Surprising: IH’s Patent Application Shows a COP 11! (Tom Conover)

The following link was posted by Tom Conover

Surprising IH’s Patent Application: COP 11!

More from a recent post by Tom on the Journal of Nuclear Physics.

I was happy to see that IH’s Patent #61821914 reports COP 11.07 when measured using water calorimetry. (see page #11 of 13 of the patent).

“It seems a very important document. The most relevant part probably regards the COP reached by a Hot-Cat.

In the ‘experimental results’ of the patent application, describing instead a test on a multiple reactor device, we read that a COP of 11.07 was measured using water calorimetry.

The cat is out of the bag, indeed!


  • Ophelia Rump

    I do not believe the cat and mouse were discussed in that patent. So double the value for a ball park estimate of a cat & mouse design.

    We currently know of no limit to the potential COP. These values are infinitesimally small in relationship to the maximum COP which would be instantaneous discharge.

    • roseland67

      COP of 10-20 is more than enough.
      The global engineering community will enhance/improve this effect
      once it proven be reproducible, safe, reliable, repairable, scaleable, cost effective etc.

      Like children on Christmas Eve, in Chicago, we wait with great anticipation.

  • Donk970

    At that high a COP wrapping the cell in a thermionic layer would probably generate enough current to keep it going even at the low efficiencies of current thermionic technology.

    • Ophelia Rump

      Donk, what is a thermionic layer? Please!
      What would you make one out of?
      Would it be cost effective?
      Can it be used to generate electricity?
      Honestly it sounds like you have the subject for an excellent article of it’s own.

      • Donk970

        Thermionic devices have been around since the 50’s. At it’s most basic it is just two pieces of metal separated by a very thin gap. One side is hotter than the other and boils electrons off into the gap where they migrate to the cooler side. There’s been renewed interest in thermionic power generation in recent years based on new materials and ideas. It seems like something that could be put between the e-cat and whatever it’s rejecting heat too to produce enough electricity to keep the e-cat running.

        • Mats003

          Rossi has been in this business before with thermoelectric elements, he might revisit that work again soon?

        • Omega Z

          They are not yet efficient enough.

  • Mike403

    I’ve been following the story of LENR for about four years. As a (now retired) Science teacher I am fascinated by the idea that a way round some of the “Laws of Physics ” appears to have been found.
    I am persuaded that there is something “real” happening. I am now ready to raise this with my friends and family. If other people feel able do this (perhaps also via Twitter / Facebook etc.), maybe we can help to raise awareness of LENR among the general public. Perhaps we will be able to make a contribution to the process by which the media and politicians finally have to take LENR seriously.

    • builditnow

      Chain email to inform the public.
      The theory I’ve heard is that there is degrees of separation between each person on earth. If an email is crafted that most people will forward, the entire world can be quickly informed.

      Perhaps e-catworld readers could come up with a chain email, one where the facts are explained the the reader is asked to forward the email to everyone, and put the details on twitter and facebook etc. A well crafted email could be the start. An explanation to reject the views of even trained scientists if these scientists have not studied the facts on etc.
      Anyone up for crafting such an email?

    • Ophelia Rump

      Then do away with the term “laws of physics” There are laws of nature, which no man fully comprehends. Physicists do not make the laws, they struggle to understand them.

    • Bernie777

      Get ready to be laughed at, that is all I get from my highly educated friends. But I keep talking and sending new evidence to them. I have one friend who is going to eat his tennis hat. (:

      • bachcole

        Bernie777, I don’t actually have any flesh and blood friends outside of my family, so I won’t be suffering for the cause as much as you are. But I do like to spread announcements around on the Internet that LENR is coming so that I can give people a big, fat “I told you so!!” (:->) I tell my son’s friends, but since they are all 15 years old, they think that I am irrelevant anyway. (:->)

        Keep up the good work. Eventually, the message will be to those your friends that they were way out of touch with reality by worshipping at the Altar of Modern Physics rather than thinking for themselves or at least listening to you and then thinking for themselves. In fact, the longer the period of time between you telling them and Modern Physics acknowledging cold fusion the greater will be the slap in their face as to their being out of touch. This makes for a better and deeper and more lasting change of attitude on their part. So don’t feel bad if you have to go years before you get satisfaction. You are helping society by announcing early that LENR is real.

    • Charles

      Mike, two times, June 27, 2013, & February 3, 2014, I had articles published on the op-ed page of The Roanoke Times, Roanoke, VA, regarding the potential for cold fusion. That was my contribution. Try that in your local paper. It is a contribution.

      A letter I sent in after the Lugano report was not published, but I do intend to send another with the hope the editor will find it enlightening and expansive.

  • psi2u2

    Yowser. Just when the news couldn’t get any better.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    There have been instances where reactors have exploded and a COP of over 200 has been reported. Jean Paul Biberian reported on the explosions and Rossi I think mentioned the 200 COP where they also recorded fast neutron radiation so highly dangerous. It goes to show that high COP is possible but very unstable with the Rossi process.

    High COP is nice but not really necessary; it just makes things like electricity generation and efficiency easier. Seeing how we are at the beginning of LENR research and understanding, I expect the COP to rise over the years. For now a COP of 10 is fine, everything more is just a bonus.

  • Gerard McEk

    I wait for a proper independent test like IH did. The power level of their boiler is also not known presently.Would they have improved their technology? According their planning of a few years ago, they should have passed the 10 kW level by now. If that is the case, the technology of Brillouin is probably more advanced than IH/Rossi’s.

    • Bernie777

      Where do we find Brillouin’s independent test results?

      • it was done by tanzella and presented for an ICCF… ICCF17 I think…

        I found that, for you as a stert to find more

        • Bernie777

          Can the above really be classified as “independent”? It is not that I don’t believe them, but it will take more transparency for skeptics to believe.

