Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy Visits Finnish Officials and Statoil in Norway [Updated with Picture]

The following post was submitted by Patrik Wiksten

I was in contact with Robert Godes today regarding a meeting he attended in Finland with an interesting group of people. Among those attending was Pekka Haavisto, minister of international development in Finland. I sent him an email and got a swift reply with some interesting names.

Hopefully I will be able to get some more information from those who arranged the meeting and perhaps also an interview.

One interesting thing about this is the debate in Finland regarding a new nuclear power plant. Perhaps they are looking at LENR as a potential alternative?

Robert Godes also has had a meeting with Statoil in Norway which is the state controlled oil company in Norway. Interesting Tweet-replies from Godes:

He refused to talk about where Brillouin were in the process when I had my talk with him via Skype. It is VERY interesting that the Finnish government AND Statoil chooses to talk with Brillouin though…

Patrik Wiksten

UPDATE: I received this note from a Finnish reader:

I am Finnish and I can tell that Pekka Haavisto isn’t any more minister of international development. Pekka Haavisto is member of The Greens of Finland. The Greens of Finland resigned from government in two month ago. Reason was permission to build new nuclear plant to Finland.

More information:

UPDATE 2: This photo was provided by a reader here. I think this is the meeting with the Finns, but can’t be sure. Robert Godes’ face is obscured by the gentleman with the white hair; sitting to Godes’ left is Robert George, also of Brillouin.


Thanks to a Finnish reader who points out that it looks like Pekka Haavisto is sitting at the head of the table:

  • Billy Jackson

    I would remind you that the gains we make now are a 2 edged sword.. if the popularity is pushed to fast with nothing to show for it. (no working device). the backlash of public disappointment can severely affect funding for future LENR projects.

    the weight is shifting to our side slowly but surely. but i will warn that they are not going to let go easily of their views or power.

    • LuFong

      Interesting. I wonder of any of this has to do with this Finnish patent:

      Looks a lot like Rossi’s early E-Cats but with incredible amount of detail.

      Was Pekka Soininen the Inventor listed with this patent or a representative from Etiam Oy present?

      • Dr. Mike

        Very Interesting. Rossi needs to check out this patent to see the detail and scope needed for a reasonable patent application. Note how the patent not only contained no information that was not disclosed, they tried to cover every possible material that might be used as the fuel for their reactor.
        Dr. Mike

        • LuFong

          Rossi not too long ago claimed he tried to repeat all his competitors’ patents with no success (except maybe one, Ahern (?)). This patent came out over a year ago so maybe there is nothing to it but I just came across it today and noticed the Finnish connection.

          • Omega Z

            This was discussed here at ECW when it first became public.

            Rossi/IH attempted many competitors designs & found at least 2 with good results. Ahern & 1 other.

      • GordonDocherty

        I came across this patent as well after the Lugano experiment, looking for any possible relevant Patent info.

        Now I’ve just reread it (with a clearer mind than just after the experiment), I see it provides an excellent theoretical / practical crossover and, whilst it needs reading over many times to digest its subtleties (at least, I needed to read it several times), it nicely “ticks all the boxes”, especially geometrical constraints (provided by interstitial compounds with fractures / trenches held stable by impurities in the crystal structure), various transport mechanisms, and so on…

        Well worth reading (and, in my case at least, re-reading 🙂 ). This patent also shows why chemists were best placed to investigate LENR in the first place…

        • LuFong

          My only concern is it’s someone who’s surveyed the state of the art and tried to capture as many elements of a technology as possible in hopes that something in there is correct. I have no idea if this is true or not. It appears that they’ve actually achieved some over unity with some of the examples. Anyway it is a very interesting read but it is long so I’m impressed that you’ve gone through more than once. It is so thorough that it seems it actually can be repeated by someone active in the field but it’s been over a year since it’s been published.

    • Fortyniner

      Agree. Publicity before a pilot plant is demonstrated and backed up by data would serve little purpose and would probably be counterproductive for several reasons, including the one you suggest.

      Frustrating though it is to us onlookers, IH are following the right course, at least as far as introduction is concerned.

  • Curbina

    Certainly interesting to hear mention of an industrial problem caused by spontaneous LENR. Ideed really interesting!!!

