New Poll — What Motivates your Interest in LENR?

Operating this web site is a very interesting and enjoyable activity, and one of the main reasons I have found it to be so is that the community of people who are paying attention to LENR is a very diverse and interesting one.

One thing that I have learned is that we are dealing with a topic here seems to engage people from wide variety of interests and backgrounds. If I was to try describe the profile of the typical reader, I’d have a difficult time, because there doesn’t seem to be a dominant philosophy or worldview represented among readers here.

One thing I have noticed from looking at traffic statistics is that we have a lot of repeat visitors, people who keep coming back to the site, and so there does seem to be quite a passionate interest among many people who are interested in LENR.

I thought it might be interesting to put up a new poll to get some kind of idea about what motivates people to continue to pay attention to this topic. In this poll, unlike most previous ones, you are able to pick up to two main reasons for your interest in the LENR story.

I have made the categories rather broad, so you may want to explain your choices by expanding on your responses in a comment.

  • jousterusa

    My interest in LENR stems from my fervent belief that high gasoline prices have stolen away our right to travel between the States and to know better the country we love too much in the abstract. I blame this situation on the major oil companies and oil-producers, whether private or national. When I grew up in Norman, Okla., and at the age of 14 got a ’55 Dodge, gasoline on the main drag was 14.9 and 15.9 across the street. Today, at the new Wawa (terrific place, BTW) hrtr in Brasddenrton, Fla., it’s $2.24. and yet still $2.59 a few miles away. I know that the inventive minds of Americans, and of people all around the world (and perhaps especially, Italians), are equal to the task of finding cheap and even free fuels that will give us freedom of movement. That is why I started the HHO Games & Exposition (see, which attracted 3,000 people on Nov. 11, 2008 (and more over its four days), and gave a strong impetus to a movement toward cheaper travel. Today, using a Merrick Vaporizer (see, most gasoline combustion engines can save 50% or more on gasoline, and greater savings are on the way. In this pursuit, I stumbled first upon the work of Randell M ills and his hydrino generator, and then on the E-Cat. I began to promote them tirelessly in The American Reporter, elsewhere, and continue to do so. I have realized the monopoly of Big Oil is far greater than I first thought, and that it can and must be fought on a number of fronts. To me, as to most, LENR is impenetrable physics, but freedom – whether purchased by our blood, or by the E-Cat or the hydrino generator or the Merrick Vaporizer – is a real and palpable gift I celebrate and love.

    • Anon2012_2014


      Who needs a car to visit the states. Megabus for $15. For $750 bucks you can visit all 48 lower states. Even in 1970 dollars, that is cheap.

      We need cheaper energy to invigorate our economy and that of those abroad, and to keep the cost of food reasonable. More energy improves the quality of life and will bring us together with people from energy poor locations.

  • Tom59

    In 2011 I stumbled over Rossis work by chance – in 1989, F&P had been discussed at the lab where I worked on my Ph.D thesis, but it was not my field, so I had lost track. But Rossis communications were immediately fascinating and somehow familiar for people in basic research. The way he acted did not leave any doubt for me that he has seen something breathtaking and now tried everything to get this going. And considering the implications of Rossis work this remains a nailbiting story to follow in realtime…

  • georgehants

    It can help those that have very little, as a main interest.
    It shows how science corruptly and incompetently destroyed P&F and continues to debunk and deny Mr. Rossi et al, thus proving its dire need to be re-educated in the first principles of science and competence.
    It shows us all the corruption of capitalism, leading to a corrupt politics, corrupt media, corrupt science, in Fact in most administrative areas. pure selfish corruption.
    This Website gives everybody the opertunity to address that corruption in Cold Fusion and its associated subjects, very few clearly condemn that corruption.
    The World will always be, overall, what we make it and those who just sit and scream, I’m alright Jack, don’t rock the boat, need to think a little more about those who are not alright.

    • it is funny that you blame the capitalism.

      Many libertarian interprent recent tragedies not as catastrophe of capitalism but of statism, crony capitalism, market manipulations.

      What heisenhower bblam is that. what we have seen with academic denial of lenr, with scientists submissive to the consensus despite their nature, is a consequence of public funding, public common criterias on what is good science.

      what LENr shows is that it is from tinkerers, from free research centers, from capitalist startups, that came the solution.
      note that a big corp, the symbol of capitalism, is one of the least capitalist structure. it tend toward monopoly, ask governments to forgive their mistakes, to help them, to fight competitors.

      the real capitalism is the one you find in emerging countries, locally, with capital under the form of a car, a moped, a house, a room, a kitchen trailer.
      AirBnp, blablacar, Uberpop, e-bay, are the infrastructure of a new capitalism.
      those companies are oligopolies themselves, but they are under pressure of competitors to respect their neutrality. they depend markets, like what should do a state, and like states don’t do.

      • georgehants

        Alain, your comment makes no sense, one only has to watch or listen to the news each day to see the corruption of capitalism.
        Why are you turning on me when I am simply pointing out the Truth or are you saying capitalism is not corrupt.
        If you are not saying in agreement with me that a system must be found that does not allow corruption, then I can not see any sense in your commenting in this World at all unless you are defending corruption

        • first the news are done by journalist…
          second what you call “capitalism” is current “crony capitalism” based on an appearance of capitalisme, but without the real freedom nor the real responsabilities.
          big corps ask the government to be protected from competitors, and from their errors… best example is finance (except lehman brothers).

          real capitalism is when you pay for your mistakes, and any other can try the same.
          it is not so easy, and some protection, some regulation, may be needed (by the way it is one big work of Jean Tirole), but not the way government do it today, to protect the past lucky and not simply to establish a good game.

          today you should have noticed that the richest people are less an less rich since long, richest fro long, and they father or son rich.
          I agree there is adangerous tendency to “winner take all” , because there is more and more planet-wide markets…

          there is not much room to be Pop Star of the planet, not CNN of the planet, nor google of the planet, not Angelina Jolie of the planet…
          but for below 99.9% of the population the competition is much much harder than before, and most upper middleclass cannot insure their kids have the same position as they.

          in the 0.1% you can also add, after the winner take all winners, the sons of corruption winners, who benefit from state support.

