Elforsk Publishes Article: ‘Isotope changes indicate “Cold” nuclear reaction’

The following is a rough translation (using Google as the primary translator) of an article that has been published in the Elforsk Perspektiv magazine (#2, 2014). The complete magazine can be read here in the original Swedish:
The article is on page 12.

Elforsk is a research and development cooperative formed and funded by Swedish utilities and energy companies.

Thanks to Pelgrim108 for finding this!

ISOTOP changes indicate “Cold” nuclear reaction : ELFORSK following developments

New tests of inventor Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer shows clear isotopic changes in catalyst fuel. The results thus indicate it may involve nuclear reactions at low temperatures.

A month-long test run of an Energy Catalyzer shows again astounding results. In the publication of a new report, written by researchers associated with the University of Uppsala, the Royal Institute of Technology and the University of Bologna, clear isotopic changes indicate an energy surplus which may be due to hitherto unknown nuclear reactions or other unknown causes.

– It shows that we may be being introduced to a new way of extracting nuclear energy, probably without ionizing radiation and radioactive waste. The discovery could be very significant for world energy supply, comments
Elforsks CEO Magnus Olofsson.

Elforsk hs in recent years followed developments in the area generally called LENR (English for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). Among other things Elforsk compiled a summary of current knowledge about LENR compiled. Elforsk also financed current and previous measurements.


If it is possible to safely produce and control the now indicated nuclear reactions we are probably eventually anticipating a radical change of our energy. It can open the way for decentralized energy supply. Electricity and heat can then be produced with relatively simple components. Climate friendly efficient energy production would be very cheap.

In the current situation we do not know about all this and whether it is too amazing to be true. The measurement results indicate that a new way of extract nuclear energy may have been discovered.

A small group of Swedish researchers are deeply engaged in trying to understand the underlying physics. Sweden has thus a unique chance to be involved in leading research and development in the LENR field, says Magnus Olofsson.

However, more knowledge is needed to understand and explain LENR. Let us engage researchers to research the phenomenon and then explain how it works.


The central part of the reactor is narrow and twenty centimeters long. In the experiments, the reactor was heated to a temperature up to about 1400 degrees Celsius. Net production of energy was about 1500 kilowatt hours of energy
in the form of heat. The thermal energy was three to four times larger than the applied electrical energy. This is with about a gram of fuel consisting of hydrogen loaded nickel with additives in powder form.

  • Mats002

    That felt good to read!

    • EEStorFanFibb

      are you Mats Lewan as Buck says?

  • pelgrim108

    Thanks to David from LENR-forum who started the translation effort. They have made a translation also. http://www.lenrnews.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Elforsk-Perspektiv-English.pdf
    Most of this new magazine article is derived from this http://www.elforsk.se/LENR-Matrapport-publicerad/

    There are 2 important sentences in the article:
    I dagsläget vet vi inte om allt detta är för fantastiskt för att bli verklighet.
    Mätresultaten talar för att ett nytt sätt att utvinna kärnenergi kan ha upptäckts.
    Who knows wat they mean in english exactly?

    Here is my translation of the article using google as the basis. (with the 2 sentences untranslated)

    The picture shows the energy- catalyser used in the experiments.
    Netto production of 1,500 kWh energy as heat.
    The thermal energy was three to four times the electrical energy input.

    The inventor and entrepreneur Andrea Rossi
    in front of his creation the E-cat, here as parallel connected
    units with a total effect of 1 megawatt.

    New tests of inventor Andrea Rossi’s energy-catalyser show clear
    isotopic changes in catalyst fuel. The results thus indicate
    that it may involve nuclear reactions at low temperatures.

    A month-long test run of an energy-catalyser showed again
    startling results, published in a new report,
    written by researchers associated with the University of Uppsala,
    Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the University of Bologna.
    Distinct isotopic changes indicate an energy surplus that may be due
    to hitherto unknown nuclear reactions or other unknown causes.

