University of Verona Statement: Bill Gates’ ENEA Visit was to Investigate LENR (Cold Fusion) Update: New English Translation

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A post in the Univermagazine, published by the University of Verona news agency talks about Bill Gates’ recent visit to the ENEA labs in Frascati, Italy

Here’s a Google translation of the article (edited):

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, Monday, November 17th was on a visit to the laboratories of the Centre ENEA Frascati, recognized for excellence in nuclear fusion research. To welcome Frederico Testa, ENEA commissioner and director of the Department of Business Administration of the University.

Gates, accompanied by Head and scientists of the center, wanted to find out the research activities of the institute in the field of low energy nuclear reaction, LENR, better known as “cold fusion, (fusione fredda)”. The center ENEA Frascati is, in fact, considered to excellence in the world in this area. Thanks also to the presence of scientists among the most qualified in the field of cold fusion such as Vittorio Violante. This is why the United States has involved ENEA, the only non-US agency, a research program of great scientific importance in the field of LENR.

I think this statement is particularly significant since Frederico Testa, ENEA commissioner, is a Professor of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Verona, and director of the business administration department there — and thus most likely provided this information to the university’s news agency. Since he accompanied Gates on the ENEA visit he would have known what was discussed and what Gates was interested in.

It really does seem to be the case that the most wealthy man in the world has a particular interest in cold fusion — and it’s fascinating to think about what the implications of this might be.

UPDATE: The University of Verona has posted a new English translation of the above statement here:

Professor Federico Testa received Bill Gates in the Enea – Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

On Monday 17th November Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, visited the laboratories of the Enea “Centro di Ricerca Frascati” (Frascati Research Centre), recognised for a high quality research on nuclear fusion. Professor Federico Testa as the Enea commissioner and as the director of the department of Business Administration of the University of Verona, received him.

Gates, taken to the laboratories by Professor Testa and by the scientists of the Centre, wanted to discover the research activities in the field of low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR), more known as cold fusion, led in the institute.

As a matter of fact, the Enea Frascati Research Centre is considered a high quality centre in this field on a worldwide level. Some of the most qualified scientists in the world in the field of cold fusion, such as Vittorio Violante, studied in this centre. For this reason, the USA involved the Enea, only Non-American agency, in a research program of scientific great importance in the field of LENR

This statement clarifies that Bill Gates’ interest seems to have been primarily in LENR research.

  • bfast

    All I’ll say is that if it can be demonstrated that Bill Gates has invested significantly in LENR, it will be a MAJOR wakeup call!

    • Yes, then others will get panic and invest also in similar projects to be at the same knowledge levels. The race has begun!

  • Gerard McEk

    So the articles that speculated the intrest in LENR of Bill Gates are true! A very exciting development! Would CF/LENR finally get the boost it should have had 25 years ago?
    Another interesting phrase: “This is why the US has involved ENEA … in a research programme of great scientific importance in the field of LENR” What research programme? Does the US government do any LENR reseach that is known?

  • Billy Jackson

    I would say that if he invests early like this he’s going to get filthy rich.. but well…. O.o

    • BroKeeper

      “going to get”? 😉

  • Can someone ask Rossi what he (or IH) would do when someone like Bill Gates would ask them to visit them?

    • pg

      I already asked and got spammed, you guys might have better luck

      • ecatworld

        Andrea Rossi
        November 15th, 2014 at 8:20 AM
        Giuliano Bettini:
        I cannot give information about whom I meet, either positive or negative.
        Warm Regards

        • Thanks Frank. But I meant to ask more generally 😉
          If he would do it.

          But I think he will answer the same…

  • Bob Greenyer

    Regardless of the willingness of the Lugano reports authors to address this question, our first phase tests will provide significant extra perspective on what temperatures were actually measured.

    Apart from the accomplished magician theory, how do you explain the isotopic findings?

