Excerpts from Interview with ENEA Frederico Testa on Bill Gates’ Visit

Many thanks to Giuliano Bettini on the LENR, Cold Fusion and Andrea Rossi Facebook Page for providing a transcription and translation of excerpts from a recent interview by an Italian Radio station (Radio Capital) with Frederico Testa, Commissioner of ENEA, regarding Bill Gates’ recent visit to ENEA’s Frascati labs.

00:20 Question
..how was this meeting with Bill Gates. Why he came to the Frascati center of Enea. What is the deal you are working on.
00:29 Answer
Bill Gates came because in the center of Frascati, but not limited to, Enea is developing a series of technologies that are particularly important, frontier technologies, in the field of sustainable energy, such as nuclear fusion, cold fusion … and other things with respect to the world of renewable energy …. and then came to see our projects to see if there are spaces for possible funding by his foundation….
2:45 Question
…about cold fusion, hot fusion, nuclear fusion ..?
3:02 Question
From the scientific point of view, in recent decades, what progress has been done?
3:06 Response
Well in short, it is understood that part of the problem, especially on cold fusion but also on the hot fusion (….) is the development of instruments (note: materials) that support endless pressures, endless temperatures …
3:51 Question
Cold Fusion (…) where are we?
4:10 Response
We are at the point where I said that is …ehm .. Bill Gates was about three hours in our lab to try to see a whole series of experiments live from which it is clear that the issue is being able to have the material that supports , I mean, a million of, of.. a pressure of a million atmospheres inside a small thing, and so it needs of, of..ehm .. instruments that would provide this pressure here …
7:46 Question
How do you left up with Bill Gates? Hear again? When?
8:09 Response
No (…), he was accompanied by (…) Lowell Wood, with whom the next morning we did a bit of projects a bit more operational and now we send a program proposal and ….

Here’s a link to the original interview (in Italian)


  • Ged

    Seems like he doesn’t want to give too much away.

    • Alain Samoun

      Or he doesn’t have much to say -Smile Testa and don’t say anything, It would be better-

  • Sanjeev

    I do not understand it at all. When asked about cold fusion , he says it needs millions of atmospheres of pressure . Looks like he kept going back to hot fusion.

    • pg

      Would it make more sense if you look at it knowing he has no idea what he is talking about?

      • Sanjeev

        They should have interviewed Violante instead.

      • Fortyniner

        Probably white faced and desperate for something – anything – to say in his ‘interview’.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    Not sure what kind of news value this is supposed to have. The main thing I get from it is that the good professor seems a bit confused.

    • Fortyniner

      Testa is no professor (and it shows): “Born in Verona in 1954, Federico Testa is the Director of the Department of Business Economics and Management at the University of Verona. After being a member of the advisory committee for zootechny (biotechnology I think) at the European Economic Community, in 2006 Testa was elected at the Chamber of Deputies and became a member of the Commission for productive activities, commerce and tourism. In 2014, ENEA included him in a team of highly proved-experienced experts for the assessment of proposals under the “Ideas for a sustainable development” project.” Link above.

      • Omega Z

        Everything we have come to expect from a highly trained government employee. 🙂 MIB…

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        After reading that I was confused too and it shows since I thought the guy was a professor. His job resume sounds awfully boring, so maybe he is boring. It would explain to some extend this weird interview.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Ok, ok, ok, ok, I think I get it now!
    Ask yourself this question. What do you do if you are a hot fusion lab and cold fusion suddenly becomes the breakaway technology?

    You can’t even admit to the existence of cold fusion, but you can no longer exactly deny it either and remain able to compete with it. You move the bar!

    Ladies and gentlemen, introducing hot fusion in a test tube. New hot fusion of infinite temperature range. OK ok, we knew about the higher temperature range of hot fusion, now we are proud to share with you the lower end if infinite, Cold, er, em warm, er low temperature hot fusion.

    There are two things required for em, er Hot Fusion:
    Pressure of thousands times Earth and uh, a temperature somewhere within an infinite range.

    By confining the pressure within the material of the reaction itself, locked deep inside the tremendous attractions of the atoms, which are what provide the power of the reaction in the first place; we are able to produce um low hot confusion in a test-tube. Finally bringing to humanity the Hot Fusion which was promised so long ago, and funded for billions of dollars research over more than half a century. We are proud to announce that we can bring you the promise of this technology today, for research over the coming decade.

    Thank you.

    • Fortyniner

      I wonder if they are looking for a PR person? The jobs would be yours, no question.

      I assume that Testa is a political appointee, with as much knowledge of science as my cat, and rather less about cold fusion.

