‘The Hypothesis of Micro Acceleration Mechanism for Nuclear Fusion E-Cat Reactor (Fedir Mykhaylov)

The following paper was submitted by Fedir Mykhaylov, an energy systems engineer from Lviv, Ukraine.

His own preface:

“To describe the operation of the reactor, processes confirmed by modern science were used,without involving exotic and unproven theories.”

The Hypothesis of micro acceleration mechanism for nuclear fusion E-Cat reactor.

  • Axil Axil

    A good theory will product thing. This theory does not make any predictions of explains how the E-Cat works.

  • BroKeeper

    Actually I was thinking in the way Rossi often thinks, experimental. Theories have a half-life of geese brain waves.

    • Philip James

      Not that I want to give the high energy or hot fusion types any more power per se… but (and this is pure “I don’t know what the hell I am talking about” ignorance I usually employ in my own lab.

      I wonder if an accelerator or some kind of “beamed” particles into an LENR reaction can accelerate the outcome of fusion? Put a LENR device on the receiving end of a particle beam of some kind (protons, ions).

      Would that change anything about the reaction?

  • Pekka Janhunen

    The theory explains why D+D doesn’t produce neutrons (although at the same time perhaps failing to explain how it fuses in the first place). But it fails to explain why neutrons from the Be7 producing reaction are not detected. The p+n->D+gamma reaction is slow because it involves the electromagnetic interaction. This is apparent in the fact that ordinary hydrogen is not a good neutron shield. Li-6 and B-10 would be among the best known neutron absorbers, but even with them, centimetres of material would probably be needed. The amount of Li-6 in the grains appears too small to account for any significant neutron absorption.

  • georgehants

    Would it help the situation if corrupt and incompetent main-line science had half of it’s hot-fusion etc. etc. wasters, who seem to just sit around for years picking-up their charity benefit cheques, were to be doing Research and experiments on the proven science of Cold Fusion?