    • Dr. Mike


      What do you mean by “Apart from the accomplished magician theory, how do you explain the isotopic findings?”? I do hope your first phase tests give some additional perspective on the Lugano temperature measurements.
      Dr. Mike

      • Bob Greenyer

        Dr. Mike,

        That is the point of the first phase tests and please, if you can, add your perspective to the debate here:

        It helps no-one if people are wise after the fact!

        With regard to the isotopic findings – it was an oblique reference to the claims of fraud. Since the whole world of LENR is peppered with transmutations, and given that the test was unlike any other and over a long period with significant excess claimed, this is not a surprise to me that there is big transmutations.

        • Dr. Mike

          Thanks for the clarification. I haven’t seen many claims of fraud in the Lugano test, but there are some inconsistencies in the reported data that need clarified before it is clear all of the excess heat was coming from LENR reactions. The “ash” results seem to me to be fairly strong evidence to me that LENR reactions were present in the Lugano test. Your initial tests should answer one of the questions that I had on the Lugano test, that is, what would the temperature of the Ni powder have to be to achieve a uniform 1400C temperature on the outside of the reactor?
          I will bookmark your website and see if I can add anything to the discussion there.
          Dr. Mike

          • psi2u2

            There are plenty of accusations of fraud out there. Quite bold ones in fact.

  • hempenearth

    Enea has/had collaborations with SRI;
    SRI = McKubre;
    McKubre => Brillouin
    Will Gates invest in Brillouin?

    • Jimr

      Very possible, McKubre has stated that Brillouin was further advanced than Rossi or any others he had tested.

      • GreenWin

        Except McKubre has not tested Rossi’s E-Cat to my knowledge.

    • Has this all to do with the latest rumors from LCD about a report about tritium production in their experiments?

      Maybe behind the scenes this makes largr waves…

  • Curbina

    A direct confirmation of what we already knew but some others refused to accept.

  • Achi

    Perhaps you could try to contact the AP reporter who attended the October 2011 test and see if you could get a reply on if he ever wrote an article on the test or if it didn’t get past editing, and if the current happenings are going to be reported, and what his current view of the field is. His name was Peter Svensson.

    • Daniel Maris

      Yes, we would all like to know the answer to that. 🙂

  • bachcole

    I would not mind if we got some confirmation. This above is a little too much like a rumor. I am not saying that it ain’t so; I would just be more comfortable if we had something a little more certain. But I confess that it is very hopeful.

    • BroKeeper

      Come on Roger, we are all lemmings to some degree.

      • bachcole

        There is a collectivist inside of the most strident individualist, and an individualist inside of the most strident collectivist. And I mean collectivist in the nicest possible way.

        • Daniel Maris

          True. Beria was quite an individualist.

        • psi2u2

          Right. Human beings are intrinsically, by our nature, social beings. We also strive for individual expression and independence. No politics that does not simultaneously recognize these is deserving of respect.

    • Ophelia Rump

      It is a statement, in a University publication regarding a department head of the University. That is substantially different from a rumor.

      This last part interests me the most.

      “This is why the United States has involved ENEA, the only non-US agency, a research program of great scientific importance in the field of LENR.”

      What US body has involved ENEA in LENR research? What is the program called? How large is this program? What U.S agencies are included in it?

      Far more than a rumor this is a smoking gun for the existence of a secret project.

      • Heath

        I agree. That struck me more than anything. There is a lot in his statement besides Gates’ interest.

        • GreenWin

          This is not astrophysics. IF an exceedingly simple process can produce tritium… Certainly as of 1989 – it will be classified. The question now is, what branch of government is going to earn credit for this secret project? And to what lengths have they bent the founding principles of the US Constitution? (if this is a US project.)
          And how do hundreds of thousands of our best and brightest reconcile their failure to follow the evidence? And think for themselves??

      • Bernie777

        Right on Ophelia, maybe there is a LENR Manhattan Project, if there is, there are a lot of questions that need answering. It will be interesting to see if our investigative reporters are as sharp as you.

