Rossi, Angry that ‘Every Stupidity Gets Attention’

Andrea Rossi seems to be getting upset by some of the criticisms he is hearing about in response to the Lugano report. Earlier today he responded to an open letter to Stephan Pomp; he has now written in response to another criticism which comes from someone who goes by the name of ‘Raman’ who has claimed that there are fundamental errors in the report, such as some electrical measurements.

Below is a response to a reader who claims there is an error on page 14 of the report:

”Measurements performed during the dummy run with the PCE and ammeter clamps allowed us to measure an average current, for each of the three C1 cables, of I1 = 19.7A, and, for each C2 cable, a current of I1 / 2 = I2 = 9.85 A.”

That is sistematically wrong since I2=I1/1.732

Rossi responded:

Your comment is a typical example of the effects of the stupidities made by fake experts like “Raman”, that act as Professors, but lack the foundamentals of Physics, Electronics and Electrotechnics. The effects are that persons like you, clearly missing a professional understanding of the matter, instead of reading seriously a Report written by 6 Professors with a life dedicated to Science and Physics in particular, read the stupidities of imbeciles with an agenda and make us loose time to answer to absurd objections. I am not angry at you, you are just a candid non-expert-person, I am angry because every stupidity gets attention and we, honestly, do not have the time to answer. As you have perhaps read, I already suggested as a reference the wonderful book “Electronics for Dummies” to the “Prof” you got inspiration from, but he does not listen to me and continues to repeat the same stupidities.
The coils of the reactor are made with a proptietary alloy, and the inconel is only a doped component of it. Your phrase “”with or without reactions involved” is pretty arrogant, and such arrogamce, perhaps, forbids you to try to understand what I wrote. If you read carefully what I wrote and what is written in the Report, you will see that “with or without reactions” is a stupidity. The nature and composition of the coils are of paramount importance in our IP and for obvious reasons I will not give any more information, albeit you demand to me not to “state that (I) cannot comment further on this, ESPECIALLY BEING AWARE THAT THROUGH THE REPORT SOME FUNDAMENTAL ( SIC!) MISTAKES ARE CARRIED OUT, SUCH AS..” and at this point you add another titanic stupidity that the Readers can find in your comment: whom do you think you are talking with ?
And here is the answer to your titanically stupid statement ( I know, you are not the author of the titanic stupidity, you are just parrotting the suggestions of “Prof” Raman): just, please read … I will write in very simple language, to allow you (and “Prof” Raman, who insists not to buy ‘Electronics for Dummies’ as I suggested him) to understand, with a small effort and some focus (to Raman I suggest not to chew a gum at the same time).
Warm Regards,

Note that his main cause for aggravation seems to be that responding to these kinds of issues causes him to lose time — presumably working on the 1 MW plant.

  • Oceans2014

    I do not feel this is a FAIR POST by ADMIN – Rossi a man that has been attacked from day one in entitled to be upset – find something else to post this will attract the ecatnews crowd .

  • Billy Jackson

    Of course he’s angry. Every Dingle berry out there with a theory of why this wont work gets more attention and nods of acceptance than anything Rossi has to say with LENR and the E-cat. He has put his life’s work on the line here. repeatedly tested it, had it verified multiple times by professors who are considered top notch in their professions.

    Yet regardless of how much positive news he generates. its the negative news that gets attention He has to prove EVERYTHING .. they have to prove NOTHING, just accuse and let the rumor mill run wild. People latch on to anything that will prove their own bias regardless of if its truth or not.

    • Donk970

      Crazy isn’t it. It’s one thing to be skeptical but when the skeptics refuse to even look at the evidence because it can’t possibly be true, that’s just nuts. The other thing that’s really fascinating is how angry the skeptics are about this. This isn’t just simple skepticism it’s on a whole different level as though someone was threatening their religious views.

      • Ophelia Rump

        Someone is.

