Low Radiation Fusion Through Bound Neutron Tunneling (Proposed LENR Theory by Carl-Oscar Gullström)

The following paper was submitted by Carl-Oscar Gullström who is a doctoral student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University, Sweden.

He writes, “I have managed to prove how the e-cat can work theoretically. If there’s any interest I have attached the theory here.”

Low radiation fusion through bound neutron tunneling

  • Obvious

    My first pass comment is that the author calculates 2g of (natural isotope) nickel were consumed in the test, while it is reported that only one gram was used. That is a significant departure from the empirical results. I’ll have to read this over again after some more coffee.

  • Freethinker


    I appreciate your effort.

    Just one question. Are you completely sure that the WBK approximation for the transmission coefficient is valid in the environment where these reactions are supposed to take place?

  • Albert D. Kallal

    In plain English?

    Well, the BAD part is this theory suggests that nickel is the fuel and NOT hydrogen. The result is we are not thus consuming hydrogen to create energy, but in fact consuming Nickel as an atomic fuel. (hydrogen is one of the most common substances).

    This could MUCH suggest that nickel will become far more valuable then previously realized or suggested. I am still “happy” for this reactor, but am MUCH saddened that it looks MORE like we are NOT consuming nor are we converting hydrogen at the atomic level into energy. But this does explain that this reactor is thus NOT fusion.

    Up to this point, MOST if not ALL of the LENR theory was based on gas loading of a metal lattice. As noted, the “test” of gases did not occur during or after this test since any hydrogen (and hopefully the resulting helium) would escape from the small reactor when opened to remove materials. And if helium was being produced, it should build up inside of the pipe and start to shut down the reactor. The test shows no tapering off of output energy, and thus again this suggests energy from this system does NOT come from the gas(s), but from nickel being consumed.

    In fact I much question if hydrogen is required for this reactor at all here?
    This also means nickel used in this process cannot be re-processed to be used again.

    This is not all bad, but I am willing to wait for additional theories – ones that “hopefully” suggest that the energy being realized here is from the hydrogen and not the nickel.

    I am “ok” with metal being consumed here, but this now suggests that we are going to consume nickel as the fuel and NOT hydrogen as a fuel.

    Albert k.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    The neutrons are stripped from one nucleus and captured by a second nucleus. They do not have to be generated, as in Widom-Larsen theory, where they result from electron capture by a proton (aka inverse beta decay). The “temporary neutralization” you mention is still another process, where the electron of a hydrogen atom “screens” or “shields” the charge of the proton, so that the resulting “virtual neutron” can penetrate into the target nucleus.

  • Gerrit

    can such bound neutron tunneling be tested in a lab? Maybe Gullström could propose an experiment to test the idea.

  • Hi all

    According to forum posts that were discovered by Sifferkol, just now; one of Stephan Pomp’s, three arch sceptic co authors, appears to have switched sides and is now saying Rossi and Carl-Oscar Gullström will win next years Nobel prize! Hmm…

    Kind Regards walker

    • Unfortunately, not really… It seams that he was trying to be ironic… He however accepts the calculations but not the lack of radiation in the E-cat.