      • David Dow

        Remember; this is a translation. It’s easy to miss some of the meaning of the original article. It could’ve easily been just referring to Gates being of the United States.

      • GreenWin

        Some call it “Project Rosie.” A diversion from the advanced Ni-H2 work going on at secret bases on a moon. Here are some of the players:

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Once again from page 49 of Frank Close’s 1991 book Too Hot to Handle.

        “…Tritium is an essential fuel in thermonuclear weapons; it is also a product of dd fusion – the very process that the Utah chemists claimed to be able to make happen inexpensively in a test tube. The US military were already spending vast sums on making tritium for warheads and the reactors that were used for this process had been closed, pending repairs, in 1988 as a result of nervousness about reactor safety following the Chernobyl accident. The repair and building new reactors would cost billions of dollars, so when test-tube fusion entered the scene the military took note at once, recognizing the potential of test-tube fusion as a source of much-needed tritium. This sort of application of test-tube fusion also impressed Indian Government scientists who decided that western nations would soon classify test-tube fusion as a secret; thus India mounted an immediate test-tube fusion research effort so as to ‘get in on the ground floor’….”

      • Daniel Maris

        I agree Ophelia, far more than a rumour.

        BTW the Independent E Cat News Skeptomaniacs are hating this news…as they can’t dismiss Bill Gates as a know-nothing naive dupe.

        • Alan DeAngelis

          Do we have a new idiom? “ the Bill Gates in the room”

      • BroKeeper

        Must not be all that secret with all those phone cameras. Perhaps an intentional preparation for easying into full public announcement.

        • georgehants

          “I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he
          is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.”
          Bill Gates
          “I studied every thing but never topped…. But today the toppers of the best universities are my employees”
          Bill Gates
          “In terms of doing things I take a fairly scientific approach to why
          things happen and how they happen. I don’t know if there’s a god or
          Bill Gates
          “The vision is really about empowering workers giving them all the
          information about what’s going on so they can do a lot more than they’ve
          done in the past.”
          Bill Gates

      • Omega Z

        What US body has involved ENEA in LENR research?
        The NRL for starters.

  • Pietro F.

    In this interview (that’s 11/17/2014) The Director of ENEA, Mr. Testa, says clearly that with Gates is also talk of cold fusion:

  • Bernie777

    To follow up on Ophelis’s comment below about this comment, ” This is why the United States has involved Enea, the only non-US agency, a research program of great scientific importance in the field of Lern.” My question; is this an accurate translation? Could someone fluent in Italian please confirm? Thanks.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    I personally wrote to Bill Gates about LENR long ago in an email entitled, “Bill Gates. Can you solve this problem that is baffling NASA?”

    Here is email I had sent,

    [email protected]
    I will keep this short and to points.

    This email coupled with your persuasive abilities and attention could
    save millions of lives and species in this world.

    Cold Fusion was written off as impossible Junk Science by Mainstream Media
    and organizations in 1989 when Pons/Fleischmann announced it at MIT.

    It was simply too hard to reproduce, and even they could only reproduce it once in a hundred tries.

    it is being replicated constantly, and there are over 20 organizations
    out there doing it. Even NASA… (I will show proof of all facts, but
    you need not watch/read them all.)

    Cold Fusion is now called LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). This is
    a CLEAN fuel with no radioactive waste (nuclear reactions make people
    fear, but it is 100% clean).

    Here is a paper from The Chief Research Scientist at NASA Langley.

    main problem with Cold Fusion is that it turns out to be a simple
    process that only requires a container with the right ingredients and
    heated a bit. There is no real invention to be made and thus no profit
    to be seen.

    that we have the power to replace all Gasoline in 600 million
    Cars/Trucks, but nobody can figure how to make this invention

    must remember the bias of idiots who did not think computers would
    become popular. This is amplified in a field already written off by
    serious Journals, and yet I have just shown you NASA is even budgeting

    The NASA budget is merely 300k per year. The Sidney Kimmel
    Institute did grant $5 000 000.00 for LENR research at The University
    of Missouri. Peter Hagelstein a professor at MIT is now demonstrating a
    Cold Fusion device and is teaching Cold Fusion 101 at his University
    (Same Place Pons/Fleischmann were tarred and feathered).

