Alexander Parkhomov Invites MFMP to Moscow

I think this is some good news for those of us who have been following the work of Dr. Alexander Parkhomov, and also the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. Both have been working in their own way to find a way to at least approximate the results of the Lugano E-Cat test — Dr. Parkhomov seeming to have the most success so far, reporting excess heat of up to 258 per cent with his reactor.

The MFMP today has just reported on their Facebook page today that they have entered into a ‘mutually beneficial’ dialogue and the relationship seems to be bearing fruit that could be very important:

They write:

“In the course of relationship building through positive action and mutual interest, Dr. Parkhomov invited the MFMP to visit him and capture his experience and on-going work in Moscow. We hope to do this as soon as possible and share with everyone our findings.”

When they say ‘capture his experience’, I hope that means an live open demonstration of his experiment — it would be terrific to see the Parkhomov reactor doing its thing live on the web!

  • Ophelia Rump

    Fascinating, this is a wonderful gesture.
    Parkhomov is about to help launch LENR into the public domain.
    Once public domain has a LENR option a garage industry will sprout of world wide overnight.
    Garage LENR will be the first major player to market. This game is about to get very interesting.
    No army of lawyers will be able to stuff the Genie back in the bottle once it is out.

  • Teemu Soilamo

    Wow, this is epic. I feel like we’re living in very exciting times!

    • bachcole

      The reason that it feels like we are living in exciting times is that we are living in exciting times. (:->)

      And it is epic!!!!

  • rats123

    This is it. MFMP must take up this offer and go to Moscow. Prove it one way or the other once and for all.

    • Fortyniner

      It’s not really about proving or disproving Parkhomov’s claims. Those involved are working towards a common goal, not trying to convince anyone else of anything, least of all casual onlookers.

      That said, I hope MFMP will be able to send a couple of their people to meet Dr Parkhomov and perhaps witness his experiments. This snowball seems to be rolling along quite nicely.

  • bfast

    Yes! I really want the Parkhomov validation to be independently validated.

  • Gerard McEk

    I believe the MFMP members are fortuned to get such an invitation. I would love to join them. No doubt you will learn a lot of how to construct a working Hot cat and other interesting things and maybe AP’s view on theories about LENR. I am sure this will boost your progress. Let us hope the authorities will not spoil this fantastic initiative.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      At least, they should avoid the „N“ word when they apply for a visa.

      • Fortyniner

        Agreed. That’s an issue that everyone involved should have addressed long ago through a voluntary embargo on the use of the term LENR. Even ‘cold fusion’ is dubious in this respect. Perhaps MFMP could lead the way, as they seem to be rapidly becoming the hub of replication efforts.

        Whatever is used it should be boring in the extreme. My suggestion: HDSER – hydride/deuteride stimulated exothermic reactions, or just HDSR.

        • timycelyn

          Agreed – boring, obscure, technical-sounding. Probably should be hard to say as well, no nice acronyms that roll off the tongue…

          • Slammer

            I think the countries that are trying to protect their oil and gas interests here have it backwards. Instead of trying to protect a dying infra-structure and fuel source countries like Russia should embrace LENR and move forward at the fastest speed to develop and implement with the realization that the cost savings on all products from automotive to retail goods, plastics and even processed foods would be so enormous that the business models of all other fossil fuel based economies private sector production would immediately be undercut and couldn’t compete in a world market. They would in effect, own the new means of production, as energy is about 50% of the cost of production.

        • Fortyniner

          There seem to be a number of pathways to ‘anomalous heat’ in gas/solid (metal hydride/deuteride) systems, gas loaded electrochemical ‘wet’ cells and plasma/HV discharge devices, but I think it would be rather surprising if they turn out to be unrelated.

          However, if Rossi’s reactors are not ‘strictly’ LENR it would make it easier for a new term to become accepted, that specifically relates to metal hydride reactors, and avoids any provocative references.

          How about it, Bob G. – any suggestions based on what MFMP may know about what is happening at a nucleonic level?

          • Евгений Максимов

            Sorry for bad English.
            I talk through translator.

            The mechanism of reaction of Rossi and Parkhomov do not belong to the nuclear reactions and production of neutrons, as in ColdFusion. Neither slow, nor rapid nor zero.
            There is not transformation of substance in the reaction of Rossi, as in LENR.

            A mechanism I described already.
            Production of warmth due to the reaction of recombination of atoms of hydrogen in a molecule on the surface of catalyst.
            It is known yet from 1911.
            Gas-ring of Langmuir.
            Nothing unusual.
            High COP this production of work of catalyst. Perceived now miracle, whoever is acquainted with chemistry of catalysis.