    “It indicates that we may be facing a new way to extract nuclear energy.
    Probably without ionizing radiation and radioactive waste.
    The discovery could eventually become very important for
    world energy supply.”, said Elforsks CEO Magnus Olofsson.

    Elforsk has been following developments in this area commonly known
    as LENR ( Low Energy Nuclear Reactions).
    Among other things, a summary of current knowledge about LENR is compiled.
    Elforsk has also co-financed the current and previous measurements.

    If it is possible to safely produce and control these, now indicated,
    nuclear reactions then, in the long run,
    there will probably be a fundamental change in our energy system.
    It lead the way for decentralized energy supply.
    Electricity and heat can then be produced with relatively simple components.
    Energy that doesn’t effect the climate would be very cheap.

    ” I dagsläget vet vi inte om allt detta är för fantastiskt för att bli verklighet.
    Mätresultaten talar för att ett nytt sätt att utvinna kärnenergi kan ha upptäckts.
    A small group of Swedish researchers are deeply involved
    in trying to understand the underlying physics.
    Sweden thus has a unique chance to be involved in leading research
    and developments in the LENR field,” says Magnus Olofsson.
    “However, more knowledge is needed to understand and explain.
    Let us engage researchers in trying to validate and then
    explaining how it works.”

    The central part of the reactor is narrow and 2 decimeter ( 8 inches) long.
    In the experiments, the reactor was run at a temperature up
    to about 1400 degrees Celsius.
    Netto developed 1,500 kWh energy as heat.
    The thermal energy was three to four times the electrical energy input.
    This is with about a gram of fuel consisting of
    hydrogen loaded nickel with additives in powder form.

    • Mats002

      Today we don’t know if all this is too amazing to be true. The results talks for (favours) that a new way to produce nuclear energy might have been discovered.

      • pelgrim108

        I will use that. thanks. I will asume you know Swedish very well.

        • Mats002

          Ja det gör jag 😉

          • psi2u2

            Mats, thanks for everything you have done and are doing. I hope you become a famous science journalist after this shakes out. You deserve recognition for your efforts to bring this before the wider public.

          • Mats002

            Thanks, but I am not Lewan (see answer to Buck above). I agree fully with your praise for him!

          • georgehants

            Grek, are you saying there is not enough Evidence for Cold Fusion that main-line science should not be falling over themselves to Research the subject.

          • Grek

            No, I agree that the phenomenon is very interesting, and should be massively researched by now. But the world does not work that way. You have to prove your worth beyond doubt if you are an outsider. Rossi have not proven overunity yet. As Rossi himself says “In mercado veritas”. Only sold machines will convice the world. Stop beating yourself up about the world not responding. They will never resopond unless Rossi PROVES his case by selling machines.

          • georgehants

            Grek, do you not think that once there is the slightest Evidence of an anomaly, it is the whole purpose of main-line science to investigate and do the work for the possible benefit of mankind, rather than sit on their fat arses doing nothing but whine and letting people like Mr. Rossi do all the work.
            You I think have a very strange way of thinking, it is them that should be working to “prove” either a negative or positive.

          • US_Citizen71

            I agree the high priests of physics will not endorse this blasphemous line of research. But, their best experiment in hot fusion at the NIF only produced a COP of <.01 when the energy flowing in to power the X-Ray lasers is considered. A COP of 3 is 300 times more efficient than their best effort. It is like the difference between filling a swimming pool with a teaspoon versus a bucket.

          • psi2u2

            Oops! Thanks for the clarification.

          • fritz194
          • georgehants

            Grek, I am not an automaton “yes man” like you and the average scientist seems to be, I do not and will not except “it”
            You call attempting to get science to do it’s job and stop by incompetence and corruption potentially killings millions “whining”.
            As I said above you have a very strange way of thinking.
            Not a way of thinking that anybody should have any pride in, I think.

          • bachcole

            I don’t see a semi-slick translation of the article. I need it if I am going to send the link to my local utility company and newspaper. Please, if you find a good English translation on a website, please let us know.