    Here is a rough idea of the devices in question.

    combination of Nickel (Fifth most common element), and Hydrogen/carbon
    are heated in a container with various undisclosed catalysts. This
    starts a reaction that can burn for months off a tiny bit of fuel.
    Imagine running your car and never needing to stop for fuel.

    Here are the problems.

    The device is too simple. A dollar store flashlight is more
    complicated. Once the catalysts are revealed many garage mechanics
    will be building their own.

    – Mainstream Media
    and Science is ignoring this. It appears more people are concerned about Kim Kardashian.

    The reaction can produce steam, but cannot boil water like a Hot Fusion
    reactor can. They are trying to convert LENR to electricity but it is
    hard with only smaller temperatures. Most steam generators require
    much more pressure.

    Another problem is that The Italian Inventor Andrea Rossi was arrested
    in Italy 20 years ago for environmental waste Issues and some think he
    is a fraud, but that is only those who look at the surface. You are
    smarter than that and can afford to have someone investigate this for
    (I will add a Rossi defense in blue below, ignore it unless you have issues with his past.)

    Andrea Rossi was very rich before worth $30 million USD. He did not
    run to hawaii (his Visa handed to him by The President of the United
    States), he continued environmental science. If his only concern was
    money he could have retired rich in his 30’s.

    When Italys mafia took his waste management business by making his
    storage illegal (Apparently “The Mafia” reaches as far as Italy (who
    knew?), and they apparently like to control waste management in many
    countries) Andrea Rossi faced and beat all his Environment charges, when
    could have hid in the U.S.A. (remember the VISA the President Carter
    gave him.).

    – All of Andrea Rossi science is common theme of environmental science.

    Many scam corporations think to raise money (scam) by selling shares.
    This scam was common with mining companies. Tell everyone you found a
    rich vein then sell shares then pay yourself a million in salary and go
    broke. Andrea Rossi has not sold or tried to sell any shares in
    Leonardo corporation. This would be easiest scam opportunity.

    – Andrea Rossi is immigrating to the US where anti fraud laws are extremely tough.

    – Andrea Rossi funded the first 5 years of this from his own pocket including hiring Focardi.

    Scammers have a history of using other
    peoples money for scams, and Andrea Rossi has used his own.

    Andrea Rossi made the Nickel/Hydrogen version of LENR popular in 2011,
    we have seen many unrelated labs confirm this is indeed possible and
    very effective. So he is on the right track according to many.

    separate and unrelated entities all claim THEY have a working LENR
    device. Why would so many reputable corporations claim this? Toyota,
    NASA, Brillouin, George Miley, Patterson cell, Honda, Mitsubishi, Peter
    Hagelstein, Celani, MFMP, Defkalion, The Athanor creators. That is a
    dozen just off the top of my head that does not include the ecat device.

    He seems to be logically progressing. His best demo was 18 hours on an
    unstable product and Defkalion bailed on him because he could not do a
    48 hour run, but now he is running
    (confirmed) at much higher temperatuires for longer. If this was fake
    why did he not fake a 48 hour run with Defkalion or when he was
    demonstrating in 2011. Are skeptics suggesting he has advanced his
    fakery in this time?

    – He has demonstrated publicly in front of many skeptics and geniuses many times during 2011.

    He did allow this recent team to evaluate the ecats with very
    impressive results, and DC input has also been ruled out. We must
    EITHER think there is criminal conspiracy among very impressive
    verifying team of scholars with reputations at stake, or accept the
    reality of the ecat.