          • Andreas Moraitis

            The catalytic model can explain the higher temperatures in the Langmuir process. But higher temperature does not necessarily mean that there is additional energy. The energy might just be more concentrated, either locally or as a result of a higher reaction rate.

          • Евгений Максимов

            I agree.

            My version of working as of reactor Rossi.
            The skeletal catalyst of Raney nickel in the process of receipt is enriched by atomic hydrogen. The large volume of hydrogen takes in : on 1 gm/. nickel of 11-12l. atomic hydrogen.

            It very much.
            At heating of nickel atomic hydrogen diffuses on the surface of catalyst that is under partial pressure of molecular hydrogen.

            On the surface of metal atomic hydrogen recombines in molecular, giving energy to the nickel and warming up it. Process strongly exothermisity. Main not to exceed a temperature. a recurrence is needed warming/cooling.

            When all atomic hydrogen will pass an access cycle in molecular, a catalyst gets older. Replacement is needed.

          • Obvious

            The efficiency of the Lugano device increased over time.

          • Евгений Максимов

            depends on the method of receipt of skeletal nickel.
            “aging” of catalyst is nonlinear.
            can work to semiyear depending on the terms of reaction.
            but energy of hydrogen is always eventual.
            Recombination of nickel is then needed.

          • Евгений Максимов


            look the second photo at a page.
            the local heating of reactor is perfectly visible during emergency work

          • Pekka Janhunen

            But Rossi Lugano report saw transmutation, Li7->Li6, Ni->Ni62

          • Евгений Максимов

            in a 2011 Rossi reported about allegedly converting of nickel into a copper.
            Maybe improper data.

            Isotopic analysis of catalyst before loading, then loading, then work, then to unload and again analysis.

            if was there only a nickel, then what for secret material then?
            that did become with it in the reports of Lugano?

          • Pekka Janhunen

            In 2011, copper was contamination, Rossi later admitted.

            In Lugano, inside reactor was nickel and LiAlH4 (which maybe was secret, but is not any more:-). And testers found isotopic change in both lithium and nickel, after 30 days. Possibly there was something secret also in Lugano, but if so, was not part of fuel powder.

            Parkhomov used also nickel and LiAlH4 and no other secret, but his run short so not yet made isotopic analysis.

            (I am trying to write simple English, hoping translator works better)

          • Евгений Максимов

            I work on the problem of transmutation 9 years 🙂

            LENR the exit of energy is always accompanied by the change of chemical composition of substance.
            Iron, magnesium, silicon, calcium, always appears.
            This universal distribution.
            Studied working hard on this topic, both Russian and American.

            Therefore for me large doubts, that in the reactor of Rossi nuclear reactions.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            Did you work with palladium or nickel?

            With palladium, there are many reports of transmutation. I have thought that it is because fusion-fission D+Pd->Cr+V… is exothermic. But for nickel p+Ni is endothermic, and thus far I do not know about transmutation in case of NiH.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            addition: by Cr+V.. I mean all of what you said: iron, magnesium, calcium…

            and by “transmutation in case of NiH” I mean fission-type transmutation (approximately silicon mass), not copper or such

      • Bob Greenyer

        What you mean “New”


        • Andreas Moraitis

          Admittedly, that’s even more suspicious…

        • Bob, have you guys ever seen this patent for containing hydrogen up to 700 degrees. Ophelia posted it on another link.

  • Fortyniner

    While that may be true, Rossi has said or implied on a number of occasions that his success is not down to ‘serendipity’ or Edisonian trial and error, but comes from a deep understanding of the processes involved. The implication has to be that anyone else who arrives at a similar level of understanding through experiment and theory will also be able to make the jump to functioning HT reactors.

    Collaboration between MFMP and Celani, Focardi, Parkhomov and others might allow others to reach this point relatively rapidly. Just knowing that a thing can be done is a good part of the effort to achieve almost any goal.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Fortyniner, you have hit the nail on the hair – “Just knowing that a thing can be done is a good part of the effort to achieve almost any goal.” That is why our primary goal is to find an experiment that shows incontrovertible excess, prove it to ourselves through multiple replications then spread that exact experiment to a number of independent parties. when this is KNOWN to be true things will move very fast.

