Michael McKubre, Hanno Essén and Others Participate in Norway Seminar to Discuss Possible LENR Alternative to Oil

There’s a very interesting article posted in Infinite Energy magazine written by Michael McKubre of SRI International where he describes a recent visit to Norway he made at the invitation of Nils Holme chair of a committee organized by the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences (NTVA) and The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals (Tekna) where he was asked to speak at a seminar held in Olso on November 5th on LENR.

McKubre reports that other speakers at the meeting were also Sten Bergman of Stone Power AB, Hanno Essén of KTH, Stockholm, and Øystein Noreng, Professor of the Norwegian Business School:

“Sten Bergman spoke about the LENR field from an energy industry perspective, Hanno Essén spoke about his experience with the various Rossi replications, I spoke about the 25 year history of cold fusion/LENR/CMNS at SRI, and the up-to-date status of Brillouin Energy’s latest technical progress, and Øystein Noreng spoke about economic and other challenges of bringing any kind of LENR technology to the marketplace.”

After each person spoke to the audience of about 60 people, they participated in a panel discussion, and this is when McKubre discovered the purpose of the meeting. He writes:

It was really only during the panel that the purpose fully emerged. Why was I there? NTVA and TEKNA had formed a committee, organized a symposium and invited participants with a specific purpose in mind. As I noted above, the economy of Norway is underwritten to a very large degree by the adventitious presence of oil and gas off their coast. Their civil society has become reliant on something that did not require a lot of work from most citizens. The question of course is what happens when the oil runs out or, unthinkably, what could happen if an alternative primary energy source were to become competitive with oil and gas as fuels? . . . The object was to inform the possibility that Martin Fleischmann was right (and, by implication, Randy Mills, Mel Miles, Francesco Piantelli, Les Case, Yoshio Arata, Andrea Rossi, Tadahiko Mizuno, Defkalion, Brillouin and a host of others afterwards). I believe what my hosts would like to see is at least one active, productive research project established in a Nordic country (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark) that would allow this community to “pay to play” in the LENR/CMNS world and thus be prepared for any sudden advances. A secondary purpose would be to train young people to be the next leaders of any ensuing technology.

The whole article is very interesting and well worth reading. Here’s another example of how gradually the world seems to be waking up to the possibility that LENR could be a viable source of energy — I think curiosity is growing.

  • Kevin O

    More exposure for LENR. Note the underlying tone of fear that Nordic countries will be left behind.

  • GreenWin

    Norway controls the world’s largest Petroleum Trust Fund (~$900B) aka as a “Sovereign Fund.” They are smart to recognize that this fund will dwindle as LENR replaces fossil/fission energy. This is chance for Norway to lead in adopting clean, abundant LENR energy.

  • Bob Greenyer

    This ball is rolling

    • Freethinker

      It is like you smell the snow in the air, a brisk November morning at sun rise, and you just know …
      Something big is in motion, and I can almost hear the rumble …


  • Why they don’t pull a LENR device on the front table and let it run?

    That would be enough to show them that they have to invest in research.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      The Norwegians know that McKubre and Essén are serious scientists. No need for tabletop demonstrations.

      • Charles

        Sorry Andreas, but a running tabletop demo would rattle the world’s cage quicker than any number of postulations by serious scientists.
        Einstein was a serious scientist, but I don’t recall that the world really bought his theory of relativity until it was proven by a real time event.
        Andrea Rossi has said repeatedly that observation in the market will be the final proof that CF is real.

  • Buck

    I don’t think it is a coincidence, but a capitalized upon opportunity.

    It is reasonable to say that McKubre informed Godes & George of Brillouin on his plans to visit Norway. It doesn’t take much to suggest that Brillouin looked to see this as an opportunity to present themselves and their technology. Further, to coordinate with McKubre on presenting information that could aid in making the greatest impact. They had between May and late October to organize.

    McKubre outlined above that he described Brillouin’s current state of their technology. He did not share what he presented, but if he affirmed Brillouin’s public information about a COP nearing 100, then I can only think that when someone (McKubre) describes a LENR device with a COP nearing 100, people should be taking notice. Especially when you have the incredible and revolutionary results of ITPR2 being presented at the same time.

    The post here at EcatWorld indicated that Brillouin’s meetings in Finland appeared to be on or prior to November 3rd. I can easily think that those he met from Statoil jumped on a plane for the November 5th seminar.