    Andrea Rossi did publish a paper on this (see his website) in 2010 but
    it was basically ignored, and all patents for anything suggestive of
    Cold Fusion have been banned. How would a normal person proceed?

    cannot get patents on this because of ban , but also has secret
    catalyst that is his advantage in market. How would anyone protect it?

    Look at the Zawodny videos on the NASA website.

    Rossi has never been poor. He could have gone to Margaritaville 20 years ago if he wanted to.

    Forbes Magazine Mark gibbs says,”This is not, of course, the last word
    or even one anywhere near the end of this story but unless this is one
    of the most elaborate hoaxes in scientific history it looks like the
    world may well be about to change.”

    Andrea Rossi has always been an achiever. As a teen he held the world record for distance running for two years in a row.
    Who here did not know
    Andrea Rossi was a world champion runner for 2 consecutive years in a competition that required perseverance (24 hour runs).

    He is likely imho to go down in history as one of the men responsible for clean energy and will save millions of lives.

    I say we go easy on the guy. He has ALWAYS done what he said he would do. I think he is very, very, very, credible.

    the Rossi device has had a lot of public demos, and has just been
    evaluated again this year by high level physics teams who verify excess

    See the Paper
    from last year.

    how do we make the world know this exists. Surely a Trillion dollars
    will be spent on R&D when this device becomes apparently true

    There are big names doing Cold Fusion.


    is a real effect. Essentially it is not really Cold Fusion because
    that implies 2 parts fusing together. The name change is because parts
    of 2 atoms separate and form a third party unstable atom that beta
    decays into harmless heat.
    (Thus LENR)

    Between Rossi or Blacklight Power there is alternative energy out there
    that can revolutionize all industry. Imagine how cheap
    computers/software will be if no truck/boat/plane fuels are needed never
    mind heat or A/C in their plants.

    am not asking for thousands of dollars for research. I simply want you
    to look at this thoroughly, and get the real jest of it. Then just do
    what your conscious tells you. Public acceptance from you may be

    I’d sent that letter in June 2013 to [email protected]

    However. He is not looking at Rossi.

    I assume he has people read these that know and understand science so I think I made a decent case for LENR. I wonder if it had any positive action result.

    • psi2u2

      What a great communique. Exceptionally convincing piece of argument.

      • friendlyprogrammer


        • GreenWin

          fp, I think you should assume that your in-depth presentation to Gates and Foundation HAS had an impact. Dismiss need for specific confirmation beyond the actions taken by BG in the last week. To digress a moment; Gates may not have read your letter personally, but your effort creates perturbations or intentions in the “field.” Those intentions resonate across the field and in fact modify our notion of “causality.”
          Regardless the metaphysics, your action has made a difference. Clearly in the case of BG, one of Earth’s most successful entrepreneurs – that difference has had a positive effect. Thanks for caring and contributing fp!

          • friendlyprogrammer

            Interesting. I’ve discussed the notion with scholars that Schrodinger and Einstein were wrong to make fun of the Scrodingers Cat in the Box thought experiment. I believe EXPECTATION of the lab people contribute to the collapse of the superpositional cat. Furthermore my theory states that even the thoughts and expectations of Wigners friend further collapse the field to include their expectations.

            This means time and even our past is not a constant as it can always be collapsed into a new reality based on expectations (not 50/50 chance as in Schrodinger’s thought experiment.).

            Imagine someone does a psychic experiment and is vastly successful. The experiment is then viewed by “Wigner’s Friend” who does not believe in psychic phenomenon, so the original experiment that was successful now must meet the expectations of Wigner’s friend and so the experiment would be less successful than before.

            Proff Brian Josephson has some Random Number Generators which are like coin flip machines generating 50/50 chance numbers. I think if we told people it had a a 75% chance of getting heads they would get more heads in the coin flips. Of course they are not coin flips and the person would have to believe a 75% chance was present. The persons conducting the interviews would also need to believe the 75% chance myth as their expectations would be included. I think they would show a mild success, but that it is tainted by expectations from everyone else.