      • Freethinker

        Yes, I have seen rage and hate in the comments many places the last weeks, at at other times when there have been news on Rossi or LENR. That IS strange. Why the hate?

      • I know that phenomenon,


      • Alain Samoun

        “threatening their religious views.”
        And, above all, their way to make a living…

        • GreenWin

          The JTRIG guys make a living writing FUD. They are expected to post X number of words to meet their daily quota of FUD.

          • Robert Ellefson

            Yeah, think of their children. These guys are just trying to put food on the table, after all.

          • GreenWin

            Shocking to think they might consider honest work. But crooks tend to take the easy way out.

      • timycelyn

        All the rage and hate….. it’s simple.

        They’re becoming frightened……

        • Donk970

          One has to wonder what could be so frightening.

  • Christopher Calder

    This is the real news from that post

    “The coils of the reactor are made with a proprietary alloy, and the inconel is only a doped component of it.”

    I hope Hank Mills reads that post.

    • Ophelia Rump

      Or Rossi threw out a red herring.

      • Mark E Kitiman

        Because the Red Herrings Incandescence was only 900 °C.

    • hempenearth

      And MFMP

    • Sanjeev

      Yes, it may be possible to engineer an alloy that follows a very specific resistance profile.

      In the old shipping container days, one could see Rossi struggling with controls to keep some settings of input current etc. It looks like now IH has solved the problem and is able to automate the response of the system to keep it more stable.

  • Freethinker

    Well, that may shut some faces up, but likely most of them will go on ….

    I get it that Rossi himself is fed up by this. But then again, the authors are not IH and Rossi’s team, so if they answer on some questions, should not be a problem, I would say.

  • Hi all

    The problem with Siegel and also Pomp and his co-conspirators is that they fail the Galileo test.

    They have never put their eye to the telescope and in point of fact actively attempt to prevent others from doing so.

    None of them has ever attempted to repeat any of the many successful LENR experiments, in order to prove or disprove them or even been involved in an actual test of any LENR device.

    They have instead swapped the experiment for blind faith.

    They are therefore engaged not in science, but in religion, and are as such each frauds in their claim of scientific endeavour.

    • hempenearth

      And merchants of doubt

  • Sanjeev

    Why are people asking Rossi these questions ? He did not write the report or done the measurements. The right people to ask are the authors of the report, and now they have agreed to answer it seems.

    But I can understand the pain of explaining it to those who do not want to understand, and just want to boast their textbook knowledge.

  • LilyLover

    Pompusranmans of the world need to be stripped off of their academic degrees in science and any teaching privileges that they may have. If not now, surely after the domestic E-Cat sales begin. Lack of scientific attitude is reason enough. What do you do with the security guard who sleeps on the duty? What do you do to the soldier who works for the enemy? What do you do to a sportsman’s trophy after found guilty of extra-fair-substances? Then why the exemption for this clowning? If there is no such word as yet, let me call the Pompusranmans the first pair of anti-scientists. Anti-scientist is a person, who opposes truth, by any means possible, including but not limited to – defamation, pseudoscience, irrelevancy, jargon-traps, intimidation, forum sliding, side-show-distraction-tactics, name-calling, appeal to ignorance, comparing car with crow, selectively zooming, translating dolphin chatter into mathematics or simply being intellectually anti-honest. Let alone Rossi, it makes even me angry.

  • gdaigle

    Yes, Rossi has every right to be upset and angry. That said, he doesn’t have to respond to what he considers stupid questions. He has “the goods”, right? Then no need to spew such venom when you know you will be vindicated. Rossi may be brilliant but lacks impulse control. I know that I wouldn’t want to work for him.

    • GreenWin

      It is fairly obvious that ALL taxpayers should be spitting angry about how their tax dollars are being used to spew false accusations, lies and character assassination by JTRIG psy-ops Perhaps it is time for a few therapists, counselors and shrinks should step up and critique the bullying behavior and WASTE of tax dollars that directly FUND this behavior.

