GoatGuy on the Parkhomov Report (Next Big Future)

As a number of people have pointed out, the Next Big Future web site has reported about the Parkhomov replication, and the possible implications of it. One of the moderators of the site, GoatGuy, has been a consistent critic of the E-Cat over the years, and seems to have quite a significant following on the site and elsewhere on the web, and so it’s interesting to see that he has made a comment about the Parkhomov replication which seems to be taking it quite seriously.

I’m not sure of GG’s background, but he does seem to have wide-ranging knowledge on a lot of science-based topics, and I think that’s what makes people look to him for evaluation of LENR and other topics covered on Next Big Future. He’s not convinced by Parkhomov, but he seems intrigued, and actually has some compliments and suggestions for further replication.

He seems to be reasonably satisfied with Parkhomov’s methodology and is hopeful that other replicators can follow similar procedures. His main point in this comment is that for LENR to be confirmed, there has to be a footprint of nuclear reactions taking place. Some excerpts from his comment (full comment can be found here:

“Remember, keep your eye on the ball: this is supposed to be a nuclear reactor. Don’t forget this part! There are exactly no nuclear reactions that don’t produce transmutations, be they plus-ups (absorbed neutrons, or nucleus-captured electrons), spalls (where tiny fragments whizz off the nuclei, such as alpha particles), or “daughter products” (pairs or more of fragments from nucleus fission events). Do not forget this part.


“NONE-THE-LESS … and this is key … in the test-cell, following the experimental reaction, there should be a recoverable “ash”, mostly made of a combination of lithium, aluminum and metallic nickel, which through the dynamics of high-temperature diffusion, have become a messily mixed blob. Blobs. In the presence of hydrogen, aluminum and especially lithium are really pretty good metallic “amalgamators” (amalgam = a superficial “surface alloy” of bare metals and usually mercury).

“These spent reactants should definitely carry atomic species that suggest that the celebrated Low Energy Nuclear Reactionshave taken place.”

I don’t think that so far, Parkhomov, or anyone else involved in replicating has done the nuclear analysis that GG is looking for, but we know that there were isotopic shifts reported in the Lugano report. Fuel analysis is a much more complex an expensive procedure to carry out than simply measuring for excess heat, but it would be very interesting to see if the Lugano transmutations can be replicated by someone involved in replication attempts.

  • mcloki

    I follow both Sites and GG is very respected. But it is showing a reluctant turn around of people’s thinking of the Rossi effect. All most of us wanted was some investigation into the effect. NBF shut all discussion down by simply not reporting it or when they did putting it out on the weekend. It’s looks like LENR is finally getting some widespread interest.

    • Surveilz

      By now I think most have rightly come to the conclusion that Rossi does not understand his discovery and in his angst to protect it, is no better than the anti-CF cabal itself. Frustration at his lack of transparency is the root cause of the most vilifying anti-Rossi crowd. Those who have convinced themselves he is a fraud are few and far between and seldom voice their opinion.

      • US_Citizen71

        Rossi was not so secretive in the beginning, he was actually fairly open. All of the negative conjecture and attacks turned him secretive and now he has partners that want to profit from the discovery. I disagree whole heartly that his is worse than those that have tried to suppress the research for the last 25 years, he is at the very least moving the field forward. I believe those who vilify him because he won’t give up his secrets to them are just looking to steal the discovery for their own gain be it monetarily or for prestige.

        • Surveilz

          To clarify, what I wrote above does not necessarily reflect my personal opinion nor does it represent an accusation of any sort. They are motivating factors, among others, that I have observed coming out of the anti-Rossi crowd. I brougt these up to dispel the notion that everything anti-Rossi/CF is motivated by non-belief.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    The decisive question is not if the effect is nuclear, or primarily nuclear. Decisive is the question if there is a positive energy balance that can be exploited in an economically useful way. Therefore, it seems that Mr. GG has missed the point.

    • GreenWin

      Andreas, most ALL skeptopath and mainstream science has missed the point for 25 years now. The “high priests” of science rely on minutia and ephemera to bamboozle the masses. They strive to appear erudite and wise whilst concealing their ulterior motives — self aggrandizement. These are the inflated egos of spiritual children who need attention, drama, a spotlight on the abyss of their souls… Goat Guy and his replicates have no place in our world. Which makes for a better world… IMO. 🙂

  • Gerrit

    When LENR will see the final breakthrough, the academic world and its journalists will quickly come up with explanations why they were correct for the last 25 years. They will blame the LENR researchers for the delay. They will explain how it isn’t “hot fusion” at low temperature and therefore they have always been correct that cold fusion doesn’t exist. They have never excluded the possibility of new discoveries, but that there was simply not enough “extraordinary” evidence.

