LENR Cities CEO Michel Vandenberghe on Oxford University Conference

This comment was posted by LENR-Cities CEO Michel Vandenberghe on his LinkedIn page about an LENR-Cities conferenceg held at Magdelene College at Oxford University, UK, over the weekend of January 10/11.

It has been an exciting and successful international event with a set of scientific presentations to address the scope of Low Energy Nanoscale field and presentations of key elements of LENR-Cities’s strategy, organization and business model, with a lot of talks between the attendees (limited number to 50 to foster exchanges), including scientists working with or in close touch with LENR-Cities, including Airbus’s Chief scientist, academics, some enterprises, some consultants and journalists. We are going to prepare a summary of this event to be shared within the LENR group with the LENR-Forum team.

Some of you participating in this group have attended the meeting, Mika and Rob. Your comments are welcome.

Angelo, Didier and Michel from the LENR-Cities team.

I communicated with Michel Vandenberge today and asked him about his assessment of the meeting. He said that academics and enterprises showed a strong interest, and also that three journalists who were at the meeting were all ‘very impressed’. It remains to be seen, however, if any reports of the meeting will be permitted in the publications they write for.

Michel said that LENR-Cities will be building a package to spread basic knowledge about all parts of their projects. He mentioned that one of the goals of LENR-Cities is help mitigate negative impacts the emergence of LENR might have by providing organizations with access to everything they might need to join the LENR industry.

  • BroKeeper

    find this meeting fascinating and another incremental step from petro
    addiction to clean cheap LENR energy. I think
    it would be a great advantage for IH to partner with LENR-Cities to mitigate any
    fears and disruptive change that may occur for companies during its transition. Maybe some of the meeting results will leak out
    into the MSM.

  • Gerrit

    I hope we get a bit more info about the meeting. LENR is really getting mainstream, but the mainstream doesn’t seem to notice yet. I wonder when the journalists who were present will publish about it.

    • It should be first in finance and business journals. 😉
      Not yet WSJ as far as I know.

      as my dear told me, finance news paper are more tolerants with dissident voices (yes) because they make money with good information, and loose money with errors.

      opinion and politically corrects journal like NyT are just good too to enforce a groupthink that is beneficial for the who respect the common consensus, whatever is the reality…
      Science journal are like that too… they relay what you have to consider as good way to be correct….

      it is like beauty contest… you just have to choose the one that other choose, reading the same newspaper.

      Finance journals are more like wedding agency catalog…
      what the other think is not so important, important is your own choice.

      this is not popular intuition that free speech is more real in finance journal than in opinion journal, or peer-reviewed journal, but it is evident it you try to publish in one of it.
      Free speech does not mean that readers agree, but they read you…