  • Alan DeAngelis

    I remember something about a retired chemist on some website mentioning that there were explosions in a plant that was manufacturing magnesium hydride (pre LENR days) that
    in retrospect he thought might have been due to LENR (might have been traces of nickel in the hydride) but I can’t find it when I search the web.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Excellent news. Imagine that oil companies start research in LENR in order to avoid LENR (in their production sites), while others pursue LENR research in order to produce energy. Different objectives, same action. We need more of such synergies in society.

  • Axil Axil


    The petroleum industry has thermal runaway problems when micro particles contaminate hydrogen processing equipment.

    • Mr. Moho

      Don’t hydrocarbons generally start breaking down at a relatively low temperature though? Could a 1300+°C LENR reactor operating with such processes (assuming they are due to LENR and produce excess heat) be possible?

      • Freethinker

        LENR is likely a complete zoo of reactions that can take place, and what elements and materials are favorable for different reactions. “Rust” may or may not play a part in Rossi invention.

    • Freethinker

      Now, that is an interesting report …. No wonder Statoil, being open minded Norwegians, is paying attention. Unexplained endothermic reactions at 100 C. A must read.

      • Sanjeev

        So rust (Fe3O4 or Fe2O3) can be a good candidate for the catalyst.

        The fuel analysis in the report2 does show iron, see page 44.
        Perhaps an expert reader can tell us how much iron is seen in the fuel. Note that it completely disappears in the ash.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Hi Sanjeev,

          Please see our old blog post here reporting on MFMP team member Bob Higgins approach to adding partially reduced Fe2O3 (a know hydrogen disassociation catalyst) to appropriate carbonyl nickel.

          Powder produced in this way is now in France and Minnesota in addition to Higgins own lab ready for our powder experiments.

          • Sanjeev

            Excellent. Good to know that you guys are already considering it.
            May be its function is dissociation of H2, but its absence in the ash indicates it does something more. And it looks like the reaction continues even after all the iron is gone. The other possibility is that the ash analysis is incorrect.

            I just want to remind you that DGT used a spark plug in their reactor. This may also help in dissociation. So I suggest building one tube with arrangement for a spark plug also. Why leave this stone unturned.

          • Bob Greenyer
          • Sanjeev

            Yes, I had seen that one. I meant a new setup with a spark plug added to the Alumina tube, for the current hot cat replication/experiment.

          • Bob Greenyer

            The plan is to put the reactants into an alumina crucible in that cell!

          • Sanjeev

            That should serve the purpose then.

          • US_Citizen71

            Could it be that the iron due to its ability to hold a large quantity of heat and ability to be be easily heated by magnetic flux was able to attach itself to the inner wall of the reactor by simply partially melting a nano layer of the inner wall?

      • GreenWin

        Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund (aka Petroleum Trust) is largest in the world; close to 1Trillion dollars in value. It would be an act of world leadership for Norway to dedicate a laboratory and significant funding to LENR commercial development. They claim to be investing $8B in environmental projects next year.

        In which case the solution to carbon-based global warming is transition to non-fossil/fission LENR.

        • NT

          We can hope that a few (at least) large oil companies “now realize” that LENR could one day soon be their new bottom line…

      • bitplayer

        While it’s interesting (stunning? heartening? wonderful?) that these people HAD this meeting, what I find more interesting is that ALL these people were persuaded to COME to the meeting in the first place.

        Do you suppose they were told karjalanpiirakka would be served at break?

        • Jouni

          Actually I am stunned that Brillouin etc got the chance to meet top people in Finland.
          Hope they have had some information, that other cold fusion scientists have not had.
          My vote goes to those who have been investing in the research of neglegted reseach.

          • Bernie777

            Maybe research announcements from Elforsk have opened some doors for Brillouin in Finland and Norway? Slow but sure, we are seeing LENR being accepted. I can see the headlines now, “US scientific community, apathetic, corrupt, asleep at the LENR switch”

          • Andreas Moraitis

            I had the same idea. Elforsk could arrange a test of Brillouin’s reactor, maybe under more favourable conditions.