          • georgehants

            Alain, I cannot understand a word you are saying, please write in plain English, are you defending corruption or do you believe that it should be stamped out wherever it occurs?

          • simply what you call “capitalism” is only good old corruption…
            problem is the gang you denounce who use the state to escape the rules of capitalism, while using it’s excuses.

            some state regulation is useful, and free market is not always good, but mostly today states protect the gang, the aristocracy, preventing capitalism by the newcomer, by the poor.

            I’m not sure we woudl disagree so much in real… like me you would support real capitalims when people attack lasy and big guys who abuse of the system.
            if the state don’t block them, and no cartel can exist, that is capitalism.

          • georgehants

            AlainCo, I am not talking deep policies they come later.
            I will ask again —-
            “are you defending corruption or do you believe that it should be stamped out wherever it occurs?”

          • the best way to stop corruption, is to increase freedom to get around.

            in brasil it expressed by allowing procedures by internet.
            In some other context it is freedom to run a business, freedom of speech, freedom to choose your utility, your health insurance, ….

            freedom is a good too to fight against corruption. Regulation is today the best tool of corrupted cast, to defend their advantages.

        • Warthog

          It makes perfect sense. There are two types of capitalism….”small business capitalism” characterized by honesty, fair play, and lots of other “good things”…..and “big capitalism” (“too big to fail” type). That is corrupt, dog-eat-dog and all the negatives you have put forth. I have worked in both sorts (big capitalism company first as an employee) and small capitalism (as a business owner)… I know whereof I speak.

          • georgehants

            Warthog, my point is simply, should corruption be removed from capitalism, any further discussion is pointless.
            Do you think that all corruption should be removed from capitalism?

          • it is not a question of small and honest.
            those who are big don’t pay their crime if they can make it “socialized”.
            those who are small don’t have this power, so they are more prudent or are dead, if not exterminated by their neighbours.

            The big who are honest don’t survive if some other are allowed to abuse their power facing honest big.
            small can pass under the radar.

            In france for example I’ve heard how startups can start very well, but if they succeed in growing and start to endanger big guys, like state companies or ex-state companies, the big guys came and say : do business as we demand or we call big daddy state to kill you and we will buy you afterward.

            Only if Google bought you do you have hope to survive.

  • Allan Shura

    I have several reasons but what most motivated me the most was in 2009 when both the navy and
    Yoshiaki Arata of Osaka University solidified their confirmation of its existence. Checking
    back farther on what had happened since 1989 I concluded there was a strong logical basis to believe the phenomenon was real. I was also shocked at the weak logic of the DOE and
    patent office in rejecting cold fusion out of hand. It seem worth while to accelerate research in the area even if not completely right given the huge potential to vastly improve life for humanity.

    • Kevin O

      My experience mirrors yours. I was surprised at the amount of evidence that had accumulated over 20 years.

      One thing that motivates my interest is the desire to cash in on the upcoming disruption.

      How I Made Money From Cold Fusion

  • georgehants

    From Cold Fusion Now
    GlobalBEM PULSE #3: “We ourselves are the biggest obstacle to breakthrough”

  • Daniel Maris

    I find the whole LENR narrative fascinating.

    I am particularly interested in the impact that technology can and will have on society – on economics and politics .

    Looking to the future, I think we can see the day when the individual household can become self sufficient in nearly all respects. We may well have: LENR generators to produce electricity and heat, LENR transmutation machines to produce various elements and isotopes as necessary; 3D printers that can use the transmutated elements to produce all sorts of household goods; using LENR energy, we can support hydroponic agriculture with artificial lighting to produce all sorts of food stuffs (including meat through the emerging “lab meat” technologies); water of course can be extracted from the atmosphere – no need for piped in water; and robots will provide domestic labour.

    In other words, we can envisage a time when we will be able to feed and clothe ourselves, support our needs and heat & light our homes. We will be more like the individual homesteaders of old.

    It will be a very different sort of society from today’s. LENR is just one of the first steps on that road really.

    • Nelson Vogel

      “including meat through the emerging “lab meat” technologies” – from all amazing possibilities of LENR, this is the one with more potential to fix climate changes and save our biodiversity. We are “eating” our beautiful and unique planet, changing a million years of vegatable and animal evolution to produce cheap cheeseburgers. 0,5 kg of meat needs 9500 liters of water and 3,5 kg of cereals, and 20.000 fossil fuel calories to be delivered to the consumer.Hope we stop consuming our future with the new age of LENR !

      • LilyLover

        1. Since most people are too polite to point out the elephant in the room, I’ll point it out, or at least the trunk. The way Founding Fathers envisioned second amendment, I relate LENR to water and food security against tyranny. Cheap energy … desalination … ambient humidity to water … the modern gods cannot hold the population hostage for food or water. These two primal tools are taken away from the controllers. Then their only option remains … overfeeding to fatness … docile … and Chemtrailing nanobots into air … LENR awaken people … energy … laser … chemtrail ends … hence, pointing laser to sky felony … might attract our UFOs too … Like internet out of control … nudies, bored? education … LENR will lead to utopia … masters dont like it but will have to live.

        2. Currency Strength Equalization:

        A few years ago, I went to Mexico. Beautiful beach, nice resorts. French movie star: “I cannot afford to vacation like this in Europe.” Our own restaurant chef: “I serve all the people all the time, now, I want to be served.” Also in these resorts, there are girls (16ish -21ish) accompanying the unlikely middle aged American companions. I asked them who those were … “We honestly don’t know. That’s how we honestly retain our sanity. But if we were to guess their profession, your guess is as good as ours.” My hosts at the conference, an old professor told me … it’s life don’t feel guilty. Enjoy the beach and the food. Later I discovered, there are “All inclusive service packs” from 3k to 5k per week that include such accompaniment with laundry to lodging and keeping you happy included. So, if any average middle school teacher saves up for a month, can have that “experience” in Mexico. But, if a Mexican school teacher tries to do so, s/he can only get one lunch or dinner for that month’s worth. This is the modern form of theft. The essence of immorality of Borders does not arise out of physical demarcation but out of currency strength which in itself is a function of military strength. In a moral world, borders need to be erased or made nominally significant only for postal package deliveries, if we were to live with current financial policies. On the other hand, Borders can retain meaningfulness, if we were to adopt a moral financial policy: When a the school teacher saves 5k and crosses border into Mexico, this 5k become 2000 Pesos or say $200. Similarly, when the Mexican teacher comes here with 2k Pesos, it instantly becomes $5k to be spent on CA vacation. That is is the commensurateness as it ought to be tauted by the “Capitalists”. But, the immorality arises out of free movement of fruits of labor without the free movement of the labor. Heck, we even criminalize such thought, let alone the ignorance of people that want crocodiles in a trench along the fence or the firing drones to “protect” the “Border”.

