Growing Track Record Indicates Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat Should be Taken Seriously

I’ve been following the story of the E-Cat since early 2011, and paid close attention to most of what Andrea Rossi has written and spoken over the years — and he has written and said a lot. He has always expressed confidence in the reality and validity of his technology, and has made many statements about what he has hoped and expected with the E-Cat.

Some things have not panned out as he has predicted, at least yet. For example in 2011 he was hopeful that domestic E-Cats would be on the market very quickly, and we have not seen them yet (apparently due to no safety certification).

However, I would contend that in important statements about things over which he has some control, that Andrea Rossi has a very good track record of coming through on his projections. Here are some examples that come to mind.

  • Rossi said that he would perform a test of a 1 MW Plant in October 2011 — it happened.
  • Rossi said that he had received safety certification for the 1 MW Plant — he produced a signed safety certificate from SGS.
  • Rossi said that he had sold his IP to an American company — Industrial Heat issued a press release announcing their acquisition of the rights to the E-Cat.
  • Rossi said that a 1 MW plant shipped to a US customer after acceptance testing. Documents show this happened.
  • Rossi said there would be third party testing of the E-Cat, with reports published. It happened (three times).
  • Rossi said that he was building a new 1 MW plant to be installed at a customer site. Photos were produced of the plant being manufactured.

My point here is that it does not seem wise to dismiss Andrea Rossi when he speaks of the E-Cat. He has a strong and growing track record of delivering on important pronouncements. In my estimation the chances of him being involved in a grand deception, a fraud, a con, or living in some kind of delusional state, is zero. All the evidence cited above point to the fact that Rossi is a serious, committed and capable scientist/engineer/entrepreneur.

Of course the big question that everyone wants to know is when the E-Cat will be on the market, producing useful energy. None of the above points made above can tell us that, and Rossi himself won’t make a definitive prediction about that. He says he is hopeful, but has not predicted victory — ‘results could be positive or negative’ is his mantra when it comes to predictions.

But when Rossi says something significant about the E-Cat — I don’t think we are smart to ignore or dismiss it. If he does produce what he intends (a working LENR plant that saves a customer money) it will be something historic — a demonstrable new way of producing efficient energy — that could have far-reaching implications for the world.

Frank Acland

  • georgehants

    Mr. Rossi is one of those few Great people who have ignored the majority, who are negative, short-sighted and incompetent and shown how all of science and mankind should act.
    Not the usual “it can’t be done” that we hear all the time from those lesser individuals of society.
    It is a shame that there seem to be so few like him, those that become leaders usually are self-seeking grasping dictators, only interested in themselves, etc.
    Mr. Rossi has promised that he is not one of these people and that his and IH’s motives are altruistic toward humanity, time will as always tell.
    Cold Fusion has highlighted just how much the wasters in our society must be removed and replaced with able, competent, concerned people that have a goal in life beyond feeding their own coffers and ego’s.
    People who will take a pride in what they can achieve for all of society.

    • Casey

      What I see, Rossi is doing the right way. He want to test his product, so there will not be problems, when it come to mass production, as it is with car industry when tens of thousands or millions are recalled because of some defects.
      The other thing we already see is the evolution in e-cat design. So, if Rossi start production, the competitions don’t have to start from zero. They will work for better designs, and will patent it.
      The way the China industry is doing. Buy the licence, develop new better design, patent it and sale to anyone.

  • EEStorFanFibb

    “He has a strong and growing track record of delivering on important
    pronouncements. In my estimation the chances of him being involved in a
    grand deception, a fraud, a con, or living in some kind of delusional
    state, is zero.”

    Well said Frank. I totally agree.

    • right. fraud can be eliminated.
      not problems however. That is life, and engineering, and business….

  • Valeriy Tarasov

    I totally agree. We are lucky today, since we can watch on-line the life of big discovery, how scientific breakthrough looks in reality when it is coming at the stage of victory.

  • yetonemore

    Somewhat off topic: The recently released website has a very moving depiction of the personal (and legal) trials that Rossi had to go through, along with the rest of his story.

    I appreciate this material may have been partially covered in Mats Lewan’s book, however I think it is important that Rossi (with friends) is publicizing the full story of his supposed “white collar criminal” past.

