NoTricksZone on E-Cat Test

An article by Ric Werme at the German site No Trick Zone gives a very nice summary and analysis of the most important and interesting findings of the recently published E-Cat test report. He makes some interesting observations about it including the following points:

  • The COP increased when input was increased; 100 W extra input resulted in 700 W extra output.
  • The measurements suggest “the catalyst is LiAlH4 which releases monoatomic hydrogen when it is heated, fitting the speculation about the catalyst’s role”.

Werme concludes:

All in all, this is a great, maybe historic, result. There has been plenty of evidence that the E-Cat works, but Rossi has always been directly involved.

Now we have an independent team working in their own space and with tools from their universities. They see it work and present multiple lines of evidence confirming it is a nuclear process.

That there is no explanation for the process is annoying, but won’t block commercialization of the E-Cat. The shouting isn’t over, the science has barely begun, but we may be at the start of civilization’s next major energy source.


  • Mr. Moho

    I believe it’s because the test report is too complex for the general public to digest and there haven’t been significant statements from the people directly involved with it or press releases, nor relevant news since last time. We have a statement from the CEO of Elforsk and some comments from Industrial Heat CEO Tom Darden and that’s about it. The rest is the usual debates as last time in the usual blogs and websites. People who were skeptical about Rossi still are and to be honest there aren’t too many reasons so far for them to change their minds.

    • bachcole

      This is why it was a good idea for Rossi and company to pursue the commercial path. Most people won’t believe it unless they can touch it. I understand how they feel. We-all are just a little more insight than most people.