        Why can such unilateral amplification of efforts is awarded to us and not to them? Because of military strength. With LENR, momentum based wars change to Energy based laser-wars. When Energy is cheap, wars are cheap. Then everyone can afford a war. A quality war. Then, no one will need one. And wars will cease. Morality will flourish. What it means though – we’ve to start working as hard as those Mexicans – free ride’s over. This is what the unspoken issue is. But, fear not, in the end, all of us will be more elevated and better off. Just let go of the scarcity paradigm.

        3. PTSD: I’ve full faith in good soldiers i.e. after killing 10 people in a war or after getting severely hurt, they still can function normally, if the wras as they perceived, were moral. When the wars go against the “souls” of the soldiers, then the same good soldier acquires PTSD. Mother Nature’s way of justice. Such cognitive dissonance, does not affect stupid soldiers, who I view as cheaper-robots. But that supply of easily manipulable and unquestionningly stupid “soldiers” is in decline. Hence the panic at the big-banks. LENR is a threat to the immoral and the boon to the moral; hence my interest.
        4. About two decades ago, while traveling, I visited Indian Patent office. Later I visited Swiss patent office. One in slumish shambles and the other modern beauty. Surpricingly, the common theme? The stated ungrantability of patents in the area of Fusion, Fission or any nuclear-related phenomenon, including the ones on the lines of “false-cold-fusion” shall not be entertained. The country that doesn’t even have basic laws in order, still has anti-LENR laws sitting there dromantly. Why? One wonders! So, at these big international meetings, if nothing gets done, at least the pets of the powerful are trying to preserve their stranglehold.

        I do not intend to vanish from this board. If I’m gone without showing weekly presence, it’s safe to assume that the people against LENR have “put me away” or “dealt with me”. I hope they have enough foresight, not to do it, but just in case, it’s been a nice ride. And I had fun here.
        Hopefully, … Au Revoir!!

        • mytakeis

          Thank you, mirror of my thoughts.

  • drjohngalan

    As someone who had the highest admiration for Martin Fleischmann (he supervised my final-year undergraduate project), I have been following the cold fusion saga since 1989.
    25 years ago science had already degenerated to such an extent that a true scientist was vilified and scorned, not because of the observations he reported, but because of vested interests. It certainly has not improved since.

    To quote Eisenhower: “The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded … in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of
    a scientific-technological elite.” Vast government funding has dominated scientific research for decades. Only “acceptable” topics get funding. Thus Fleischmann and Pons funded their five-year investigation into the idea of low energy nuclear reactions (prior to 1989) with their own money.

    Hand in hand with a scientific elite at the beck and call of government is a vast media machine that is so uninquisitive and so accepting, that “the message” being “acceptable” is more important than the truth. Without the Internet and blogs such as this one, it is difficult to see how people who are interested can keep themselves informed.

    The two headings I voted for were scientific and humanitarian. Scientific, in the hope that, when LENR can no longer be ignored, the very simple concept of observations trumping theory will finally no longer be an excuse for ignoring any ground-breaking field of study.
    Humanitarian in the hope that almost limitless energy from LENR can prevent the world’s poor being kept in poverty. An elite “eco” group determined to take most of us (not them) back to the Stone Age through “decarbonisation” is another example of government funding of science that has become so profoundly corrupt that billions have been wasted. And all this aided and abetted by completely compliant media.

  • Brent Mosley
    • Oceans2014

      Brent Mosley – what does this post have to do with LENR

    • georgehants

      Ivy Matt, with the best form of fairness and equality there is nothing to be in general corrupt about.

  • GreenWin

    2.5B human beings have little or no access to safe, clean drinking water. Fifty percent of all human disease is due to water born pathogens. LENR powered desalination and water purification systems will alleviate this issue. Desalinated water can irrigate deserts, restore aquifers, water tables, double agricultural harvests, return rivers to natural habitat. Decentralized microgrids will eliminate a century old electric grid built on 136M wooden poles.
    LENR counters knowledge monopolies, mandated ignorance, and misanthropic greed. It also makes a good experiment in gauging forces influencing planet earth. And I am not referring to gravity, nuclear or physical forces. Human beings need help in bringing this and other low cost, clean, abundant energy sources to planet. We are underway. Happy Holidays to Frank, Dottore Rossi and Team, and the indefatigable contributors here!

    • georgehants

      GreenWin, would you agree that capitalistic and political corruption leads to these people not having access to clean water etc.
      Would you agree that a donation to build factory’s in Africa to produce all Aids, Malaria etc. etc, drugs using local labour would cost almost nothing and supply the whole continent almost for free, without the corrupt capitalist patents and profits that leave millions to die.
      Do you agree that people like Gates are not giving anything away, they are just to a very small extent returning the “profits” forced out of poor people to be able to use Windows to get health etc. information from the Web

      • LilyLover

        I would not fault “Capitalism” for some things but I’d fault it for low quality of education. Un/anti-educated can be brainwashed. If you did not invent your own grammar and language, you built it all on your ancestors; so I believe in copyleft. Capitalism can exist without patents, medicinal patents or “intellectual property” is an immorality in it’s own class. If you did not invent your grammar, you did not invent your drug.

        • georgehants

          LilyLover, agreed and realise I am putting forward that those things that are at fault and need to change, only a fool would accuse me of wanting to change something that is fair and worthwhile to all people.

          • LilyLover

            Perfectly agreed.

