Registration Open for LENR-Cities Event for Industrialists in Milan, Feb 27

There’s information on the LENR-Cities website about a LENR-Cities event to be held at the Camera di Commercio Svizzera in Italia, in Milan on February 27th.

The meeting is titled “Low Energy Nanoscale Reactions & Applications for Industrialists”, and the agenda covers mainly topics that would be of interest to individuals and organizations who might be interested in how businesses and industry can prepare for the emergence of LENR in the marketplace.

An outline of the themes to be discussed is included:

“At LENR-Cities, we are developing an European-centric business ecosystem in order to address sustainability challenges and transition to a new economy. We are pure player in ecosystem development, an innovative new business. Any disruptive innovation is a challenge for every company and we are at the stage when the wave of disruptions will affect every sector . . .

“For industrialists, applications of these technologies will create a huge opportunities and risks for both established and new businesses. Joining LENRG is a path to mitigate their risks, benefits from LENR technologies to develop innovative products, and adapt their business model to the new sharing economy.”

There is a lot of mention about “LENRG” (I suppose it rhymes with “energy”), and I think that refers to the group of businesses that are signed up to be part of the “ecosystem” that LENR-Cities is creating.

The preliminary list of speakers is:

Michel Vandenberghe — CEO of LENR-Cities
Yogi Srivastara — Professor Emeritus of Physics, Indiana University
Angelo Ovido — CEO, Kresenn, Ltd.
Didier Pelluet — LENR-Cities
Paolo Tripodi
Pierre Gradit
Alain Coetmeur
Luca Gamberale — CEO, LD-Brane srls

  • Agaricus

    I am encouraged by the interpretation of the acronym ‘LENR’ by LENR-Cities as ‘Low Energy Nanoscale Reactions’. I hope that this will become the general usage ASAP, in order to head off any potential problems that might be caused by the other ‘n’ word. As the mechanism is currently not known, this is probably a more accurate tag anyway. Perhaps we could all support this possibly helpful alternative usage here?

    • georgehants

      Morning Peter, I am a little concerned that you are developing an unnatural fetish for mushrooms, I hope that you are clear that you are not becoming one yourself.
      I sometimes feel that I am a banana etc. but my analyst has warned me to try and keep believing that the World is as it seems to most people.

      • Agaricus

        Afternoon George. At some times I’ve tried to believe that things are as they seem, but failed abysmally. Must be the kind of evidence I accumulate.

        So you weren’t fooled by my cunning new disguise either then!

        • Omega Z

          The British accent gave you away 1st. And of course i noticed the mushroom immediately.

          You should include a disclaimer. A mushroom is not what you are, but how they tend to treat you.

    • bachcole

      And if someone should notice that we dropped the ‘N’ word, we will be accused of trying to hide something.

      • Agaricus

        That seems like a pretty small risk to weigh against the potential benefit of shedding the ‘nuclear’ albatross.

    • Mytakeis

      the interpretation of the acronym ‘LENR’ by LENR-Cities as ‘Low Energy Nanoscale Reactions’ feels good. How would this feel a ‘LENnR’ as in ‘Low Energy Nanoscale nuclear Reactions’ like really small, smallest imaginable, nuclear reactions!

  • pg

    G cities? I have to find me a nice SPOT there….