LENR Cities to hold Event for Industrialists in Italy, February 2015

On the LENR Cities web site is an announcement of an upcoming event in Italy. Following their Oxford University (UK) conference in January will be a meeting in Italy for “Industrialists”

Here’s the information from the LENR-Cities website:

EVENTS LENR-Cities is in Italy, February 2015. It’s for Industrialists.

LENR-Cities creates a “win-win”. First we meet companies or experienced entrepreneurs and invite them to join our ecosystem. We connect them to the LEI (LEI = LENR Ecosystem Industry; programs and business part of the LENR-Cities ecosystem) and explore in depth with them the challenges and opportunities for LENR in the field of their markets. Info coming soon. Contact us now if you want to participate.

So there’s another Acronym for the LENR community — the LEI, which from the description above sounds like it will be an organization intended to assist businesses come to terms with a wide variety of issues that they will need to dealt with if LENR becomes a commercial reality.

On the LENR-Cities web page for the Oxford conference are listed some topics that will be discussed in connection with what they term their ecosystem:

  • Coming of Age: lessons from LENR for Science & Industry.
  • Understanding LENR-Cities proposal : a challenge for all the players.
  • Industrialists facing disruptive technologies: our proposal.
  • Our Scientific initiative.

Also, there are more details regarding scientific topics to be covered at the Oxford conference:

  • Superconductivity at high temperatures.
  • Novel hydrogenated nano-materials producing heat anomalies or convert waste heat to electricity
  • Hydrogen energy, clean cheap hydrogen production and water splitting.
  • Electro-Weak nuclear reactions for small batteries.
  • Electro-Strong reactions for international power-grids.
  • Nuclear transmutations & nuclear waste management.
  • Bio-remediation of radionuclide-contaminated waters.
  • Ged

    At this rate, we’re gunna need full time Italian translators around here. Very interested to see where this goes. Almost seems presumptuous, but it is rather forward thinking of them. They are more in the know of what’s going on outside our public view.

    • What surprised me is that there is great talents and history around LENR in italy, but most of it is not well known.

      For Example, Luca Gamberale is not simply the one who tried to make business with Defkalion, and debunked their demo.
      He have worked with Preparata, and some describe him as one of his spiritual son.

      I discovered recently who was paolo Tripodi, and his finding around HTSC…

      Bill Gates came to ENEA after having contact with SRI, because this is the place where things happens.

      There are many Italian industrialist who are more enthusiast than we imagine… the kind you have to cool down and calm by asking them to wait.

      • Fortyniner

        The only person who doesn’t seem that keen on Italy taking a leading role in LENR development is Rossi – an Italian.

        • Wouter

          Read the great book by Vessela Nikolova and you understand why!

  • LENR Cities talks about hydrogen gas production, I assume using LENR. Read this latest word from Solar Hydrogen Trends, the hydrogen gas-LENR company.


    They would not be so concerned about secrecy if they didn’t think they had something very real. The fact that even Konstantin Balakiryan is Armenian, not Russian, makes their company more understandable to me. I wish them all the best.


    “The electrical output equivalent from an input of 414 Wh was calculated to be 626 KWh or COP close to 1500 times.”

    “Spreading this technology worldwide at this stage will be irresponsible, because it has the potential to crash the world markets. There will be great irreparable damage done to the current energy structures and systems. It is our duty to bring maximum benefit to USA and to its national security without hurting the world economy. We prefer an evolutionary development and implementation of our technology rather than a revolutionary and drastic change in energy supplies.”

    “We expect to publish very interesting test results sometime in March or April of next year.”

    • georgehants

      If Christopher’s above report is True then the World stands on the possible step of a new Golden age of peace and plenty, if handled well.
      It also stands on the possible step of a horrendous disaster, if the Rich and powerful decide to try and keep the masses under the jackboot, as so often has happened and still can as shown in many parts of the World, the democracies not being immune.
      A great awareness of the people will be necessary.

  • Heath

    50 points for using epistemological in a sentence. 😀

  • Going by previous statements from this company, I suspect that the test results coming in March or April will be an independent test of a Symphony 7 reactor hooked up to an internal combustion engine or a fuel cell showing proof of low cost electricity production.

    They won’t be able to keep this technology a secret. Congress, the public, environmentalists, and the automakers will demand this technology be put into our cars and trucks ASAP. You can’t keep civilian transportation technology a secret. Sony can’t keep their memos and business data a secret, and this technology is allot more important to the world than a movie or a corporate email from Sony Pictures, Inc.

  • Peter Gluck report discussion with Michel vandenberghe

    I relays the main quotes…


    the key in LENr-Cities approach is that LENR biggest problems is market disruption, not technology.

    another point is that contrary to what I imagined before, EU have huge talents, mainly in Italy