      • GreenWin

        George I certainly appreciate your anger and more so your and wife’s wonderful work with the poor of Ghana. I’ll refer to Seth in refraining from accusations since this reflects back on us. Rather, I try to focus on what is and will keep working in this extraordinary flight of the LENR black swan. If we keep faith and focus on the world we want – not the one we don’t want – it will arrive more swiftly, IMO. There are great changes underway George; much of it due to the community assembled around the world to give sustenance to this swan.
        Make yours a Merry Christmas George (or holiday of choice.) And thanks for all you DO!

        • georgehants

          GreenWin, so much Wisdom, and you are so correct, Seth has taught and helped me so much but as you see I can still be a complete impatient idiot.
          I definitely will need a few more lives to work things out, that I am not looking forward too.
          I agree there is a strong awareness in some areas of the positive and I need to just hitch on to that Wonderful movement more.
          I do wish you and yours the best of Christmas and new year and thanks for trying to keep me on the better road.

          • GreenWin

            George, you, Peter, Roger, Frank and so many regulars here might forget the extraordinary good will you create that benefits this emergent human paradigm. Believe me, there are billions of sentient beings who do. Thank you all, for what you do!

      • LilyLover

        To make the best of every situation is not the art of average population. Else we could expect to throw a bunch of books at the inner city kids and then complain about their lower grades than the kids in Irvine or Beverly Hills. Teachers do make a difference. So does the general ambiance and the material wealth and the lack of anxiety or carefree family life – they all contribute positively to better education and better grades. Similarly, a really dedicated student can exploit the books thoroughly and still outshine the rest. But his higher efficiency is not natural to the most. Hence, any possible help to the average children is welcome. Similarly, people could have more of a chance in the absence of adversity.

  • Phil

    I am very excited with the political possibilities such a source of energy can raise.
    I couldn’t see any other reason for hope, in the world we live in, for future generations, until I bumped into the LENR subject accidentaly
    I am now addict

  • georgehants

    I actually have somebody below defending capitalism against corruption etc.
    I am so angry, in the UK a Wonderful social Health Service is being destroyed by underfunding leading to under staffing, while at the same time our corrupt political masters are announcing billions to be spent on building new roads.
    The difference is that no capitalistic profits can be made by employing more doctors and nurses but these corrupt people can make millions out of road building and possible pay millions in bribes, backhanders and favours in return, leading possibly to ex prime-ministers miraculously becoming multi-millionaires overnight.
    80,000 young students where refused courses to become nurses this year, but one can wait in a hospital corridor for many many hours for treatment.
    What is wrong with people, why defend the obvious crimes in this World.

  • georgehants

    Today, near Christmas, I am pissed off with the cheap people who are always defending and whining against my fair comments regarding the delays caused by corruption and incompetence in delaying Cold Fusion etc.
    My wife travels to Ghana every year taking as many water filters as we can get on the plane plus basic drugs etc.
    While she is there she reports back on those dying from causes that could easily be solved without the horrendous corruption rife in this World.
    We help to fund orphanages and schools, only directly because most charity’s are corrupt and very little of that collected goes to those being collected for.
    We are funding Christmas party’s in Ghana for children that have nothing.
    Sod you uncaring people that do not give a damn and go on hiding the corruption in science etc.

    • LilyLover

      To cheer you up: A Story of Halloween Candy
      A TV comedian asks parents to tell their children that they ate the Halloween candy and tape their response. Typical boys, kick and scream, girls make mean comments and cry; but, there was one girl who was patting and comforting the mother saying “It’s OK, you can buy me candy later.”
      It is people like that little girl, for whom I’m willing to make efforts to make this World a better place as opposed to become the top parasite and keep the everyone else in serfdom. When they talk about, life is not fair – I tell them, true, but I’m not the one you need to tell, because I know it and can use it to my advantage. I’m merely offering you a chance to better fairness. If you don’t want it, good for me:)
      So, fairness out of necessity vs fairness out of niceness are two different things.
      Similarly, your niceness to those in Ghana, even if appreciated only by one person (I’m that one person.), still has done more than the presidents or the prime ministers.

      • georgehants

        LilyLover, have replied, hopefully it will return, but thank you.

    • nightcreature3

      Some philosopher once said: “Steal something from a just man who has everything, and you may have turned him into a corrupt person.” (Reference the movie: Trading Places.) That people should claim they are corrupt because they were treated unfairly by society, is no justification, but it seems that that is often what they do nonetheless. Hopefully, with the new abundance that should soon be forthcoming through LENR+, there should be less people who feel compelled to turn over to the dark side.

      • georgehants

        nightcreature3, so hope you are right, but becoming more wealthy in the past as we all are compared to years ago seems to just lead to a craving for more, that is the way we are psychologically manipulated by this corrupt society.
        It is not realised by most that the increase in population is demanded by capitalism or economies would stagnate, with everybody having everything they need and no further growth for profits.
        People do not even notice that there is no gentle persuasion by governments etc to reduce populations and help the World.

  • Mats002

    I go here at ECW University every day to study, be challanged and
    thrilled. The subjects are broad – nuclear physics, science history,
    psychology, group behavour, geopolitics, economy, engineering but
    the overall coordinating theme is THE solution for mankind: LENR
    which promise free energy to individuals and society. People here
    understand the value of that possibility.

    There are no teachers other than ourselfes, we are seeking knowledge
    and truth together. Some here has a lot to say and others are more
    of listeners, some ask questions, some contributes with new
    information but the passion for the subject is a common ground.

    To me ECW is a great example of University 2.0 (or may be 3.0,
    everything here is before it’s time). In this network of sources for
    education I found LENR-CANR and MFMP and I hope to see this network
    grow. Rossi is an important catalyst for LENR, but there are other
    frontiers as well, and I have learned about them here.

    This University is free (almost, there is a small yearly fee), open
    for all whatever origin or experience, international 24/7 education
    institute for LENR studies. I hope that being one of many here contributes to more interest in
    LENR and spread of words that this is a true phenomenon that needs
    to be adressed for the better of human society.

    I keep on learning and that is in itself a pleasant journey. But
    most of all I would like to see LENR+ replicated in front of my
    eyes. I put my 25 cents here in this community.

