Could Bill Gates be Hinting about LENR in Annual Letter?

Bill Gates has written an annual letter about what he hopes to accomplish with his work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He talks about a ‘big bet’ that he is making, that the lives of the poorest people on earth will improve dramatically over the next fifteen years because of advances in technology — mentioning specifically vaccines, hardier crops and cheap smartphones and tablets.

Then there is a segment of the letter that might indicate Gates’ interest in LENR:

“It is fair to ask whether the progress we’re predicting will be stifled by climate change. The most dramatic problems caused by climate change are more than 15 years away, but the long-term threat is so serious that the world needs to move much more aggressively — right now — to develop energy sources that are cheaper, can deliver on demand, and emit zero carbon dioxide. The next 15 years are a pivotal time when these energy sources need to be developed so they’ll be ready to deploy before the effects of climate change become severe. Bill is investing time in this work personally (not through our foundation) and will continue to speak out about it”.

We know that Bill Gates is interested zero-carbon energy sources. He is public in support of ‘new nuclear’ technology; he is a major investor in Terrapower, a company seeking to build a travelling wave nuclear reactor that can run on nuclear waste material. We also know that Gates visited ENEA labs in Italy this year and was briefed about their work in LENR. At the time, a spokesman for the Gates Foundation said that this visit was not on behalf of the foundation, but it was based on Gates’ personal interest, and any money invested would be his own.

LENR is not mentioned by name, but there may be a hint there.

  • Buck


    I think it a bit funny to bring forward an interesting point: Bill Gates is famous for “Vapor-Ware”. With this in mind, I would like to think that Gates has an excellent BS detector.

    IMO, the challenge for all of us here at E-Catworld is that we are biased towards the reality of the LENR+ phenomenon as well as the positive results for IH/Rossi’s current pilot plant R&D project. We can easily presume too much about Gates’ judgment.

    Despite this, I think Gates is alluding to LENR in his letter. And, when the presumably positive results of the pilot plant goes public in 1Q2016, Gates will be there to help support at least his philanthropic goals. What that will look like, only time will tell.

  • Observer

    Follow the money… Who is currently having a private offering? Who is promising exponential expansion? Who has changed their stated goals since Bill Gates decided to get into the game? Who has matching altruistic goals?

    • All good questions, Observer. Do you have the answers?

      • Observer

        My questions are more potent when I do not provide the answers.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Or is he talking about atmospheric spraying? 4:20 min.

    • Gerard McEk

      It seems a bit unlikely that they use nano particles to enhance rainfall in order to boost crops and that the same particles also kill crops. I guess that wide scale usage as they deliberately show is intended to frighten people with the purpose to mobilize opposition.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      I believe he speaks about LENR.

      A lot of unintended “geoengineering” is going on, in the form of CO2 emissions overall and particulate emissions mainly from China, India and other southeastern Asia. CO2 warms up mainly the high latitude winters (because in summer and in tropics, H2O is much stronger greenhouse gas anyway), while particulate emissions cause relative cooling of the northern hemisphere. A good explanation of some of the mechanisms appeared in 2013 (, for example, that relative cooling of northern hemisphere causes southward shift of tropical rains in Africa and elsewhere.

      If LENR comes, particulate emissions from China and India stop. Then the northern hemisphere warms up in a quick step, sub Saharan Africa again starts to receive more rain while Tanzania et al gets drier, northern India again gets more rain and the humid zone in the Amazon area shifts northward.

      In short: CO2 affects mainly the high latitudes and the effect is slow because the accumulation time is long. Whereas particulate emissions have an immediate effect and they mainly affect the distribution of the tropical rainfall. Good news is that stopping of particulate emissions is anyway a change which is towards the original, natural state.

  • If Mr Gates Is interested in LENR.
    Then spending a couple of million of his $ on buying one from Mr Rossi.
    Would not be to far fetched to expect. Also it maybe tax deductible .

    • GreenWin

      It’s fairly obvious 1MW units will not be “sold” to any entity until IH and Dr. Rossi are satisfied the 1MW unit under test at their Customer site is validated.

      • Duh! Customer means that there was a buyer and money changed hands or will!

