“The Study of Low-energy Nuclear Reactions” (Slideshow by SN Andreev from VNIIAES Meeting)

Below is a slideshow (translated from the original Russian by Google) that was used in the presentation titled “The study of low-energy nuclear reactions – a new direction in science.” given by SN Andreev, academic secretary of the Institute of General Physics, given at the meeting on LENR held at VNIIAES in Moscow, on January 27th, 2015

The original slideshow in Russian can be found at the LENR News site here: http://www.lenrnews.eu/new-slide-from-russia-in-russian/

Studies of low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) – a new direction in science

  • Gerard McEk

    This presentation is intended to gain support for LENR within Russia. Like in Japan they have experience in decontamination of hazardous waste from nuclear power plants. I hope they will get the governmetal support. If that happens we can expect it also openly in many other countries.
    By the way, LENR may also be useful to initiate controlled fission reactions with Uranium and Thorium powder. It can enhance the thermal output with a factor 10. At the same time nuclear waste can also be neutrallized. Of cource it will lead to radiation, so not usable for home heating.