          • This would be nice!
            With better independence as Rossis-friends-professors 😉

          • roseland67

            I would prefer Rossi’s most bitter enemies doing
            Any additional testing

        • psi2u2

          It seems more likely that they came expecting to learn the news of significant new developments in LENR.

          • bitplayer

            Dr. Calvin: “Are you being funny?”
            Detective Spooner: “I guess not.”

            Note to self: work harder on the implicative humor.

    • Herb Gillis

      Hydrogenation of ethylene is an exothermic reaction.

  • GordonDocherty

    If anywhere has been wise with oil and their investments, its Norway:

    So, (also) moving into LENR would be just the kind of wise investment Norway would make – especially as warmth and light are a matter of life and death in Norway, and they have a strong social ethic – “going it alone” in Norway is just not an option, unless you are determined to die of hypothermia that is.

  • georgehants

    Hydrocarbon Fuels Aren’t Fossils

    • Frechette

      Russian geologists have been saying this for years. They were jeered at by western experst needless to say.

  • georgehants
  • georgehants

    The Top 30 Problems with the Big Bang

  • John Littlemist

    Pekka Haavisto used to be the minister of international development in Finland. Now he is an EX-minister since his party (the Green League) left the cabinet of Finland due to controversy in allowing new nuclear plants to be built in Finland. Anyways, this is interesting news.

  • Jan Nie

    Few years I keep such suspicion: When Rossi many years back experimented with waste into fuel, so he for sure had tonnes rusted scrap and some hydrocarbons too. And this is possible time when he got first signals of something outside standard chemical tables.

    • Mr. Moho

      It’s entirely possible in fact. I wonder if something useful for the ongoing replication efforts can be learned from those processes.

  • John Littlemist

    It is nice too see how the MaryYugo of Finland, Tyy, is working his way up to be the greatest clown in the world. He seems to be spamming his opinions everywhere. Tyy, why don’t you just stick to your own site?

    • John Littlemist
      • psi2u2

        Wow. You guys are not kidding when you say that he is in the race for the moron of the decade award.

    • Freethinker


      I have had my run ins with that guy too …. I think he is only very pale copy of George Hody, though.

    • pelgrim108

      The gentleman with the white hair sitting nearest to the photographer
      is Van Hipp
      Chairman of American Defense International, Inc.
      former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Army,_Jr

      • bitplayer

        Just as long as he’s not actually IN the US Gov’t, right?

        • pelgrim108

          Van D. Hipp, Jr. (born June 9, 1960) is Chairman of American Defense International, Inc. (ADI), a Washington, DC-based consulting firm specializing in government affairs, business development and public relations.

          He is problably making money with his acces to government of wich he WAS part of.

          • bitplayer

            Sorry, my irony was a bit thin…

    • Bob Greenyer

      I am having a discussion with him on the Telegraph site

      My last response was as Follows…

      It is too important to choose to ignore new information, replicated by independent bodies.

      The independent replication of Mitsubishi industrial by Technova (part of Toyota) proves LENR based transmutation in Pd+D / Laser systems, leading to Mitsubishis patent.

      The replication of Francesco Piantelli Ni+H excess heat by Sienna University, peer reviewed and published proves excess heat, leading to Piantellis patent for LENR based thermal generation.

      Neither of these experiment have been attempted by the MFMP, so there is no necessity for you to “believe” anything our organisation has attempted to still accept that LENR is real.

      In our own volunteer work, that has no commercial motive, we have seen apparent excess from Celani wire well above errors on controls and even in differential experiments. Additionally we have established errors in Celanis initial work that would account for why his first released data was apparently higher than hours. That is to say, we discovered that our work was closer to the truth and that, when errors were accounted for, Celanis results actually were in line with ours, lending credibility to the collective findings. We have also seen signs of transmutation post long run experiments and have therefore set up a robust double blind third party method for having our fuel and ash studied independently.

      It would be helpful if your presented your opinions with some factual based evidence, like for instance, independently replicated experiments that prove that both Mitsubishi and Piantelli work cannot happen.

      Science is not about opinion, it is about best understanding based on empirical evidence derived from experiments that can replicated. In each of the above 3 examples, that standard is achieved.