            I actually think most people here are clever enough to grasp that entire spiel, no matter what their take..

          • Daniel Maris

            I’ve never understood what counts as observation. Does a remote CCTV camera not viewed by a human but interpreted by a visual detection computer softward system amount to observation?

          • georgehants

            Daniel, this may help, I apologise for referencing their work through Wiki-rubbish.
            The von Neumann–Wigner interpretation, also described as “consciousness … The Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, John von Neumann … The non-physical mind is postulated to be the only true measurement apparatus.

          • friendlyprogrammer

            Yes. The Copenhagen Interpretation has various interpretations of itself, and even the consciousness of a bug has been suggested capable of collapsing light into reality. Only imagined outcomes can result from experiments even if such imaginings are of collective thought origins and surprising to the first observer.

        • psi2u2

          Who knows, your email may have been a critical motivation for Gates or one of his staff, leading to the present photo-op!

    • georgehants

      friendly, If your writing appeared in one of the science comics then one may have just a little respect for them.

  • ecatworld

    This is a thread about Bill Gates’ interest in LENR. There’s a technical discussion regarding resistance measurements in the Lugano test going on another thread, so please post comments about it there :

  • kdk

    This brings heart. I still have some doubts about Rossi. Most, if not all, are probably incorrect. It’s important that the general area of technology not be dominated by a single understanding at this point, or person. LENR has had impressive replications across the globe, and may even lead to the more energy dense hot fusion which, at least in highly controlled settings, would offer superior energy density. At this point in time, it’s probably the best we’ll have. The derivative of the “new” physics — really just overly generalized old paradigm — of cold fusion will be important, even if not the best possible.

    • Warthog

      I think you may be confusing “maximum available temperature” for “energy density”. For the HotCat, the energy density (watts/m3) is already FAR higher than any postulated hot fusion system. This is because although the temperature of the HotCat is much less than a plasma, the reactor volume is tiny by comparison.

      The key limitation to the HotCat is the use of nickel as an active reaction substrate. BUT, there are hints from the past that tungsten may exhibit behavior similar to nickel. If that proves to be true, then the only application I see for plasma fusion is as a space drive (a la “Bussard ramjet”).

    • Fortyniner

      I agree with the idea that CF may turn out to be a back door to ‘table top’ hot fusion, either through study of the types of runaway that have reputedly burned through lab benches and melted observation ports, or from serious examination and refinement of plasma reactors like Ugo Abundo’s device or the various Farnsworth type ‘fusors’ that have been built.

      I suspect that there is a ‘spectrum’ of increasingly energetic reactions ranging from Rossi’s original device all the way up to full-on nuclear fusion that may prove very difficult to contain (perhaps almost as difficult as magnetically confined plasma, but far easier to initiate as the process will feed on its own energy).

      This kind of research is almost certainly going on quietly right now, but it is going to take the launch of the first commercial cold fusion reactor (from whatever quarter this emerges) to bring on the scientific ‘gold rush’ that will bring new discoveries and devices practically weekly.

      • psi2u2

        “I would not be surprised if evidence for each process identified is subsequently found in nature, for instance in the Earth’s core, in lightning storms, and maybe even in the sun and other stars.”

        My thoughts exactly.

  • Now you are reading my mind.

    • bachcole

      There is a spiritual lesson here. Anger, hatred, impatience, sarcasm, etc. are all just different versions of anger, and they all hurt, and they are all evil, even when coming from a predominantly good person. They all cause social disharmony and they all stain and “injure” the soul. And I am guilty of this just as much as anyone else.

  • Gerrit

    The connection of ENEA LENR research with US agencies is no secret. You can read about DARPA’s involvement in the book “COLD FUSION – the history of research in Italy” published by ENEA in 2009.

    Available for download:

    DARPA’s yearly budgets are public and some modest amounts have been allocated to research that sounds very much like LENR.

    McKubre at SRI has clearly stated on his slides that he gets funded by DARPA and he cooperates with ENEA. If I am not mistaken the palladium prepared by Violante was always very successful in producing excess heat.