  • Christopher Calder

    Someone posted this on this forum and I have sent the link on to a number of politicians, the US DOE, the California DOE, environmental groups, etc. In an informative YouTube video, Dr. Eugene Mallove details the history of the cold fusion cover-up by MIT scientists with financial interests in hot fusion research, and by the United States Patent Department.

    SEE –

    People who think that scientist cannot be dishonest have not looked into the facts of cold fusion and, for that matter, of “climate change” theology. You get all these crazy criticisms of Rossi because so many people have their oversized egos on the line. One scientist who I consider a friends was, in his own words, “relieved” when an associate of his assured him that the E-Cat could not work. My friend was shown to not care about the welfare of the entire planet, only in his promotion of a competing technology, the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor.

    • Josh G

      Very interesting link, hadn’t seen it before. Thank you for sharing.

  • GreenWin

    Please note we are documenting the systematic censoring of publicly available news stories that expose the corruption behind these attacks on the good works of Elforsk-IH and hundreds of cold fusion pioneers before them. It is reprehensible, corrupt behavior.

  • Sanjeev

    Here is an online circuit simulator to do your own test. Please let me know what results you get.

    • Sanjeev

      Btw, Rossi’s reply is correct only when the voltage source is considered as a pulsed source generating short duration pulses. Each phase is then a pulse generator separated by 120 degrees.

      You can paste this setup in the java applet (File->Import->paste)

      $ 1 5.0E-6 32.755850052045055 50 5.0 50
      r 160 64 368 64 0 100.0
      r 176 96 256 160 0 100.0
      r 368 96 288 160 0 100.0
      w 256 160 256 240 0
      w 288 160 288 240 0
      w 176 96 176 240 0
      w 160 64 160 240 0
      w 368 64 400 64 0
      w 400 64 400 240 0
      w 368 96 368 240 0
      w 160 240 176 240 0
      w 256 240 288 240 0
      w 368 240 400 240 0
      w 160 240 160 336 0
      w 256 240 256 336 0
      w 368 240 368 336 0
      v 160 336 160 368 0 5 50.0 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.5
      v 256 336 256 368 0 5 50.0 1.0 0.0 2.0943951023931953 0.5
      v 368 336 368 368 0 5 50.0 1.0 0.0 4.1887902047863905 0.5
      w 160 368 160 384 0
      w 256 368 256 384 0
      w 368 368 368 384 0
      w 160 384 256 384 0
      w 256 384 368 384 0
      w 368 384 480 384 0
      g 480 384 512 384 0
      o 1 64 0 33 0.625 0.0125 0 -1
      o 0 64 0 33 0.625 0.0125 0 -1
      o 2 64 0 33 0.625 0.0125 0 -1
      o 13 64 0 33 0.625 0.025 1 -1
      o 14 64 0 33 0.625 0.025 2 -1
      o 15 64 0 33 0.625 0.1 3 -1

      • Bob Greenyer


        Your thinking is in-line with where we are on the control logic when matching the waveform.

        I love this app, good find, can you get “EveryCircuit” for iOS or Android and build a similar circuit and share the result?

        • Sanjeev

          I tried the Chrome app for Everycircuit. Its a nice app but the free version is limited, could not go too far. The results will be the same irrespective of the app. Its a very simple circuit if you assume a pulsed dc waveform. I think it can be better done using a microcontroller but I guess the need to push a KW forced them to use this as an alternative using 3 phase AC.

          • Bob Greenyer

            In time a custom circuit may suffice.

          • Bob Greenyer

            First, for those that want to see what the model that Sanjiv made looks like.


            Because you can’t follow the Facebook feed Sanjiv, Jouni posted this image


            Which was followed up on by

            From Bob Higgins

            “yes the coils are inductors, but they are primarily resistors with a small inductance. They should be modelled as a resistor in series with an inductor.

