Alexander Parkhomov to Present at LENR Seminar at Russian Nuclear Institute VNIIAES on January 27th

Thanks to artefact and Alainco for finding the following on the Russian Proatom web site here (translated by Google):

January 27, 2015 g, Tuesday, at 14-00, VNIIAES (Ferghana, 25) in the room. 614 will host a seminar: “The study of low-energy nuclear reactions – a new direction in science.” Everyone is welcome, Order badge: [email protected] , have passport


AG Parkhomov, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, Moscow State University, “The study of high-temperature heat source analogue of Russia”. The world’s first Russian scientists repeated experience with the release of nickel hydrogenation anomalous heat is 2.5 times greater than the costs (without the participation of A. Rossi).

SN Andreev, academic secretary of the Institute of General Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of sciences. “The study of low-energy nuclear reactions – a new direction in science.” Reviewed the results achieved in the study LENR and outlined the priorities for future research.

VNIIAES is the All-Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Operation based in Moscow, Russia (see website here)

  • This guy is going places.

    • Ged

      Seems lenr is becoming mainstream in Russia.

  • bfast

    Alexander Parkhomov is piquing my interest. First, I find that he has reproduced a hot cat with COP reasonably close to that of Rossi’s formal test. Then I hear that he has invited MFMP to check out his work. Now I hear that he is working out of a major Russian university, and that he is going public with his findings in a serious way.

    Will Mr. Parkhomov provide the impetus to blow the lid off this story? The fact that he is Russian will not help him. There is a lot of mistrust of Russians. However, China and Russia have a closer and more trusting relationship. If he shares his techniques freely, we should see other replications soon. That should light the fire.

    • bachcole

      Although I appreciate your view of Russians, they do have a very long and honourable history of using science to investigate a lot of unpopular arenas of life. Compared with the Russian scientific establishment, our science establishment seems like a bunch of shameful cowards.

      • David

        Russian inventions are endless. In the Soviet period and before.

      • GreenWin

        Sad but true how many people resonate with your last sentence bachole. Our science “consensus” has earned a reputation of cowardice below the “sheeple” who fund it.

  • Rossi had the chance to go into history books right behind fleischmann and pons. But now I’m nearly sure that this Russian guy together with Piantelli and the MFMP crew will go in history as Edison did it.

    • LilyLover

      I think Rossi will go in history for “Rossi” prize and ” Domestic E-Cat”.

  • Jarea1

    This Russian conference remind me to the film about cold fusion “The Saint”. There is a murder who tries to avoid cold fussion in Russia. Please, Parkhomov, be careful and take care. Write down, and share all the information we don´t want that “somebody” try to block LENR again in the hard way.

  • Guru

    It needs great courage in country, which had 70% of their hard currency income from oil and gas exports. It is comparable to courage of professor Shlomo Sand and his bestseller book (in different country where Semitic children are burning alive with white phosporus shells)

  • wonderboy

    If this starts getting serious traction in Russia, it will have huge geopolitical implications. I wonder how the west would respond if the Russian government embraces LERN.

    • LilyLover

      West will embrace it out of reluctance not because of Russia but because of China.

    • Gerrit

      The opportunists who profited from bashing cold fusion, will be eager to start profiting from embracing cold fusion.

      • it have started, don’t worry.

        the troika of denial with be the troika of rediscovery. they cannot lose, since they build the history.
        Thomas Kuhn and Taleb explain that well.

  • I fear Putin will feel his oil production will be threatened by LENR and put a heavy thumb on it.

    • Ronzonni

      Maybe, instead, he’ll adapt and sell LENR.

      • Jack T.

        google buran
        Russia has to have a duplicate version of everything the west has even if it doesn’t fly

    • I think Putin also knows that it would be very stupid to just ignore this technology.

      He better should support reseach on a state level. At the moment no country on this planet is officially supporting LENR reseach. They could be the first. Maybe the russians can build better devices and make their money with international exports as they do it with nuclear fission plants already.

      • GreenWin

        NASA, NRL, DARPA, DOE-ARPA-e, Italy’s ENEA, India’s BARC, Sweden’s Elforsk, are all government agencies who have been or are engaged in LENR research. Japan, China, Korea, Germany, France all have classified programs. However, Putin needs LENR now more than ever.