          • pelgrim108

            The link that you give has some characters after .pdf ( .pdf%20).
            Heres the one that works http://www.elforsk.se/Global/Trycksaker%20och%20broschyrer/Elforsk_perspektiv_2_2014.pdf

          • pelgrim108

            The original link in the article has now been repaired by Frank. Thanks for your tip

          • Mats002

            This is the answer to “I will asume you know Swedish very well” from pelgrim many posts above. The order of the comments might give the idea that this answers some other question.

        • Buck

          Mats002 and Mats Lewan are one and the same, unless I have my clamps reversed.


          • pelgrim108

            LOL, youre 3 times as funny with your clamps reversed.

          • GreenWin

            Great news. The validation authors, Industrial Heat, investors and Rossi team should all be pleased. Despite an artificial news blackout, Elforsk and its constituents (including the multi-national giant Vattenfall) are moving ahead to make LENR the clean, abundant energy source we were promised 60 years ago.

          • Mats002

            I am sorry to dissapoint you, I am not Lewan. You better reverse back your clamps! Mats is a quite common name in Sweden and by taking 002 I intentionaly give room for the #1 Mats. I am sure he would use his own full name though .

          • Buck

            My apologies to all.

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    Now we are all Swedes.

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      Ja, det är vi alla svenskar!

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        Yes it’s herring rollmops for breakfast from now on!

        • Fortyniner

          Lets not let this get completely out of hand …

    • Mats002

      And Italians and Americans 🙂

  • Frechette

    Surely you must be joking.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      This is wonderful. Now I can relax and go back to my
      obsessive thought.

      Perhaps the E-Cat could be run with pure Nickel-62 and lithium aluminum hydride as the fuel to see if nuclear reactions still take place.

      2H(1) + Ni(62) > Zn(64)* Step1

      Zn(64)* > Ni(60) + He(4) Step 2


      Over all

      2 H(1) + Ni(62) > Ni(60) + He(4) 9.87 MeV (no gamma rays)

      And then:

      2 H(1) + Ni(60) > Ni(58) + He(4) 7.90 MeV (no gamma rays)

      • Alan DeAngelis


        And then it goes back to the cycle that Robin van Spaandonk was the first to propose:

        Li(7) + Ni(58) > Ni(59) + Li(6) 1.74 MeV

        Li(7) + Ni(59) > Ni(60) + Li(6) 4.13 MeV

        Li(7) + Ni(60) > Ni(61) + Li(6) 0.569 MeV

        Li(7) + Ni(61)) > Ni(62) + Li(6) 3.34 MeV

        and Li(7) + Ni(62) > N(63) + Li(6) -0.413 MeV

        It’s endothermic so it stops at Ni(62). So Ni(62) builds up and Li(7) goes to Li(6)

        • Alan DeAngelis

          So maybe, the Ni-62 would be like a catalyst that gets recycle and the overall reactants and products would be:

          4 Li(7) + 4 H(1) > 4Li(6) + 2 He(4) 27.6 MeV

          Just a sketchy thought that I want to record here before I forget it. I’ll have to think about this a little more.

      • Ophelia Rump

        Drill baby drill, frack mother earth.

        • Gerrit

          mother frackers 🙂

      • Andreas Moraitis

        Maybe this could solve the problem of the ‘missing’ nucleons. You might want modify the quantitative calculation that has been made by Pekka some time ago. However, if hydrogen-nickel fusion were possible, I would expect to see as well reactions of hydrogen with lighter elements than nickel (first of all hydrogen itself), due to the lower Coulomb barrier.

