Communication from Industrial Heat Warning about Fraudulent Solicitations

The following message was posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics by Andrea Rossi today

To the Readers:
I report a communication released today from Industrial Heat:

“Recently we become aware of information being distributed offering ownership,shares or prepurchase agreements for Energy Catalyzers (E-Cat) with request of money in the following Territories: North America, Central America, South America, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Emirates. As the lawful holders of the E-Cat rights and Intellectual Property in the above specified Territories, we want to clearly state that no such agreements are being offered to the public. If you receive a solicitation, we strongly encourage the public not to respond, provide personal information, or commit any resources.

John T.Vaughn, Vice President
Industrial Heat”

Yesterday Andrea Rossi made a similar statement on the JONP and signed it “Dr Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corp (CEO).” It’s interesting that JT Vaughn would take the unusual step of having Rossi post a message from himself in addition. This is actually the first official communication from Industrial Heat since the press release announcing the acquisition of the E-Cat in January of this year, and shows that they are still actively involved; Vaughn here reiterates that Industrial Heat is the legal owner of the rights to the E-Cat.

  • Ophelia Rump

    It is good that they put this out occasionally if only to silence those who like to say they are a scam without having any other basis than their disbelief in the the technology.

    • Warthog

      It won’t deter the skeptopaths in the least.

      • Ophelia Rump

        It will make obvious the lie, and in doing so the psychopathology of the liar.

  • Daniel Maris

    Good to know Mr Vaughn is alive and not, one presumes, being held bound and blindfold in a cellar at Leonardo Corp HQ.

    We could do with a lot more communication from him and others at IH.

    Time for them to set up a proper website with an about, technology, media and all the other tabs in place.

  • jousterusa

    Frank, you’re doing a terrific job updating us on the freshet of news springing from the TIP study. Good work! It’s absolutely great to see the world waking up to pay attention,

  • Sanjeev

    A single page website with above message will completely stop anyone from such activities.
    When a person wants to buy something worth a million, he will at least do a search on the net and find that official page. He may not find the Rossi’s message, it will be buried below hundreds of messages.

    I still have no clue what stops Vaughn etc to set up a web page. It should take few minutes and a few dollars. With millionaires on board and very educated people there, it can only be intentional that they do not want a website. Whatever is the reason, it is causing a lot of confusion and such illegal activities.

    • I just asked Rossi on JoNP about why IH has not a simple website which handles such hot topics.
      Currently it’s in moderation state. I hope he will answer or/and relay the idea.

      • Okay, seems it was deletet now. Too bad.

        • Andreas Moraitis

          The posts which are in moderation disappear automatically after a while. Just be patient.

        • ecatworld

          He generally won’t respond to questions about matters outside of his areas of responsibility. My guess about IH’s lack of a web site is they don’t want to have a public face out there until they are ready to market to the public. I guess they consider their January press release as all they need to communicate to the public right now — it is found at their web domain at

          Today’s comment by JT Vaughn on the JONP is probably just to clarify that they own the E-Cat, not Rossi. Rossi had made a warning about the fraudulant solicitations, and signed it as CEO of Leonardo Corp. That could cause confusion about who actually owns the E-Cat.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      I would not exclude the possibility that IH are bound by contract to a big partner, as has been suspected many times. Maybe they are not free in their decisions about what and how they communicate.

  • Rafael

    how can I talk to andrea rossi?

  • GreenWin

    An excellent case for Mr. Kirvit and his private eye services! Many ardent skeptics see themselves as investment scam bounty hunters. Here is a juicy bone to chew on. It will be fascinating to see if even a single MY-caliber skeptic follows their arrow and captures these wascilly rascals that are sabotaging the LENR development process.

    • US_Citizen71

      I don’t know, personally I would half expect the bottom of these websites to read ‘copyright 2014 yugo-kirvit industries all rights reserved’ ; )

  • US_Citizen71

    I would think the post on JONP would get the information to most people who would even consider investing. Only someone who has been following this saga would likely even consider investing in one of the scams. Anyone else that hasn’t been following along wouldn’t likely give it a second thought.

  • Chris I

    Isn’t it odd that they don’t put such things on a website of their own?

    As if that ain’t odd enough, today I finally got around to checking the Prometeon site’s news page, to see how it talks about the new report, but it’s under maintanance. Right now! When you’d expect it to be boasting of the news…

    • Mats Hilmersson

      If their claims are true, IH and their licensees need to have an absolute minimum profile until their patents are granted.