  • gdaigle

    I spent several years under an NDA to Steorn and am curious to see if the joule heating they attributed to asymmetric magnetism is the underlying mechanism for LENR. If it is, some very interesting patent battles should follow. I am also interested in any energy source with high peak power, specific energy and low levels of waste and contaminants for the purpose of sustained flight.

    • psi2u2

      Interesting, so can you say that in your opinion Steorn’s work with “asymmetric magnetism” is going to yield viable technology in the near future? And can you explain the concept of that a bit?

      • gdaigle

        Steorn has been stockpiling heaters under the yet-to-be-released brand “HephaHeat” high efficiency in-line induction heating systems. For a small amount of electrical heating you get a large gain in heat that reduces recharge cycle time. Steorn has also privately shown a “never-die”battery that presumably produces a steady output of energy without recharging. This appears to be achieved with their solid state Orbo configuration.

        Steorn’s Orbo technology is said to take advantage of movement along the M/H curve and the fact that magnetic interactions are time variant. That is, results vary as a function of the timeframe of the magnetic interaction. By itself time variance is not a sufficient condition, but certain material combinations such as nanoscale nanoperm materials work better to elicit a small energy return when moving the M/H position past a particular threshhold on the curve.

        As I understand it (and I am neither engineer nor physicist), the time variance is part of what is known as magnetic viscosity, including effects like delay in magnetization response time in some materials due to domains taking a set period of time to rotate and realign themselves. The magnetic recording industry developed materials with faster, not slower, magnetic responses. So these effects were largely overlooked. Magnetic viscosity is equivalent to slow magnetism….slowing magnetism to almost a standstill.

        Steorn claims to have found ways to propagate magnetic field changes drastically, bringing it down to 5 m/sec. The rate of propagation is directly linked to the MH curve position of the target material. Changing the delta of propagation of the magnetic field determines the total amount of energy available for joule heating.

        In my estimation, phonon excitation is one outcome of changing the rate of propagation and that results in isotopic shifts leading to energy gains.

  • georgehants

    Roger, did you see my reply to LilyLover below regarding people that quote me out of context?
    Do you think that corruption should be removed ideally from everywhere in public life?
    A yes or no will suffice.
    You may comment on my main point regarding our health service if you wish.

  • georgehants

    clovis, how strange, I made not one political statement, just pointing out obvious social crimes not attached to any party or leaning.
    All of my points have Cold Fusion at heart in that are we witnessing something that could change the corruption I mention.
    Do you think Cold Fusion will help to remove the endemic corruption from our society?

  • georgehants

    I put up comments attacking the corruption that has delayed Cold Fusion and makes society unequal etc. and get attacked from many people.
    Maybe I an asking the wrong question, let me try again and see how many answer.
    Who believes that corruption in science and society is a good thing?

  • Billy Jackson

    Space, and the exploration of our solar system via constant acceleration. the so called age of plenty will be kicked off once spaceflight goes mainstream.

    • kdk

      It goes beyond constant acceleration, although cold fusion/fusion allow for it economically. There are more dimensions than the 3 we knowingly experience and actively express in our consciousness. To me, how cold fusion fits in with that is the billion dollar question, if the higher dimensions are necessary to understand fully the mechanism of cold fusion.

      Gravity is curious too, but we know all there is to it, as well as the wiley nature implied by quantum physics.

      As to the poll, it’s three parts practicality (for humanity in general) and one part curiousity. I always liked science, physics especially, but got turned off with all the formal mathematics.

      • LilyLover

        “Gravity is curious too, but we know all there is to it, as well as the wiley nature implied by quantum physics.”
        I had to comment on this one: Truth: We do not know even the smallest iota of gravity, yet. This kind of mass delusion is the reason scientific attitude is in decline.
        To understand the gravity has been one of the main goals of CERN, ITER and multitudes of Quantum Physicists. When you make this claim, not only are you mistaken about it, but you also misdirect the first time visitors into implied level of ignorance of the ECW, which is untrue. Lord Kelvin started his study of Physics at his 73yrs of age. Not too late for you.

        BTW quantum physics as it stands today is more of a hogwash than science. Clever hypothesis never tested make up for a highly paid but uninteresting fairy tale.

        • Omega Z

          Unless of course, kdk isn’t from this Galaxy in which case, you may owe him an apology. 🙂

          • LilyLover

            In that case, Google or Virgin have lost it to the ECW – to be the first intergalactically known website. But then again, the UFOs and the higher beings would probably notice this website first per their reputation if they care so much for the passion and spirituality as proclaimed.

        • HAL9000

          I get a charge out of e-cat World.

      • LilyLover

        After the age of plenty, robots will do all the work, we can spend to frolick around and discover spirituality and additional dimensions.
        Freedom from drudgery is step one towards spirituality and growth of a species.

      • Fortyniner

        I agree. The future of space exploration won’t rely on reaction engines but on better understanding of the real nature of ‘space and time’, which unbiased investigation of LENR may well advance. Future propulsion mechanisms will not depend on Newton’s third law, but on manipulating the fabric of spacetime.

    • LilyLover

      I think when the age of plenty is clearly on the horizon, then the space exploration will be kicked off. In effect it may seem like what you are saying, but cause and effects are interchanged.
      Nonetheless admire your thoughts.

    • Omega Z

      I’m going for the Double 100 Terawatt reactors so I can open a Warp field to another Galaxy.

      However, I’m sending an unmanned probe 1st.
      I wouldn’t want to get there only to find the Laws of Physics were different. How embarrassing would that be to show up with a Scorpion Battle Cruiser & no Power. Worse then showing up at a gun fight with a knife.

      Yes, I’m going to start the first Galactic War.
      After being abduction 3 times, I think it’s time for a little pay back.
      Especially after that 3rd time. They made me spill my beer. 🙁

      • Fortyniner

        Sure you hadn’t started spilling your beer some time before you were abducted?…

        • Omega Z

          Why would you say that?

          If I was going to spill beer, I would have spilled the 1st one.
          By the twelfth beer, I’m an expert bottle wrangler.

          No way I’d spill the 16th beer. 🙂

      • psi2u2

        Excellent discussion on all sides.