    That is what Frederico Testa is referring to.

  • georgehants

    Roger I know myself fairly well and I have no “tolerance” of people who allow others to die and suffer for their own unsavory gains.
    If it was one of your children dying for lack of clean water you may find your “tolerance” would diminish a little.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    You keep going on about a drop in resistance in a black box test about which you’ve had some really extended discussions with some if not a lot of the members here.

    Why don’t you for a change answer this question from Bob Greenyer:

    “Apart from the accomplished magician theory, how do you explain the isotopic findings?”

  • Fortyniner

    You are posting the same objection to the test results over and over, and on several occasions have implied incompetence and/or fraud on the part of the test team. This is the behavior of a troll, whether or not that is actually your purpose here (your short posting history does nothing to dispel this impression).

    The reason for the unexpected power curves could be because the reactor contains something other than simple resistors (“The coils of the reactor are made with a proprietary alloy, and the inconel is only a doped component of it.” – Rossi), or because of some error. It is obvious that no-one here is in a position to explain the data at the moment, so endlessly repeating the same mantra can serve no purpose other than attempting to cast doubt on the whole test – as a troll would. If it walks like a duck…

    Stop sounding like a broken record and actually contribute something here, and you will not be ridiculed.

  • ecatworld

    The topic you are referring to is being discussed in depth on this thread:

    I would suggest anyone interested in your position go there and read your comments, and respond if they want to.

  • georgehants

    Pipmon, do you think science should be incompetent and corrupt?

  • Julian Becker

    I think this is the guy who needs to get involved if Bill Gates wants to cash in on LENR

  • Julian Becker

    it is gigantic and huge at the same time, but the mainstream media will ignore it… I could send this as a supporting argument to the SPIEGEL author, but wth they will still say Bill Gates money went to his head…

    • Frechette

      Der Spiegel is a socialist rag. Their “journalists” can’t stand individuals who happen to become wealthy through hard work and entrepreneurship. Gates has been interviewed by Der Spiegel in the past. The envy and downright hostility of the interviewers at the time was breathtaking.

  • MasterBlaster7

    So. Its the 2000ish of us and Bill Gates. Kinda feels like we are in a special club, doesn’t it.

    • NT

      That he (BG) now shows great interest in LENR is “huge”; it will be “gigantic” for LENR (the planet and us) if he funds the research and development, sufficiently, very soon!

  • Alan DeAngelis

    The biggest impediment to cold fusion/LENR was the lack of patent protection for more than two decades. Relatively little funding is needed for LENR research (when compared to hot fusion). Funding would not have been a problem if patents had been granted (F&P and Rossi funded their own research). More important than any funding is the media attention that Bill Gates brings to LENR.
    Rossi was (and still is) forced to go way beyond what is normally needed to get protection for an
    invention. Creating The Journal of Nuclear Physics was a brilliant maneuver on Rossi’s part. He bypassed the journal gauntlet that wouldn’t even publish Julian Schwinger’s cold fusion theory papers (Like Alexander the Great cutting the Gordian knot).
    Keep on truckin’.

    • Anon2012_2014

      The patents were not granted because they didn’t do anything; i.e. they were too early.

      The Rossi LENR patents are like stating that you are patenting a black hole energy source; but you won’t show anyone how to build one. (Whether you know how to build it or not is immaterial for the patent if you leave the instructions out.) But just in case someone figures it out (and maybe not you), you want to claim a monopoly. This is a free lotto ticket for anyone who writes and gets this kind of vaporware patent.

      In general, most patents are too long and impede progress in technology including LENR. 20 year patents are just a leftover from the monopoly era. Does that drug company really need 20 year patents to pay the early phase venture capitalists or to pump up the stock options of the management after they go public??

