Sterling Allan Interviews Mats Lewan

Sterling Allan of PESN has conducted an interview on his This Week in Free Energy radio program with Swedish technology journalist Mats Lewan, well known follower of LENR and E-Cat news. Allan and Lewan spend most of the program discussing the report published by the European testing team about the E-Cat test.

Lewan still takes a cautious approach about the E-Cat, but that he believes there are sufficient indications that this technology might work, and for this reason the media should look at it because of the great potential the technology has. He thinks it has the potential to solve many energy problems and change geopolitical dynamics.
However even with these recent test results Lewan does not think that we are yet a point with this report for the door to open for widespread acceptance.

You can hear the interview below — Mats comes on at about the 9 minute mark.

  • pelgrim108

    I think Mats Lewan did a great job advocating for more research and validation.

  • Christopher Calder

    Sterling is a likable guy, but there is no such thing as “free energy”. Low cost energy is possible, however. I wish Sterling would stop reporting hoax energy stories from the Phillipines and perpetual motion machines. I am posting this here because I hope he reads it. He does publish some very good stories on authentic new energy sources, but he seems not to have a built-in intuitive lie detector and he sometimes lacks common sense. I am glad his website exists, but I wish he could clean it up so that it would be more credible to mainstream scientists.

    • sterlingda

      That’s what people were saying about the E-Cat. “It’s bogus. It’s a fraud.”

      What do you mean “no such thing as free energy.” Solar is free. Wind is free, Geothermal is free. Tide, etc. These are conventional plugs into the wheelwork of nature, and there are 25 of those. Why can’t you believe that there are yet another 25 still “unconventional” plugs that also harvest the wheelwork of nature, free for the taking.

      I believe in giving things that look promising some air time to see what comes of them. With 57 independent versions of the QMoGen, and two visual witnesses who have reported on two of those, I take them very serious, and expect they will be in the market years before the E-Cat; could be months from now, or weeks.

      • Ged

        I think Christopher means “free energy” as in violating the second law of thermal dynamics (work is only generated by energy flowing down hill). None of your main examples, nor the e-cat, violate that entropy law. They aren’t “free energy” in that way. It’s an important distinction between economic source “free” and scientific “free”. Still, Sterling’s site serves the point to bring out new ideas from the noise. He won’t often be right, but he doesn’t need to be.

      • Christopher Calder

        The entire universe is free, but collecting wind energy with windmills is absurdly costly and collecting solar energy with solar cells is even more costly and futile for large scale energy production. What I am talking about is perpetual motion machines and people who are just trying to make a buck off the naive. Obvious scams should not be given the same headline status as serious science. That is all I am saying. It waters down your credibility to do so.

      • Curbina

        I have been visiting Peswiki since 2004, and if anything I praise Sterling for the capacity of keeping such a controversial site and covering such a wide range of topics for all this time against all odds. Surely one can have a different point of view, and Sterling has always been honest that his aim is to give these issues some visibility, in the hope that at least one of these controversial technologies is real, under the “the not throwing the baby with the bathwater” principle. He has been taken for a ride a couple of times, and from that I’m sure he has learnt a lot, along with all of us who compose his readership. The Qmogen and Daniel Dingle perhaps are not your cup of tea, nor are mine, but I would haver never known them without Sterling, to make my own mind about them.

      • Omega Z

        The turf you cover tends to draw abuse. I’ve often wondered if stating nearly free or cheap would hurt or help your site. Free tends to turn some people off, because even free requires the cost of harvesting the energy. Anyway, It’s a conundrum.

        However, I agree. Early on, who else would have given the E-cat a home. It wasn’t welcome anywhere else. It kind of goes with the fringe science.
        You provide an often unappreciated service in a field that is highly hit or miss. It brings to mind Forrest Gump, it’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

        To your credit, I’m aware that you have called people out for fraud, just mistaken or wrong. Neither do most realize you put your self at Risk, And I’m not talking about just being involved with experiments & tests going awry. I imagine more then 1 disgruntled inventor has threatened to knock you block off or worse. Verbal abuse would be the norm. Especially from commentors.

        If some think over time you’ve become a little paranoid, I would remind them that you may have good reason. What you do can really upset some people in all walks of life.

        Personally, I greatly appreciate the service, effort & sacrifice that people like you & Frank Acland among many others provide..

        Have a nice day. OZ.

    • Ophelia Rump

      Curiously the device form the Phillipines story was not a hoax.

      That device actually worked, They made a between 20 and 40 thousand of them and were going to sell them in Japan when the Japanese discovered two things.

      1, It was designed that if you breached the casing the device was booby trapped to become incendiary. The housing was filled with an inert gas, the metal rods burst into flames on contact with air.

      2, If you had more than one in proximity to one another there were extreme interference effects of some unpleasant sort.

      The Japanese government confiscated the devices. I assume they will sell the devices to North Korea if they ever go to war with them.

      I feel dirty having to defend Sterling. Please do not make me do it again.

      • Omega Z

        When slandered & attacked for prolonged periods of time, it is easy to become paranoid & adapt to tin foil hats.
        Comes with the Territory he covers.
        Note: “Just because one is paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t after them”

    • Daniel Maris

      Have you never had the benefit of the sun heating up your house during the day? That’s free energy.

      • Sanjeev

        All energy (and other material resources) are essentially free.
        It however takes money, information and manpower to exploit them, and that’s the whole problem. Any tech which minimizes these three factors comes closer to being “free”.

    • Omega Z

      I understand what your saying, but you can’t always be certain which is what. It would be easy to miss the real deal. You could include Rossi in this early on.
      I would note that if Sterling determines without doubt that fraud is involved or they are proven mistaken, he has to his credit posted or published it in the past.

      • Omega Z

        Yes, Agreed, he should change the term Free to Cheap. Much more believable.

  • Barry8

    In retrospect, I think Mats was given the first rights to the report story. Well deserved.

  • Sanjeev

    I was hoping for some gems, but the interview says nothing new, its a decent interview anyway.

    Sterling tells in the beginning that the full report was mistakenly leaked with all “secrets” when they intended to release only a 15 page report for the public. I thinks its BS.

    As told by Rossi the 15 page version was for publication in a journal and as told by one of the testers they wanted to keep all pages because all were important for publication.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      There are many science journals without page limitations, anyway. Nearly all journals have the policy of encouraging concise papers, but it doesn’t mean that important information should be left out.

  • Sanjeev

    Yes, they have given away many secrets. I guess it happened only because the patent office demanded an independent proof of it being a nuclear reaction.
    I also think that the investors and his partners in China also wanted a more robust proof before throwing a few billion in the project. I see the only way to do this is via this report.

    I also think (ya too much guessing), that IH has reached a significant milestone in the development of this tech, because of this they are not afraid of letting out some clues, they know that they are way ahead.

    Tom’s statement that he is not after the money, suggests that he is well aware that he and his partners will not be able to monopolize this technology for long term. This feeling of his is reflected in his words – “I don’t care who gets there first.”

  • Omega Z

    Rossi has stated that more info can now be released because they have additional patents filed. Previously some of this wasn’t in the patents. Likely because things were R&D and not fully determined as finalized parts of the process.

  • Omega Z

    Many a good things on the Fringe will be found in these places.
    Just a fact. They usually aren’t welcome anywhere else.
    Sad but true…