  • hempenearth

    I want to procure an E-Cat, Brillouin Boiler, Catherine or other competing device for a plant room at the back of our office building. Hopefully it will be part of a co-gen or tri-gen system. Local utility substation less than 10 metres from the plant room. 124 pv panels on the roof don’t provide all the building’s electricity needs but do feed to the grid on days when the building is empty. E-Cat or competitor will provide all the building’s elec needs and more.

  • GreenWin

    Happy you are here Roger. You make a difference!

  • LilyLover

    I often hear preachers talk about, people in need are more spiritually inclined. Poor … heaven … rich … needle … camel. And that’s where I disagree. I think spirituality as a way to false hope is a disservice to higher aspects of life. Frolicking aside, when we have MORE time to think about and practice spirituality, there is more of it out of love rather than out of needful support system. Lending support and coercing into spirituality is what I abhor about the people that “donate in the name of ___”. I think free-willed spirituality is the only spirituality, everything else is dog-training.

    • Fortyniner

      Yes. I’ve been very poor at times in my life, and well off in others, and know that I never had much time for spirituality when I was more concerned about the roof over my head, being cold, and the next meal. I think I am probably a better person when I have the time and resources to help others, rather than worry about my own immediate needs. I am sure the same applies to most people, as you say.

      • georgehants

        Morning Peter, another year gone by and we still wait for that final conformation, maybe this year, ha.
        Just wish you a very happy Christmas and new-year

        • Fortyniner

          Morning George. I do hope so – I’m not sure that many of us will still be here if another year goes by without any news of substance from Rossi/IH.

          Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too, and to all those who make following this blog such an enjoyable experience, especially Frank, whose dedication to the task is (as our colonial cousins say), ‘awesome’.

      • bachcole

        I also prefer comfortable circumstances, and it helps others for us to make their lives easier. But the world has not always been a fun place to be in, and circumstances in the world have sometimes been dreadful. Are we going to say that Infinite Bliss, Wisdom, and Power, whose soul (pun intended) purpose is our spiritual growth, messed up in Nazi occupied Poland, but that once Poland was freed His Infinitude was doing a better job? But then the Communist got in there and discouraged religion, and again His Infinitude let us down? Finally in 1990 the Communist were tossed and the Polish people could do their spirituality in comfort; God finally got it right.

        In the past my wife and I fought. I was miserable. I would get to the point of contemplating homicide and/or suicide and/or fleeing to Nicaragua; trust me when I say that was NOT comfortable. That discomfort forced me to face the fact that I was the cause of all of my problems and that my wife was merely reacting to my irritability and rage. I learned to reduce that irritability. I grew spiritually. Without that misery I would never have been induced to grow spiritually. I am much happier and more comfortable now. I call that very significant spiritual growth.

  • mcloki

    Optimism for a better future

  • Job001

    My interest is as an observational scientist skeptical of all philosophy, including authoritarian and funding biased science.

    By observation we learn and by the school of hard knocks we repent of blind gullible rampant self-serving ignorance of what we were not observant of.

    Biased science is an oxymoron, science is either unbiased or it is not science but something else like promotion or marketing or religion or politics or funding corruption but never science. Science uniquely requires unbiased replicable falsifiable results, the “Golden Standard”.

    Consequently, follow but never believe more than the observations, the data, the statistics, the science. Otherwise; Cui Bono…..Follow the money to find promotion, politics, baby kissing parades and charades.

  • GreenWin

    Dear George, you brilliantly counter the negative with two simple words: “Wonderful day.” Indeed. 🙂

    • georgehants

      GreenWin, as an entrepreneur I have developed a very simple mind that says get things done.
      If there is a worthwhile goal then any obstacles are just par for the course.
      Taking your advice and being absolutely dumbfounded at the number of people who fight against efforts to change even the most obvious injustices on these pages, I choose to ignore their strange ways and rejoice in people like yourself, those you have mentioned and those others on page who care about the less privileged.
      Will ask you to read Hal’s comment below as an example of the good people Frank has on page.
      Will thank Frank for putting up with my direct thinking.
      Will wish every person on page for the Christmas and new-year that they would like to have.

  • Ivy Matt

    If a system takes from one who has plenty and gives to one who is in need, in the name of fairness, the one who was in need may get the pleasure of receiving, but does the one who had plenty (or the ones who took from him, for that matter) get the pleasure of giving? If someone takes something from you and gives it to someone else, are you really being generous? If you take something from someone and give it to someone else, are you really being generous?

    And that’s apart from the obvious question of the corruptibility of the ones doing the taking and giving.

    I agree it would be a wonderful world if we were all generous and cared about other people, but if we have problems doing that in the system as it is, I doubt changing to some other system would make us care more. At least, the history of the 20th century gives us no reason to believe that would be the case.

    • GreenWin

      Ivy, at some point in spiritual evolution those with more – even a fraction more – who give to those with less – experience reason and benevolence unavailable to those who hoard. Re-read Dickens. Or ask any millionaire/ billionaire/ trillionaire (Rossi) what is their most satisfying achievement in life. If they are honest and sincere, each will say… giving away their wealth gives them greater satisfaction than all their material gains.
      Corruption stems from those convinced there is not enough for everyone. They are the modern Scrooges who believe we are alone, and must fight to survive, and therefor cast away those who are “unfit.” LENR is teaching us, there IS enough for everyone; in fact the universe is a cornucopia of abundance – if only we broaden our vision, our horizons and discard “rational materialism.”
      Ivy, you can lead the way in your field, by confirming the fission/fusion path is mistaken. That there are new discoveries in nano-plasmas, atomic structure, virtual physics. You know well there is little reason for science to be restricted to fossil/fission energy. Get out in front and redirect your ivory tower to accept the inevitable. Or cling to outdated Newtonian-Darwinian mythology with your cold dead hands. 🙂 Happy Holidays Ivy.

    • LilyLover

      Like GW insisted below, you are way to deep into the scarcity paradigm. Get out. Come to abundance. It begins with thinking.
      Now, to refute your argument in your own scarcity paradigm – the people who are taking from one and giving it to other, might themselves be corrupt, But, the people who acquired their own undue share by fake money-system, did not deserve it in the first place. They could acquire it in the first place because of mellow attitude of the others; as opposed to cut-throat competition. Not competing harshly is the gift of the poor men to the rich of the world. Be it out of stupidity, lack of coordination or simple cavaliarity, the indifference or high tolerance of the poor has enabled the rich to be rich.