      • Fortyniner

        I’ve just checked, and he is (political appointee – not necessarily anyone’s relative):


        • GreenWin

          Well, yes of course is somebody’s relative, but no he is not a relative of any body you or we should know. Look, I’m under a lot of er, low blood pressure and hope to get Mrs. Rump’s job… someday.

          • Fortyniner

            Time to get the genealogy charts out to look for Italian connections…?

          • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

            There is an interactive “powers” map, where you can trace on how many boards of directors one person is appointed (updated until 2012).
            You can see a drop down list of companies (aziende) and you can search ‘connections’ (same BoD member) on any two or more.
            You can also see who is on the board of any one company (aziende).
            If you click on a company, you can choose to see who is powerful (potenti).
            It is a fantastic tool, there should be more like it, globally… It would be such an eye-opener…
            For example: pick ENI and click ‘consiglieri’ (BoD members); reduce the number to the ‘powerful’ (potenti). You see that ENI has or had a connection with Banca Montepaschi Siena through Mr Profumo (click on Companies=Aziende on the side of his name), with Arnoldo Mondadori Editore (news/information business) through Mr Resca, with Saipem through Mr Vergine, and so on and so forth….

          • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

            Genealogy does not include friends, yes-men and women and part/full time lovers, hee hee…

        • Ophelia Rump

          I think he was hired for his name, it sounds sciency, Testa.

        • US_Citizen71

          He maybe useless or just an administrator. Good at cracking the whip and keeping just the right amount of hammers and nails around, but doesn’t have a clue about what is being built or how to build it.

        • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

          As everything or almost in Italy, most ‘public’ (or State participated) posts are nominated. In 20 or so years competence has not been a requirement. Testa was nominated by Federica Guidi, the current economic MP. An article off the mainstream press states that “Testa has limited knowledge of the structure (that he leads, ENEA, Translator’s Note), even though I imagine he has excellent advisors, but he has another arrow to his bow: he is a Company economist (meaning a businessman, TN)”.
          So Federico Testa seems not to be a scientist, and was nominated. Nominees are the norm in Italy, and competence with a proper curriculum (if we analyze – for 20 years or more – of the names on the posts) is less valued than ‘bella figura’ – dressing the part.
          Federico Testa, however, as an impressive – though non-strictly-scientific – curriculum. Journalist, President of Roma Metropolitane, a Professor at Macerata University in Naples, a member on numerous Directors’ boards such as Enel, Idea Capital, MedOil, President of the Telit BoD….
          Those ‘political’ figures, the nominees, are incredibly versatile, at least particularly gifted: those jobs are – each – quite a handful!!!!
          Non-Italians must understand there are the nominees for many a public (and partly public) boards (each post well paid, the fortunate), and then there are the competent, the honest men and women in the shade, overworked, derided and paid peanuts – who rarely make it anywhere because they pose an intellectual and meritocratic threat.
          Hence the apparent confusion, IMHO, between hot and cold fusion. Ha Ha.

          • Fortyniner

            Thanks for that clarification. I’m slightly surprised by the title ‘Professor at Macerata University in Naples’ is that honorary or ‘real’.

          • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

            They all seem to be real roles…
            (http://cinquantamila.corriere.it/storyTellerThread.php?threadId=TESTA+Chicco lines 10-11) “a professor at the Universities of Macerata and Naples”.
            So that is two Universities, not one – my mistake…

    • Sanjeev

      LoL. Hopefully he was not left alone will Bill Gates for long.

    • NT

      Ahh, you cleared that up nicely for us – good job Ophelia…

    • hempenearth

      Sounds like warm and fuzzy fusion to me

  • timycelyn

    Slightly off topic, but the linking theme is media, this is quite a nice write-up in a paper/advert put out by an investment advice house.

    The message seems to be “Invest with us, we keep our eye on the ball and are not constrained by the norm”


  • Gerrit

    I think the key message is that they are going to send a program proposal after they had a projects and operational session with Lowell Wood the next morning.

    That sounds very good to me.

  • malkom700

    Bill Gates has become one of the men of the twentieth century, promoting LENR may become a man of twenty-first century. It is not likely in the older age Einstein also made a number of errors.

  • bitplayer

    Ah, I see the confusion. I think you need to check the other posts on this subject that occurred over the past few days. It’s pretty clear that BG did get an earful and and eyeful about cold fusion…just not from Segnor Testa.

  • ecatworld

    I emailed Dr. Violante and asked if he could provide any more details about the things discussed at the Gates visit. He responded very politely, but said he was not authorized to say anything beyond what was posted on the ENEA website.

    • Kevin O

      So… would this be good news or bad news? Either way, it is an invalid argument from silence, but let’s speculate a bit.

      If Gates were definitely moving forward, he would insist on “not authorizing” any further discussion and put in a gag order.