  • Alexander Parkhomov appears to have no profit motive, only scientific interest. Therefore he could make copies of his device and sell them at cost to other laboratories so that they can test the device and duplicate the device for themselves. This could start a chain reaction of research, and he could even send a reactor to MIT.

    • That is what I hope! I think it is more worth to be known as a “hero” in >100 as to have for 30 years more money then you can ever spent for stupid stuff.

    • bfast

      I think Parkhomov will do much better to simply show the world what he did, and let others replicate the hot cat too. Parkhomov does seem to be very open to showing his work, which is really exciting. I think that MFMP needs to get on the jet plane, learn what they need to learn, replicate the hot cat, and make their findings very available as planned.

  • Gerard McEk

    Maybe this new development will bring CNT/LENR on the scientific track. If the Russians so openly start to take intrest in this, the western scientific society can’t dwell behand and politicians will start asking questions. Soon we may see fierce compitition: Who is the first to master this new phenomenon? Let the race begin!

  • If I understand well it is happening in Ousbekistan in Ferghana…
    Is it that ?

  • Zephir

    Honestly, I doubt it. Russia is even less motivated in fast adoption of LENR, than the USA.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    The word „Росси“ in the title of Parkhomov’s lecture („Исследование аналога высокотемпературного теплогенератора Росси“) means actually „Rossi“. In machine translations it is often wrongly
    interpreted as „Росси́и“, which is (among others) the genitive or dative
    of „Росси́я” (Russia).

  • Chris, Italy

    As usual one just has to grin at google’s translations; one of the most obvious things is that it shouldn’t be “analogue of Russia” but instead of Rossi(‘s). By my scant ability to read cyrillic and Russian, I would put Пархомов’s title as being: “Studying (or Study of) an analogue of Rossi’s high temperature heat generator”

  • Ivan Koval

    “The study of high-temperature heat source analogue of Rossi”

  • Robert Ellefson

    Abandon the chance to learn from somebody who can legitimately be called the father of Nickel-Hydrogen LENR systems? Piantelli has been conducting much unpublished research for decades now, and is willing to share this hard-won and well-guarded experience with the MFMP. Contrast this with Parkhomov, who has an exciting new development to share, but presumably nothing near the depth of experience in this field that Piantelli has to share. Visiting both researchers would be wise, but calling for them to abandon Piantelli just because somebody else has the lead on recent exciting news would be foolish, IMHO.

    MFMP are wise to invest the time in accepting all that Piantelli is willing to share of his knowledge, even if they are hobbled by IP concerns over portions of the work. Parkhomov’s research in this topic is still developing from very early stages, and it seems unlikely that he will drop off the face of the earth anytime soon, so that trip can wait a few more weeks. I just hope that the MFMP team will start posting extensive details of what they are learning, as they are learning it, even minor laboratory methods and materials compatibility lessons, etc, before it fades from information overload.

    • Alberonn

      Robert, there are several stances that you have to consider in this situation : from a scientific point of view and from a point of view of plain human respect and decency you are absolutely right : the depth of Prof. Piantelly’s research and experience is undoubtedly worth attention and respect – that’s what my ‘CORDIALLY’ goodbye stands for – , but IMHO there is no time to lose now, since Parkhomov, probably quite naively gets drawn into the spotlights, the local PTB will notice and take action and I fear will block any free exchange of info, at best…
      The vested interests of Russia are absolutely in oil and gas (like the US dollar…): they simply cannot afford to allow a technology as LENR to disrupt their system and basic existence as a nation, believe me : they (Putin&Friends) are smart enough to see and ruthless enough to get things “properly” done…
      Parkhomov is a scientist, but also a practical man, an experimentalist, we see only the top of the Iceberg of him : he’s got what MFMP needs now if we want to open this to the WORLD : science can wait : I’d say : please, please guys, go for it, while there is still a chance… History will sort out the credits and real heros in the end… as always…

  • winebuff67

    Russia will crush this if it get going. They have far too much invested in oil and gas to let this move foreward very quickly.

  • bfast

    Alberonn, I so totally agree with you! I hear what Robert Ellefson is saying, I hold Piantelli in very high regard. However, MFMP has been on track to replicate Rossi’s hot cat. Parkhomov has replicated the hot cat, and has opened his hand of invitation. I say, stay on track, focus on the hot cat, not the more general topic of LENR.