    This is a brilliant refutation of the viruluskeptic’s bleating, clearly the work of a professional publicist, and so also probably fully backed by IH (which is pointedly asserted to be the owner of the IP).

    In my mind, the story in itself is a signification addition to the inclination to take Rossi seriously, and was probably published with that intent.

    • psi2u2

      Yetone more, this is also very revealing: “Rossi himself said that in the days before internet, the media controlled all news and he had no voice. [7] ”

      This explains a lot about Rossi’s populism – his commitment to bring to the e-cat to the masses and his practice of using the internet to give himself a voice.

  • LuFong

    I’ve been taking the E-Cat seriously since before the 1MW plant demonstration in October 2011. For me the most significant indications that the E-Cat is real and viable are a) Cherokee/IH’s involvement with Rossi b) replication attempts, while currently unsuccessful, have indicated that there is real substance behind Rossi’s devices.

    The items Frank listed to me, while generally positive, all have significant issues and by themselves are not enough for me to believe that the E-Cat is anywhere near as advertised. For me the problem with the E-Cat is not a black and white one. It is a gray—how much truth is there in these indicators and what Rossi says? For example, the picture of the 1MW plants are encouraging but Rossi has been claiming a visitable 1MW plant since late 2011 and here we are in early 2015 with a few pictures, a wait till end of 2015/early 2016 and no guarantee that there will be a fully operational (as claimed) and visitable plant. I can say similar things about each point Frank listed but won’t.

    The situation with the E-Cat is not black or white, it’s gray. While it’s important to listen carefully to what Rossi says, it’s probably also important to keep in mind what J.T. Vaughn said (paraphrasing), what Rossi says is not entirely credible.

    • GreenWin

      What J.T. Vaughn “said” as reported by a supervisor of a NC radiation inspector talking off record, is at very best HEARSAY. Which is another word for BS. It is not evidence or fact and is inadmissible in any court. Bitc*ing and moaning about a “visitable” plant does nothing to invalidate E-Cat or Rossi’s intention to allow plant visits by invited people. Certain “invitees” may have already visited the prototype installation for all we know. It is doubtful they would be allowed to make public comment before the end of the test period.
      And try to get things straight LuFong, “replication attempts” by Parkhomov ARE successful according to his published paper. A paper being presented at several mainstream science conferences in Russia. In short, quit whining.

      • LuFong

        Why the personal attacks, GreenWin? I sense frustration on your part perhaps from licking you get over ECN? You should keep that trash talk over there–this blog actually has standards.

        Dare I say, it’s not HEARSAY if the person hearing reports it. It’s now public record too by a state official. Oops, how embarrassing which why you should post these kinds of things over at ECN where they are used to it.

        And overall the attempts to replicate Rossi’s experiments have not been successful. Parkhomov has reported success but MFMP has failed twice now to repeat his success. MFMP has also failed in the DogBone attempts. And Jack Coles experiments with Rossi type fuel has has also been inconclusive. But as I’ve said in my mind the attempts to replicate Rossi’s experiment, why generally not successful, are among the best evidence that Rossi’s E-Cat works.

        The big question of course is what exactly does Rossi have. Clearly you cannot relie on what Rossi says to get this information as Rossi is all over the place with his claims. While there is an element of truth in what Rossi says, you cannot read too much into what he says. Perhaps that is why IH is so quiet–things are still being developed and it’s not clear exactly where this will end up.

        • Kaz

          Yup but I don’t think MFMP has yet attempted replicating part of the Lugano report. The part to get a good baseline calibration. They are still setting things up for that.

          Parkhomov’s test isn’t really a strict replication and was not conclusive.

          To much of a veil of secrecy about the Ecat for replications.

          What seems to be going on is attempts at backward engineering from partial data in order to converge on a working device. That is more exploration rather than some repeat and extend type exploitation.