          • tanzella is not an employee of Brillouin.
            he have a job, and would loose much if Brillouin is a scam.

            the difference with Levi&al is that tanzella is a long worker in LENR domain which reduce chance to make errors by the way, but increase anti-LENR doubts.
            He also works as partner lab for Brillouin, which rules out the possibility that they are not aware of problems.

            so with tanzella there is no chance that if Brillouin is a scam or have nothing, that tanzella is not aware.
            the second is that tanzella is an employee of SRI using the name of SRI, and if he used his position to protect a scam artist or a lying company, he would be fired.

            he is an independent insider.

            to please skeptics there is no way. anyone who see LENR is deluded thus you cannot trust them. Like businessmen who fund LENR, if not scam artists they are also clearly incompetent because their result cannot be real.
            all improbable sequence of artifact and fraud are more probable than LENR being real, because everybody knows that since LENR is not real, there is an evidence of thousands of dishonest scam artist scientists who published hundreds of fake peer reviewed papers and thousands of bad papers who look good… so one or two more dozen of deluded or fraudsters scientists is clearly not exceptional.

    • wizkid

      you will wait and think about things that are probably. Thank you. 🙂

  • Sanjeev

    Why is this surprising ?
    Its an old test from 2011 something. You can find the details in old entries on this blog.

    • wizkid

      you obviously did not follow the link. I’m sorry you had difficulty with the link. Try again please. Thank you. 🙂

      • psi2u2

        Looks that way to me when I followed the the link — 2013, not 2011.

      • Sanjeev

        Yes, I confused the two tests.

        • psi2u2

          Where did the link go? Are we haunted?

    • Curbina

      Sanjeev, this is not the October 2011 public test. Is a much later (2013) test with 18 hot cat modules (TPR1 kind of Hot Cat).

  • Ophelia Rump

    How curious!

  • Its only 1100% effective
    Nothing to see here, move along

    • psi2u2
      • Ophelia Rump

        Yes, it just gets curiouser and curiouser!

    • Ophelia Rump

      Old news, salvation of humanity, and the Earth itself, blah blah blah.

      • builditnow

        If one person sends a well crafted email to 20 others and only 2 recipients forward it, the chain email still works. It does not have to be 100% to get the email to work. I’m not saying such an email will wake everyone up, but, could have some impact.

        • bachcole

          builditnow, I left here 4 links to news outlets where I left comments supportive of cold fusion just last night. Two published my comments and two did not. No one on Planet Earth, including those here at commented on my comments. I think that people here just like to feel camaraderie but aren’t really interested in spreading the word. Perhaps this is a good thing. When the reality of cold fusion becomes obvious, it will be more of a surprise, a more sudden slap in the face of the physics community.

          • psi2u2

            Hi Bachole, it may not be from lack of an interest to join in more actively, but some may not have the focus, time, or energy,to do more than to follow the news and sometimes comment. Be kind. We need all kinds of opinions. I would hope this would be a common sentiment.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Help you raise awareness? We are doing that right now!
    We have been illuminating the subject in this humble little place.

    How do you think we can move such a thing along? I would love to give it a push.

    I was thinking that we might tag team some tangential news stories. Smog in China, comment on LENR, and back each other up, chat it up there. Push the facts forward, do a story a day, energy, pollution, global warming, water desalination, We could team up on articles in Forbes and other major outlets.

    Maybe you could start a thread here for the purpose, you seem like an agent provocateur to me. I will back your play if you start something. I need some fun!

  • wizkid

    you obviously did not follow the link. I’m sorry you had difficulty with the link. Try again please. Thank you. 🙂

  • ecatworld

    There’s a part of Mats Lewan’s book that deals with this. Rossi was wearing a neutron detector in one test where the COP was very high and it identified the presence of neutrons.

  • Curbina

    This is not old news, these were tests performed with the direct participation of Darden and Vaughn, (there are som pics of them around a revamped version of the BBB) and were performed in 2013 with the 2013 versión of the HotCat.

    • ecatworld

      The only pictures I know of Darden and Vaughn possibly involved in testing is this one:

      We presume it’s Darden and Vaughn with their faces blanked out.

      I don’t think this is a hot cat, though. It’s the refurbished 1 MW plant that is now at the IH plant where they use it for R&D purposes according to Rossi. This was taken at the 24 hour acceptance testing before IH signed off on the purchase, prior to shipping the plant to the USA.

      • Curbina

        Yes, this is the pic I am refering to Frank. Someone at the Facebook group, a while ago, posted links to this picture and others in which Vaugh and Darden, wearing the same clothes, were not blurred. Anyway, it looks like the Big Blue Box, and both Darden and Vaughn look hands on the instruments, but we cannot for sure know which kind of reactors are inside. It might well be the HT Cat tests for the patent.

  • Christian

    Ok i have not read the whole patent paper. As i see it this are experiments done by IH. I mean do i understand it wrong? Is this a summery of old tests we already know? I cant tell. In my opinion these is brandnew data from the IH timeframe and if this is true i am stuned. Can somebody please clearefy if this is new material?
    Somtimes this story is extremly confussing.

  • psi2u2

    a picture is worth a thousand years. an email of a few sentences with the right image could indeed get forwarded millions of times. The question is, what does it say, and what does it show?

  • Andreas Moraitis

    High COP’s up to 415 have been reported in this paper (see p.4, table 1):

    On abundant (slow) neutrons in a LENR experiment you might want to look at

    “[…] the LiI activated Polimaster showed continuous sonic and vibrational alarms (that required the evacuation twice of the laboratory for safety)” (p. 5)