            The inductance will also depend on the unknown metal inside the coil. At low temperatures, the Ni may actually raise the inductance, but at high temperatures the Ni will no longer be magnetic and will still be a conductor which will lower the inductance. So the inductance will be a function of this unknown amount of metal inside and it will be a function of temperature.”

            From Alan Goldwater

            “I calculated the inductances to be around 2 uH in Bob Higgins’ model. This is trivial reactance at 50 Hz or its harmonics. The factors Bob just mentioned are not likely to change this by a significant amount.

            Sanjeev’s simulation is not correct in another way [in addition to the inductance of the triple helix heater coils]. The pulses are not as shown, they are half cycles of sine wave (180 degrees), and so they overlap by 30 degrees. The calculation of power thus becomes complex as above. ”

            Can you work up a revised model taking into consideration these identified aspects and re-post the export here.

          • Sanjeev

            Thanks Bob for posting these links. I actually saw the circuit by Jouni and I think its correct. But the inductance (as Alan says) will be negligible at 50 Hz, there are only 3-4 turns I guess.

            Now a far fetched speculation is that the fuel itself can add to the inductance if it assumes superconducting properties. But that is a wild guess.

            I’m also interested in knowing why Alan thinks that the waveform is half sine wave. Where did he find that info ? All I could see is the screenshot on page 6 of the report which shows pulses. The ON time of triac is very less (perhaps 10%).

            I will do a sim of half sine wave also and post in a moment.

          • Sanjeev

            Sorry could not do the half sine wave circuit. This java applet does not have a Triac.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Alan is putting together a paper showing his rationale for controller design.

            He is a simulation that was posted on FB by Osmo Laarksonen that was inspired by your work


            It also needs the microFUSION controller part of the sim modded which Alan intends to do if he has time as Osmo is has not got spare time in next few days.

            And you may have missed this.

            Bob Higgins adds more to consider

            “The inductance will also depend on the unknown metal inside the coil. At low temperatures, the Ni may actually raise the inductance, but at high temperatures the Ni will no longer be magnetic and will still be a conductor which will lower the inductance. So the inductance will be a function of this unknown amount of metal inside and it will be a function of temperature.”

            How critical this is we do not know.

            We might start a base camp thread for the controller design, let us know if you are interested in being on that team.

          • Andreas Moraitis

            It would be interesting to implement an alternating or pulsating magnetic field, which induces a voltage in the heating coils. Such a field could possibly be generated by the reaction. As is known, DGT have measured strong magnetic fields near their reactors; however, it is not clear if these fields were static or variable. In case that a similar effect shows up in your experiments, one might expect that it would interfere with the electric measurements.

          • Bob Greenyer

            The very short, high current pulses though the triple helix solenoids will create magnetic pulses that will align the reactants in the middle and cause “pinch effect” on them.

          • Sanjeev

            Great ! Sure I’m interested in contributing.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Hi Sanjeev,

            We have added you to the Controller group. you just need to sign up.

          • Sanjeev

            Thank you very much Bob, its done.

  • Sanjeev

    DickeFix, you are only 50% right. You are assuming that the input is a pure sine wave. You forgot the traic (and any other controlling circuits inside the magic box).

    If the current is short pulses (like shown in the PCE screenshots), then Rossi is 100% right. The peak current in resistors will be 2 x the line current because while the phase 1 is conducting the rest of the phases are acting as ground, i.e. 0V.

    Please let me know if there is an error in my reasoning here.

    • Sanjeev

      I mean 0.5 x

  • Sanjeev

    Some more evidence to prove that Rossi (and authors) are correct –
    One page 14, its mentioned that they measured average current (not rms) and the formula used for power is the simple DC power fo3luma, RI^2. We know that the AC power needs power factor, which they do not consider.

    So it shows that they assumed the power waveform as pulsed DC instead of continuous sine wave. In case of pulsed DC Kirchhoff’s law is valid.