        • GordonDocherty

          Nickel serves the purpose of :

          1. providing electron clouds (that is, electrons (partly) free from their nuclei – that is, a metal lattice
          2. providing potential wells (Brillouin zones) for simultaneous hydrogen nuclei confinement / excitation / reduction in potency of Coulomb barrier between nuclei in the well and surrounding it – like “revving up the engine with the brakes still on” – with those wells also containing electron clouds, producing Rydberg matter in the pockets (lower overall energy state of the cluster of atoms in the well) and especially Heavy Rydberg systems (H+H-), allowing for greater density
          3. providing a medium for compression waves to pass through
          4. provide a framework for interstitial atoms (metal hydrides) that, together with doping for mechanical stability, provide for extremely small Casimir-sized pockets or “crystal defects”, that themselves lead off of larger pockets formed by the structure of the lattice grains in which they occur and (as recently revealed, these grains approximate loose-leaf round lettuce heads in appearance, providing large surface areas and large pockets off of which the finer pockets can be accessed – a “breakthrough design”, in one sense, although one often used for more traditional chemical catalytic action – hence, e-Cat / Hot Cat are very suitable labels for an LENR device)
          5. providing parallel fields within those same pockets – important for formation of Rydberg clusters and increasing the probability of fusion through better alignment of nuclei
          6. providing heat conduction / part of the step-down mechanism reducing high-energy photon packets (UV and above) down to lower energy levels (IR) – by causing the formation of temporary mesons in the (Casimir) space between tightly packed nuclei, allowing energy to be channeled into some form of meson binding – effectively, the centres of two nuclei begin to “smear” toward one another, especially when those nuclei are sat in dense electron clouds at the heart of the Brillouin zones created by the lattice – something that becomes conceivable when there is phononic / magnonic resonance across nuclei – this is the latest hot line of research that may well explain the phenomena associated with LENR/CF – “slow motion fusion”, as opposed to hot or “high speed collision fusion”. Perhaps, in addition to e-Cat and Hot Cat, m-Cat (meson Catalyzer), q-Cat (quantum Catalyzer) or qe-Cat (quantum effect Catalyzer) would also be appropriate monikers. Now, where have “quantum effect” being mentioned before…?
          7. together with nearby “field strengtheners” (iron crystals?), support electric polarization in the Nickel Lattice
          8. perhaps, being a “sponge to allow neutron transfer”, supporting hydrogen nuclei to gain then shed neutrons in a cyclic fashion

          So, the nickel is needed for its lattice characteristics, although perhaps (probably) other transition metals (apart from Iron, maybe) would also be OK, especially those with lower conductivity (otherwise the electron density inside any Brillouin zones is likely to drop), metals such as palladium, platinum, zirconium, titanium (all way too expensive for a global energy source), Following is a great web-site for exploring the properties of the elements, including properties, orbitals (s, p, d, f), compounds and so on…


          Also, the following is a primer for orbitals:


          • Andreas Moraitis

            Thanks for this comprehensive overview, Gordon. I did not mean fusion reactions of hydrogen with lighter elements than nickel in the absence of nickel, or another appropriate substrate. (This must not necessarily be a metal, it could also be carbon, according to Santilli’s experiments.) What I wrote was related to the conditions in Rossi’s reactor, where nickel is obviously present. If hydrogen nuclei were fast enough to fuse with nickel nuclei, they should also be able to fuse with each other or with lithium nuclei, for example.

          • GordonDocherty

            OK, but I don’t think the hydrogen nuclei are “fast” in the sense of being in free space. Rather, they are “boiling” inside the Brillouin zone:

            Brillouin zones are stuffed full of electrons. Put two or more hydrogen atoms in there, and their electron shells are going to transition from s to p shells due to the energies the lattice is being subjected to: further, the atoms will align into an X pattern in the zone. Add to that spin resonance and repeated “pulsing pressures” through phononic “shocks” at the appropriate frequencies, and those atoms are going to boil, kinetically speaking : the larger positive nuclei around about, the electron cloud and the pressure “from outside the zone” ensure they stay in there, though. They are then like agitated flies in a tube…

            As to carbon, when arranged in graphene rings, these, too, form
            Brillouin zones (with plenty of those electrons in a cloud), so, yes, you’re right, those rings could also be used, provided the gas pressure was high enough – or the surrounding geometry allowed for gas to become trapped in graphene pockets (say, layers of graphene and/or graphene on a stable, mechanical substrate that allows “pressure in the zone” to build without leaching away the electron cloud.

