New Steorn Hephaheat Teasers [More Pictures]

I try to keep tabs on Steorn, the Irish Company that claim to have developed a means of generating excess (overunity) energy through magnetic interaction — a process they named Orbo.

Steorn’s communication strategy over recent years where they have largely quit making any official public announcements has been to provide teasers via social media, without much in the way of explanation.

Here’s another example. Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy now has as his profile picture on Facebook this photo:


A few days ago, Michael Daly, a former Steorn director who now is a director of Hephaheat Limited, a company that has spun off from Steorn, made this photo his Facebook profile picture:


Daly’s comment about this picture is: “Our water and steam systems are works of art….!!!”

What is HephaHeat then? According to Steorn’s website, it’s a spinoff technology from their work on Orbo — and is described on Steorn’s website as “low frequency induction heating operating on AC line frequency without the need for intervening electronics”, and will be used for water heating products in commercial and domestic industries.

Is HephaHeat overunity? Steorn doesn’t make that claim directly, but on this page they claim to have systems that will be 17 times smaller than traditional water heaters when delivering instantaneous hot water at 38 C (for showering). For ‘instant boiling water’, the ratio is smaller — 4 times smaller than traditional systems.

As usual, there’s very little to go on with Steorn. I’ve always been intrigued  by the company and they are still on my radar as a possible player in a new energy marketplace.

[Update] Thanks to Guru for posting about a new batch of new pictures posted on Shaun McCarthy’s Facebook page, under the heading “A bunch of pictures my daughter took in the office – I think she needs to find better subject matter!”. The pictures seem to be taken at a Steorn Lab.

Here are a couple of examples:

steornlab2The second picture looks like the worker is studying data with a HephaHeat core. (without the shiny cover on)

And today is another tease from McCarthy. This picture with his comment: “What on earth is happening in the office this morning????”


It looks to me like they are doing a photoshoot or video with Brightspark Consulting, an Irish Social Media marketing consultancy.

  • Curbina

    Yes Frank, they certainly know how to tease, but refuse adamantly to say anything of substance about, so the “curious child” in everyone of us get’s even more curiouser.

  • fritz194

    The clue of this product is that they have a solid core which can be kept at very high temperature >>100degree C, good insulation and high thermal capacity. Its somewhat instant water heater with high output and low mains consumption. In the end its a clever product – and useful if there is limited space /and or just weak mains connection available.
    I don´t expect any magic there.
    ____OTHERWISE___ such technology might be VERY interesting in combination with an e-cat. Having a high temperature solid thermal reservoir is charming.

    • fritz194

      You could start the e-cat by having a controlled [email protected](T1=lower threshold) from the reservoir to the NAE – pumping the reservoir up with lenr heat to T2= upper threshold.
      But maybe we need a different name for that because its not e-driven anymore.
      To startup the device initially – you just need to pump up the reservoir electrically or by other means. Technologically – it would mean that the e-cat just warms up a heat capacitor. So the heat demand can be decoupled from the actual usage which would give better chance for self sustained mode in some applications.

      • Agaricus

        Agreed – the use of a fairly heavy metal heat store would make a single e-cat core much more useable in the famous ‘domestic’ heating unit, by introducing massive hysteresis into the supply/demand relationship, which would prevent sudden temperature changes in the reactor core. Not that I expect to see such devices in my lifetime.

        • GreenWin

          OT. Here is a version of the Peter Davey sonic water heater. Don’t think anyone has commercialized this as it is not energetically efficient. But it does appear to heat water quickly. https://www[dot]

          • Agaricus

            Yes, these devices are very interesting. Many people have replicated the effect, but I’m not aware of any serious research to measure parameters and explain the effect (nothing new there, then).

          • GreenWin

            I suspect the geometry of the container plays a role. It may act as a parabolic reflector/concentrator of resonate energy. The guy says it’s based on Keely’s work. Mills maintains that his hydrinos transfer energy via resonance. Wonder where his SunCell is at these days.

  • Gerard McEk

    I do not believe in the magnetic miracles, tapping from the zero point energy. Let them show an engine producing 1,5 MWh during 32 days en verified by third party scientists in an independent lab. Then I start looking into it.