        • GreenWin

          Er, what part of “under test” is not clear here?

  • Omega Z

    There have been several people that have made obscure remarks the last couple years that could be seen as possibly hinting at LENR.

    This squares up with some of Michael McKubre’s statements that many people & Corporations are watching very closely from the sidelines. They just aren’t ready to stick their necks out. After the P&F Fiasco, You really can’t blame them. There are those who are waiting and wielding a sharp axe.

    I’ve posted often that there is probably much discussion going on behind closed doors that we aren’t aware of. We see what appears to be movement in the Shadows. Is this just our Imagination, or is it Real.

    Once IH/Rossi’s 1Mw pilot plant is consolidated and should the results be positive, We shall see if those movements in the shadows come into the light.

  • kdk

    Did anyone also see about the laser-treated metal that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation gave funding for? Lattices have many implications that have been overlooked.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    Here is the copy of a letter I wrote to Bill Gates @ [email protected] 7 months ago on June 4, 2014…..


    Jun 4, 2014


    [email protected]

    I will keep this short and to points.

    This email coupled with your persuasive abilities and attention could
    save millions of lives and species in this world.

    Cold Fusion was written off as impossible Junk Science by Mainstream Media
    and organizations in 1989 when Pons/Fleischmann announced it at MIT.

    It was simply too hard to reproduce, and even they could only reproduce it once in a hundred tries.

    it is being replicated constantly, and there are over 20 organizations
    out there doing it. Even NASA… (I will show proof of all facts, but
    you need not watch/read them all.)

    Cold Fusion is now called LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). This is
    a CLEAN fuel with no radioactive waste (nuclear reactions make people
    fear, but it is 100% clean).

    Here is a paper from The Chief Research Scientist at NASA Langley.

    main problem with Cold Fusion is that it turns out to be a simple
    process that only requires a container with the right ingredients and
    heated a bit. There is no real invention to be made and thus no profit
    to be seen.

    that we have the power to replace all Gasoline in 600 million
    Cars/Trucks, but nobody can figure how to make this invention

    must remember the bias of idiots who did not think computers would
    become popular. This is amplified in a field already written off by
    serious Journals, and yet I have just shown you NASA is even budgeting

    The NASA budget is merely 300k per year. The Sidney Kimmel
    Institute did grant $5 000 000.00 for LENR research at The University
    of Missouri. Peter Hagelstein a professor at MIT is now demonstrating a
    Cold Fusion device and is teaching Cold Fusion 101 at his University
    (Same Place Pons/Fleischmann were tarred and feathered).

    Here is a rough idea of the devices in question.

    combination of Nickel (Fifth most common element), and Hydrogen/carbon
    are heated in a container with various undisclosed catalysts. This
    starts a reaction that can burn for months off a tiny bit of fuel.
    Imagine running your car and never needing to stop for fuel.

    Here are the problems.

    The device is too simple. A dollar store flashlight is more
    complicated. Once the catalysts are revealed many garage mechanics
    will be building their own.

    – Mainstream Media
    and Science is ignoring this. It appears more people are concerned about Kim Kardashian.

    The reaction can produce steam, but cannot boil water like a Hot Fusion
    reactor can. They are trying to convert LENR to electricity but it is
    hard with only smaller temperatures. Most steam generators require
    much more pressure.

    Another problem is that The Italian Inventor Andrea Rossi was arrested
    in Italy 20 years ago for environmental waste Issues and some think he
    is a fraud, but that is only those who look at the surface. You are
    smarter than that and can afford to have someone investigate this for

    (I will add a Rossi defense in blue below, ignore it unless you have issues with his past.)

    Andrea Rossi was very rich before worth $30 million USD. He did not
    run to hawaii (his Visa handed to him by The President of the United
    States), he continued environmental science. If his only concern was
    money he could have retired rich in his 30’s.

    When Italys mafia took his waste management business by making his
    storage illegal (Apparently “The Mafia” reaches as far as Italy (who
    knew?), and they apparently like to control waste management in many
    countries) Andrea Rossi faced and beat all his Environment charges, when
    could have hid in the U.S.A. (remember the VISA the President Carter
    gave him.).