            In fact, produce a stable Brillouin zone with plenty of electrons and the ability to build pressure in the zone – and particularly create access to those zones via a Casimir-dimensioned skeletal substrate that is able to vibrate at very high frequencies (without its structure degrading), provide parallel (em) field lines (as seen in Casimir plates), and conduct heat well and the situation looks good for the “slow motion fusion”.

            Of course, externally, if hydrogen nuclei are being accelerated to relativistic speeds, then they could well fuse with other elements – if those elements are in the right place. Again, magnetic field lines are likely to play a crucial role here…

          • Andreas Moraitis

            You are right, there are many parameters to consider. The plasma model is certainly too simple.

          • Alan DeAngelis

            But it doesn’t explain the disappearance of Ni-64 without gamma ray.

            This would:
            2H(1) + Ni(64) > Zn(66)* Step1

            Zn(66)* > Ni(62) + He(4) Step 2

            Over all

            2 H(1) + Ni(64) > Ni(62) + He(4) 11.8 MeV

            And the reactor was turned off (It didn’t run out of fuel) and as you say it was almost 100% Ni-62

            So, I think that these reactions keep it going.

            2 H(1) + Ni(62) > Ni(60) + He(4) 9.87 MeV (no gamma rays)
            And then:
            2 H(1) + Ni(60) > Ni(58) + He(4) 7.90 MeV (no gamma rays)

            And the Ni-58 wouldn’t be seen. It would be fed back into these reactions.

            Li(7) + Ni(58) > Ni(59) + Li(6) 1.74 MeV

            Li(7) + Ni(59) > Ni(60) + Li(6) 4.13 MeV

            Li(7) + Ni(60) > Ni(61) + Li(6) 0.569 MeV

            Li(7) + Ni(61)) > Ni(62) + Li(6) 3.34 MeV

  • pelgrim108

    I have a feeling your translation is the more precise one. So I will edit my translation.

  • LilyLover

    Dress, press, impress, compress, suppress.
    Ingress, egress, progress, regress, congress.

  • NT

    We need a new USA DOE director that is not a priest paid for by the current nuclear (hot fusion and fission) establishments…

    • US_Citizen71

      Actually we need a Constitutional Convention! Someday the average person will realize that the Constitution wasn’t written by Jesus and the reason the founding fathers put the capability in to change it or replace it was they knew it wouldn’t work as written forever.

  • georgehants

    Will any of the “premier” science comics report on Cold Fusion now?
    Will any of the scientific press make a statement?
    Will any of the University’s make a statement?
    Will any more scientific establishments make a statement?
    Will the scientists advising governments make a statement?

  • georgehants

    China is beginning to lead the World in science and technology.
    It will be Wonderful to see them utilizing Cold Fusion fully in their country, while the West still censors all talk of the subject to protect capitalistic interests
    China is poised at another breakthrough with its longest quantum network in the world.
    The country is also planning to launch a quantum communication satellite, the first in the whole world, in 2016.

  • Gerard McEk

    It is an important development that a serious energy company publishes such a positive article about cold fusion. I am sure other similar companies in this sector will now be more interested in this and take their own action. These are small but clear steps in the development of this clean energy source!

  • Leonard Weinstein

    Hot Fusion does not even break even yet, but many billions are being spent on it. Cold fusion has shown COP more than 5 on some tests, and has the potential to be near self-heated (multi-stage system), for a very large COP (it’s just an engineering detail). Being pre-occupied on the COP of a little over 3 on a proof of concept test is like worrying about a passenger flight schedule when the Wright brothers made their first flight. Even at COP 3.6, a present system would be a practical heat source for low quality steam, hot water, and building and process heating. If relatively cheap gas is used for most of the device input heating rather than electricity, it would be very useful and economical as is.