      So the middle men – corrupt donation managers – are managing the risk of not provoking the donors and yet keeping the lid on the poors’ dissatisfaction. For corrupt people, they are doing a remarkable job! I wish there were zero skimming; I lament 30%-95% skimming; but yet, the truth remains – if the donors felt like this redistribution was unfair, they have more resources to stop it than the petty receivers. Therefore, even the immoral business of charity-skimming is not that abhorrent as you make it seem to be.
      The “trying to stick with the principle” in your questioning, is half-harted.
      First things first. True – value paired with true deservedness won’t even need charity!!

  • LilyLover

    I meant to say : Similarly, people could have more of a chance at spirituality in the absence of adversity. The Victor Frank example is likened to that of an ultracompetent kid at whom you simply throw the books and s/he exploits them thoroughly and outshines the well taught Irvine kids. I was indirectly implying that Victor is an disproportionately unrepresentative case of indomitable spirit. Average population is not. I was not negating your point.
    Just for fun – Using your logic, you’d have someone believe that – if kids are put in a school-jail with hot humid ambiance with screaming teachers and just throw some books at them and then you’ll get the best learned students!! One Victor, maybe; but, I’m more interested in getting 95 mediocres into spirituality with nice conditions, in which you are afraid that Victor may end up a sex-pervert wherein I contend that even he’d improve and attain more or less similar spiritual growth. Few will always be uninterested. So, What do want? Glory for one with adverse conditions or Glory for 96 with conducive conditions? I want later.

  • georgehants

    Hal, that is very kind of you and we really appreciate your offer.
    We do not collect money donations because it would mean registering as a charity etc.
    If you would like to donate a small amount then we are happy (if Frank would be so kind) to send Admin the address of the orphanage we support and you could send a little gift directly.
    Please have a good and peaceful Christmas and new-year.
    Best wishes.

  • Omega Z

    China is slowly climbing on the patent train.
    They are building their own patent portfolio.
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you takes new meaning to them.

  • Gerard McEk

    I am just missing one major point: “Survival of humanity’
    Without a new energy source humanity is doomed and will not survive this century. When the energy supply cannot match with our needs anymore, our socity will turn into chaos (as with lacking sweet sweet water, food etc.). The survival of the fittist will be all that is left and people will face endless wars and anargy.
    Maybe ‘Human Interest’ covers this, but I believe it does this insufficiently cover my point.

    • Rocky_Mountain_High

      That is a bunch on nonsense. We have plenty of energy reserves to last well beyond the end of the century. We have oil, natural gas, solar, nuclear, wind and geothermal. None of these energy sources is going to run out anytime soon. If fusion can be figured out, and that’s a big if, then it could help us transition from oil and nuclear. But to say that humanity will not last beyond this century because of an energy shortage is not even remotely true.

      • psi2u2

        This discussion includes many unknowns and assumptions. Whether or not Gerard’s pessimism is valid, there is no question that LENR offers by far and away the most exciting possibility for improving human life over the next century, which is something we should all welcome. Imagine if the cost of energy were reduced by 80 percent — it makes all kinds of other things possible. And while we may debate the question of whether humans have the wisdom to know how to apply this boon, there is no question on the face of it that this would be a huge benefit to ordinary people all over the world.

      • Gerard McEk

        You are obviously not well informed. The peak production of oil was expected around this time. It was expected that when the oil production would start to drop the oil prices would become sky-high. Fortunately fracking has appeared and provides a temporary abundance on the energy market, but you can expect that this will wear-out relatively quickly. All the other sources you mentioned are either no real replacement or a very expensive replacement or it would take a lot of time to bring this replacement to fruitiness.
        No it is a real thread and anarchy is nearer than you think. We do need a new abundant energy source to avoid it and to feed the ever expanding human mass. LENR is the perfect solution.

    • Rocky_Mountain_High

      So oil, natural gas, nuclear, wind, solar, and geothermal energy sources cannot meet the demand for energy for the rest of the century? I think you are mistaken.

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    A trivial answer…. What is it that we do, as human beings?

    We eat to survive, we try to keep warm (or shielded from the elements). Then, we engage in prevailing in various ways over others. In doing these three things, we, as a species, have impacted the earth, irreversibly.

    We now eat and breathe man-made substances that have been used, emitted, smuggled and dumped from the 1920s at an exponential rate to this day.
    The economic system we use to calculate this ‘cycle’ on which we all operate is fundamentally flawed, because, according to it, planet earth is an infinite Cornucopia. The damage we have been and keep causing is intentionally ignored by the same powerful entities which artificially sustain themselves by perpetrating such ‘economic’ practices, to the detriment of life.

    Milk is not milk: where was the cow raised, how was it raised, was it fed on natural, clean hay, or on man-made chemical pellets? How many antibiotics did it take? What is the quality of the cow’s life? What was added in the milk before I open the carton and pour it for myself or my offspring to drink? For I am that milk that I drink.
    I try to understand what I am being fed, I require to know what it is, and where it comes from.

    These questions about how we are living brought me to the desperate research for information on health (and indirectly for hope) on the web, as soon as the web became available in the late 90s. Much awareness has since been raised, and is still being raised against oblivious and powerful economic corporations. We could, through information, change this flawed infinite resource approach, and lean towards a sustainable future for humanity and the rest of the living species. For me, this is the quest for the actual quality in our lives, which does not lie in the latest car model, or in the envy we stir when we hide our intellect beneath those cool dark sunglasses.
    Emilio Del Giudice, who studied the quantum theory and linked it to
    water in living organisms , is one of
    the most interesting scientific writers of the last decades. There is a
    link between our biology as human beings and the energy that is being
    studied through so-called cold fusion

    One of the possible solutions against our doom, I thought upon stumbling on it on the internet, was this interesting machine, the E-Cat, the one solution for your basement heating and for the fossil fuel / fission folly. How interesting was this controversial character with such a common Italian name (like John Smith): Mr Andrea Rossi.