  • GreenWin

    Let’s not forget that Sten Bergman of Stone Power AB, wrote the Elforsk Perspektive article on Andrea Rossi and the first ITP report. Bergman is a former senior executive with the World Bank focusing on energy for Africa. The question now is will Scandinavia, India, China or Russia beat the USA in the LENR revolution? Remember, the 5th of November…


  • bitplayer

    I’m imagining the collective thought processes of a now undeniably large number of business leaders, industrialists and venture capitalists who are highly aware of the general state of LENR, who have crossed over from dismissal to serious consideration if not outright pursuit, who have the economic and organizational capability to make a difference in the development of LENR, and who are thinking about what to do next.

    I believe this is happening now, this very day, and will happen more and more in each day to come.

    Here’s my guess, related to this entire group.

    > The group numbers at least in the hundreds
    > Only a small minority of such people are trying to think of ways to actively suppress LENR (meaning keep it in the box for at least five years). The only such people are those who aren’t very informed, world wise or intelligent.
    > Significant and not necessarily overlapping fractions are thinking about:
    —> impacts on their areas of responsibility
    —> impacts on their personal investments
    —> major political and economic shocks: industrial turmoil, job displacement, re-ordering of international priorities and so on
    —> impacts on developing countries
    —> promoting research
    > A small fraction is actively thinking about investment opportunities

  • Gerard McEk

    Finally countries are openly taking action to seriously investigate the LENR paradigm approaching. Which country do you suggest will be next? I would expect Japan.

    • I guess Russia or China.

    • georgehants

      Gerard, “countries” yes, business leaders, industrialists and venture capitalists, yes, but when are our proven corrupt and incompetent scientific priests going to allow disclosure?
      Only the Wonderful uncensored and honest Russian science has spoken officially so far.

      • BroKeeper

        Although, and unfortunately, corruption and incompetence is present in the whole spectrum of society one would hope among that proponents of truth-seeking would none exist. The most discouraging and paradoxical aspect of this is many who are the protectorate of scientific truth are the very ones that cannot acknowledge it by their self-proscribed paradigm blinders from seeing elsewhere. The real question is what made it self-proscribed – fear, loss of stature/position, greed, territorial control, pride, competition, or ‘All the above’? I’m so glad I have none of these.

        (What was that?)

        • georgehants

          BroKeeper, agreed, when we are talking about simple souls that only effect themselves and unfortunately those close to them, it is easy to put it down to human weaknesses, but when these public criminals are in a position where millions can be hurt I am sure you would agree that the “system” must be changed to rid society of these people.
          If those in a responsible position are allowed free reign to exhibit the faults you mention above with impunity then surly any worthwhile, fair society is impossible.

          • BroKeeper

            Within those parameters you have mentioned, I fully agree.

      • bitplayer


        “NSF data show that U.S. industrial R&D employment was nearly level in the early 1990s (figure 1). Since then, R&D employment strengthened, reaching one million workers for the first time in 1999. In 2001 there were 1.05 million FTE R&D workers in the United States compared to 109.01 million workers in industries other than agriculture (nonfarm workers) (NSF and BLS data; table 1).”

        Too bad the “proven corrupt and incompetent scientific priests” have a choke hold on these 1 million+ people. That must be some control system they’ve got worked out, especially since there are “for profit” employees. I wonder exactly how that works. Hmm…

        • georgehants

          I think I am talking Quality not quantity.
          Your logic is also indecipherable when talking about a proven corrupt science establishment.
          You seem to want to defend the proven scientific corruption of Cold Fusion, I wonder why?

          • bitplayer

            Nor more than I want to defend unicorns and green lunar cheese.

            We are immersed in a web of neurological illusions that we project onto what we call the “real world”. Unless we are highly mindful of those illusions we fall prey to them, which means most of us (myself included) fall prey to them most of the time.

            Sure there are corrupt scientists. Yes, some scientists falsify data for professional and financial gain. And sure science is driven by human values, which are subject to corruption. And sure LENR has been ignored, denigrated and its research suppressed by leading science figures.

            But you make broad generalizations about this state of affairs without ever establishing realistic parameters for it. So you are even more suspect of projecting an illusion. So it’s your responsibility to establish that your illusion has some basis in reality. Which I’ve never seen you do.

            Suppose that we had the power to indict these “corrupt priests of science”, and bring them to trial. What would the indictment document look like? How many names would be on it? Just a rough estimate. Out of the 1 million+ science workers in the US, for example, how many names would be on the list?

            Or is this morass of corruption that you *repeatedly* wish to draw people’s attention to always True, and Real, but never quite something that can be pointed to in what most people consider to be the real world?

          • georgehants

            Thank you for chat. goodbye

      • Gerard McEk

        There are some more honest scientists: India, Sweden and Norwegen. All countries where things start to move, George. Be a bit more optimistic! I see the first stripes of sunlight of the down which preludes the great spring after 25 years of darknes and cold fusionless science. The survived birds will soon twitter “LENR, LENR” and the Ecat will eat them.