    • Obvious

      I think that if we take Rossi at his word, then unadulterated 3-phase power is clearly not fed into the delta resistor/inductor configuration. This is about the best nugget of info that can be squeezed out of this comment to Andrew.
      Although there is a limited set of theoretical configurations that do allow Kirchhoff’s law to be used for comparing the C2 and C1 currents, there is still a lot of blue sky in those possible answers.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    „Morally deficit morons“? “Skeptopathic insects”? Discussing the setup, the results and the conclusions of an experiment is essential for the scientific method. If there are any flaws in a study, they must be uncovered. Trying to hide them would be morally reprehensible. You seem to imply that every person who raises a reasonable question with regard to the report has doubtful motifs.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Should read “deficient”. Must have been my word processor…

  • Jonnyb

    Maybe I misunderstand the problem here. PF at best can be 1 into a purely resistive load, however it normally gets worse with any reactance. So are the doubters saying the load was more resistive than it was reported to be and they used a lower PF when it should have been higher. Does not look like that from what I have read. If anything it would be a worse result not a better result, could be wrong unless I was at the test to check things.

  • Sanjeev

    When the aim is to calculate power, usually average current is used for a known waveform. For an unknown waves like sound, it makes more sense to take RMS. For pulse, it may be the same since its the dc equivalent of the pulsed current.
    They took the pulse as rectangular since its very narrow, so the error will be tiny. The pulse will not overlap since there is 120 deg of separation. You can see the
    screenshot, we do not see any compound waveform.

    Anyway, lets throw away the joule heating component. Its getting deducted from the input, so ignoring it will make the input higher and COP lower, but the difference is tiny, the COP still remains about the same, so I see no value in this argument.

  • Sanjeev

    Well at least some of them are reading the report, although not so carefully. 🙂
    Looks like attempts to cherry pick “problems” so that the overall public view can be turned towards negative, because “science” is always right.

  • Sanjeev

    DickeFix, I’m glad that this kind of hair splitting analysis is actually revealing some great secrets !
    Let us know if you see any more anomalies…

  • Sanjeev

    Yes, this report is revealing a lot !

  • GreenWin

    In fact, some of your ideas do come to mind Dman. However, repression at home does not relieve antagonism abroad. It doubles repression. The Gulf States are armed because WE arm them. The Gulf States are addicted to oil income because our genius Kissinger forced them to accept petrodollars. Now people of noble intent die to defend that badly envisioned policy.

    I am privy to discussions of how Abdullah must face the inevitable transition. There will be good petroleum income for heavy lift fuels and non-fuel products for a century. The Gulf States, like every other State on Earth will have to transition to a non-petro-exclusive economy. The fact that millions of their poorer brethren will enjoy higher standards of living, markedly reduces causes of radicalism.

    However, the most germane argument is, we have made our bed… and superior power guides this transition. Aside from that, these JTRIG operations are unauthorized, directed toward our own citizens, making them illegal. There is no nobility in voiding one’s solemn oath.

    • GreenWin

      What is harsh and hard to face, is the level and breadth of corruption the NBC News/Greenwald evidence confirms. These are agencies paid to protect and defend the very principles of justice, morality, ethics, honesty, kindness and generosity. How do agents living off of taxpayer’s money, attacking, sabotaging, assassinating the spirit and character of well-intentioned, innovative people purport to qualify for anything other than sociopaths, fanatics or criminals??

      Is anyone here willing to answer these questions? It does not take courage. It takes an ability to be rigorously honest with oneself.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    As far as I understand it, the above-mentioned points would be relevant for the calculation of joule heating losses from the cables, not for the measurement of the electric input. The estimated values for joule heating (p. 14 of the report) are two orders of magnitude lower than the electric output of the control box (which has been measured at position C1). Therefore, I guess that a correction of the factor would not change the calculated COP dramatically, despite the fact that the energy from joule heating is calculated on the basis of I^2.