    – All of Andrea Rossi science is common theme of environmental science.

    Many scam corporations think to raise money (scam) by selling shares.
    This scam was common with mining companies. Tell everyone you found a
    rich vein then sell shares then pay yourself a million in salary and go
    broke. Andrea Rossi has not sold or tried to sell any shares in
    Leonardo corporation. This would be easiest scam opportunity.

    – Andrea Rossi is immigrating to the US where anti fraud laws are extremely tough.

    – Andrea Rossi funded the first 5 years of this from his own pocket including hiring Focardi.

    Scammers have a history of using other
    peoples money for scams, and Andrea Rossi has used his own.

    Andrea Rossi made the Nickel/Hydrogen version of LENR popular in 2011,
    we have seen many unrelated labs confirm this is indeed possible and
    very effective. So he is on the right track according to many.

    separate and unrelated entities all claim THEY have a working LENR
    device. Why would so many reputable corporations claim this? Toyota,
    NASA, Brillouin, George Miley, Patterson cell, Honda, Mitsubishi, Peter
    Hagelstein, Celani, MFMP, Defkalion, The Athanor creators. That is a
    dozen just off the top of my head that does not include the ecat device.

    He seems to be logically progressing. His best demo was 18 hours on an
    unstable product and Defkalion bailed on him because he could not do a
    48 hour run, but now he is running
    (confirmed) at much higher temperatuires for longer. If this was fake
    why did he not fake a 48 hour run with Defkalion or when he was
    demonstrating in 2011. Are skeptics suggesting he has advanced his
    fakery in this time?

    – He has demonstrated publicly in front of many skeptics and geniuses many times during 2011.

    He did allow this recent team to evaluate the ecats with very
    impressive results, and DC input has also been ruled out. We must
    EITHER think there is criminal conspiracy among very impressive
    verifying team of scholars with reputations at stake, or accept the
    reality of the ecat.

    Andrea Rossi did publish a paper on this (see his website) in 2010 but
    it was basically ignored, and all patents for anything suggestive of
    Cold Fusion have been banned. How would a normal person proceed?

    cannot get patents on this because of ban , but also has secret
    catalyst that is his advantage in market. How would anyone protect it?

    Look at the Zawodny videos on the NASA website.

    Rossi has never been poor. He could have gone to Margaritaville 20 years ago if he wanted to.

    Forbes Magazine Mark gibbs says,”This is not, of course, the last word
    or even one anywhere near the end of this story but unless this is one
    of the most elaborate hoaxes in scientific history it looks like the
    world may well be about to change.”

    Andrea Rossi has always been an achiever. As a teen he held the world record for distance running for two years in a row.
    Who here did not know
    Andrea Rossi was a world champion runner for 2 consecutive years in a competition that required perseverance (24 hour runs).

    He is likely imho to go down in history as one of the men responsible for clean energy and will save millions of lives.

    I say we go easy on the guy. He has ALWAYS done what he said he would do. I think he is very, very, very, credible.

    the Rossi device has had a lot of public demos, and has just been
    evaluated again this year by high level physics teams who verify excess

    See the Paper
    from last year.

    how do we make the world know this exists. Surely a Trillion dollars
    will be spent on R&D when this device becomes apparently true

    There are big names doing Cold Fusion.


    is a real effect. Essentially it is not really Cold Fusion because
    that implies 2 parts fusing together. The name change is because parts
    of 2 atoms separate and form a third party unstable atom that beta
    decays into harmless heat.

    (Thus LENR)

    Between Rossi or Blacklight Power there is alternative energy out there
    that can revolutionize all industry. Imagine how cheap
    computers/software will be if no truck/boat/plane fuels are needed never
    mind heat or A/C in their plants.

    I am not asking for thousands of dollars for research. I simply want you
    to look at this thoroughly, and get the real jest of it. Then just do
    what your conscious tells you. Public acceptance from you may be
    (end of email to gatesfoundation)


    I am glad to see he is now seemingly involved… I hope I helped, but as far as I know he never read it. Interesting just the same.