        • GreenWin

          Er, “luFong” – your interpretation of the expression “…quit whining” is a statement of fact, not a “personal attack.” This however IS: your posts reek of shilliness peppered with tired old FUD. To remind you, that means Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. The creaky agenda of skeptopaths. BTW, the GW posting on ECN is an unauthorized satirist who has borrowed my screen name. I find him rather amusing. 🙂

          • LuFong

            “posts reek of shilliness peppered with tired old FUD”, “creaky agenda of skeptopaths” LOL. It’s just that I’m more interested in getting to the truth of the matter than fighting windmills.

  • Gerard McEk

    How credible is Rossi? I do not doubt that he has achieved what has been proven by the third party tests. The 1 MW plant will exist and I believe Rossi enough that I do not doubt its existence. Whether or not it performs, we have to wait until the end of the year or beyond and even then we have to see if we are informed. These things may also depend on IH. How reliable is that party? Can they block Rossi’s information stream when they think they should e.g. if more can profit can be made? When money comes into play only a few people can be trusted. Let us hope these Rossi and IH can withstand that temptation, but I have some doubt.

  • psi2u2

    Great article, I concur, Frank. Its important to make the distinction you do between matters over which Rossi ultimately has little or no control, and those which he does. As you say, his track record is strong in the latter category. Yes, there are some bothersome discrepancies, like a 31 day test instead of a 6 month one. But if we ignore for a moment the 6 months one has to admit that 31 days is pretty impressive, unless you totally discount the findings of the independent team, which at this point in time I see no reason to do. The recent release of the photos of the 1 MW industrial plant is, imho, a significant addition to this growing list of “Rossi says, and Rossi has done.”

    • Andreas Moraitis

      I could imagine that the six months were the timeframe that had been set for preparation, carrying out, and evaluation of the test.

    • Omega Z


      We also need to make another distinction. The 6 month test is what was proposed by the professors after the 1st, 3rd party test. Likely as not, These professors looked at the funding provided & facilities available & determined that a 32 day test frame served all their needs.

      Excess heat production beyond any possible chemical reactions, Some Idea of the energy density of the fuel, Long enough to show any isotopic changes to the fuel/ash. It served it’s purpose & a longer time frame wouldn’t have accomplished anymore or provided any other answers.

      In essence, the same questions raised about this test wouldn’t have differed had it actually ran for 6 months. And Note that the time the professors were willing to commit to this test would fall under, Beyond Rossi’s control.

      I would also note, that many who complain that the test wasn’t actually 6 months long are presently complaining about the 1 year pilot plant test being to long.

      Rossi will never be able to make everyone happy. It’s a losing proposition. Rossi needs to ignore this & just do what he feels he needs to do to make his investors happy. They are the ones that count. They control the purse strings.

  • psi2u2

    I agree, re-branding along those lines is a great idea.

  • nightcreature3

    I enjoyed watching the latest pictures of a 1MW plant as much as everyone else. This is, after all, history in the making. On this site, we crave these tasty morsels, if only to periodically reassure ourselves that progress on the e-cat front is still on-going (, with Rossi leading the way). Moreover, if we bear in mind that this is not just some improvised test-bed but rather a standardized well planned commercial assembly, utilizing many off-the-shelf parts, one cannot help wondering how many more have already been built.

    Sure enough, certification will be required for the general market, but there are probably quite a good number of places where these could already be running in secret. In trying to answer Frank’s question, my guess would be, that there already are many e-cats in service, and that we who are in dark, are destined to only benefit from this technology by what comes through from the trickle-down effect.

    It would certainly be interesting, if one of us happened to stumble on a working plant and reported the find here on ECW. Perhaps, Industrial Heat are trying to find out how far they can infiltrate the market before it all becomes common knowledge.

  • Navdrew

    I asked Dr. Rossi several days ago if the plants he said were built for the military customer were ever delivered. He has yet to post a response. Perhaps that information is classified.

  • jousterusa

    Along those lines, Frank, I was very pleasantly surprised to see the latest incarnation of the IMw E-Cat in the photographs you published yesterday. They showed a busy work force, and a very professional and commercial device that is light years ahead of what was demonstrated in Bologna in 2012 (?). This is certainly no fraud and no con game. It won’t be long before several of these devices completely replace a power plant somewhere, as they do in my novel about the E-Cat, “Power.” Thanks for your statement of faith!