Piantelli on The Beginnings of Nickel-Hydrogen LENR Research — and a Fundraiser for Project Fedora

A post on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s website gives an interesting account of how Francesco Piantelli first became involved in nickel-hydrogen LENR research. Piantelli has explained to the MFMP how on August of 1989 he was working at the University of Siena (next to the Piazza del Campo where the Annual Palio di Siena horse race was taking place) on an experiment to understand how a brain cell reacts when it is starved of oxygen.

The experimental setup involved using a nickel rod, hydrogen, and electrodes along with the brain cells being tested.

In order to freeze the state of a dying braincell instantly on its substrate of Nickel, the sample was dunked in liquid Helium which can be as cool as -269 °C (about 4 K or −452.2 °F), the coldest fluid known to man.

Only, on August the 16th, 1989, it did not freeze, it just kept on boiling away the liquid helium, this tiny fragment of nickel was fighting around 250W of cryogenic cooling to keep warm, it was a phenomenon that had no precedent . . . [Piantelli] started to wonder if it could be in the same family of nuclear derived energy as had been recently reported from Utah by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann.

The post also explains that along with his scientific research, Piantelli is also a winemaker. Martin Fleischmann, who became a friend of Piantelli, would enjoy his wine. In 1992 Piantelli and Sergio Focardi celebrated a Nickel-Hydrogen replication success by drinking five liters of Piantelli’s Chianti.

Now, as a fundraiser to support the MFMP’s Project Fedora, Piantelli is making available some bottles (which he will sign) of his 1989 vintage. Here are the details:

We ask that people submit their closed pledges for these by the 30th December 2014 to [email protected] stating pledge value and contact details.

Successful participants will be informed on 31st December 2014 and will need to make good on their pledge by the 3rd January 2015.

The top 5 pledges will be invited to come to the MFMP accommodation in Italy, if they can, and share the wine. If Piantelli is well enough, he suggested that he would like to decant it, as a purist, he says that wine of this maturity is best consumed shortly after it is moved. Depending on shipping location, there will be an appropriate amount for packaging and shipping requested.

Piantelli is apparently seeing Project Fedora with a great deal of urgency. The MFMP says he agreed to the offering of his wine as part of the fundraiser “in order to help raise money for a strong *independent* team to urgently go
and work with him.”

I am sure that the MFMP will do all they can to ensure that any experiments and tests they run will be independent and transparent, and one advantage that we will have in Project Fedora, in comparison to the independent testing of the E-Cat, is that the testing will be live, and the testers will be able to quickly respond to questions and suggestions from outside observer.

  • Mr. Moho

    You left this bit out in the excerpt from quantumheat.org. I feel it adds more context to the motives behind this fundraiser.

    We have great pleasure in announcing that Francesco has agreed to make available a limited number of his 1989 vintage home brewed Chianti bottles of wine, that he will sign. He agreed to do this in order to help raise money for a strong *independent* team to urgently go and work with him.

    • ecatworld

      Good point. I will add this.

  • georgehants

    While we wait to see if Mr. gates, now we know he is fully aware of Cold Fusion, chooses to donate a pittance for him, say $1,000,000, to MFMP, I will happily donate another $50.
    Will he help, or choose to bow to the other oligarchs and follow the path of profit, profit, profit, while millions suffer and die?
    Just like waiting for the corrupt science establishment and comics to publicize the proven position of Cold Fusion.
    Maybe he cares a little more than science for the World.

    • Bernie777

      Good idea, if Gates donates 1 million I will donate $100

    • Observer

      I would donate $50 if Gates fixed the factor of 2 problem in the Microsoft Basic for the 6502.

      • bachcole


  • Curbina

    I knew Mr. Piantelli came from the biophysics background and his research was medical in nature when he stumbled upon the Ni-H reaction. I have to praise for deciding to start a cooperation with MFMP. At some point Piantelli wanted nothing to do with the “cold fusion” research, I’m so glad he changed his mind now.

  • clovis ray

    I would be very interested in what Dr. Rossi, thinks about,Mr Piantelli. joining the MF/MP.

    • Mr. Moho

      He’s referred to the MFMP as “competitors” in the past so perhaps an answer to such a question would be along those lines. He might avoid touching the subject directly saying that he won’t comment about the work of his competitors.

  • Chris I

    Gosh Piantelli should never have mentioned the Chianti… now the skeptopaths will be gloating their explanation of the claimed results; duh!

    • Omega Z

      “the financial flood gates will open”
      They will not. However, 1, Working pilot plant will open the gates, but it wont flood. It will be cautionary at first.

      • Bob Greenyer

        I think you’ll find that if it is easy enough – as it appears – very many organisations across the world will go at this like you could not even imagine.

        Just last week the Financial times said that oil prices below $60 per barrel directly threatened $1,000,000,000,000 of investment. The saudis might have shot themselves in the foot – because that investment money is in hand to create energy and it is liquidity that will be looking for a home.

        • Omega Z

          Most of that money is in investment funds(Pensions Etc) that avoid unproven technology & high risk. A working plant reduces the risk, but will still be cautiously invested in. There are many other safer investment avenues.

          Don’t under estimate the Saudi’s. They are very aware of what their doing & has nothing to do with U.S. Shale oil & gas. They also have near a Trillion in investments that will actually produce better under lower oil prices. Most of what they lose on one end is gained on the other.

  • Mr. Moho

    Besides knowing him because of ongoing legal disputes, I think he did personally contact Piantelli in the past, before hiring Focardi. However, I doubt that matters much regarding the message he wants to pass through his blog (JONP).

  • Obvious

    Sorry, I was just re-reading this, and is it H or He? Both are mentioned in the story.

    Dunking various forms of Ni in either should be an easy experiment. Helium would be safer to mess with.