    E-CatWorld (unlike E-Catnews which was the first online news site about Rossi that I started to read – it became negative at one point) has provided much information, and has maintained this hope alive through many difficult years. Professional scientific discussions are strictly to the point. Always with a positive note and underlying enthusiasm, a window of understanding that is open also to non-scientists.

    If there will be change, E-CatWorld unquestionably is helping it happen.

  • hempenearth

    Dorothy, Scarlett (1kW) then Catherine (10kW) – the latest prototype that I know of from Clean Planet (Japan).

    • bachcole

      If a Scarlett is a 1kW; and a Catherine is a 10kW, then what is a Dorothy? I wonder if a Scarlett actually gives a damn. Is a Dorothy in danger of getting destroyed by MaryYugo, the wicked witch of the West?

  • psi2u2

    Too which we need only add, again, that Frank does a really terrific job of setting the right framework for courteous debate.

  • I was first intrigued about hot fusion as a geeky schoolboy in 1958 when the Zeta seemed to be working and there was great fanfare. As we all know, that failed and eventually gave way to the Tokamak and Laser Fusion approaches which “are 20 years in the future and always will be”. As we recently learned, Laser Fusion has also been scrapped.

    Along with many, I was excited about the P&F announcements in 1989 and equally disappointed when they were pronounced to have failed – falsely as we know now. For a while afterwards, I followed the cold fusion “flame wars” in the early internet bulletin boards but had largely forgotten about it by 2011, when I started to read about Andrea Rossi’s progress on Twitter. What I made of all that up till now, I have turned into an ongoing series entitled “The Promised of Controlled Nuclear Fusion” which is on my own blog at

    As you’ll see, it borrows a lot from this blog, so thank you Frank Acland and all your loyal contributors. My ongoing interest in LENR gets stronger with every month that passes. It is certainly fueled by the technical progress of the eCat, Brillouin and the others but equally fueled by indignation over the obvious way that the MSM and most main stream science are still pretending there is nothing to it. It is an ongoing scandal that the prestigious scientific journals are ignoring LENR, that the US patent Office blocks it and that tens of billions of dollars continue to be burned (almost literally) by the JET and ITER projects.

    I also find it intriguing that many of the Greens (certainly here in New Zealand) seem to regard LENR – if they know anything about it at all – as seeking a technological solution for what they perceive as the “sins” of the modern world – coal, oil and gas burning. They seem to believe that everyone should be in sackcloth and ashes, wandering around the world, flagellating themselves and planting ever more trees! At least the practically minded Bill Gates is now aware of LENR and may prove to be the most important “convert” to realistic solutions to Climate Change so far. And, to divert a little, the average global temperature *is* actually rising and therefore the amount of potential energy contained in the oceans and atmosphere is rising. That means that the amount of “Climate Variation” is rising – there are more and more periods of extreme weather – hurricanes, floods, freezes, droughts, etc – than in recent record and we must at least gain the option of converting to emission-less energy, ASAP.

    How will it all play out? Don’t dismiss the entire hot fusion approach side for a start. The recent Lockheed Martin device is at least intriguing, while progress in the Polywell is real and published, it having recently achieved a “high beta” state (

    On the LENR side, I’m sorry, but I’m increasingly expecting Japan or China to suddenly flood the market with medium sized “E-Tigers” or “E-Dragons” that they’ve been secretly perfecting for the last few years (see my blog). In other words, hurry up Industrial Heat (and/or Brillouin)!

    Of course, there remains the unsolved mystery of why LENR is possible at all. Main stream science is taking a very “chicken and egg” approach to this in that it will presumably only commit its funding and researchers to the theory only if a breakthrough is first made in said theory! As a one-time nuclear physics student who worked on an aspect of the deuterium-tritium reaction, I can appreciate where some of this resistance is coming from. In 1989, I could not stop thinking of “Cold Fusion” in terms of atomic beam experiments in high vacuum where the Coulomb barrier apparently set an impossible threshold. As a recovering physicist rather than a young nuclear chemist, I must say I am still more comfortable thinking about the theory of the Polywell than the theory of the E-Cat. LENR research really demands a cross between a Chemist and a Physicist and one with much wider knowledge across their many branches than is typically found in the modern graduate as opposed to the late 19th century, when the Polymath was not yet extinct and when truly revolutionary ideas were unfolding at pace.

  • clovis ray

    well there he goes again george, what system are you talking about you don’t even make sense are you trying to push Communism, it such a humanitarian regime, why do you hate america so much, we are the greatest nation on earth, don’t worry so much about it, we Americans can handle what ever comes, always have always will, the world is changing and america will lead the way, believe it.

  • gdaigle

    A wise position. Brian Ahern from Vibronic Energy stated that LENR is not of nuclear origin but rather a manifestation of asymmetric magnetism. The Lugano report confirmed that there must be a nuclear mechanism. I tend now to think of asymmetric magnetism as the energetic “primer” to excite phonons. Alone it can produce low energy gains, but coupled with other energetic techniques (electrical discharge or heat) much greater energy gains are made.

    In my mind, the key is whether high energy gains achieved by E-Cat or Brillouin are possible without asymmetric magnetism. If it is a key method for achieving full LENR then Steorn has a plausible patent position.

  • Axil Axil

    It looks like SUSY is not doing too well:

    Popular physics theory running out of hiding places

    Without supersymmetry the theory behind the unification of the four standard model forces into one super force is blown out of the water. Finding these supersymmetric particles were one of the fundamental reasons why the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was built, all 10 billion dollars of it.

    On the other hand, experimental results in many fields of LENR indicate that the super force (lets call it the LENR force) is formed and act in LENR to combine many light atoms into on heavy atom(cluster fusion), and the weak force is supercharged in eliminating radioactive isotopes and radioactive decay.

    There is every possibility that particle physics will ignore LENR experimental results and subtle along for the best part of the next century inventing more mathematically based illusions of reality. Let reality be reality.

    LENR has experimentally demonstrated the unification of the three forces: electromagnetic, electroweak, and strong. Progress in understanding particle physics is going no further until LENR is added to the knowledge pool of humankind.