Merry Christmas to All E-Cat World Readers!

It seems like this time of year comes around faster and faster. This is the fourth Christmas since E-Cat World started up in 2011, and it’s been a great experience following news and and information around the very interesting topics we cover here.

I’d like to thank all of you for reading, commenting, sharing and supporting this site in all the ways you do.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and I hope you all enjoy this holiday season. I will be trying keep up with things on the site while involved in various activities with family and friends. I’ve heard there could be some interesting news coming up.

Here’s a video of a Yule log — a large log that was traditionally burned at this time of year on open hearths in northern Europe to provide maximum heat and endurance during festive times. It’s little ‘old fire’ that has kept the human race warmed and fed thoughout the millenia — I hope that by next Christmas we might be able to start getting some nice heat from some New Fire.

Frank Acland

  • Andre Blum

    Thank you, Frank, for another fine year here at ECW!

  • Jonnyb

    Happy Christmas and New Year to you all. I sincerely hope 2015 will be the year LENR finally becomes know to the masses.

  • Gerard McEk

    Frank, thank you for all your effort in the passed year also all the best wishes for 2015. I hope you will find the time to enjoy the warmth of a cosy and happy Christmas with your family.
    Also all the best wishes to all EcatWorld readers.

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    Thank you Frank for all the work. Thank you all on E-CatWorld for providing hope, and here’s to the coming change in 2015!

    “In the present circumstances, no one can afford to assume that someone else will solve their problems. Every individual has a responsibility to help guide our global family in the right direction. Good wishes are not sufficient; we must become actively engaged.”-

    The Dalai Lama. “The Path to Tranquility: Daily Wisdom”.

  • BroKeeper

    It has been a ‘positive and not negative’ experience following this blog site and fellow comments.
    I have learned so much. It has given your readers hope, as the Christmas story portrayals, of the future rather than an apocalyptic theme the world’s media and many religions capitalizes on. Well done, well done.

    Merry Christmas Frank and to all the ECW readers.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, BK — I seem to be noticing more and more the power of the media to shape attitudes and ideas. It seems that in many ways the world’s large media companies walk in lockstep, which has the effect of limiting the range of things that get covered by them. We are small and not very influential here, but I’m grateful that I have no editors or owners that I have to answer to, and can cover anything I want here.

      • BroKeeper

        With integrity.

  • GreenWin

    Merry Christmas Frank. Thanks for all you do!!

  • Ged

    Merry Christmas to all! I hope it’ll be a safe and festive time for everyone here. Who knows what wonders are to come!

  • clovis ray

    Howdy, Merry Christmas too everyone, here at ECW,

  • EEStorFanFibb

    Merry Christmas to you Frank. Great post! And I love the tease! And Merry Christmas to all the faithful readers here. I think 2015 is going to be a very interesting year!

  • ecatworld

    Merry Christmas form the MFMP? Bob Greenyer just posted on the replication thread:

    “Tomorrow, the MFMP will have a really nice present for you all.”

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      They will have something nice indeed. If you are a contributor, you’ll have recieved an email wich gives a glimp of what’s to come. Fascinating would probably be the right word to describe the events to come 🙂

      • Ged

        Certainly an unexpected twist that’ll shake things up, at that! Can’t wait to see people’s reactions.

        • Daniel Maris

          As long as it’s not one of those presents where you go through ten layers to find a walnut in the middle. 🙂

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    Merry Christmas to ya all!

    Let’s hope 2015 will be the year LENR breakes through bigtime…

  • Giovanniontheweb

    Merry Christmas to all the good souls, and to the bad ones too

  • Zdzisław

    Życzę Wszystkim biorącym udziałw tej dyskusji Wesołych Świąt,pomyślności i uzyskania powszechnego dostepu do prezentowanych na tym forum technologii.

  • georgehants

    One day Cold Fusion may help everybody in the World have a happy Christmas.
    Many thanks Frank and all.

  • builditnow

    I can’t say if the Yule log experiment to give off heat will be a positive or negative result … you will have to wait till the testers of the Yule log give their report. LOL Happy Christmas everyone.

  • Artefact

    Merry Christmas!

  • Freethinker

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everybody.

  • HarryD

    Merry Xmass from Netherlands to you too, and keep up the good work!

    “Maybe next winter” the virtual fireplace video you included in your blogpost will show instead of wood an eCat glowing in the fireplace!

  • Christina


    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all ECW readers and commenters!


  • nightcreature3

    Thank you Frank. Not only are you helping spread the word about LENR, but you are also providing a civil place for intelligent conversation.

    Merry Christmas to all of you here.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Thank you Frank for all that you do to shine a light on this.

    Thank you also to everyone here that have made our work possible


    Here is the edge of your present under the wrapping paper…

  • bkrharold

    Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year Frank. Thanks for all the work you do. I believe 2015 you and the readers of Ecat World will be rewarded with many positive developments in the field of alternative energy, including LENR.

  • :shy: