Rossi: Domestic E-Cats Still a Priority for Industrial Heat

When Industrial Heat bought Rossi’s technology it seemed that the future for E-Cat technology would be in the industrial arena. Before the IH era, Andrea Rossi had talked enthusiastically about the mass creation of domestic E-Cats that could be used for home heating and, in time, electricity generation. He said the key for this to become a reality would be safety certification.

Then Rossi reported that safety certification would not be as quick as he had once hoped. He said that certifiers would need thousands of hours of data from operating E-Cats to check its performance, and that data was not available to them. So the focus shifted to industrial E-Cat plants, and that is where we are now, with Rossi saying he is now running his first 1 MW plant in an extended on-site industrial test, before revealing it to the public.

However, recent comments by Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics suggest that plans for the domestic E-Cat have not been placed on hold. Here’s a recent comment by him on the topic.

Andrea Rossi
January 5th, 2015 at 2:48 PM
You asked, in Italian, when the domestic E-Cat will go in the market.
Surely it will go in the market. The “when” depends on a factor that does not depend on us, which is the safety certification. We are working strong on it, as well as on the technology of the same, very well developed. Once obtained the certification we will unleash all the strategy to produce the E-Cats in economy scale, to make them competitive beyond any attempt of reverse engineering.
Warm Regards,

According to Rossi in other comments he has made recently, is the production of these units in the millions, and producing them at such low prices that it would discourage competitors from bothering to reverse engineer them and try to sell them:

“When our domestic small E-Cats will hit the market we will not have anymore a reverse engineering problem, as I already explained, because the economy scale will allow prices that will make competition not convenient. We are working on it.”

Rossi has said that the technology behind the small E-Cats is well developed and basically ready to go. Certification has not been obtained however, and still not guaranteed.

  • Guru

    I not trust Rossi with his claims about priority for Home E-Cats.
    And it is irrelevant, because HephaHeat mass products will také this sector by storm.
    Game over for Rossi

    • giovanniontheweb

      Hi Guru, I have the impression you are about to confuse horse and char

      • little al

        IMHO with 100 + e-cats in the industrial plant, it should not take that long to accumulate 1000 hours of safety data

    • Heraklit

      Very nice consept!

      • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

        πάντα ῥεῖ !

    • BroKeeper

      Amazing E-Cat evolutionary advancement since just over a year ago. What are we looking at in just a few years from now? Exciting front row seats.

    • Freethinker


      Very smart images. Kudos to that guy, Daniel Badoual, for the very clear visualization of a home E-Cat.

  • EEStorFanFibb

    By Rossi’s own admission his technology WILL be reverse engineered. If Parkhomov can do something like it already based on a report, then ANYONE AND EVERYONE will be able to reverse engineer an ecat once they are on the market and can be dissected/examined. Meanwhile legal/patent IP protection doesn’t look likely either.

    Consequently, for IH, the strategy for maintaining a dominant share of the LENR market, seems to be to flood the world in a huge hurry once they are finally done prepping and getting safety certification established. Seems unlikely that this would have a minimal effect on energy markets as Rossi has claimed in the distant past.

    Rather, in order for IH to maintain a dominant position as a LENR energy market leader they will ramp up production and sales in a big, big way. Others will be forced to do the same as best they can if they want even a small piece of the market. All together, I think we are looking at a very sizable disruption to the global energy markets.

    I look forward to watching the chaos and carnage as the HUGE fortunes are won and lost in short order. Maybe as early as this year.

    • Gerard McEk

      I agree with what you are saying. Additionally, if IH starts automatic production in China, then you can expect low production cost and they will be very competitive.
      I am sure IH needs a colossal R&D to keep their initial advantage, also theoretically. Once science finds out how LENR/CF works, the COP will rise and IH’s advantage will diminish unless they can patent their E-cat.

  • I think they will be manufactured in China from the very start.

  • sc1ttl

    ceft refers to UL, ISO, TUV, and govt entities. ASHRAE etc. takes years. THATS Y ITS IMERATIVEE to remove the word nuclear. if the IEA and NRC get ivolved it will take DECADES.!!!!

    • Mike

      In Europe it will be a notified body which makes all tests independently, for example DVGW and Kiwa. The manufacturer sends the appliance for tests and then waits for the results. Either these notified bodies and test labs develop specific test plans for all kind of security checks or they use some international standard, for example EN xxx. If you test a gas stove for CE marking there are a lot of tests att full and reduced power, emission limits etc. If the manufacturer use an own lab for the tests I believe the lab has to fulfil a lot of requirements regarding measurement accuracy etc.

  • ronzonni

    I wonder who the certifiers are and why Dr. Rossi doesn’t name them. A bit of pressure on them to hurry would not hurt anything.

  • LilyLover

    “Domestic Ecat is still a priority for IH”?
    It means –
    that had always been an important priority – sidetracked for Hot-Cat.
    Now that the Hot-Cat is well behaving, he’s gonna tame the domestic Cat.
    “The ECAT is a global necessity, not a domestic priority. mercy”
    BTW it is a domestic priority all over the Globe.
    Domestic does not mean US-only.
    Domestic as in domesticated cats, E-Cat is a Global-domestic priority.
    He is merciful!! 🙂

  • blanco69

    ” The ‘when’ does not depend on us…” This suggests that there are domestic ecats already around which are being ‘held back’ by certifiers whilst they gather their prudent safety information. The reality is that there are no ‘certifiers’ currently being presented with domestic ecat data for them to reject. So in that respect, the “when” very much depends on Rossi and IH. The mass production theory about “dont release until they’re so cheap it’s not worth it” is also convenient in the sense that it adds at least another year until we see a domestic ecat in the real world.

  • jousterusa

    Picture the old, skinny, grey-haired fella in his flannel long johns sitting at his kitchen table in upstate New York late this January evening, with the winds howling and the wind chill somewhere below -15, wondering where money for his heating oil will come from in February if this weather keeps up, and drumming his fingers on the tabletop as he reads about plans to bring the E-Cat into American homes at an affordable price. Thrum, thrum, thrum, ta-dum. He has a long, cold wait ahead, as do all of the shivering people in this world.

  • Omega Z


    I believe there is soft evidence that a 1Mw plant was sold/delivered, however shortly after, Rossi had the break that allowed the development of the Hot-cat & the additional 11 optional sales never took place. This 1 sale being of an exploratory Military project, It is highly probable that we will never know for certain. At least, Not in our lifetime. Maybe 50/75 years from now, it will be revealed in a documentary.

    Of your 3 possibilities, I Find #2 the most probable with 3 caveats.
    #1, Rossi does care & he knows the market will spread the technology far & wide faster then any other method.
    #2, Rossi is still overcoming Issues with the Pilot plant. Tho control is more complex, many of these issues would also have effected the home units. So in effect, it isn’t quite ready for market.
    #3, The industrial path is necessary to obtain the safety data for UL certification. Just 10 of these 1Mw plants can provide data on several 1000 individual reactors & several million operational hours in a single year. Unless some major safety issue pops up, UL certification is mostly a given. Note, I doubt a 1400’C hot cat will ever be approved for single residential setting Tho Possible in a large complex with a certified technician present.

  • Chris

    Wow – THIS would be some serious strategy. I haven’t heard anyone mention this yet. What a way to put a nail in the coffin of the competition…