    • Jarea1

      Correct and in my opinion that is nasty because that avoid the autocritic and the assimilation of the feedback to improve the scientific method.
      I think one important point is to avoid in the future the black mailing of the evidences. There must be some budget to show the ideas that are supported by facts although they contradicts current dogmas.

  • Mats002

    In Russia, Parkhomov and others in this field have named this effect LET, Low Energy Transmitations (in russian language that is).
    This implies that they already know this effect and choosed to focus on the ash more than the heat effect. Same with Japan scientists.
    I think GG has no reason to worry about AGP doing ash analysis.

  • Observer

    It is interesting that even if they reluctantly admit that e-cat works as advertised, they still want to vilify Rossi.

    Paraphrased reasoning of the opposition:

    His claims are unproven so he is fraudster…
    …his claims may be proven, but we have already established that he is a fraudster.

  • Surveilz

    “There are exactly no nuclear reactions that don’t produce transmutations”

    Really? Perhaps a brain fart, but his statement should of been all transmutations are caused by nuclear decay or reactions. But certainly not all radioactive decay or reactions cause transmutations.

    • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

      What we read seems to be GG’s reasoning process, spoken out aloud, as an anchor for understanding what ‘should’ be happening.
      Opposers of LENR ideologically, almost religiously, seem to believe that what pops up over and over again is not possible. Instead of being searched, for 25 years, true science has been ridiculed.

      Oh Galileo, the human being is the copy of the human being, throughout history…

      “Things growing are not ripe until their season; and I, being young, ’til now ripe not to reason”…

      A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A. 2, Sc 2. Shakespeare.

      • GreenWin

        Bravo! Reminding that “science” is a narrow form of art.

        • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

          Yes, art is a sublime expression of the human mind’s capacity.

          Science of water is going in the direction of musical harmony, resonance, oscillation of molecules and atoms within electromagnetic fields. The very environment of cold fusion.
          Recent studies by Luc Montaigner (co-discoverer of the AIDS virus who also worked with Emilio Del Giudice, a cold fusion top scientist) go in this direction: http://www.acquainformata.eu/archivio/transduction-of-dna-information-through-water-and-electromagnetic-waves/

          The human mind deserves better than war. But mass behaviour with limbic drives tend to quench talent and prevent change.

          • georgehants

            Water Memory is just like Cold Fusion, denied and debunked by consensus “opinion” of science.
            It could be another profound knowledge for humanity if it ever escapes the clutches of the scientific Dogma worshipers.

          • we want LENR Fusione Fredda


            Interesting that the same scientists who found proof of cold fusion at ENEA (Emilio Del Giudice, Giuliano Preparata) were also advocates of what is sometimes called “Water Memory” (Del Giudice described the term as “journalistic”), or water ‘coherence’.


            Would this be an explanation for collective behaviour, coherence, of molecules within the EM field of the same types of tissues in a body?
            This seems to be explained through QED…


            Thinking back to the lattice structure and the Bridgman effect, how innovative was it, in the 1930s!

          • georgehants

            we want, all so interesting and important, so pleased to meet somebody that is aware of this Wonderful work.
            One can even fairly look at Morphic Resonance in this connection.

          • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

            Likewise, georgehants. Keep learning, is all we can do.

          • GreenWin

            Rewarding to see “education” and “teaching” here at this community level. Knowledge monopolies are born out of fear that there are not enough resources, space, accommodations, land, food, fuel, etc. The fallacy is simple to correct; on any clear night look up to the cosmos, It is in human understanding an infinitely expanding universe. How then, can there ever be, “not enough?”

  • Pekka Janhunen

    Are you sure that he works at People’s Friendship University? I understood that his affiliation is Moscow State University, but just that he gave one (or more?) seminar(s) at P.F.U. But if you know better, then you know better.

  • Warthog

    “GoatGuy” is just another pathological skeptic. Transmutations have been shown to happen over and over and over, by large research organizations (Mitsubishi being one, and I think Toyota the other), as well as small ones, AND in the ash from the Rossi Lugano test. Evidently, in “GG’s” mind, none of these ever happened.

    • GreenWin

      Indeed. Goat is of the species who detest the thought of independent invention happening outside his confiscatory purview. But, here it is. Welcome to new people’s order goat.

    • Nicholas Chandler-Yates

      I have had discussion with this guy before. He is (in general) sceptical but well informed. He puts too much emphasis on established physics and too much doubt on CF researchers. As mckubre stated in the soon to be printed paper of his in Current Science, ” By any standards Storms is an expert on the subject of cold fusion – one could argue that he is the preeminent expert on this topic. But where does one go to get a countervailing ‘expert’ opinion? I would argue that there is no such place or person and has not been for more than two decades, and that this is a problem.”