      We need research funded by research money at universities and labs. We are better off giving our research money to non-profit universities and labs who after discovering the new drug then license it to everyone for a nominal price; rather than counting on some magic of capitalism called monopoly to fund research. Does the blockbuster drugs, in aggregate really cost the $900 billion per year that we pay for patented drugs, for example??

      The crime is that mainstream academia has starved out mainstream researchers in LENR due to hot fusion led group think on what is possible.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Yeah, I see your point. And speaking of drugs, some really interesting caner treatments get almost no attention at all because they aren’t patentable (i.e. dirt cheep). It seems to me that essiac tea would be worth studying because it has orally bioavailable cyclin-dependent inhibitors in it.

        • bachcole

          Those cancer “treatments” are also almost always good to experiment with on one’s self because they are almost always harmless and generally health promoting even if you are not already sick.

    • psi2u2

      I agree this was a strategic decision.

  • US_Citizen71

    You have to understand the times my VIC-20 had a 2 bit 2Mhz processor with 8k of memory about 5 went to the OS and 3 was for programs that was 78 or 79. The commodore 64 I used through high school (grad. 1989) only had 64k split about in half OS and program space. It is amazing how far we’ve come.

    I believe your quote actually referred to a floppy disk right?

    • Omega Z

      640 Memory. Period.
      Some claims Gates made this statement. Others say he didn’t.
      640K was a limit at 1 time and then came extended memory.
      I don’t remember the details, but it was an issue for a while.

      Personally, I think he may have said it. I had a relative that stated to me, Why on earth would anyone EVER need more then 64K.
      At the time, I was doing machine code squeezing it for all it was worth to get all I could out of 64K plus an additional 64K using bank switching. Some people just had no imagination of/for the possibilities.

  • Omega Z

    Ya- Yeah— Bill Gates is interested in LENR.

    Will Gates provides funding?
    Maybe he will. Maybe he wont.

    There is a 3rd Option your overlooking.
    Bill Gates has something more Valuable then Money.
    INFLUENCE. Who can’t he have an Audience With?

    • Omega Z

      On Robert Godes (Brillouin Energy) Twitter account,
      It listed Elon Musk as 1 of his followers.
      Just need these Guys to get together.

      • Mr. Moho

        Godes is following Elon Musk, not the other way around.

        • Daniel Maris

          Oh dear, not so impressive!

  • georgehants

    Was Mr. Gates impressed with his meeting, does he believe Cold Fusion has a future, if so then how long before he makes a public statement condemning the handling of Cold Fusion by the establishment and recommending a complete change of direction?
    This man has much influence, how will he use that influence regarding Cold Fusion, for the people or for profit?

  • georgehants

    Pipmon, do you think science should be incompetent and corrupt?

  • georgehants

    Interesting and many links regarding Cold Fusion

  • georgehants

    So if a murderer rapes and murders one of your children you say, well that is “flawed” human nature, just let him go free and do the same to more children,
    And you think I have flawed common sense?
    Roger you keep to your views and I shall carry on trying to help put things right for both out children.

    • bachcole

      I sometimes think that I am dealing with a skeptopath when I converse with you, not because you believe or disbelieve in cold fusion, but because you absolutely disbelieve that everyone has their own perspective, different from georgehant’s perspective.

      In your analogy, I would open fire on the perps knees, just so I could make them suffer greatly. A better analogy would be the mess in Ferguson. Something bad happened in Ferguson, but everyone is sticking to their own interpretation of the facts. You want to condemn every single person who ever said anything bad about cold fusion, even those who were merely believing and listening to those who were believing and listening to those who were believing and listening to <> the liars. You even want to criminalize those who were merely trying to protect their families. You seem so full of hatred that you want to make a criminal of every person who does not believe in cold fusion, i.e. every person who does not believe as you do. Please tell me how your level of hatred is any less than the hatred of a Nazi, an ISIS member, a Pol Pot, a Red Guard.

      • georgehants

        Roger your irrational writing and understanding of reality is beyond my abilities to comprehend.
        Good luck to you.

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