Yugo’ and his fellow travelers in the comments section tells its own story. Interestingly the main target of these trolls seems to be ECW – it would seem that this site may have been gaining too much attention recently.

  • Bernie777

    Has anyone heard from Edmond Storms, with all the info flying around I am wondering if I have missed what he thinks of new report?

  • On LENR-Forum David published two new papers describing the nickle poweder analysis in more detail:

    • Hank Mills

      Can you post where the docs can be downloaded that doesn’t require registration?

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        Just wanted to say, really enjoyed your article on PESN.

        • Barry8

          Same here. It was good to have the report explained to laymen like myself.

  • Sanjeev
    • Ophelia Rump

      These releases are starting to look template.

  • Omega Z

    Wrong. Industrial heat replicated it with Rossi’s instructions prior to buying the technology from him. There are about a dozen others involved in the continuing R&D that can also build it.
    They Even have all the secrets. It’s not about just Rossi anymore.