  • John Littlemist

    In the picture, why those copper colored hose-pipes have to be external? “Our water and steam systems are works of art….!!!” Merely art, I think…

    • artefact

      I don’t think they will be on the outside when assembled (picture above?).

  • georgehants

    Roger do you agree that it is a principle of science to always keep an open-mind on any subject and that personal opinions mean nothing as to the possible reality of a phenomenon, such an example would be Cold Fusion etc.?

  • US_Citizen71

    There doesn’t appear to be anything magical or overunity going on. Using the numbers posted below by guru The system is using about 3kW of electricity. 3kW of energy will heat 8 liters of water 22.5 degrees celsius in one minute. That is neglecting the heat stored in the steel core which adds to the total energy applied to the water.

    • Agaricus

      The main virtue of the Hephaheat system is that it stores heat in an iron mass, and transfers this heat to flow on demand, using flash steam. The volume reduction reflects the fact that there is no water storage tank, and no resistance heaters. As the devices can ‘charge up’ on cheaper off-peak electricity, there is the potential for some savings, but the main advantage to manufacturers is that the steam heating system means that delicate process fluids such as milk avoid contact with immersion elements, which can potentially result in degradation.

      There is no connection with purported ‘orbo’ EM anomalies, or of overunity – this is just a straightforward mains frequency induction heating system, despite Sean McCarthy’s rather silly marketing tactics.

  • The difference between Steorn and Industrial Heat is, that Steorns “independent” Tests where allways negative.

    Industrial Heat had two “independent” Tests until now, which gave allways a positive conclusions.

    So we should be careful!

    • ecatworld

      Actually, not quite true, Barty — this report is quite interesting and seems to show the Orbo effect is valid.

      • bkrharold

        If Steorns device is smaller and more economical than current hot water heaters, it would still be a good deal for consumers. A device doesn’t have to be over unity to be useful.

      • ecatworld
        • Guru

          Yes, one of these times

          Such performance is impossible with ordinary ONE phase 230V 13 Amp heater

          • Agaricus

            Not if the thermal mass at the core of the device has been pre-heated to a few hundred degrees C.

  • Agaricus

    Use of corrugated ‘flexible’ copper pipework is always a substitute for proper plumbing skills. I know this because I use them quite a lot.

  • hempenearth

    Rheem one of them Guru, who was the second?

    • Guru

      Rheem was once my guess (only guess).
      As Allan saw contracts and wrote: One is from USA Top 3 and second is from Europe Top 3.

      So list of candidates is very short.

      He once wrote: “Name which every AMERICAN is familiar”
      So also maybe some hint to TradeMark American which is owned by A.O. Smith

  • builditnow

    Warren Buffett dumps oil stocks
    Did he get the LENR news?

    All the executives of the largest oil drilling supplier in the world, Schlumberger Limited (SLB),
    dumped around 100million shares in the last 18 months and now hold very little stock.
    Check the history for yourself.
    Did they get the LENR news?

    Meanwhile, the institutional investors hold SLB stock for the average guy’s retirement fund.
    What are your retirement funds invested in?
    Check the list here.

    • Omega Z

      There is no direct path to replace oil with LENR.
      Every path will take at least 2 decades. In the mean time, Oil demand will only increase if the World economy picks up.

      • builtitnow

        A very direct path already exists and is used by the US navy. A system to extract CO2 from sea water and process it into jet fuel. They can do it on aircraft carriers because they have nuclear energy to spare. LENR is the same, plenty of energy. Besides direct replacements of engines with Hot Cat turbines, refineries can be retrofitted to convert CO2 into anything you want. There is already a company doing it based in LA. Anything can now be made starting with CO2.

        All a matter of a decision to do it.
        Economics will mostly carry the day, once the suppression of the LENR / Cold Fusion news breaks down. I’d bet on direct replacement of engines because the payback could be quick and there could be the political will avoid the risk of more CO2 in the atmosphere. Why risk it when you don’t have to.
        Besides, adoption of LENR will be a major economic boom.

      • Daniel Maris

        I’m not sure. Even without LENR, we will see continued huge growth in renewable energy, improved energy efficiency and gas extraction.