Industrial Heat buying up all E-Cat licenses (Ian Walker)

The following was submitted by Ian Walker

Hi all,

Industrial heat are putting their money on the nose.

Andrea Rossi
November 19th, 2014 at 7:43 AM

Daniele Passerini (blogger of “22 Passi”)
You asked me few days ago about why some of our commercial Licensees have cancelled their websites. The reason is that we decided to offer to all our commercial Licensees to buy back their licence at a price, obviously, superior to the price they paid for it. Some of our Licensees have accepted our proposal and sold us back their license.
The details of the agreements are covered by NDA ( Non Disclosure Agreement).
We maintained with our former Licensees a friendly and collaborative relationship, open to the possibility of future collaboration upon specific issues.
Warm Regards,

  • So who and where are the people the critics claim Mr. Andrea Rossi is ripping off? Has anyone sued Andrea Rossi for fraud? I don’t think so. The only unfortunate thing I suspect, but do not know for sure, is that Industrial Heat, LLC may start mass production of E-Cats in China, not in the USA. I hope I am wrong on this suspicion. If anyone has a different idea, please come forward and give me the good news.

    • Omega Z


      I fully expect E-cats to be manufactured in multiple countries. The scale & magnitude of the task is very formidable. To much for any one Corporation or Nation.

      • psi2u2

        When you look at the geopolitics of oil, I think IH was very smart to swiftly partner with Chinese companies. It increased my confidence in the company’s business saavy to see them do that.

        Like Omega Z, I hope that the cats will be manufactured at multiple locations.

        • Omega Z

          If there only manufactured in China, it will be many years before we see one. China’s own demand would amount to many Billion’s of E-cat reactors alone. Not to mention the hardware to make use of them.

          • psi2u2

            I doubt it is their intent to *only* manufacture in China.

  • psi2u2

    That’s hilarious.

  • pg

    Or maybe the licensees are now investing in the ITER project and need to raise money fast. They heard of a COP 1,01 by 2027 and are jumping all over it.
    Seems just as plausible

  • timycelyn

    ..and I may be the Pope……

    • Fortyniner

      Forgive me, Your Holiness – I had no idea…

  • Omega Z

    The buy back started shortly after Industrial Heat bought Rossi’s technology.
    It should be noted- Not all license were repatriated to IH.
    That more then a few of us here at ECW had misgivings of some of Rossi’s Licensees. One had an aire of Used car salesman smell. The 1st license repurchased.
    One Licensees may now be apart of the Industrial Heat investor group.

    Most of these Licensees were intent on selling home units which has been delayed due to certification issues. It is likely they wanted to free up their investment for other possibilities that will pay back sooner.

    And ultimately, If Industrial Heat issue license to entities such as GE, Siemens & others, they will already have their own distribution networks. They would see independents as an impediment to their business model.

  • Julian Becker

    Article about Rossi in DER SPIEGEL very negative pathosceptic. I guess when I told the author about the new developments he looked up instead of

  • Patience. Like most elements of this unfolding drama things often don’t happen at the pace we would like them to. I personally have no doubt that the investigators will update the report at some point and answer most of our questions — whether the information is positive or negative (!)

  • Warthog

    I guess you missed the article and thread:

    “Mats Lewan: Testers Rule Out Inverted Clamp Hypothesis, Rossi Comments”

    Lewans communicated directly to the scientists who ran the test, and this is their response. How much more “commentary” do you want??

    This whole “clamp” business is simply a desperate ploy to come up with some anti-CF “meme” that will sell to the uninformed, as there are other measurements available. In order for the clamp error to make a difference, the clamp positions would have to have been changed between the “dummy” (blank) run and the “active fuel” run, otherwise the supposed error would simply cancel out…..the absolute wattage output calculations would be wrong, but the fact that the “active” run ran a higher temperature than the “dummy” STILL says that the E-cat is for real.

    • psi2u2

      Its interesting how “I didn’t know that” gets paraded as “they didn’t do it.” Now, I’m sure that Mark Szl will respond that this statement was not was he was looking for, and he would be correct in maintaining that this communication does not resolve the issues with the report. However, it is obviously untrue, in the most basic sense, to outright declare “with no response.”

    • LuFong

      Normally the testers publish their response. Normally the testers provide the data. Is this too much to ask?

      • Warthog

        They did publish…through Lewan. And I suspect that they will provide a more formal response and the data to go with it in the final version of the report. “You” don’t get to decide the timing…..they do.

  • LuFong

    This was discussed on the Vortex mailing list:[email protected]/msg99779.html

    Basically the distribution license was about to expire and rather than those that paid lose there money, IH in good faith bought back the license.

    One possible license agreement had been discovered/leaked and it showed a cost of about $100K and a term of 3 years:

    • Omega Z

      “Some of our Licensees have accepted our proposal and sold us back their license.”

      These buy backs began Immediately after Industrial Heat bought Rossi’s technology. And note, Those of a more reputable nature seem to still be on board. This is mostly old, regurgitated repackaged info that’s been recirculated to cause issues for Rossi.

      You bring up Gary Writes, OK, Moving on. I wont mention his past shenanigans & his attempted $hakedown of another entrepreneur.

      As to Gary Writes supposed “Leaked Contract”, Really?

      This looks like something 2 private individuals would draw up for a used car purchase. There is so much detail missing it reeks of fabrication. You’d find a more complex contract for a furnace/AC installation.

      I once did a Lease/Purchase contract on 6 trucks for my business. I suffered writers cramp from all the documents I had to sign. Not to mention eye strain from reading small print spread over about 40 pages.

      Here we see a 6 page contract that looks like someone strained to spread out the sparse details in order to fill them & on page 6 they toss in details for a 1Mw plant. Is this a business contract or a sales agreement for a 1Mw E-cat of which details don’t all match with other literature provided by Rossi.

      I see no legalese nor Lawyers for either party mentioned. No letterhead. I guess mentioning Lawyers by name on a fabricated contract would have serious repercussions. At $100K, this is not a contract I would sign. A verbal agreement with witnesses would be more binding in court then this crap.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    I could get no relevant results on Google. Could you provide some additional information?

  • Chris I

    Chances are this could be an explanation for

    • Omega Z

      We are working to our new website.

      Hydro Fusion’s web site is also still up as is E-cat Australia both with recent activity.

  • Omega Z

    They will respond when they get around to it. It is a scattered lot around Europe & this is not their primary endeavor. As to all the data. Never going to happen. That’s for a select few. Not the masses.

  • Gerrit

    My quick assessment: They are soliciting for financial participation, other than that there isn’t any information what they plan to do.

  • blanco69

    I not sure we’ve yet arrived at a COP of 1. Although I would point out that the only direction the COP value has gone is south. Infinite, about 20, 12, 6 and 3. It can’t go any lower although there is pressure for it to do so (Rossi’s preference of a Gas Cat points to this). It’s funny how we are still clinging onto some COP hope despite this value being slashed in an almost arbitrary way over the years.

  • Hi all

    In reply to GreenWin

    Something you do not want to do but will if the deal is good enough.

    Everybody has a price at which they will suck D***.

    What is yours?

    Kind Regards walker

  • Bernie777

    Rossi or IH have not said why they are buying up licences, does not make sense if they want to get as many E-Cats on the market as fast as possible.