  • Obvious

    Are you indirectly suggesting that LENR pathosceps are are former LEfusioneers that were unsuccessful and now have done a mental 180? Sort of like former smokers turning into anti smoking fanatics?

    • this description match Morrison very well as Jed describe him.

      Many physicist initially were very interested and only when they could not explain nor reproduce did they turn logically to doubters.
      problems is that after one turn, too many people are tired and never turn again.

      Media are that too.

      • Obvious

        Doubt is normal if no results were obtained by someone.
        That’s quite a bit different than monitoring the Internet and beginning a verbal (typed) assault on anything linked to the subject.
        I suppose there are the reciprocal pro-LENR people doing the opposite by pumping the Internet full of support for CF/LENR also.
        I suspect some folks just enjoy arguing. With something as nebulous as LENR proofs, one could argue about proofs until LENR devices are cooking hot dogs at the local corner store, should one be so inclined.

        • I understand the attack but not the relation with my statement which is more an explanation than a critic.

          About my influencer behavior, I don’t do that just for pleasure to argue, but with the very selfish and altruistic desire to make things advance, to inform people that may be useful.
          I concede I have no hope nor intent to teach epistemology and logic to locked brain.
          I’ve heard that quote “Only physicists try to convince the other side in a debate”…
          The problem of mindguards is that they prevent action, especially they prevent neutral people to consider the evidence, to search further.
          Real skeptic, like Ad Ul rahman lomax, question any result and ask for more data… they push for more action, not less. They accept, concede, but also notice problems where there can be.
          Mindguards criticize everything, good or bad, not even giving information on what is bad in a result. This is Pigeon Chess. A mindguard that disagree is like a Pigeon that say that you have lost the game…

          What I try to do is to kill that bad influence and let people, those who try to have an opinion from the debate, look at evidence, search themselves.

          I also try to give simply data to people who don’t have access to real fact.
          It is easy by reading to many cold fusion articles, even positive, to most critics, to see that the level of information on that subject is ridiculous.

          People still talk of CoE violation, of lack of peer review, lack of replication, low power, some talk of E-cat at 20 euro per month, of the 1MW powerplant sale offer, of Defkalion, of Rossi having taken the ash from Lugano test, of rossi having build the reactor or installed the circuits… that Rossi was condemned for scam business…
          We all know those data are outdated, are myth,. who ever we are, supporters or opponents, enthusiasts, skeptics, or mindguards. but most people swallow urban myths.
          It is important to remind the reality, because sometime it is a detail that is used to deny reality.

          for example about Morrison, I’ve learn that he was a strong supporter at the beginning, and quickly a fanatic opponent. It was argumented to me that he was honest because he changed opinion… That seems reasonable but it is wrong here.

          One should also know that he used racist arguments to deny some scientific results, and his arguments was reused later and is now part of the consensus… also he was clearly incompetent in calorimetry and refusing to admit it

          My problem at first sight is to understand why some people do defend the consensus without any concrete interest.
          I can understand that Lewis, Morrison and Hansen, Huizenga, Parks, and their academic supporters, defend their conspiracy theory because otherwise we will see them as crooks.
          I can understand that green business, oil, hot fusion, big physics, oppose LENR research as it cuts their funding.

          My behavior as defending a project to make what I see as an opportunity to build a better world for me and my beloved, is logical, as is the one of many activist who fight for a project and a goal .

          What I don’t understand is the motivation of people who neither defend a project, a budget, nor their reputation.

          In fact recently I’ve learned the concept of mindguard who expect to be paid by the consensus , in recognition, in ego, when the victory is their…

          everybody is rational.
          The error is in the computation of the benefit.

  • by the way, beware of voting on that platform.
    I observe that I’ma quite much downvoted, and never upvoted. I imagine you are alike
    If that continue, we will be thrown out of the platform.

    • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

      Stiffen the upper lip, and keep going. You always have the e-catworld “home” to come back to for a fresh, positive energy refill!

  • Zizzle

    In replications, the key to producing ash with significant and detectable isotopic shifts is run time. The Lugano test cranked on one gram of powder for a month. Parkhomov’s tests were much shorter, due to reactor failures. What GoatGuy asks is actually quite difficult for folks designing and running these reactors from scratch. I think he knows that such data will take time and serious effort, and likes it.

    • Eyedoc

      Yes, he is just out to obstruct…..If the darn reaction is COP>1 , I don’t care if its ‘defined’ as nuclear or not anyway……just give me the heat baby !

    • Obvious

      The earlier tests of Rossi’s powders, performed in Sweden, had the same problem. These materials were from short term tests. At about the same time Rossi had already mentioned the Ni62 transformation or transmutation. Many were upset when the fuel changes were not seen.

  • Eyedoc

    EXACTLY ! (sorry for yelling)