Gwynne Dyer on the Effects of Fusion on Energy Industry and Producing Nations

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Independent journalist Gwynne Dyer has written a column on the Telegram web site titled “Fuion power: goodbye fossil fuels?” in which he looks at the potential effects on the energy industry if fusion reactors became a reality.

Dyer takes seriously the recent announcement by Lockheed Martin that it was hoping to produce commercial fusion reactors a decade from now. He considers Lockheed to be a credible and powerful player, and also mentions other companies working in the fusion field: EMC2 Fusion Development Corp., Helion Energy, General Fusion, and Tri-Alpha Energy. He considers fusion an idea whose time has come, and sees it having a major impact on coal (it would be “killed off”), gas (“the next to go”), oil (it would go into a “long decline”), and nuclear fission (replaced by fusion plants).

Dyer thinks the impact of fusion could cause civil war in places like Russia, Venezuela and Nigeria, who could face economic ruin, whereas energy importing nations could see economic boom times.

Regarding cold fusion, Dyer writes:

“If you’re not happy with those predictions about “hot” fusion power, here’s something else to cheer you up.

“Cold fusion power, which depends on low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), was dismissed with much ridicule when it was first mooted in 1989. Now it’s back on the table, and highly reputable organizations like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are taking it seriously.”

“As Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center, said in an interview last year, “Several labs have blown up studying LENR, and windows have melted. … When the conditions are ‘right,’ prodigious amounts of energy can be produced and released.”

“The Age of Wonders is not past.”

Personally, I was not familiar with Gwynne Dyer until now — but I notice his columns are published in major news outlets in 45 countries.

EEStorFanFibb wrote in the Always on thread,

Gwynne Dyer is a force in journalism. He’s a well respected war historian and his column is carried in a lot of newspapers. He is very well connected with establishment players including military big shots. His even mentioning LENR in a column is a milestone. Congrats people!

  • Fortyniner

    The fact that you feel able to share this fantasy with others is a very positive sign indeed.

  • georgehants

    Theodore, many thanks for your compliment.
    I see a lot of calculations on page, could one of you guys that are happy with the math, do a calculation of the number of people who have died and are now dying daily, if we take the hypothetical view that if Cold Fusion had been fully Researched from the beginning (25 years) and say within 10 years a small device had been produced that could be used in villages to purify water?
    Of course that possibility will only be provable when the time has passed so we are able to correctly judge what could have happened in the past.
    For example Mr. Rossi’s small device has been shelved due to the inability, in fair time to get safety certificates, if this was now being fast tracked by the establishment, how long would it take to have a workable device?

    • BroKeeper

      Yes, great point, Ebola may not have even surfaced today.

  • Builditnow

    Those that “deliberately”, in full knowledge that Cold Fusion was real, held up progress, should be feeling a little fear right now. After all, a crime against the planet is far worse than a crime against humanity. It could be possible that these criminals will be rounded up. A little nerve wracking I suspect.

    • GreenWin

      Those found guilty of intentional coverup will likely be prosecuted. House cleaning is good after exposing corruption.

  • georgehants

    Theodore, well done on all your efforts.
    You are not a person I wish to discuss with what I do for society.
    Sorry you do not know if you are a scientist.
    Sorry you are jealous of my “stupendous intellect”.
    There are of course many like you in science that “don’t care” so you are just one more of that corrupt and incompetent group.
    Not something to brag about, I think.

  • Hi all

    As I said a couple of years ago, the effect of an LENR powered economy would be like the Steam Age, the internal Combustion, Computer age, the Dotcom boom and Mobile Boom combined. It will radically effect everything through; food production, property development, materials production, travel, logistics and leisure to name but a few.

    It will enable large scale space travel and colonisation projects.

    Within the first 5 years it will add 25% to the world economy as materials get cheaper and projects considered too expensive become more than cost effective.

    In the long term our current capital based economy will become defunct as capitalism is primarily a rationing system, part of the equation that denotes the cost of a project/business under that rationing system is energy, when energy becomes available at what will be an ever decreasing cost, you can simply replace capital with more energy.

    This will also remove the value of conservatism, note the small “c” there, the basic idea of conservatism is that, I want to keep the value of what I have. In a world where the new is more useful and therefore more valuable than the old; conservatism will become largely a redundant concept.

    This all comes under Ray Kurzweil’s concept of the coming technological singularity. That is why so many major businesses and wealthy people take so much note of what he has been writing.

    Kind Regards walker