Status Report on HHO-Catalyst Experiment from Alan Smith

Many ECW readers will remember the experiment that we sponsored Alan Smith of Leap Forward Laboratory in London to carry out to investigate the effects of combining HHO gas with a catalyst to see whether there was any excess heat produced in such a reaction, or whether it was just a simple chemical reaction. A six-month status report is provided by Alan here.

HHO/Catalyst Experiment 6 Month Update

Below is a video of Alan’s setup (taken before the destruction of the mason jar)

  • Alan Smith

    Thank you guys, much appreciated. I knew when I took this on that whatever the results some people would be offended, but fortunately I have a lot of patience and a thick skin. I hope to publish a report ona much modified method in a month or so- depends how long it takes to set up the equipment. Alan Smith, Leap Labs.

    • pelgrim108

      Maybe if a stainless steel cup is nessesary then a mirror could work to monitor whats going on inside?

  • US_Citizen71