Rossi: Professors to Respond to Questions about Lugano Test with Updated Report

This is just a quick note from Andrea Rossi today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics in response to a comment about whether the authors of the Lugano E-Cat test report would respond to questions that are being asked by various readers.

The Professors told me that they are discussing the questions that merit an answer and that will answer to such questions by means of updates of the report published on
Their report will be then periodically updated with all the necessary answers.
Warm Regards,

I haven’t noticed any major changes there yet. Perhaps there will be some announcement about updates on that site, or maybe we should just keep checking the report there.

  • Freethinker

    Sounds like a good idea. Either they update the current report, or create an addendum document addressing specific questions. I doubt any of the critique will change anything in the report in terms of claims or data analysis of any significance.

  • Curbina

    I think that’s the better way to avoid entering in a spiral of nit picking that will be both exhausting and open for the most ad nauseam discussion ever.

  • Christopher Calder

    The link does not work on my computer. I get a message saying the url does not exist.

  • Chris I

    The link gives a 404 as it is now.

  • GreenWin

    Great! I sense a great deal of progress at hand.

  • Gerard McEk

    Perfect, there is a lengthy list with questions already at the LENR forum.

  • Varmlandstok

    It means that it doesn’t matter how many test that are beeing done they will still claim it is a hoax.