      I Gates were definitely not moving forward, no such gag order would be necessary.

      The evidence slightly favors that Gates is at least considering a move forward for LENR at ENEA.

    • Omega Z

      No doubt BG has received a lot of attention including attempted contacts from ECW clan & they are trying to close the Gates. 🙂
      Not at all surprised.

  • When you built one Cold Fusion device that works stable its not very difficult to build the second and third

    Im sure building a radio was quite hard – but now a days a kid could do it if he had some help from his teacher and a kit with components

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    You are correct – sincere apologies for the mistake!
    The birth date is different: Federico Testa was born in 1954, and DOES have a scientific background, though his main expertise is in business and management http://www.enea.it/it/chi-siamo/amministrazione-trasparente/documenti/curriculum/CVTesta.pdf.

    In Dell’Arti’s blog on the Corriere (http://cinquantamila.corriere.it/storyTellerThread.php?threadId=TESTA+Chicco), the birth date for ‘Chicco’ (often used in Italian as a nickname for Federico, but also for Enrico) Testa is 1952.

    This is a different person.

    The ‘nomination’ of the Federico Testa we are speaking about here http://www.corriere.it/notizie-ultima-ora/Economia/Enea-Guidi-nomina-Federico-Testa-nuovo-commissario/06-08-2014/1-A_013974017.shtml, appears in this case, to happen out of merit.
    Mr Testa officially belongs to the party which currently governs, he is a member of Parliament since 2006 with the Partito
    Democratico (which is believed to be the new gauche)

    In the University of Verona link, in fact, Mr Testa is shown to be a Professor of Linguistics, Philology, and Literature.
    A true academic – IMHO – devotes his or her life to one expertise, which is, in itself, quite a handful. Obviously, if a person is gifted in other fields, then many realms can be explored.
    Still, to be simultaneously a perfectly skilled business management professor, a certified accountant for public companies and a professor of philology, literature and linguistics seems…crowded?

    In Italy, the news is awash with continued scandals; corruption, nepotism and ‘convenient’ appointments to hardly qualified persons, sadly, seem to be the norm.
    Hence the skepticism, especially when the head of such an important institution seems to be confusing hot and cold fusion in an interview.
    This said, Mr Federico Testa seems to be at least very prepared, and open to change or shift from statutory positions; this would be a major plus – for LENR.

    • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

      post scriptum: an unsweetened article

      Here it is stated that ENEA has serious financial difficulties (one 2013 accounting document states “the financial situation remains critical because of the reduction in financial support by the State” – paragraph 7), and that Mr Federico Testa is a veteran ‘armchairer’, who had been cut off other nominations.
      ENEA has (paragraph 8) 2,600 (State) employees and is called “a ‘circus’ that costs 175 m Euro/year”. Among the 35 participated companies and consortiums are: 8% in the French Eurodif (uranium enrichment, which in 2013 lost 63 m Euro), 40% in the Italian Nucleo S.p.A. which ‘treats’ radioactive waste, 50% of Sotacarbo SpA (company for the development of new technologies for the use of coal).

      Mr Testa’s salary should be 175,000 Euro per annum.

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    PS – Chicco Testa operates in a very similar sector as Federico Testa; Federico Testa is linked to Chicco in this comment by Sylvie Coyaud. http://ocasapiens-dweb.blogautore.repubblica.it/2014/11/16/federico-fuori-di-testa/

    Could Federico Testa be a relative of Chicco (who has two sons, Federico and Filippo), who was born two years before him?

    Certainly they have met, as this workshop (http://www.agici.it/convegno20settembre.html) shows.

    Chicco Testa has been number one at Enel and Acea (Energy sector), now head of Treerre (waste management), whose clients is, among others, Eni.
    Here are some salaries in the public management sector (nominated) in the 90s (average 50,000 Euro/ 60,000$US per month) http://ricerca.repubblica.it/repubblica/archivio/repubblica/1997/08/15/stipendi-duello-verdi-enel.html).


    Chicco Testa declared an income of 1,8 billion Lira (9 m Euro) in 2000, and was/is a defender of nuclear energy (he said that the Fukushima plant “held up well” on March 13, 20119, and then apologized https://www.facebook.com/notes/un-record-di-firme-per-fermare-il-nucleare-petizione/nucleare-chicco-testa-chiedo-scusa-per-stupidaggine-su-fukushima/155607961168940).

    Among his “nuclear forum” (http://forumnucleare.it/) financial supporters are/were: Alstom, Ansaldo Nucleare, Areva, Confindustria,
    Eon, Edf, Edison, Enel, Federprogetti, Gdf Suez, Sogin, Stratinvest Ru,
    Techint, Technip, Tecnimont, Terna, Westinghouse. Source: