Ultimate Energy Form of LENR is Light (New Energy Treasure)

There’s an interesting article on the New Energy Treasure site about the evolution of energy and the part that LENR might play in that evolution.

The article says that today electricity is the most important form of energy available since it can be used to produce locomotion, light, heat, and ‘everything else in between’. Using LENR to produce heat might be useful in a transition period, but it is not the optimum use of this technology — and according to the article, electricity should not be the end goal.

“I submit to you today that an energy source even better and greater than electricity is on the horizon, maybe a few decades away but it shall come to pass none the less. The name of this new source of energy is called ‘Light’. Not light as we know it today whereby photovoltaics are used to convert it to electricity or the lighting we produce in incandescent, fluorescent, or LED light bulbs, no. I’m talking about ‘Light’ as the primary energy form to replace electricity. I’m talking about photons powering our electronics instead of electrons and light itself producing locomotion without the use of electricity and without any photovoltaics involved.”


“Light can indeed be produced directly from a nuclear reaction and today it can be converted to electricity via photovoltaic cells but tomorrow light will not have to be converted to electricity, it will simply be utilized as is. Tomorrow, through solid state photonics, light shall be able to do all that electricity can and more.”

I am not clear on the physics involved here. It all sounds very advanced, and something beyond the realm of today’s electronics — but theoretically the idea does not seem out of the question. We have a long way to go, of course, before we can start thinking along these lines in practical applications, but if we are looking at the long-term evolution of energy, perhaps it is not outlandish to think of light energy as being ultimate application for LENR.


  • Herb Gillis

    It might be interesting to see if light can be produced from LENR by mixing the LENR fuel with a well known inorganic phosphor, such as those widely used in fluorescent lighting. If that can be done efficiently, then photovoltaic cells could be used to produce electricity, without the need for moving parts or working fluids (steam).

  • Observer

    According to Andrea Rossi, the e-cat already emits x-ray photons, which are contained within the reaction chamber:

    Andrea Rossi

    June 3rd, 2013 at 1:23 PM

    Herb Gillis:
    Thank you.
    Yes, will be good surprises.
    Other nuclear reactions need millions Celsius ( fusion) and emit radiations in the order of MeVs, we emit 50-100 keVs ( inside the reactor).
    Warm Regards,

  • Sanjeev

    BLP is already there 😉

  • We don’t know which implementation/incarnation of LENR will be the most useful. It is likely that there will be many LENR winners and only a few LENR losers. Solar Hydrogen Trend’s hydrogen producing reactor could be a lead horse because you can easily burn hydrogen gas for heat and use it to power internal combustion engines. Hydrogen is an ideal fuel to power jet aircraft, and their technology promises to turn water into hydrogen gas on the go, so there is no bulky storage of hydrogen in gaseous form. I recently wrote them and suggested they use the analogy of the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia to explain their unique situation. Engineers were drilling for water in the desert of Saudi Arabia and found the world’s biggest oilfield instead. It was all an accident. Solar Hydrogen Trends was trying to find a new way to recover gold from ore and produced huge amounts of low cost hydrogen gas instead. With a claimed COP of over 1,400, if true, that device would be difficult to beat. For space travel I like one of the several new simplified hot fusion reactor designs best, because there is no requirement to replenish fuel for years, and some designs allow for the direct production of electricity. There are many possibilities for LENR and fusion, and the statistical odds are in our favor. Once LENR and fusion become in vogue instead of being viewed as the outcast bastard son of science, the world could change very fast and turn into a Bruce Willis/Tom Cruse style si-fi movie very quickly. Right now we are stuck in more of a low rent horror show, …sort of speak.

    • Agaricus

      Unfortunately, SHT seem to be drifting into the ‘whatever happened to’ category – I’ve just done a Google search and cant find anything that indicates an ongoing story.

      • Their website is still up. http://www.solarhydrogentrends.com/ The last word I heard from them is that they are working on a new test of their device that would be revealed in March or April. They use to be covered extensively by Stirling Allen’s site, but I would guess they may drop that connection due to circumstances. If I hear anything I will report it or they may report directly to Frank, Cold Fusion Now, or other energy websites. The word will get out when they are ready. I suspect and hope the new test will involve hooking their reactor up to a fuel cell, motor, burner, or some other device to make it perform real work. Just another gas measuring test would not be big news. We have to see it do something.

  • Mark

    Ain’t that Randall Mills dude claiming that the newest version of his machine is using a similar process to Rossi’s, but using it to produce light instead of heat? I think he has a different theory about how it all works, though…well, Mills might like that article.

  • NT

    Hmmm, fireflies emit “cold light” organically at 100% efficiently – are we missing something right under our noses?

    • Sanjeev

      Yes, their ability to disappear after making grand claims is even more astonishing than their technology.

  • Ophelia Rump

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    • Andreas Moraitis

      It’s at about $ 62. Want to sell for 52?

      • Andreas Moraitis

        Correction: This was related to Brent, and you meant presumably WTI – sorry. I’m surprised, however, about the big difference.

  • georgehants

    GreenMed Info
    Education Equals Empowerment
    Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light

    • bachcole

      I like GreenMedInfo. They don’t preach paleo, but just about everything that they say fits very nicely into paleo. They have great articles.

  • Gerard McEk

    Yes, the photons can be used in photovoltaic electronics and make it quite fast. But that is only a change in the speed of it and no doubt quantum electronics will come nearer and will also be a revolution. The usage of photons in energy supply is a totally different application. It would be nice if photons could be efficiently converted to a compact electric energy source, kind of compact solar panel, but we do not have that yet. Maybe it will come one day.