  • Philip James

    Regarding people thinking Putin will crush this…

    Rules of the game– no one wants something they can have. Everyone wants something they don’t have. Works in business, playgrounds, politics, love…

    Russia thinks the West has LENR? They will want it. US thinks China or Russia have LENR? US will want it.

    Putin is smart enough to know that the jig is up with oil. US/CIA will keep oil low enough price for long enough to teach Putin a lesson. Putin needs a way out.

    Do you think Putin will let the US ‘own’ LENR and make him pay royalties to the US for all his future power? They’ll want their own version of LENR just like they built their own versions of fission plants.

    • Alberonn

      Sure he’ll want it, but he won’t be so happy to share knowledge with the rest of the world like MFMP and his own AGP want, so he’ll silence AGP. Putin&Friends will look beyond and realize that what happens to them now : – Ruble crashing and economy failing, as a side-effect of the Saoudy’s desire to smother US-shaleactivities – is only a mild shimmering of what happens to them if China and India start churning out millions of LENR-devices… and IMHO : that will happen. Cheers !

  • Eyedoc

    For some reason I thought that MFMP was splitting into 2 groups, one to cover each (or maybe thats just what I was hoping 🙂

  • pec3ypc3

    A few notes on A.G.Parkhomov and his LENR experiment.

    A.G.Parhomov is not a part and is not a professor of Moscow State University (MSU, Moscow Russia). In fact, A.G. Parhomov is very loosely associated with MSU.

    In his papers in English he presents himself as:

    Alexander G. Parkhomov
    Institute for Time Nature Explorations, Lomonosov Moscow
    State University, Moscow, Russia

    For example, see in:
    Journal of Modern Physics, 2011, 2, 1310-1317
    Deviations from Beta Radioactivity Exponential Drop

    Link this paper in PDF file:

    From the paper’s author header above one can think that “Institute for Time nature Exploration” is a part of MSU. At some Web sites A.G.Parkhomov is even described as a professor of MSU.
    Neither is the case.

    Here is the link to “Institute for Time nature Exploration”: (in Russian) (less developed version of the site in English)

    The Institute for Time Nature Explorations web site is established by the Russian
    Interdisciplinary Temporology Seminar, which has been operating at M. V.
    Lomonosov’s Moscow State University since 1984. The creation and continued
    maintenance of the institute were and are made possible through the support of
    the Russian Fund of Basic Research, grant No. 00-07-90211.

    The Russian text describes the Institute in somewhat different terms though:

    Web-Институт исследований природы времени основан Российским междисциплинарным семинаром по темпорологии, работающим в Московском государственном университете имени М. В. Ломоносова.

    It appears that the “Institute for Time nature Exploration” is more like a Web forum (called itself Web-Insitute) which was organized by Russian Interdisciplinary Temporology Seminar, which (seminar!) is held periodically at MSU.

    Both the Seminar and the Institute web sites are just hosted at MSU domain (, and nowhere is there an information about any of them being a part of MSU.

    At A.G.Parkhomov personal page we learn about his professorship:

    Александр Георгиевич Пархомов…С 1994 г. профессор Международной славянской академии.

    (A.G.Parkhomov … from 1994 is a professor of International Slavic Academy).

    Here is the link to International Slavic Academy site:

    It positions itself as International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Arts, Education and Culture.
    (Международная Славянская Академия наук, искусств, образования и культуры)

    Here is definition and goals of this Academy:
    МЕЖДУНАРОДНАЯ СЛАВЯНСКАЯ АКАДЕМИЯ НАУК, ОБРАЗОВАНИЯ, ИСКУССТВ И КУЛЬТУРЫ (МСА) – является общественной организацией патриотической ориентации.

    International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Arts and Culture (ISA) – is public organization with patriotic orientation.

    МСА ставит своей задачей содействовать собиранию научно-технических и
    творческих сил, патриотических в отношении русской и славянской идеи,
    возрождения России и обновленного Союза народов, сложившегося исторически за
    последнее тысячелетие вокруг Русского Народа на просторах России и за 70 лет ХХ
    в., на короткую историческую фазу, воплотившегося в бывшем Советском Союзе. МСА
    участвует в разработке идеологии и концепции единения народов России для их
    выживания в современном мире, их развития и расцвета в ХХI в.

