MFMP Announces “Fusion Fund” to Support LENR Research Projects

In an interview with Vessela Nikolova on the E-Cat “The New Fire” web site, Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has announced the creation of a ‘Fusion Fund’ that will support and fund the research efforts of the organization.

Bob explains that there are three research groups that wish to join the MFMP in its efforts, but they are needing to find funds to support them. He states:

We really want to accelerate our work, support new teams, improve our website, build rich media for better LENR communication and take on more permanent lab hands, so today we are announcing our new initiative called the ‘Fusion Fund‘.

The way the fund works is explained by Bob as follows:

It is a match fund and has 3 components:

1. Quantum Heat Inc – a 501.c.3 US charity registered in California;
2. Big ticket donation pledges that provide matching funds;
3. Donations by the crowd, either directly on the website, or to the US charity.

We are looking for philanthropic individuals or organizations to pledge $10,000 or more to the 501.c.3 that will be called upon as matching funds. When any other donations are received, they catalyze a reaction causing fusion with a matching fund, the smaller donor sees their contribution doubled and a match fund provider, depending on their tax rate, could see up to a quadrupling of their effective donation – this is a COP of 4!

It’s certainly an ambitious goal, but according to Bob, there is already $40,000 pledged for next year which will be available as matching funds which will double smaller individual donations from the crowd.

It does seem that the MFMP is getting more attention these days. The pledges mentioned here, along with the desire of outside research teams to get involved is a healthy sign that the MFMP’s Live Open Science approach is working in garnering support for LENR research.

I have a couple of additional questions for Bob Greenyer, if he is able to comment:

1. Who are these three research groups who want to get involved?

2. Is a donation on the web site now a tax-deductible contribution in the United States?

  • Bob Greenyer

    Not strictly true, these are match pledges, i.e., IF we receive $10 from a public donation – this will be doubles, up to 2 X $20,000.

    Conversely, if no one donates, we will never receive these match pledges!

    We are very happy that already two organisations have put themselves on the line. We must find support to enable more permanent lab hands so things don’t pause when the core volunteers have to stop work in order to meet the demands of their families.

    Also, we would really like to bring the other groups on board and support them with knowhow and systems – but we can’t do that right now and it is a shame because it would accelerate the discovery process.

    • bitplayer

      Great stuff, Bob. Question: what is the “awareness” plan? Folks who may not be able to contribute much might be able to help get the message out.

      • Bruce Williams

        I like this idea of an email message : if MFMP like to prepare something I would certainly send it as many people as possible.LENR really needs a lot of publicity and this is a good way of doing it.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Thanks Bruce,

          So much to do!!!