Alexander Parkhomov to Speak about ‘New Data’ the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute [Update: Meeting postponed until March]

UPDATE: According to an announcement on the Cold Nuclear Transmutation and CMM website. his meeting has been postponed until March — date and time yet to be determined.

Thanks to Peter Gluck for sharing the following announcement from the Cold Nuclear Transmutation and CMM website (Google translated from the Russian):

Seminar in MEPI 24/02/15. in 16.15 c AG report Parkhomov according to new data from the high-temperature heat source analog A.Rossi

Seminar in MEPI 24/02/15. at 16.15. Speaker Parkhomov AG Title: High-temperature heat source A.Rossi and study of its counterpart. Contact tel. +7 (910) 465 03 71 Peter Vasilevich. Number audience will be specified later.

MEPI is an acronym for the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), and according to this description in Wikipedia is ” one of the most recognized technical universities in Russia.”

I think that February 24th was the date that the MFMP team has been invited to visit Parkhomov in Moscow, so perhaps if they go, they will be attending this presentation. It would be great to have someone report back to us on what is presented there.

  • This would be earth shaking and one of the last things the sceptics can argue with yet.

  • his report is reviewed, and it is why he had to improve it.
    this is just public PR

    • do you talk about a report which will be printed in a russian major journal?

      • no, it is just what scientist like McKubre do after AGP published his results… they exchange with him, ask for precision, raise concerns.

        Peer review by journal is just that in a formal way, in a closed way.

        • Yes of course. But it is also the only accepted scientific way to share results with standardized quality.

          As long as only well known cold fusioners are caring about, no one is realy interested.

          • yes, but as soon as one journal will publish it will be marginalized and removed from acceptable source…

            the only things to do is do any kind of good peer review to be convincing to people interested but reasonably cautious=skeptic …

            Mainstream science cannot be saved but by a MW powerplant and a billion$ of industrial research funding.

            Don’t expect to win chess against pigeon. they don’t play chess.

  • Anon2012_2014

    Peer review doesn’t matter if there is wide spread replication at University labs.

    If Parkhomov has incontrovertible evidence and if he doesn’t hide his any secrets to the replication, its over within 6 months of today. Someone will publish peer review sooner or later, but in the interim, everyone can do the demo who has bench space and $500 for the materials.

  • Bob Greenyer

    A. Parkhomov has invited me to come 26th Feb.

    I have spent quite a lot of time over the past few days trying to do the ground work to get a Visa. Tomorrow, I have to big time commit and it will take me a further 2 days next week in the UK to get the paperwork organised.

    Anyone who has specific things they want captured, let us know at [email protected]

    • Gerard McEk

      You know more of the design now than most of us, Bob. My things to ask Alexander would be the obvious. I hope you will get your Visa in time.
      Anyway, I have speeded-up my computer so LENR news will come to me quicker (a dual channel WiFi plus 4GB has caused a miracle)….Now I have to wait for your report 😉

      • Bob Greenyer

        I’ll try to keep videos to FHD.

    • roseland67


      Time, temperature, current, voltage, wire dia. single or 3 phase, the usual graphs etc.
      Also would be interested to know if DC can be used to power the heater,
      if not, why not.

      Make us all smarter,
      thanks and good luck

      • Bob Greenyer

        All good questions.

    • Objective 1: Validate those claims (if possible)
      Objective 2: Learn the recipe

      As soon as thats accomplished my friend in the robotics industry will start pitch his peers in San Fran for Research Money.

      You also have enough meat on your bones for an earth shattering kickstarter domination and /or kickstart a whole industry via HeroX / Xprize

  • Bob Matulis

    I recommend picking up some nesting dolls. Make great gifts! 🙂

  • Eyedoc

    Who cares what the skeps think ?? just gimme some heat baby 🙂

    • If you want your heat fast, you need scientific acceptance. Then big money will be invested, competition will explode and the race to market will heat up as well.