    Google translation:

    ISA aims to facilitate the gathering of scientific, technical and creative forces , patriotic in respect of Russian and Slavic idea of Russia’s revival and renewed Union nations, historically
    in the last millennium round of the Russian people and the expanses of Russia for 70 years of the twentieth century, a short historical phase , embodied in the former Soviet Union . ISA participated in the development of ideology and concept of Unity of Russia for their survival in the modern world , their development and prosperity in the twenty-first century.

    Here is link at the Institute site for works of A.G.Parkhomov:

    None of these works is related to LENR.

    The paper mentioned above:

    Journal of Modern Physics, 2011, 2, 1310-1317
    Deviations from Beta Radioactivity Exponential Drop

    Link to this paper in PDF file:

    is criticized here:

    “Disproof of solar influence on the decay rates…”

    …The main fault in their works is obvious: They equate observed fluctuations in
    the instrument readings with fluctuations of decay rates. This is nonsense,
    however, since the fluctuating parameter is the instrument detection efficiency
    as we will also demonstrate with our data. Parkhomov excludes environmental
    parameters like the changes in temperature as a reason for the oscillation,
    since similar oscillations were observed in other laboratories when measuring other isotopes. However, this statement is not convincing, since a correlation is already given by the fact
    that winter is a common phenomenon which influences most laboratories in the
    northern hemisphere where the data were taken…

    The paper of A.G.Parkhomov (in Russian) published in 2012 in “Akademy of Informationalologic and applied UFOlogy”

    Выпуск No 40 (2012)

    Александр Пархомов

    Google translation:
    No 40 (2012 )

    Alexander Parkhomov
    Possible manifestations of microscopic black holes on Earth and in near-Earth space

    In this paper author discusses proves that Earth is surrounded by “microscopic black holes” with typical mass of ~ 10^13 kg, moving with speed of ~10 km/s – which author likens to
    elementary particles with penetration abilities higher than neutrino…


    -why A.G.Parkhomenko published his presentation based on just one experiment and just one experimental curve. He claims to be a scientist with over 100 scientific publications. How
    -why A.G.Parkhomov presented data of just one experiment and with reactor tube which burnt out?
    -why there are no repeated controls of switching on/off the power supply to confirm “Heat After Death” effect?
    -with the appeared simplicity of his installation and materials used, why A.G.Parkhomov haven’t repeated his experiment already?

    • Gerrit

      Thanks for this info. Can you also give us some info about the website, SN Andreev and VNIIAES ?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Alberonn

      Impressive research, pec3ypc3…Thanks ! It looks like AGP is not afraid to look at controversial subjects (aparently the Russians are more open to look beyond borders in science). Regarding your questions : he just may be a very lucky daredevil with limited resources 🙂

    • RyuMaster Gorskov

      My very first message here was that Parkhomov can not be trusted, until experiment gets confirmed by 3rd part, because he really has no reliable publications. But. I’m personally convinced that he 100% did what he did, because I know state of russian science very well. Any non-orthodox scientist is treated aggressively, has zero support and tolerance, and usually such russian scientists tends to construct very controversial theories using DIY home labs with many flaws to support their claims. So why am I 100% convinced? Because I also know, those people are usually honest, and they really do experimental part a lot i.e. if they theorize its usually meh, but if they do experiments, they try to do it thoughtfully, even in DIY lab environments.

  • RyuMaster Gorskov

    Not really. Piantelli tmentioned extensive heat of Hydrogen, so likely he already did Parkhomov’s experiment long ago, which is likely related to molecular Hydrogen burning. The real LENR starts after you can take Hydrogen burning into account, and its seems MFMP group had learned just that from Pinatelli few days ago.

  • tlp

    Another seminar two days later in Moscow:[email protected]/msg100989.html

    with two main topics, hydrinos and Parkhomovs reactor.

  • RyuMaster Gorskov

    Parkhomov is replicating Lugano honestly, but if you ask him, he has no clear idea what is happening inside. He observed extra heat, but he never mentioned any isotope shifts. That extra heat is likely happens due to nuclear-molecular hydrogen burning. It does not deny, that also lenr reactions are happening, its more then likely they do. And I was not talking about Rossi experiment, all we have is this replication. I know one thing for sure. Before talking about impact of LENR, we must subtract hydrogen influence, at least this much I’ve learned from Pinatelli messages. No one is cheating. Its just that explanation can be different.