      If you choose not to learn more, then there is nothing that can be done, however, your comments, which are based on your chosen opinion, are irresponsible and dangerous.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Interestingly – the Telegraph are deleting my posts

        • bitplayer

          I see your posts from 8 days ago. I just added one to that thread.

          • psi2u2

            And I went to Tyy’s ridiculous website and posted a comment pointing out his hypocrisy. He has not responded. He seems to like talking to himself.

        • psi2u2

          Sometimes posts appear to have been lost or deleted but it is a bug. I’ve noticed this is especially the case on highly trafficked comments sections. So I would be careful about coming to soon to any conclusion about censorship. Just my five cents worth as a fellow travelling humanist…..;)

          • Bob Greenyer

            You are right. I saw no posts… but went there to see all of my attempted posts, posted. I have cleaned up my double posts from the thread. Thanks

          • psi2u2

            You’re very welcome. I have had the same experience. Keep up the great work!

      • psi2u2

        Excellent Bob, thanks for the update!

    • pelgrim108

      Elforsk has released a new edition of their magazine Perspektiv
      PDF from Elforsk
      In it is an article about the E-Cat

      The news outlet form LENR-forum is seeking help with the translation

      • Buck


        thank you for your translation effort. As a suggestion, you might want to place this entry with all the links on the “Always Open” thread. It was only because of good luck that I came across this post.

        I believe it very important to recognize that Elforsk CEO M. Olofsson has again gone on the record. This Elforsk affirmation of LENR and the Hot-Cat is prepping the Scandanavian industry, government, and citizenry.

        Thank you again for sharing this is great news.

        • pelgrim108

          Thanks. I will do that.

  • John Littlemist

    The picture is from Pekka Haavisto’s Twitter:

    Lady in the corner is most likely Satu Helynen from VTT Finnish Technical Research centre:

    • John Littlemist

      Pekka Janhunen, is that you next to Satu Helynen?
      This guy is also in the picture:
      But who is this guy:

      • pg

        It is him. Pekka can you tell us more about what happened and what is going to happen after the meeting?
        Thank you

      • Pekka Janhunen

        Yes, it is me. No real news compared to what was already known from public sources. It was like a small seminar given by Brillouin to those who were present.

        • Sanjeev

          Well it seems to be a good news that people are no longer ignoring lenr like they used to. This seems to be a fairly high level meeting.

  • Freethinker

    Think you need to go back and redo.

  • Gerard McEk

    Why Robert Godes and not e.g. Mckubre or Hagelstein or Celani

    • bitplayer

      Commerce vs science…read ’em and weep.

  • pelgrim108

    The gentleman on the left of Godes with the red hair is most likely
    Robert W. George II
    CEO of Brillouin

  • Daniel Maris

    I am concerned about Brillouin’s apparent lack of progress since 2011. Doesn’t anyone know what they’ve actually been up to? Can they be taken seriously. They don’t seem to bother much with their website.

    • bitplayer

      try googling “Brillouin ecatworld” for info since 2011

    • Jimr

      Brillouins is handling their progress and privacy the way any ordinary company developing a new product should, by not announcing progress or status until they have a reliable product. The opposite of you know who.

      • Daniel Maris

        So why then did they announce progress and status back in 2010 and 2011? Not logical, Captain.

        • bitplayer

          Start ups announce *some* progress and status early, in order to attract funding and partners. As they start to get some headway, they may go “stealth” to hide from competition, lawsuits and bad PR. All by degree depending on the situation. Warp factor 10! er, impulse engines?

          • Daniel Maris

            Good recovery there bitplayer! on Jimr’s behalf.

        • psi2u2

          chop, chop. False antitheses are the enemy of clear thinking.

      • Bernie777

        I prefer the semi-transparentcy from the “opposite of you know who”, Rossi/IH.

  • bitplayer

    google “China Darden ecatworld”

  • Sverre Haslund

    It seems Brillouin Energy has hired Van D. Hipp from American Defence Interational to help with government relations in Finland and Norway.

    Latest tweets from Van Hipp indicates that they are now at NTNU in Trondheim – ,

  • I think Hagelstein is more interested in discovering the theory behind CF.