E-Cat Replication Component List (Sterling Allan)

For those of you wanting to try to replicate the technology for scientific validation purposes, we’ve commenced a page to facilitate this process.

Replicating the E-Cat – A listing of tools and resources pertaining to replicating Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat. Independent replication of the E-Cat will be a historic additional scientific validation that the E-Cat is real and will revolutionize clean, affordable energy production on the planet. (PESWiki; October 15, 2014)

Here’s a page Hank Mills compiled as a starting point, welcoming corrections, updates, links etc.

http://peswiki.com/index.php/OS:Component_Synopsis_for_Rossi_E-Cat_Replication – A listing of components required for replicating Andrea Rossi’s, noting their description, function, source, and links.

As always, we urge that if anyone does replicate this technology, and then seeks to go commercial with it, that they do so with the blessing and agreement of Rossi and Industrial Heat, LLC. Do the right thing.

Like Wikipedia, PESWiki is publicly editable. Feel free to update and add links. We had to disable the sign-up of new users due to spam, so just contact us if you want an account.

  • AlbertNN

    There might be a slight misunderstanding of the concept of scientific replication here. It is important to test the same phenomena/device, i.e. the E-cat or the same type of fusion if the details can be had, but it is not important to use the exact same equipment. Quite the opposite, it is important to test the phenomena with different types of measurement setups, in this case for input and output power, in order to validate the findings and remove any doubt of interaction between the phenomena/device and the measurement equipment.