New LENR Company Appears — NEOFIRE AB

Thanks to Mats002 for posting about the following in the Always Open thread.

NEOFIRE AB (TM) is a Swedish company based in Borlange founded by Peter Björkbom which is described on this website as

“a privately funded commercial entity that protects some of its IP and trade secrets and simultaneously cooperate openly with other persons and organisations involved in LENR with other important aspects of the field to push this promising energy source forward. We all benefit from that mix. “

The site says there will be a .org and .com aspect to NEOFIRE — the .org part will seek to be cooperative with others on certain aspects of LENR that will benefit the wider group of researches, and the .com part will deal with its own commercial.

It seems that this web site is still under construction, because there are descriptions of images, but no images that I can see yet, and this page is not linked from the domain One description is of a glove box to handle ‘pyrophoric materials’, in an inert atmosphere, and this suggests that NEOFIRE may be involved in attempts to do a Parkhomov-type experiment using volatile chemicals like lithium-aluminum hydride. So this could be evidence of another replication attempt.

It’s good to see another player on the scene!

  • Daniel Maris

    Great news but would be nice to see a positive claim of excess energy on the website. They talk in rather bland terms about research.

  • Mr. Moho

    There’s a typo (missing ” : “) in the second URL which makes it redirect to the wrong page

  • Oceans2014

    it wasn’t clear if they had their own tech or if this was is just another group waiting in line to market LENR when it becomes available, maybe they are getting a jump and privy to new information.

  • GreenWin

    NASA and Georgia Tech have been working on LENR aircraft propulsion for a couple years now. There is a new (2014) paper from Doug Wells linked on Always Open Thread.

  • Sanjeev

    Their website is now updated. The old page index1 is gone.

    Peter Björkbom, owner, will introduce it formally in coming ICCF-19. They have a lab in Sweden.

    Btw, the link in the post has a typo.