  • GreenWin

    Elforsk is hardly a loner and is closely partnered with the “current paradigm.” Take for example the partners that sit on Elforsk’s Consortium Materials Technology Board: http://www.elforsk.se/Programomraden/El–Varme/KME/Presentation/Board-committees/

    • Andreas Moraitis

      It is interesting to see Babcock & Wilcox on this list. They have just decided to separate their Power Generation and Government & Nuclear Operations businesses:


      • GreenWin

        BWC stock has declined 11% YTD – so something is clearly not working in the nuclear power divisions. Now they have a clear opportunity through Elforsk to enter the Rossi/IH E-Cat business.

      • Fortyniner

        I think we may see a lot more of this, as the multinationals seek to wall off their nuclear liabilities and pass the buck to the unwitting taxpayers of the host countries. This is what I suggested a few threads back:

        “…. not only will their white elephant installations become utterly uncompetitive with cold fusion, but they will be collectively stuck with several trillion dollars worth of liabilities in the form of decommissioning costs and nuclear waste to be managed (even though CF may be able to assist in the latter).

        My guess is that we’ll soon see most of the companies and consortia involved in nuclear power hiving off their nuclear activities under new flags, and in the process cutting all financial ties. As these orphan concerns will have only rapidly diminishing profits with which to underwrite the enormous costs of running nuclear power stations 24/7, the outcome is inevitable – within months they will declare bankruptcy, and their liabilities will become the liabilities of the taxpayers of the various host countries.”

        ‘Months’ may stretch to a year or so, but otherwise it seems likely that the process is under way.

        • GreenWin

          Very clear view. B&W is a major partner in global fission both civilian and military. Siemens is already out of the nuke power business. However, as you note, the spunoff companies will soon go BK leaving taxpayer bailout the only option.
          Possible solution is fast track LENR transmutation of radiative waste. Use the $35B waste storage fund to decommission outdated nuke plants, AND finance CF-based micogrids and District CHP systems.

  • GreenWin

    Even as pathos attempt to diminish the effect of the latest Elforsk-Lugano validation, the picture of major players backstage movement grows. For example, take a look at the Board memebers of Elforsk’s Materials Technology Consortium (KME):

    GKN Aerospace Sweden AB
    Sandvick Materials Technology AB
    Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB
    Babcock & Wilcox Volund
    Foster Wheeler Oy
    Andritz Energy and Environment
    Vattenfall AB
    E.ON Värme Sverige AB
    Elforsk AB

    A few of the forward looking players who are positioning themselves to be energy providers over the next century. And while some would have us believe there is little or no acceptance from mainstream – that applies mostly to academia. The nuke village who have given $Billions of taxpayer dollars for 60 years and delivered not ONE WATT useful energy.


    • georgehants

      GreenWin by “mainstream” iI always mean academic and government funded institutions such as NASA the UK atomic Energy Authority etc. anywhere that public money is paying for these people to Research for the populations benefit.

      • GreenWin

        “Populations benefit” was probably the intention a century ago. Today these institutions are high tech shepherds – keeping the sheeple in their pens.

  • US_Citizen71

    You are one of few who realize we are a socialist democracy, but seem to hate the word socialist. I’m not sure why, socialism to some extent exists in most forms of government it is just a matter of to what degree.

  • pelgrim108
  • Pierre

    Was this elforsk report based on the Lugano data, or new/different data?

    Oh yeah, how can the ecat cool the planet?

  • bachcole

    Thomas, understand that most of us here have been following this story for 3 years or more, so we have context that we are not even aware of. This is why we don’t insist upon perfect scientific protocol in the report. That context includes but is not limited to numerous video interviews with the testers and Rossi, etc. I feel like I know these people. We have built up a lot of trust in 3 years.

    If my son said that he did his homework, and he has always been reliable and seems keen on doing his best and getting good grades, I believe him. You, however, to stretch the analogy, only hear that he said that he had done his homework; you have not experienced “he has always been reliable and seems keen on doing his best and getting good grades”, nor have you experienced his hugs and willingness to help me with the laundry and the dishes. You don’t have this context, so why should you believe him? You would insist upon seeing and checking every page of his homework.