        • georgehants

          Gerard, many thanks, it may not seem like it but I love “Science”, such a Wonderful history and brilliant scientists, men and women, I get very angry seeing it brought down to the level it has with Cold Fusion etc. etc.
          I will try and take more of your “optimistic” view.

    • bkrharold

      I would expect the USA to be last

      • Ophelia Rump

        Yes, but it is also where Rossi found backing. I could go on but what is the point.
        It is neither the best nor the worst, it is some sick fusion of the two.

        Like Zen, embrace the yin and yang by letting go.

        • Heath

          I agree. I do not think the USA will be last at all. I believe the Chinese-US emissions agreement says something about what is going on behind the scenes.

          • psi2u2

            Knowing about LENR gives me a very different take on some of President Obama’s recent public statements. It could be my imagination, but its an interesting way to listen. Certainly Andrea Rossi’s story — of the man who came to the US to turn the e-cat into a new, clean, industrial revolution — would be a great poster child for the advantages of a heterogeneous culture, built up from what all those who chose to be a part of it.

        • bkrharold

          As a British immigrant I came here with very high, probably unrealistic expectations about my new home. Sometimes the disappointment clouds my vision. Thanks you are right, it is not the best or the worst. I will do my best to live in our shared reality rather than the ideal world where LENR used in every home.

  • Curbina

    I think we all would like to know, and that McKubre did not comment in extenso about this because he is not free to do so.

    • kasom

      Why and how should McKubre ot SRI be NDAed about the content of Essens presentation in Norway?

      • Curbina

        Not necessarily an NDA, perhaps Essén simply stated what we already know a little more in depth and Mc Kubre feels no need to repeat it.

  • Ophelia Rump

    It is so refreshing to see people out there chipping holes in that old dam. They should have it down in no time at all.

    • BroKeeper

      Pop, pop goes the concrete. Dribble to drizzle.

      • GreenWin

        Sort of like another old dam… http://bit.ly/14Z04Hg

        • georgehants

          GreenWin, ha, great minds think alike, see my above.

          • BroKeeper

            Yeah, I like that image. Says a lot.

          • GreenWin

            Don’t miss the latest news from Germany George. It’s getting better!!

        • timycelyn

          Young men finally attacking, then demolishing, the failed ideas of an older generation….

      • psi2u2

        tell them to move off those deck chairs pronto.

        • BroKeeper

          But they don’t listen.

          • US_Citizen71

            Because the band keeps playing.

          • timycelyn

            ..and the cocktails they are sipping are nice ….

    • timycelyn

      Meanwhile dinosaurs like Pomp and his cronies stretch out in deck chairs on a nice little lawn just below it. Laughing at the gullability of those fools who maintain that LENR is real and about to be a force in the world….

      • Bob Greenyer

        lives are short. history is long. who would rather be a fool forever?

        • US_Citizen71

          I for one wouldn’t like to be the next person quoted like Lord Kelvin currently is when someone speaks of short sightedness and closed thinking but many of the names that gets georgehants worked up into a fury severely risk that fate.

          • georgehants

            Ha, it is going to be highly amusing when some halfwit from main-line science or the premier comics eventually stands-up to make a speech on the new science of Cold Fusion.
            Who I wonder are they going to select to tell all the lie’s and make-out they are not more corrupt and incompetent then ever “Lord Kelvin” was.

        • timycelyn

          And in these days, thanks to the nature of our information age, a very well documented fool…

          • Bob Greenyer

            It is easier when you are dispassionate to the outcome, have no reputation or career to loose, no products to sell or defend, to be objective and cautiously open minded.

            Whist the ambivalent that seek the truth can feel satisfied in enabling truth discovery, one or other of the players either side of the fence might ultimately feel shame, if they are capable. Of course, if their job was misinformation/misdirection, then of course – they’ll feel they did their job.

            LENR is a puzzle, and thankfully there are still people in the world that understand we don’t know everything already. Just like much of the historical paths to former discoveries, there have been dead ends but we have human tenacity to thank for the things we enjoy that many before us did not.

            I personally celebrate those that work to seek truth and what is more it is fun.

            If in the fullness of time, others might please themselves in the thought that a misallocation of life had occurred, they are missing the reality, I can truly say that whatever the outcome, I have loved every moment of this journey, it is intellectually stimulating and innately positive in its construction. In the process all kinds of other material processing technologies are being discovered and that is, for sure, a good thing.

