Rossi: Mainstream Scientists Changing Attitudes on LENR

Today georgehants put a question to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about whether there was anything that he could say or do to help LENR/cold fusion become a generally accepted research area.

Andrea Rossi responded:

I agree with you, after the Report of the Independent Third Party ( and the work of many colleagues of mine, like for example Brian Ahern in the MIT) many scientists of the so called mainstream science have changed opinion. Before our work, to show anything regarding the LENR to a mainstream scientist was like to show garlic and crucifix to Dracula; today most accept that it is a field that is worth R&D. The final push can only be given by reliably working plants that produce energy in a profitable way in an industry. This is exactly what our Team is doing by means of the 1 MW plant upon which we are working so hard.
Warm Regards,

Once again, Rossi states that only a working, profitable commercial plant will be able to erase all doubts and overcome widespread disinterest — but it’s interesting that he thinks the tide is turning somewhat among people who are paying attention.

It’s also interesting that he again brings up Brian Ahern at MIT and mentions him as a colleague. I don’t think they are working together, but Rossi has said that his team at Industrial Heat has been able to replicate an LENR effect using a patent from LENR, so Rossi probably sees them as both working on the same front. Interestingly, Ahern is also helping the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project.

  • Donk970

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  • Chris I

    Not everybody is quite as hysterical as Ethan.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Have the Russian been sleeping for the past quarter of a century? What could Obama tell Putin about LENR that he doesn’t already know? Putin could probably tell Obama a thing or two about LENR.

  • pelgrim108

    I laughed out loud with the Dracula analogy. Brilliant.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Very nice Georgehants very nice indeed!

    • georgehants

      Many thanks Ophelia, I think we are getting very close to that long awaited major breakthrough, but will Cold Fusion ever be allowed to help the people of this World the way that it should.
      Only time will tell I suppose.

  • A german article in a swiss newspaper has picked up the bill gates story and the brillouin visits in norway and finland:

    Don’t know if this is mainstream, but a good article.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      The Neue Züricher Zeitung is definitely a mainstream newspaper. I guess that many managers and bankers belong to its readers.

      • In France it is compared to “Le Monde”…

    • Gerrit

      The author Christian Speicher published another well researched article in May 2012 in the Neue Züricher Zeitung, which is the largest and most influential Swiss newspaper. is linked in the article. Well done Frank for providing this great news platform.

      • Nice! I didn’t know that. Just saw it on my mobile this morning via Google Alerts.

        Maybe Frank should mention it in a new post?

  • mytakeis

    Ah yes, and energy will be less expensive, and from current standpoint, nearly free. The processes themselves produce costless energy, just the packaging and distribution entail production and profit expenditures. Can not help but think once you have a self propelling energy device, well the production is taken care of, and the profit is already made. Watch for any ‘strings’ attached to its continuing use, be smart about getting beyond such entanglements, and the dream comes true.

  • georgehants

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    • bachcole

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