    I don’t need to check everything that Rossi says or writes. I didn’t even read the entire patent, although I am sure that it is riveting for those who are interested. There are plenty of people here who I trust who will summarize the patent for me, or will translate the Elforsk article for me; I don’t have to run it through Google Translate and then try and compensate for GT’s lameness. I got Swedes here to do that, bless their hearts.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Yeah, I’m just entertaining myself with this line of thinking but if the lithium-nickel reactions take place at a faster rate than the hydrogen-nickel reactions you’d only see Ni-62.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Perhaps the reactions could be run with lithium aluminum hydride (LiAlH4) made from lithium-7 instead of natural lithium (Li-7AlH4).
      This way it would show that lithium-6 is created in the reaction and not
      lithium-6 that was originally in the fuel.

      Lithium-7 aluminum hydride could be made from anhydrous lithium-7 chloride that could be made from commercially available
      lithium-7 carbonate.

      Commercially available sodium aluminum hydride (NaAlH4) would react with anhydrous lithium-7 chloride (Li-7 Cl) to make
      lithium-7 aluminum hydride and sodium chloride.

      NaAlH4 + Li-7 Cl > Li-7AlH4 + NaCl

      (The NaCl can be precipitated with ether and filtered away from the ether soluble Li-7AlH4.)


      • Frechette

        And you think the Republican Congress will open the purse strings the same clowns that pushed through Sequestration last year? Incidentally, Sequestration cut federal funding for medical research in my state causing high unemployment among lab workers and scientists. Now the Republicans complain there is nothing available to fight ebola.
        Go figure!

  • Omega Z

    Silly People. It Doesn’t matter who is in power.
    If they here rumblings, the 1st thing they do is call in their Science adviser.
    Cold Fusion. Oh Sir, you’re confused. It’s Hot Fusion.
    Yes, Very good stuff. You should push the Congress for another $20 Billion in funding. We could see success within 20 years!!!

  • GreenWin

    Thomas, I distinguish the difference between real “skeptics” and LENR skeptics, most of whom in my experience are paid-for pathological skeptics. 🙂

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    A nice warm coffee and E-catworld, first thing in the morning. What a fantastic way to wake up… Thank you Frank Ackland, and everyone writing on this site.

    • Fortyniner

      A sentiment fully shared – if a cup of tea is substituted for coffee It’s great to start the day with an ongoing story of good news. rather than the series of fake crises manufactured by MSM ‘news’ channels. Thanks, Frank.

      • georgehants

        Peter, it feels like we are all mothers having a very difficult and protracted birth.
        The real joy will be when some of the fathers stop denying that there is a baby on the way and start helping in the process.

        • Omega Z

          Yes George, They need to get that child support check in the mail. 🙂

          • GreenWin

            It does take financing to raise a kid.

      • Omega Z

        Hi peter.

        As I’ve grown older, I’ve been cutting out some of the coffee in exchange of tea. Possibly some of my British heritage coming through.
        Lets hope some of my other heritage doesn’t start appearing.
        I would/should start taking scalps & counting coup.
        Hey, I could open up my own Hair for Men shop. he he he.

  • Fortyniner

    If you use gas or any other flame to heat your water, you are using an energy source at around 1500°C. Electric heater elements tend to run at a more modest 700-1000°C inside their casings.

  • Pierre

    Sweden just signed a green tech coop agreement with china

  • Fortyniner

    For breakfast!!?. Maybe I’ll take the herring after all …

  • Bernie777

    Thanks Italo R. This is another important crack in bringing LENR into the world of scientific reality.

    Andrea Rossi

    November 8th, 2014 at 7:41 AM

    Italo R.:
    Thank you for this very important link.
    Dr Uzikov is a top level nuclear phusicist of Russia and his attention is extremely important, also as a recognition coming from the top levels of the mainstream scientific world community.
    Warm Regards,

    Italo R.

    November 8th, 2014 at 1:29 AM

    Dear Dr, Rossi,
    I have found this russian web site where they talk positively about the last test.
    It is written in russian language but easily translating with Google.


    Kind Regards,

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