            Thankyou to the thinkers

    • georgehants

      It took about 70 years for the iron curtain to fall and freedom to shine through, so plenty of time to beat that record, only 25 years so far.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Jed Rothwell has uploaded McKubre’s slides:

    http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg99831.html

  • GreenWin

    More positive LENR news – this time from the German version of our very own Scientific American – “Spektrum der Wissenschaft.” A reasonably fair discussion including the E-Cat TIP2 and its very surprising results. More dam breaking… Hot Damn!


    • BroKeeper

      Except on Rossi: “In addition, Rossi is silent on the exact design of his E-Cats, which makes a serious scientific analysis almost impossible, and so Rossi loses credibility”. Just because Rossi is under contractual IP obligations does not make him less credible. The TIP2 is credible enough of its validity.

      • US_Citizen71

        It does make him less credible scientifically as he is presenting little evidence that can be tested to verify his claims. It doesn’t mean he is lying or that he is wrong it just means he hasn’t presented enough evidence that can be independently verified. He only needs to tell the world his secrets if he wants a nobel prize. If he wants to be a successful businessman that ends up with large amounts of money and the power to do positive things in the world his course of action so far is likely the correct one.

      • Ophelia Rump

        Rossi has released almost every detail of his reactor except the exact composition of the secret spices. Hells Bells no one says Kentucky Fried Chicken is a questionable or a fraud because it’s herbs and spices are a secret formula.

        By that standard Coca Cola is a sham.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        If we lived in an ideal world were people haven’t been screwed out of getting patents for the past quarter of a century then yes Rossi could disclose everything.

        • mytakeis

          very true, except he stirred the pot; now the even less active and popular Congress has an excuse to get up off of their bipartisan, unconstitutionally unmoving butts. They may even get around to addressing the advent of the

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      Jusr read it and it’s a fairly neutral representation of the LENR developments.

      What’s more important is that it seems that slowly CF gets buried but LENR is born.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        What’s more important is that CF in Pd-d systems is finally being taken seriously after a quarter of a century.

  • Omega Z

    In a previous thread- I posed “What is Going on Behind Closed Doors”
    Pay attention. There is a lot going on. Even if MSM is silent

    Industrial Heat & the China meeting.
    Michael McKubre, Hanno Essén and Others Participate in Norway Seminar.
    University of Verona Statement: Bill Gates’ ENEA Visit was to Investigate LENR.
    Indian Government Urged to Revive Cold Fusion Research Program. Notice of the E-cat ..

    Note this in the Article: McKubre: A Trip to Norway

    In the 1st Image: Sten Bergman
    He is discussing the E-cat & BLP. possibly another. Can’t make it out.

    In the 2nd Image: Hanno Essén Someone wondered what he discussed there.
    Lugano Isotope analysis. Before & After.

    And near the bottom McKubre states this
    For a long time now corporations have been “lining up to be second” — afraid of the stigma, afraid to be left behind, but with insufficient courage to go first. ( I say-The lingerings of P&F no doubt)

    Tho I can’t find the specific article, In a Darden Interview, He stated something to the effect that he has had “several” high level meetings including the one with China.

    Someone seen the reference & said FIRE er I mean CHINA. & off everyone went. However, I noticed the word “Several”. China was but just 1 of those high level meetings.

    I hope the ECW “Sleuths” are keeping an Eye & Ear out. There is still a lot going on behind closed doors we don’t know about yet. I’m confident that we have just scratched the surface.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Other U.S. Presidents have issued more Executive Orders than Obama, who is currently at rank 18 with 194 cases. Among others, George W. Bush (291), Jimmy Carter (320), Richard Nixon (346), Bill Clinton (364), and Ronald Reagan (381) have used this instrument more often. The record is held by Franklin D. Roosevelt (3522):


  • Albert D. Kallal

    To be honest, from just those slides I can’t say this reflects anything about Brillouin in terms of progress or not.

    While no pictures, diagrams or much of late has been released from Brillouin, we do see “activity” from stake holders in Brillouin certainly flying around and talking to people – this suggests that things are moving along quite nicely for Brillouin.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • Andreas Moraitis

    I have no idea about the relationship of different kinds of Executive Orders to the Constitution of the United States. At least, laws that have been issued in this way can be cancelled immediately by the following president, as far as I know. So there is still some separation of powers, although in an ‘asynchronous’ form.

  • BroKeeper

    Roger, yes they are harmful, however from my understanding (I know I could be wrong here) they nor the consumer had access then to what we know today of the harm these ‘foods’ have on the body. It is the responsibility of the current consumers and/or stock holders to make informative decisions or sell and invest into healthier opportunities. I understand your emotional response though.