      • Dr. Mike

        Bob and Fortyniner,
        I totally agree! Once The LENR effect can be replicated with the exact details of the procedure available to everyone, surely every university with a decent physics department and every corporation interested in energy production will begin experiments on LENR. Once these groups replicate LENR, they will begin the controlled experiments to improve their reactors. I believe this experimentation will lead to a sound theoretical explanation of LENR, which will followed by further improvements in LENR devices.
        Dr. Mike

  • Bob Greenyer

    now that is perspective, right there Bachole

  • Bob Greenyer

    Perhaps, we might say that we like to discover how Russians keep warm in the winter.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      If you have to say something to officers, say for example “Scientific research on physics of metal hydrides”

      • Pekka Janhunen

        In the 1980-1990’s, some of my colleagues travelled to Russia with some ground support equipment of space flight hardware for a Mars mission. The customs officer asked: Is that a computer? One of them quickly replied: No, it’s a simulator. There were no further questions and they got through.
        At that time, western computers were valuable in Russia (or maybe it was still Soviet Union, I’m not sure).

        • Fortyniner

          “Is that a nuclear reactor you have there?”

          “No, it’s an apparatus for measuring the output of anomalous thermal energy from externally stimulated metal hydrides.”

          That should have them asleep by halfway through.

  • john

    Change urgently to LEN_R Low energy reaction. I don’t understand why talk about “nuclear” because it’s not nuclear is instead something like a unknown effect never seen before.This word Nuclear will stop all development and people who work with it will be classified. Time to STOP using the N word

  • Curbina

    Been really busy lately to have time to comment, but I can only be happy for all the stuff happening even if Mr. Rossi is not that happy, any independent confirmation of high power LENR will help advance LENR into maisntream and massification.

    • bachcole

      I guess you were too busy looking for water. Boy!, it must hot there in northern Chile today. (:->)

      I agree about Rossi. I don’t care if he is happy about this. Don’t misunderstand me. I want him to be happy and to be extremely happy and to be extremely rich. But if there is something that comes along that pushes LENR forward faster, well, I guess that I am just fickle. As long as no laws are broken and Rossi is not cheated out of his just desserts (you notice that I didn’t say “just deserts”. We got enough of that around here.), my first love and loyalty is to the human race, not Andrea Rossi.

      • Curbina

        I’m busy dealing with bureaucracy and the struggle to make a small bussiness (water related, you got that part right) to thrive in an “officcially flamboyant but in reality contracting” economy. Life as usual. 🙂

  • bachcole

    I appreciate that, TomR. I don’t know what Oceans2014 is talking about. I admit that human beings and the human race comes first for me, but American is the political and military salvation of the world. Musically and artistically, we suck. (:->) But my heart is with my country. I see the good and the bad, but it is still my country.

    And, most importantly, I don’t answer to Oceans2014 or anyone else. I answer soully (how about that “spelling” pun!) to God.

    • “Musically and artistically, we suck.” Hey..(umbrage)!

      • bachcole

        I was hoping to get a rise out of someone. (:->) I am currently listening to “Twilight of the Gods” by Richard Wagner. I will probably listen to that repeatedly for an hour or two. Then I might listen to Native American music, Albinoni’s Adagio in G minor, Green Onions, Marin Marias, Mozart’s String Quintet # 2 in C minor, or even So, if you think that I am being narrow, I think that you are going to have to find some other way to fault my judgement. (:->)

      • Bachcole

        I was hoping to get a rise out of someone. (:->) I am currently listening to “Twilight of the Gods” by Richard Wagner. I will probably listen to that repeatedly for an hour or two. Then I might listen to Native American music, Albinoni’s Adagio in G minor, Green Onions, Marin Marias, Mozart’s String Quintet # 2 in C minor, or even So, if you think that I am being narrow, I think that you are going to have to find some other way to fault my judgement. (:->)

  • mytakeis

    or is Russia independent, self-sufficient enough to not worry about the established order, with a replacement of a reliable LENR energy source in the hand. Maybe this leads to intense competition to replicate successful devices in the rest of the world, diminishing the push of ‘war’ against terrorism. They may even consider the beneficial affects on the world’s downtrodden. Aside from the ruinous oligarchs, that was their ideology, and the Orthodox religion has made a comeback. I do not think they have to fear questions of customs officers, from this perspective.

    • bachcole

      My take was, and I am the writer of that comment, that it was humor. I agree that for the nation, for any nation, LENR should not be a threat. For the oil and gas oligarchs, it should make them tremble. They will lose their power and won’t be able to use people like chattel.

      • mytakeis

        lot of truth comes from humor

  • I was until the economy went south. Picked up my carpentry belt.

  • What kind?